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Lord Maitreya's Healing Program

Level 5

Blessings All Beloved Ones of the One Heart,

I bless you, my beloved Christed family. I am with you again to offer you my love and assistance with thy continuing growth on the sacred tree of life. I ask each one of you now to recognise you are in a temple of golden white light. I stand before you and hold a crystal staff and place this now in your chakras. This aligns your chakras to this golden white temple that is within the realms of my home, Shamballah. This temple is the temple of Shamballah, where we have been meeting each other on the Inner Planes of love. I ask you each to recognise that this meeting place is on the Inner Planes of Spirit and the doorway to this place is through your heart. I ask you to connect deeply in your heart into this temple where your own spirit is able to connect with you presently.

This spirit, your I Am Presence, is immense and infinite in love and light and holds the power of this love and light for you. This one comes from above you now from the heavens into the temple and begins to merge down through your chakras. This one is merging with you as I ask you to call forth this power of love and light back to your being and receive your I Am Presence into your body. We are asking you now to call this one to merge with you each day and to receive the love from this one through your chakra column. I ask you to give up the old wounds you may hold, releasing these with your breath as this occurs to you. Call now for this one to merge with you and breathe three times to release any energy that needs releasing for this to occur.

Breathe into your heart and recognise the divine flame in your heart and its immense healing power. Breathe this flame through your chakras beginning with the crown, then the brow and throat, thymus, solar plexus, sacral, root chakras. Then breathing the flame down to your knees and feet and into the Earth. I ask you now to accept the master being you are, that in other lives and dimensions each of you have created many forms of mastery through embracing your challenges and loving them free. This mastery is held in a body of lovelight above you and can be called upon to assist you in your manifestation in life. I ask you to connect to this mastery now through visualising a golden star above your head.

This star brings your mastery and wisdom and love into anything you focus it upon. We are asking you to recognise something you are working on in your life, working to create in your life. We ask you to call to this star to activate and breathe the lovelight of mastery from this star into your project by visualising the project in front of you and sending the energy from the star into your heart and then from your heart out your hands into the envisioned project in front of you. Be sure to hold focus on the divine truth of the project. I offer this to you as a process to create with energetically as many of you are now beginning to be empowered.

It is at this time, your creations will begin to flow. I ask that these creations be for the good of all. In this I also ask that you bring no other beings into this vision as this is not karmically beneficial to you or others. You may call my name and I will assist you to create your projects by lending energy to this process. I will empower those projects that help you and others experience your God nature in this world. I am also asking you to each day receive from me, a bell of light that I will ring at some time in your presence. You will either feel me come, or just know that was the bell ringing in some way. This bell is to ask you to again take responsibility for the energies manifesting in your life.

This bell is to show you that this is the time you must heal this energy or become aware of this playing out in your life. I am asking you to recognise that this bell will ring and some may hear it in their mind, others be aware in other ways, just as a gentle reminder to continue the healing work of being responsible. It is only then, my beloveds that you can truly create again with the power of love and light you are.

The council of Shamballah, now care for you within this programme and are with you in each moment of your waking life. They are assisting you now to become aware of the love again and asking you now to receive three tools for this next 4-6 week process.

Go inside deeply into the golden white temple again. See yourself there and before you is a diamond shaped seat. The emissaries of Shamballah ask you to sit on this seat and receive the energy of Divine Presence. This is an ascension seat for you to sit on each day for three hours. It is called the seat of The Divine Presence.

In the most appropriate hour we will place you on this and energize you. There is a being to the right of you, this is Djwhal Khul. He is to be your guide when you sleep and if he is asked, will take you to a higher university for you to learn and experience your divinity.

He just asks that you ask him to take you into the higher planes of love and light when you sleep.

To the left of you is the feminine master Mother Gaia (Earth). She thanks you for this work you are offering and asks you to place your hands out. She places a golden key in your palms. This may come in many different forms. She says this is to open your heart when you find it hard because of the old memories of losing your love connection. She says use this whenever the heart feels like it is closed. She asks you to place it in the heart now and ask it to open the heart.

Breathe in and recognise there are 12 emissaries around you now. These 12 wish you to connect to them. They are in a circle around you. They are The Council of Shamballah and are here to assist you to raise your vibration. Asking you to let go of your deepest fear to them. Asking you to name it and offer it to them. Breathing it out.

They offer restoration to you now. They ask you to acknowledge your divinity as they place a triangle of cosmic white fire in each of your chakras. They ask you to call for these triangles of white fire to spin each day and purify your chakras and energy body. To call upon your I Am Presence and mastery at this time to merge with you and to then say this decree 3 times.

You are to now call to the Christ consciousness of your being. With this ancient decree.

I am Light of God in my soul, I am the Christ heart in my soul,

I am Love of God in my soul, I am the truth of the light of God,

With this I forgive all. I am the forgiveness of my heart of the Christ,

I am the open heart of the Christ,

My blessings of Love, Maitreya.