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How the Elohim Gateway can assist you now

To all love/light/earth workers .

From all at The ASCEND Foundation

We thank you for participating in any or all of the world wide linkup meditations from us that assisted the Elohim Gateway to become manifest on the planet.

As a participant you are now are an Emissary of this Gateway of Love.

As an emissary you may now ask that this gateway assists you and any other that you feel needs loving assistance. Through the gateway opening and anchoring to the physical , a much larger amount of energy and assistance, more than we can imagine, is now available for all who are wish to receive this.

As we all know one of humanity's greatest wounds in the collective consciousness is the inability to receive love from Source

When you connect to this gateway by calling For The Elohim Gateway to activate through you.....your being will begin to receive directly the vibration of love.

When the gateway is called upon, .............The Divine Mother's love is directed through the Elohim Gateway through the Great Central Sun and Moon and The Central Sun and Moon through Andromeda, Syrius, The Pleiades , Arcturus, Chiron and Venus to Earth to you....Imagine all that power sending a huge wave of love to you and you will begin to connect to the truth of what The Gateway on offering all on Earth.

At this time, all aspects of your beings are asked to receive the flow of this love to heal and balance all energies. It is important that when you call for this activation, that you send a message to all aspects of your soul and being that it is their time to open to the love again.

If you do send this message, your body, mind, and spirit will begin to open to this love and much will shift energetically just through this love being received by all parts of you. This will create you to feel a new wholeness. I suggest you each use the following simple process whenever you experience a feeling or thought that separates you from the experience of your divine nature. Each one of you are divine in every aspect of your being yet simultaneously the experience of divinity is not felt by all parts of you. Unless you tap into your wholeness, you do not experience it. To create the magnificence of your being to birth through the physical,and this be a real experience on Earth, each of us must open the love channel to the parts that feel separate. All of you are aware of this and through your inner work have co-created with The Inner Plane Ascended Masters a new vehicle for this love channel to be accessed powerfully and easily.

Either say out loud or within your thoughts clearly....,

I call for the Elohim Gateway to activate through me and I call to all my genetic extensions and soul extensions to receive the love so all may heal. I ask all aspects of my being to forgive anything that has occurred to create inbalance on any level within and without me. So Be It.

You will immediately begin to feel lighter and this will expand in accordance to the level that all parts of you can forgive all.

This simple process offered by The Elohim and as it can be done in any state at any place, any time......it is a great process to share with all you know. Pass it on to all who you feel will resonate.

WIth much love and loving assistance to all of you. Thankyou all for your divine service to the awakening of all to their love and divinity,


Qala 1 of 12 from ASCEND

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