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Lord Maitreya’s Healing Program
Level 3


Blessings of Love from the heart of Maitreya,

Welcome to the third level of the Maitreya healing program. It is within this level that you will be creating with Maitreya a stronger bridge of love from your heart to your mind. I ask you just to recognise the love you are as you read this and that this love can be tapped into through simply taking a moment to go within and connect to the flame of love within your heart. As you connect to your heart flame, intend it to travel from your heart to the centre of your brain...creating a bridge of love. Continue to fill your brain with your love and as you do this many old thought forms will begin to dissolve. This is a very simple process that you may use to still your mind so you can meditate more deeply or connect to your Divine Presence more deeply each day. Just with this intention or visualisation, you will begin to connect your heart and mind in a higher love connection. It is the balancing (through love) of your heart and mind's energy that allows balance within your own masculine and feminine energies. This balance is important for it is only through the harmony of your own masculine and feminine energies within your energy body that you can experience your divinity or wholeness. This experience occurs when your masculine and feminine energies are in harmony and they unite as Source energy through your heart.

Please do not work with the following programme unless you have truly worked with the first two levels of the programme. We say this as a warning as the other two levels are energetic preparations for the healing that is to occur in the third level and if you have not truly prepared in this way...the third level may bring up deep wounds creating much discomfort within you. We at ASCEND are asking you each to take responsibility for your lives in this way and be truly guided by your heart to work with each level of the programme until you are truly ready to move to the next level. Do not cheat yourself or allow your negative ego to cheat yourself by completing too quickly and opening to the next level as this may create too much activation of your cellular memory.

It is important, our Beloveds, for each of you to remember your divinity and wholeness and guide yourself from this place within to determine when to move to the next level of the programme. We feel at least one month is the minimum for each level so all integration of all changes can occur gracefully. We at ASCEND, bless each one of you in relation to this. It is indeed when one learns to trust one's guidance on an inner level and acts in life from this ...that one begins to be empowered. Allow yourself to read through the next level to see where you are heading in the programme and continue the 2nd level until you are guided from the wholeness within you ...to change levels.

Blessings of Peace and Divine Love,

from Qala


Blessed Be your heart and mind in this sacred heart and mind merging that I offer you. I ask each of you to place within your heart each day a stone of golden love activation that I offer you for this programme. To receive this stone, go within and call my name and ask to be placed on the third level of the healing programme. Place your hands together in front of you and receive as I offer you this sacred emerald tablet in the form of a stone. This stone is held by all Masters as an assistance to all beings who need to open their love within their beings. As you receive it, I ask you to ask it to activate the highest love experience for you and for you to place it in your heart and then into your brain .

Each of you I ask to commit to three agreements over this third level of the programme.

1. The first agreement is to remember every day that you are love and that no matter what has occurred to you or by you, that no action or experience can change this. That you were born love and that this love still and always will lay within you until it is fully awakened. That every time you recognise this, a little more of the love you are flows through your energy body to your personality to create new experiences for you to discover God's love.

2. The second agreement is for you each to honour your brothers and sisters, your planetary family, all other human beings and all sentient beings with this love by firstly choosing not to judge them or your self in any way. If your mind does hold a judgement beyond your wishes, for you to remember the love in your heart and send it to your mind and to any judgemental thoughts.

3. The third agreement is to each day receive an elixir from the stone that you have been gifted, through asking the stone to activate in your heart and to travel from the heart along the bridge of love to your brain and to stay in your brain until it has filled every pathway and cell in your brain with the elixir of love and forgiveness. Each day you do this, a new elixir will be produced by the stone. These energy elixirs are made by The Goddess and stored in this Sacred Emerald Tablet and given to all masters for powerful healing. We offer this to you to heal yourself with this. Each day a new octave of love and encodements of forgiveness bless your heart and brain and balance the energies between these two energy centres of your being.

It is this I ask each of you to hold in sacred agreement and to meet with me each day that you can for 25 minutes. At this time I ask you to surrender all to God and breathe, call my name and I will begin to merge with you. Go into your heart place and feel my presence descend and merge with you. I will lift you into a higher dimension so you may receive "The Golden Mantle of the Christ" within all cells of your being. It is this I offer each of you who ask for this each day that we meet on the Inner Planes. That as I activate this Golden Mantle within your being you will begin to heal the lines of love and light that were disconnected during the lifetimes on Earth or in the Starry Realms when you felt most disconnected from Source. As I offer you the Mantle of the Christ... I ask you to breathe it through your physical body 3 times and then through your emotional body 3 times and then through your mental body for 3 deep breaths and then your spiritual body for 3 deep breaths. After these 12 deep breaths, 3 for each of these bodies, I ask you to call your I AM Presence to descend into your body. It is at this time I ask you to breathe out and name any fear of connecting to your own power you hold within you consciously or unconsciously. Name these and breathe them out of your energy body by visualising a lotus flower in your heart and crown chakra's .....and by recognising the sacred lotus's power to dissolve all fears that you name. Know that as you do this I, Maitreya and The Emissaries of Shamballah, will take the core fears you name and assist their transformation. After you complete this I ask you to receive from me a gift of love that will assist you to awaken your soul memory and your empowerment as a divine being. This gift will usually take the form of a sacred scroll. I will place it in your hands for you to place in your heart and brow chakras. If you place these holy scrolls inside your chakras it will help them to open to your Divine nature. As you place them within your chakras you may receive visions, knowings, memories, a sense of deep peace, a feeling of completeness, wholeness. These scrolls will assist your I Am Presence (higher self) to descend into your being. Be with me each day if you are able, my Beloveds, for this 25 minute experience. When this is complete, be guided by your Divine Experience in your own way.

My love and assistance is with you always.

I am Maitreya.