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Fear Matrix

Clearing disempowering energies, especially the Middle East

Blessings to all of you,

I wish to share with you a way each of us can powerfully assist the clearing of the energies which humanity as a collective feels most disempowered about presently...namely the situation worldwide and within the Middle East.

Today I asked God about the fear matrix on our planet. For years I have been consciously working with the anchoring and caring of the many levels of grids on the planet and have always witnessed the planet, when I was journeying to other dimensions off the planet, as a beautiful form of such love. Today I asked to see the fear matrix that I feel has a great hold on many here on Earth. I went within myself and my consciousness travelled in my MerKaBah to the moon and looked down at the Earth. There amongst the beautiful liquid crystal water realms of Mother Gaia, was this urky grid of darkened, stagnant, sticky fibres around the planet. It appeared to me that it rested out 100km from the physical crystal structure of the earth herself in the liquid lovelight grids of the etheric. It covered the whole planet but did not seem to largely affect the living lifeforce of the planet, for in my vision, Gaia's brilliant love and light fields could be seen and felt quite clearly.

I then noticed blacked forms that were aspects of the grid, that were like beings trying to get out of the grid. They appeared as dark life forms stuck in the matrix and had become the matrix almost completely. I was aware that these forms were forms that were made through human's interaction with the matrix. These forms had no soul yet and I realised they were huge thoughtform beings, and that these thoughtform beings also were based around certain regions of the grid.

I noticed then the power structure of our collective as a lurking aspect of this matrix. I sent a Tzolk'in wheel through this (the golden disc all The Inner Plane Masters use as one of their tools in
the resolution of energies) and this energy being or thoughtform became many smaller ones. Through the law of karma I could not affect this in any other way or I would have been interfering with the karmic cycle of the planet. I am aware the next step is for more of humanity to work with this matrix from the planet's surface. I looked at some organisation's bodies of light I am involved in, and disconnected this matrix from them completely and did some healing on the organisation's lightbody so it could begin to resonate to the next level of the new power structure God is offering to all on this planet. I found some distortions that were lurking away from the fear matrix into these bodies and resolved these with love. They transmuted to Source energy.

I looked at the Earth again and the grid, and looked into the grid around the Middle East. Huge dark clouds of black gunk were apparent to me. I called to all lightworkers in the Middle East to use the Sword of Truth, Excalibur, to cut all away. Two responded. I assisted them by placing the Tzolk'in wheel into this energy and spinning it at a high magnitude. A black crow released from the energy vortex. I realised that the Death Hormone (refer to my spiritual sister- Kalina Raphael Rose's work with this hormone) was strongly held in this area of the Earth. That each of us as lovelightworkers need to make a call for this hormone to be released and deactivated and for the life hormone to be activated. Also I realised that the Middle East holds the zeal point chakra for Mother Earth.

This chakra can be likened to the point that links between our collective conscious and unconscious thoughts and feelings. In our bodies, it is in the back of our neck and it often gets stuffed up creating pain in the neck when large amounts of cellular memory is trying to be processed through our heart chakra and brain. It is also similar for the body of the Earth, as The Middle East is this point which is also getting stuffed up with unresolved energies, like our own necks do at times.

The crow also offered the knowing that the belief held in this area of the planet for all from the collective, is that death is necessary for survival. This is a negative program held in this portal that can be released by us all now. This program creates a large warring thoughtform that seems to be held by the races of this area. It is this that energetically has been creating the vicious circle in the Middle East.

I asked the crow to release all to Source and forgive all that has occurred to create this warring thoughtform. It surrendered its part in this but spoke that humanity must release this and forgive all that has created this also. The crow also spoke of the spiritual light being too strong for all the beings living in this area. It is very strong and all being's unresolved fears are strengthened by the amount of light present in this region. Also that the region needs much spiritual clearing as this portal attracts many Earth souls that have had violence in their lives or strong violent thoughts, to hang in this area rather than crossing over to the other side. With the death hormone being so activated in the consciousness of all there, this region also attracts any lost souls that are unguided through their crossing process.

I thanked this crow and helped it to connect to its Source home. It will be fully freed as we all help the Death Hormone deactivate on the planet.

Healing Process for The Middle East situation.

To heal this, we can empower ourselves through firstly not judging any being who is involved in this...such as the Israelis, Palestinians, United States, governments, terrorists etc...the whole big media story. For if we do this as lovelightworkers, we feed the fear to grow larger with our light... for light illuminates all. It is only through our forgiveness and compassion that we can send transformative light to the situation. As we open our hearts and see that what is occurring is our collective fear acting out old thoughtforms of control, and forgive all that has occurred to create
this, violet light enfilades the situation.

Call to The Inner Plane Ascended Masters, your guides and higher self, Mother Earth and The Angels and Archangels of Earth to assist you in this healing activation in The Middle East. Call to Source and All Guardians of The Middle East and ask the following to manifest through your power of love.

I ask that the Death Hormone be deactivated and The Life Hormone to be activated through all Earth grids and currents, all humans and beings who give permission to be healed, and through the entire region of the Earth known as The Middle East. I ask for the release of the belief that death is necessary for survival of individual races.

Then sing this mantra for the portal over the Middle East, for the zeal point chakra of the Earth to be able to open and release the collective unresolved energies of death.

Sing TAYA KAY AYA NA twelve times.

Then call for the portal to open to the truth of all life, as sustainable on Earth. Breathe deeply and sing twelve times the anchoring mantra.

Sing TU RAY SO twelve times.

If you feel grief arising, breathe this out deeply and sing MARA KAYA NAMU NOYA twelve times and focus on the love of all beings assisting you and for all to release this grief.

Visualise the Earth and her etheric body of blue silver light, gently rotating on her axis in space. See a diamond of golden light around her and ask that this diamond matrix activate to fill all aspects of Earth and the Middle East with the Christ light of Gaia.

Ask that the fear matrix on the Earth receive your love and forgiveness as you meditate on the grid shrinking and becoming smaller, dissolving some of its energy into love as it receives your bath of love. Smile and know you have assisted the Earth situation to get lighter. Know that as fear receives love, it is always transmuted.

The Inner Plane Masters and all others you have invited to be in circle with you, will be greatly assisting you with this.

We thank you for all the love you offer and service. Also you will be receiving a message shortly to assist you each to detach completely from this fear matrix. This process I have recently channelled and it will be sent out over this next week or so. Blessed be all of you.

With much love, from my heart to yours,

Qala (1 OF 12) at ASCEND

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More info on the death hormone and the life hormone...and how you can heal it in yourself ...through Kalina Raphael Rose.......at www.roseofraphael.com.au
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There are some wonderful essences of this powerful work available through her.