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Lord Maitreya’s Healing Program

Level 6


Blessings Beloveds of the One Heart,

We are gathered in council with you now in offer of a new dispensation within your life that will allow you more easily to receive the empowerment of your God Presence’s influence in your daily life. I ask you to now recognise the three fold flame in your heart and expand this flame all around you now, and ask that you breathe as your Council of Inner Plane Ascended Masters gathers around you.

Breathe firstly into the golden flame in your heart, then the pink flame, and then the blue flame and recognise the Christ Body that you are, and to acknowledge the path you have taken in this life to release all old passages of karmic responsibility that have altered your consciousness from the path of unconditional love.

Allow the flame of golden light, pink light and blue light to expand all through you and around you as you breathe...accepting that this path you have taken has had its challenges and learnings and that through your embrace of these challenges through love, you have been building the Body Of Christ energy into the spiritual and physical plane of your life.

Call upon your Christ Body and Three Fold Flame Body now to activate through every dimension of your being as Maitreya now steps forth to you.

Beloveds of the One heart, I ask you to truly receive this blessing I have for you. Within my hands I carry the Love of your God Presence, love that you have given away in many other lifetimes, that has travelled the universes and galaxies looking for home. I am here now to offer you this love, but for you to receive this, you must choose to connect consciously within each day to the Christ you are and choose willingly to leave behind the illusions you have been suffering. With this choice, you must be aware of the grand light you bring to this planet and that the journey of this light into your body is co-creating you to change. I ask each of you to recognise the Lord, The Beloved that dwelleth within you now and to choose wholeheartedly to only take the actions in your life that support you to live as this grand light on Earth. Only this, my Beloveds, will allow your dreams of the one heart to be fulfilled.

Know this is your time to create your life experience through choices of only the highest for thyself. Know over these next two months I will be guiding you to find these choices within you. Know as your light grows now so strongly, your power to manifest grows. I am asking each of you to place only your light into the highest for all now, as only then, will only the highest manifest. Know that the manifestations in your life that are unloving are made by you through placing your light into the illusions held by your mind. Teach your mind each day the truth, my Beloveds, that you are Light and Love. This is your time now, to expand your minds to meet the truth of who you are. Allow your mind to dwell on the heart flame within you and allow your whole being to receive this flame each day. Continue to love yourself this way each day and know I am with you in the heart of your Christ Body. -Maitreya

Know that each day at 7pm, I will be with you in the Golden Heart Temple of Shamballah. You may meet me there to receive higher activation and healings for the integration of your God Presence on Earth.

Call to your God Presence now to merge with you and sound this mantra 13 times to bring your God Presence into your body. Call to God/dess for all chakras, bodies to be cleansed, activated, harmonised and aligned as you do this.


This mantra translates from The Universal Language of Light as “Bringing All I am through God’s Love, as God Presence I Am”

Your Ascension Council is asking that each day you sound this mantra 13 times to create God Presence connection within your energy body. They also ask that each day you meet with Maitreya on the inner through communication to Maitreya through thoughtform telepathy. Call to Maitreya and ask that your telepathic channels be opened and harmonised and activated to their truth over these two months. Ask Maitreya to oversoul this process and for him to bring you messages through your mind over this time.

Breathe in as he assists you with this. He asks each of your to recognise that through this process, more clarity will come to your minds. He asks you to lovingly focus on your minds each day with love, through sending the love flame from your heart up into your brain and the field around your brain known as the mind.

He will address each of you as Beloved One, when he speaks in your mind to you. When this occurs, send him a message through your mind back to him and then wait for a reply. Ask if he is of the “Christ Light of God, The Mahatma Ray and the 12th Golden Ray of the Christ” and wait to receive a reply. Ask this 3 times before attuning to the conversation. If the answer is ‘yes’ three times, ask if it is Maitreya communicating with you or Your God Presence. Then continue your communication.

If the messages say ‘no’ to you....do not be concerned....know it is a multidimensional aspect of your own consciousness communicating with you, asking for your assistance. This part of you is needing assistance to merge into the Oneness. Send it love with no judgement and ask it to forgive all that has occurred through all time, space and dimension that create it to be separate.

As soon as you say this in your mind to your aspects, Lord Maitreya will offer these aspects a powerful golden wheel of love called the Tzolk’in Wheel and other Emissaries of Love will clear your being of anything that does not serve you that is connected to these aspects. Maitreya’s communication will begin to develop if it isn’t already developed once your mind has learnt to receive love and the energies within your telepathy begin to open to Source again.

This may take time but know that these simple techniques are offering the key to this process manifesting. Allow yourself to trust the process of this Inner plane contact as you walk in the world. Become aware of Maitreya with you within your daily life. Communicate within your mind to him. It is this period he is here to help you with your decision making and what is the highest for you. Know this will increase as you open your mind to receive love each day.

You will be receiving lightbody healing each evening from the hours of 11pm to 7am in the morning. Each morning we will be violet flaming your energy body for 30 minutes before 7am. I ask you to just simply recognise your Christ energy each morning as you awaken.

May you enjoy a new communion within through this process.

All my Love, Qala

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Blessings All,

It is important to note here for new people on this program that you must start from Level 1. Levels 1 through to 5 are available on the Ascend Foundation web site http://www.light-elixirs.com All beings on this program are to journey through the levels at their own pace. It is not a race – going to fast may bring up too much for you to process. Gently and easily allows grace into your life as you journey through these programs.

For those beings that require other levels other than Level 6 I also ask you to access our web site http://www.light-elixirs.com to get the level you need.

In Light and Love
Zy Phoenix