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Healing the Wound of Arcturus

A Message from Ascended Master - Sanat Kumara

Blessings of Divine Love,

Sanat Kumara has asked me to write to each of you and share with you some understandings that may help you deeply at this time. He has suggested that this information may assist you to understand what is occurring in your life energetically.

Recently the Earth entered a large portal.There has been information shared in relation to this in connection to Arcturus, moving through the network of light workers. You might ask what does this actually mean.This portal is a galactic portal that began to bring specific frequencies to the Earth and anchor these new frequencies into the cells of all life on Earth. That means that this new energy is flowing though you more than likely right now as we connect.

This energy comes from Source but before it gets to Earth it travels through many large sun centres until it reaches the Central Sun where many Emissaries and Angels of Light enhance it through drawing it into themselves and spiralling it around to each other through and around the Central Sun. Each time they receive the energy they merge their own heart flame with it to make the energy grow larger and more expansive and then it is passed to the another of the Central Sun.

After they all play this fun game for a while and they feel it is large enough to do the job, they send it to Earth via a star portal like Arcturus for instance. This form of portal is created just for us. It is sent to Earth and as it comes in it enfolds around the Earth a permanent larger bridge that connects Earth to the star portal, in this case Arcturus. It is at this time, when this bridge is wider than usual, that the veils between spirit and matter are thinner. In this case it is the veils between Arcturus and Earth and Earth that are thinner. As Arcturus is the plane all souls travel to as they travel through the bright white light upon death.....this is helping many souls to find peace presently that may be have fearful of travelling into the light.

This is really powerful for all in body also as large amounts of energy can come in from Arcturus to Earth. Arcturus is an evolved plane of unity consciousness so this is helping may unresolved parts of us to unify as one with our Divine Presence. As some peoples higher selves anchor through Arcturus, those lucky people usually will have a closer connection to their whole nature over these portal times. You may like to experience this by calling forth your higher energies of Arcturus to you that are in unity consciousness and asking them to merge with you. Higher Self form that is held by Arcturus will begin to anchor through your crown chakra if it is open to Source at this time. This will be particularly strong at this time because of the thinning of the veils.

Others that do not have this experience often have a huge expansion of what is known as cellular memory. This can be quite frightening at times as life seems to have a lot of unresolved stuff that arises and it seems to come from nowhere for no known reason. Cellular memory release the karmic memories from our souls akashic records so they can be unified and forgiven through resolution. It is important to own what is occurring in your life at this time, as many aspects
of your self will project on others or deny that this is your creation.

As the energy coming in brings a lot of energy from Arcturus ...the energy is full of the codes of Arcturus and this can bring up all your soul's memories connected to Arcturus. As this is an angelic platform you would expect these memories to be pleasant and loving but this is not always the case. As Arcturus was once in a situation similar to us here on Earth long ago where there were energies of separation playing out karma, we may have memories arise from our
soul of unpleasant experiences. Arcturus has healed all this and become a Source portal for Earth now. A plane that transmits love and light to Earth.

These memories do not necessarily arise in the consciousness as full rememberance but they do effect every aspect of your life, playing out karmically for you to learn lessons from and always alter the way you perceive life. At this time , it would be the wound of Arcturus that may have arisen within you through your cellular memory. If this is the case for you, below is a simple process to heal this.

After completing the process you will be able to connect to your higher self through Arcturus just by calling to your Arcturian Emissary nature to merge with you.This will be a wonderful experience for all of you. Have fun with it and surrender this wound to Source if you are embodying it.

Healing the Wound of Arcturus

The original wound of Arcturus is the wound of disempowerment. Underneath the disempowerment lays guilt and shame and the sense of abandonment from God/dess or the higher self. When this is healed there is a reconnection to deep compassion and wisdom that is the truth of Arcturian energy.

To heal this if you are in this wound, call to Lord Arcturus and all your spiritual guides to assist you. Ask that you be placed in a healing chamber of Arcturian Forgiveness. Call for the original wound or Arcturus to release from within all cells, chakras and bodies of love and light. Ask for a full activation and clearing of this wound.

This wound will lay on two of your primary chakras. You will sense which these are if you go into a deep state of relaxation while in the chamber. When you feel the energy in these chakras and sense they must be the ones holding the primary wound call for The Arcturian Gateway chakra...2 metres or 6 feet below you heart in the Earth to be cleared.

Ask for all your Arcturian memories and aspects or soul extensions to forgive all that has occurred them to feel disempowered. Ask them, just through sending a thought out to the parts of you that are wounded....if they will release the wounds from all parts of your energy body. Send your heart flame out from the centre of your heart down into the gateway .... 2 metres or 6 feet below your heart in the Earth and spiral the love flame clockwise into the gateway until you
feel an energy shift.

Breathe in and call to The Divine Mother to lift all wounds from you....spend a few minutes feeling what arises for you. Name it and ask the Divine Mother to take these energies from you. Ask to be filled with the Truth of your Arcturian connection when this is complete.

There is a beautiful mantra you may like to sing that really brings in your higher energies. It is sounded in the language of light. It is my gift to you.


Sound x 12 in long tones if possible.

In English it translates to "I call for my Divine Presence to merge with me." It is brings a wonderful energy of harmony and fullness to your being. May you enjoy it.

May this assist you all in some way or touch your heart.

We thank you for your service.

Blessings of Love, Qala

Emissary of ASCEND (1 of 12)

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