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Lord Maitreya’s Healing Program

Level 2

Blessings Love, light, Beings,

We at ASCEND hope you have been enjoying the healing programme. Lord Maitreya is offering the next level of this, if you feel in your own heart you are ready to move to this next level. Feel within your own energy to feel if this is the right time for you to do this and if this is true in accordance to your own divine timing, the following message is a set of instructions and teachings from Lord Maitreya to guide you to enter the second level.

This next level is related to reconnecting to your feminine nature, your sensitivity and your receptivity in your life to a higher level. Lord Maitreya asks each of you... no matter whether you are male or female ...to recognise that you each have a energetic feminine self ...and it is this part of you that receives energy from Source each day. It is the heightening of the power to receive through one's femininity that is to be manifested through this level of the healing programme. If you have difficulty receiving love, abundance, blessings, more energy, truth etc...all aspects of the Divine....this level will really open you up to receiving more from Source.

I hope you all really enjoy it and this helps each one of you to be able to receive directly back from Source that which you have given as blessings, love, abundance etc...aspects of the Divine.... in this and all other lifetimes. Blessed Be!!

In' Lakesh , Qala

The Healing Programme

Blessings Beloveds,

I ask you each directly now to recognise that within your heart lies your essence. This essence comes in the form of a sacred flame of God's divine light and love. Each one of you hold this flame in your hearts eternally and it is this flame that when fed by your soul in your life...that feeds your body love for life....and feeds your mind light and higher intelligence ....and feeds your heart unconditional love. Know that this exercise I give you to connect to will provide you with a greater connection to your own love and to your receptivity of God's love and higher intelligence. I ask you to awaken this flame through this simple exercise each day for a short time in honour of your soul and spiritual connection. This is all I ask each of you to do, all the rest will be done for you.

The Simple Daily Exercise

1. Go within , as you close your eyes and see yourself in a beautiful place. This place may be a beach or a mountaintop, a beautiful field or it may be in a temple of love and light. Know that this place is a sacred and spiritual place of your heart. See and feel yourself there in this place and allow yourself to take a short walk in this environment and sense the spiritual energy of this place. Know that this place is a part of The Inner Planes or what many call the Spiritual Planes and the only way to get in touch with the spiritual plane is through going inside yourself. It is this place that I ask you to come to each day and I will meet you on the inner in your heart place. I will walk with you on your right as you take your short walk .Do not concern yourself if you cannot see me for you will know I am there. You may sense my presence or feel me as well. I will meet you in this place to assist you to connect to the flame in your heart and awaken it so you can meet your divine presence and recognise in your self , The Divine. This is my role with you as your friend...to assist you meet the specialness in yourself that is sitting within you just waiting for you to open to.

As we walk I will be asking you to remember and connect to your flame. To connect you do not need to visualise the flame but you can. Know that each one of you hold very special gifts that The Beloved gave you to use. Some of you feel energy, others of you sense or know, others see and others hear. Know that each one of you has one of these multidimensional abilities even if you don't know it. It has always been with you and you especially were aware of it as a young child. Know that this gift may have created you to be so sensitive you shut down....that is o.k.....all can be forgiven and all can open up again. Your sacred flame creates this opening up to be a very special journey . As your flame in your heart awakens it softens all the edges in your being and makes you feel so fluffy and light and gentle....just like you had received a million little angel cuddles. Know that it is like all the cuddles you may never have received coming to you ......

We will stop by a sacred place, it may be a tree or an altar in your temple, a beautiful lake or creek or another divine aspect of your place. Know this is a power spot for you spiritually. Here I ask you to sit and be with me for a few moments. Breathe in and receive a deeper connection to your flame and call on your Divine Feminine Self to merge with you. Ask that your flame spread through all aspects of your feminine self, healing any parts that may be wounded from ancient lives or any fears from this life. Breathe and become aware of a golden pink and blue flame spreading and growing filling your heart and then filling all your body and chakras and then your aura.

When you feel this is complete, know I have a gift for you to work with when you wish. This gift will help you become more connected to your power as a divine vessel of love. It is a sacred chalice filled with an elixir of feminine power to receive. It will allow all your energy body to receive from your soul and God all you need energetically. Place your hands out and receive this gift. At times I may give you another elixir if it is in Divine Order or another gift, and know that what I give you will be specially for you. Receive this and allow yourself a few minutes to integrate this by just breathing and receiving.

Some of you may wish to connect on a deeper level to me at this time by sending a clear white cord of light out to my heart from your heart and a clear white light cord out from your brow chakra to mine. I will be sitting before you directly at this time. If you wish you may connect to me for guidance, Within your heart, you will receive all answers from me ...send your question out gently from your mind to me....and gently open yourself to receiving back from me.....you will feel , sense or hear me as a thought in your mind.....just trust the energy flow of our connection at this time. You will be encircled at this time by a ring-pass-not and a wonderful column of God's protection and love. Know it is only you and I that will be communing together. Do not spend too much time with this as your mind may interfere with the process if you expend too much energy and do not have the sufficient energy within you to create yourself to stay within this heart place. Understand that this communion will develop with time. A few minutes is all you need for each step and know this simple practise of meeting with me in your spiritual place will feed you each day.

Take your time, my Beloveds and give this to yourself each day so you may receive more of your divinity as experience each day....

Blessings of Love and Bliss,

Lord Maitreya


Please don't forward this on, if your friends are interested in joining the programme so as to receive Maitreya's assistance, please ask them to connect to the mailing list for the programme. They will receive all the last messages and if it comes directly through us...they will definitely be oversouled by Maitreya with all these practises and will receive all the energy work each night by the angels and Emissaries of Love that will allow them to connect more deeply to themselves through the programme. This is why we have clearly asked everyone on the programme to give us there approximate physical whereabouts or home so there energy body can be connected to more easily. If any of your friends wish to join , let them know they are welcome to receive this free service...all they need to do is email us with their name, email address and town or city, and country of their home . This is enough information for the teams of assistance to be able to connect with them. This process is known as "oversouling" or watching over your from the spiritual planes. We thank you for respecting this.

All at ASCEND send their blessings of love, Blessings from Qala