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Journey for Karmic Clearance

with Another Being who you have difficulty with in this life.

Visualise yourself in a beautiful temple and see yourself standing on a beautiful golden solar disc and become aware of the beauty of the temple. Feel it, see it, know it or sense it....as you go within your heart in meditation. In the centre of the temple is a large and very beautiful heart crystal. This holds the source love for all beings who enter this temple. This temple is an Inner Plane Temple .....send love and light through it to create a deeper and clearer connection to it within you. Your energybody is made of light and love in this temple and you may see or sense your own energybody whilst in this meditation. Become aware of yourself standing on this disc and ask it to activate and it will send a gigantic pillar of light up into the roof of the temple through your chakras. Send your energy down through the disc and ask it to activate. Connect to Source and Earth Core through your chakras...and call upon your God Presence to merge with you.

Call upon Archangel Metatron, Sananda and Archangel Michael (or any other Ascended Masters you wish to call) and The Karmic Board to be with you and as they step forth to you in the temple ....they will offer you some crystals of creation/love and light...that you may have lost in other times...they will activate through many of your lower or higher chakras at this time...

Connect to the three Masters Metatron, Sananda and Archangel Michael who are standing before you ( and any other Masters who you have called that step in front of you) through sending a golden light from your heart and brow chakras to their heart and brow chakras....and allow your self to receive from them for a few minutes whilst in mediation in the temple.

..afterwards ask them ( within your mind) to assist and guide you to offer a full clearing of all energies between you and all others you wish to heal with...

Call all those souls (or individual who you have difficulty with in this life) into the temple ....who you wish to karmically clear with .....and invite all your own soul extensions to stand with you that have had or have relationship with this one.. (work with one being in karmic clearance at a time).... Call to the being you feel guided to clear with first ...to receive your love. They will step forth in front of you. Choose to open your heart in unconditional love and send your love to them powerfully through expanding the three fold flame (gold, pale blue and pale pink flame) in your heart....expand the three fold flame and send it to them until you feel the love fill the temple ......and then invite all their soul extensions ( their other incarnational bodies etc) into the temple also and ask for karmic absolution between you and this being and all soul extensions.....Ask your soul extensions to forgive this one and their soul extensions for anything that may have occurred to create separation between you and them and Source ....and then forgive this one for any action, thought, word or feeling of separation they may have projected at you in this lifetime....

Ask for the violet flame to flood through the temple and that all soul extensions receive the violet flame of forgiveness......Ask them to release all their old beliefs, thought forms and emotions that do not serve them to experience the liberation of the love and light and power of their soul. Afterwards again fill the temple with your love and ask this being (the one you are karmically clearing with) and their soul extensions to forgive you (and your soul extensions) for all thoughts, words, feelings, actions of separation that you or your soul extensions may have created through this life or any other space, lifetime or dimension.

In some cases there may be parts of you in this other being or in their soul extension bodies ...from experiences of being one in group with them on missions or in other dimensions. Ask them for all aspects or parts of your being or energy bodies to be returned and purified and healed .. to your God Presence and simultaneously offer all back to them that holds their soul signature that you have been holding for them through all dimensions, space, lifetimes. (Just intend this consciously with your mind and it will occur). Ask for the violet fame to flood through all your soul extensions.

Ask for a full clearing of any energies that you may have received or created from experiences with this one, that do not serve you now and break any and all agreements you may have made to grant this being your power, love and light on a permanent basis or to receive their power, love or light on a permanent basis, creating a permanent relationship where you are infused with their wishes, or will.

To do this say,

By Divine Decree, in the name of the God Presence I am , under the law of Grace, I now break all agreements I may have made to give or receive a permanent influx of love, light or power to................................................(name the being’s name) and their soul extensions, creating permanent relationship through the joining of our wills. I ask that our wills be set free in this life and for all other lives, dimensions, previously, now and future that I hold with this divine being. I set myself free. I set myself free. I set self free.

Send love unconditionally from your heart and just feel whether your will is free from this one, or whether you have made any other agreements that control you or control them unconsciously. If there are unconscious ties on this level, deep repressed feelings may be held by one party to the other when control mechanisms are played out unconsciously. This can create either of the parties to act in a way that does not allow their unconditional love to flow and their hearts to stay open.. this creates conditional love between two beings. Christ (Sananda) offers this decree if this is the case...

Beloved Heart of the Christ I am, I now choose through the Law of Creation and Love, to now activate my personal freedom as a soul and I now renounce all ties I have created through my soul experience that dictates unconsciously or consciously any limitation to my being. I now cleanse and clear all ties and bonds I have created with any other (including......say the persons names) to manifest my mission in other lives and dimensions and now ask that all be cleansed and cleared now for this life without unconscious or conscious residues from other missions in group soul. I now release all beings I have created ties with and forgive myself and all others for any bondage consciously or unconsciously I have held myself in, others have held me in or I have held others in , through any time, space or dimension. Through the love of the Christ I am , I set these ones and myself forever free from unconscious or conscious thought forms, beliefs or emotions that create limitation of our open heart connection. So Be It.

I Now call forth my God Presence to seal this through the love, light and power of my soul. Divine Light I Am . Divine Love I Am. Divine Creation I Am. I Am That I Am.

If anything still feels unresolved with this being, say a prayer to your God Presence to activate the Tzolk’in wheel between you and this being, through all lives, space, and dimensions of your beings and ask for all implants, programmes, and soul fragments to be removed from your relationship and from your being on all levels, all dimensions, all space and all time. This will complete this process. Be sure to take deep breathes and just let go and relax to complete this...filling yourself with the Love of your

All my love Qala

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The article is channeled by Qala Serenia Phoenix, 2003