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Lord Maitreya Healing Program

Level Four

Blessings to all on the Lord Maitreya healing programme.

We at ASCEND, hope you have been enjoying the programme and apologize for the delay in the this level arriving to you. We are hoping to start a new service, a Healing Programme e-zine in the future months and are placing a clarion call out for a service member who wishes to offer service in the creation of this. If any of you feel it it you calling and you have the skills and wish to offer back service to all beings in the co-creation of this, please let us know.

Over the next year ASCEND will be offering a large programme of many advanced educational and healing programmes through the web site we are presently working towards creating. All who offer service /time and energy to ASCEND in the creation of new services will be offered a years membership to the web site programmes and library of light. Vast amounts of new information, profound energy experiences and healing activations will be met through this web site. We are looking to expand our services and as we are a service based organisation that promotes service as a spiritual activity in life, we wish to draw on the skills and service energy of all connected to us in the creation of this.

If this resonates in anyway as a part of your calling, contact our email server at ascend-subscribers@light-elixirs.com and mention you would like to "offer service" (in subject line) and you will receive a reply from another in our pod. You will all be aware of the general warning that goes as follows that we need to include just in case someone gets this without the rest of the programme, Please do not work with the following programme unless you have truly worked with the first three levels of the programme. We say this as a warning as the other three levels are energetic preparations for the healing that is to occur in the fourth level and if you have not truly prepared in this way...the fourth level may bring up deep wounds creating much discomfort within you.

We at ASCEND are asking you each to take responsibility for your lives in this way and be truly guided by your heart to work with each level of the programme until you are truly ready to move to the next level.


Lord Maitreya Healing Program- Level Four

Blessings to you all from the one heart, I am asking each of you now to recognise the jewelled heart you are in this moment with me.

Take your time for a moment and go within and recognise the jewel you are. Recognise the scent and sweet energy you uniquely hold that permeates through the space you rest within presently. Recognise this quality of Life you hold as your creative essence for it is this essence of Love you will be illuminating over these next 4 to 6 weeks. Go within again and allow your being to radiate now through the inner smile each of you hold in your heart.

Allow this smile to radiate out of your heart as I recognise you, through all divine qualities you hold. It is at this time, I stand by your side to the left of you as you read this. I ask that you recognise I am with you and have always been on the Inner Planes of your being. On your right is your other half, some call the flame of your being, who presently stands to support you in this time of transition. Know this one is with you eternally on the Inner Planes as this support and holds eternal love for you. Behind you stands your original Body of Love, your Divine Presence, your Beloved .

Call to this one now to surround you with the Beloved's love and allow all parts of you to surrender to this enfoldment. As this one accompanies you now through an ancient passage way, a doorway of golden light where you come into a new heavenly realm with my presence and your flames and this one that is your own golden key. We ask each of you at this time to be still within and ask for the full power of Love of your Presence to merge with you. Just be with this as this occurs now to dissolve all old boundaries, limitations and beliefs that you are less than this Presence of Love. Just experience. Allowing the first practise I am asking you to follow each day with this new level of the healing.

Allowing your Divine Presence to fully love you and allowing yourself to receive this. All of you that felt immense love flood through you, the experience of being lifted up by God/dess are open to receiving this love. Some of you may have ancient wounds with your Divine Presence. It is this also I will be focusing on assisting you to heal. Presently each of you have either had this experience or not. If you have then go back into it and surrender again to receive from your Divine Presence.

The key is just to let go of the mind as you all know and go within and call for the most profound experience of your being held to occur for you. If you did not receive an experience of a level of stature that made you aware of the profound nature of your love, it is time to break a few ancient agreements you may have made.

I ask each of you to say the words... "By Divine Decree, in the name of God/dess, I now break all agreements I may have made, across all time, space and dimension, in relation to choosing to disconnect from my Body of Love in the fear it will abandon me and not allow me to feel full in my life as the Divine Being I am. I Am that I Am. So Be It . I give thanks to God/dess for all I have learnt on my path of separation from my Body of Love." I am asking each of you now to also break the following three agreementsŠ "By Divine decree, in the name of God/dess I now break all agreements ever made, across all time, space and dimension in relation toŠ 1. not allowing the full nature of my Body of Love to merge with my soul. 2. choosing to create separation from my Body of Love with the false belief that I am not Love and can never be this Unconditional Love in this life or any other life. 3. not supporting my path of the embodiment as Living Love in this life in the fear that others will deny me that I am this Love. So Be It."

Breathe to release energy. As you do this ancient ties are broken that have been limiting your connection to your Body of Love. We ask you now to again, call to your Divine Presence to surround you and offer you the greatest experience of Love. Surrender within your mind and relax and receive. Just experience. You will be lifted and much will be taken from you at this time from your conscious and unconscious energies, that do not serve the illumination of your Love.

It is this that I am asking you each day to connect to, the power of receiving the love of your Divine Presence to surrender to your Body of Love to fill you. Each one of you are to connect with me at a time of day or night that suits you, by calling my name and I will come to you and over this 4-6 weeks, your flame and presence will also come too to meet with you.It is at this time you are to identify the following energies.

1. To connect to your day and if another or a situation has triggered you to feel energies of a non-loving nature, you are to name these energies to me. If you are having any problems with others in your life psychically, physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually (even subtly) I ask you to name the energies you feel that are disturbing you in the other in your life. Create this list and then I ask you to reflect on the law of reflection that states that all is within you that is reflected outwardly as a disturbance to your love vibration. I ask you then to identify that these energies live within your energy field and are held in the unconscious or subconscious aspects of your being hidden from you.

These are karmic energies that play out subtly to limit you and can only be noticed through the reflection others play out for you as your mirror. Those energies that feel limiting that create you to not resonate to your Body of Love in others, are truly yours as well. It is through the law of resonance that your energy resonates to these energies.

Give thanks for this Law of Reflection and Resonance in your life and call for this law to align and transform those energies named. As you call for this a wave of Love and Universal Reflection activates through your energy body. Call my name and ask that all energies named, forgive all that has occurred to create this separation. I will witness this with you and assist you through the unseen worlds of your energy body so all aspects are healed.

I ask you now to apologize if over the day , you unseemingly judged another, through thoughts, words or actions by sending an etheric apology to any being that you judged. I ask you now to forgive all that occurred over the day and now recognise you have cleared all your days connections energetically to Love. It is this that I ask of you each day, now, to clear all energetic connection to Love through this process and then to call to Your Divine Presence to merge and surround you and offer you the greatest experience of Love you can experience.

I ask you to surrender to this completely and over this 4-6 weeks learn the art of surrender with this process. On completion of this I will place a golden pearl in your heart for your heart opening. Over the next day, call as often as you life for your golden pearl to activate and it will fill your heart with the new codes of your ascension and love elixirs. My blessings are with you, Lord Maitreya. Give thanks when this is done for all you have learnt during the time of this separation from your Love