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Assistance from Lord Maitreya

a free healing program


Blessings Love and Light workers,

I have been asked by Lord Maitreya to ask each one of you two things.

1. Do you accept full responsibility in your life for all that is occurring to you and if not, why?

2. Would you like assistance in being able to accept full responsibility in your life, from The Ascended Masters by being placed on a free healing program through The Ascend Foundation. Accepting full responsibility in your life for all that occurs to you is the first key to empowerment, and mastery. Through this you can reclaim all power you have given to any situation, other time, or persona in any life and therefore hold this power within and create your true heart reality from this place.

The healing program will involve 3 forms of assistance.

The first will be through The Ascended Masters and Angels lifting old wounds from your being related to any distortions in your connection to your own power as a divine being. This will occur through all countries between the hours of 9 PM and 7 am and will formulate itself for a period of 6-9 months. AT this time the angels and Masters will create a chamber of love around you and begin assisting you through healing energies within your light body and chakras. This is a very pleasant experience and will not interfere with your life at all, only enhance your love in your life and personal power.

The second aspect of The Program involves all receiving assistance in their recognition of any karma they are experiencing and a connection to the Karmic Board so they may lift any karma and absolve it as it arises.....all are asked to speak the words I ask for Karmic Absolution if one is experiencing difficulty in anyway. By entering this program The Karmic Board will shine their light upon your life and be prepared to lift old karma from you as you meet it.

The third aspect to this healing program is the ability to receive specific understandings and teachings from The Inner Plane Ascended Masters through Ascend Foundation email network. These teachings would be simply expressed so you can access within you the truth of what is written from The Masters in regards to your mastery in this life and the first step - How to take full responsibility in your life and access your Mastery.

If you do wish for assistance with this, as only when you have accepted complete responsibility for all in your life can you truly reclaim your power as a divine being, you may subscribe to this healing program through email ascend@light-elixirs.com by sending the message "ASCEND free healing program"

We have many emails each day and we are interested in finding out the town or city, and country you all come from. We would like to create a network for to connect to each other in the future. Could you assist us by writing your city or town and country, when you respond. It also assist the Masters in locating your energy bodies.

With much love and joy to all my divine soul family,

1 of 12 from ASCEND

If you received this message from a friend and wish for more messages and world wide meditation from The Inner Plane Masters, send an email to ascend-subscribers@light-elixirs.com with "subscribe to messages" as your message. If you wish to unsubscribe from our list, please let us know also.

Lord Maitreya Healing Programme

1st Level

Blessings of love to you,

Below ..... is the first email message for Lord Maitreya's free healing programme regarding the instructions/teachings that will gift each of you a deeper connection to your power to create your highest potential reality on Earth.

You will receive an email approximately every 3-4 weeks giving you the next connection to the programme. If you feel you are unable to fulfill the requests that Lord Maitreya asks of you through these emails, allow yourself to know it is important for you to flow with this programme in your own timing and not to the timing of the emails. Even though Lord Maitreya will gift a different learning each email and a new form of assistance, he asks you to work with this at your own pace and only truly move to the next level when you feel it is time for you to do this. This knowing will come from within you and you will also be able to discover this as you connect to the first email and how you apply Lord Maitreya's requests in your daily life. When you find you are applying all Lord Maitreya gives you from the first email, you are ready to move to applying the teachings of the second email and so forth. So give yourself permission now to be with this at your own rate, in conjunction with all that occurs in your own personal life.

We have received many questions since we sent this free healing programme out. We have only a small number of people working voluntarily on ASCEND projects and we would ask each of you not to write and ask us questions concerning your health or any other aspect of your life as this is not what we are offering you presently. We are able to connect to the Masters about these things but our time is with many projects and we have only enough time as humans to complete this service of keeping our email lists up to date and offering these free services. As each of us also have lives that are filled with our own personal responsibilities, we ask all of you beautiful beings to not write unless it concerns the programme and what we have written about. In this way we will be able to fulfill our own service agreement more easily. We thank you and bless you for this. We also ask that you do not forward this email on to anyone else as all who receive this must connect to the programme through ASCEND and receive it personally. You may let others know if it helps you, to join the programme through subscribing to the ASCEND for this programme.

With much love from all at ASCEND


channelled by Qala of ASCEND

Each of you are receiving healing on all levels of your being between 9pm and 7 am each evening. 17 Beings of Light, many archangels of The Pleiades and Sirius and Andromeda presently are healing any cracks in your lightbody that they can heal under karmic law. Know firstly it is your responsibility as a divine being to recognise when your energies are out of balance and also for you to recognise that old energies held within you are creating this imbalance. Know that unless you choose to be conscious of this fact you will judge others as the blame for this and then you will not be able to reclaim any of the old energy to be renewed through the power of love.

It is important that no matter what is occurring in your life that you.

1. Recognise that you on some level,..... and it may be the level of unconsciousness, ...created this in your life to learn from.

2. Understand the power to heal this within you can only be found within you and the choices you make in your life, not in any other power including The Ascended Masters.

3. Know that many thousands of Angels and Emissaries of Love are with you all of the way as your loving assistants. These beings will guide you and also heal any of your energy bodies as you open to the being of love that you are on a deeper level and assist you in any way they can in accordance to universal law.

4. Remember that it is only the great love that you hold inside that is truly your own healer and teacher and that only this love as you remember it, will truly lift you from the darkest of times in your life. Through this love alone, can you truly forgive all that may have occurred in other times....that may karmically create difficulty in your present life experience.

These 4 keys are the keys I give you to work with each day as I come to you and ask you to take responsibility in your life completely and through this choice that you make, you will create yourself to reclaim your personal power from every situation on Earth that is holding your energy in a disconnection from your love and your heart. ..Lord Maitreya

Lord Maitreya's teaching .......he asks you to practise this in every moment you can.

"Forgiveness is the love and acceptance of what is, without judgement. It is the paradox of knowing that what has occurred was not the true intention of self, yet the knowledge that somehow, from a past deed or a present deed, one is partly responsible for this occurrence. That this is done and now can be healed without the casting of blame or judgement on oneself or another. With forgiveness comes the compassion that ultimately all men, women, children and beings in their hearts truly wish only the best for all, yet the knowledge that through trauma of life, not all are connected to their own heart and love and for this, misjudgment is made manifest.....To forgive, is to love all and cast no shame on one or self........
This I ask of you"........Lord Maitreya

Maitreya's Simple Daily Practise- 10 to 15 minutes each day of Forgiveness & Receptivity

1. Sit in the most peaceful part of your house. You may light a candle if you wish.

2. Call Lord Maitreya's name and know that as you do this he will be with you and he will then build a golden pillar of light around you both.

3. He will ask you to close your eyes and go within to connect to the whole part of yourself.

4. At this time you are asked to go over the last 24 hrs in your mind and to forgive anything that occurred which bothered you and to offer any feelings and beliefs to Maitreya that binds you not to be able to forgive from your heart. To then sit as the violet and silver flames of God/dess are shone through your energy body. Be as still as possible and focus on letting go through your breath for a few minutes.

5. At this time you will be asked to give thanks for an aspect of your being and the day. To honour in some way the day and yourself. This will allow more love to flow from your heart to you and your life. At this time much lovelight will begin to integrate through your energy body.

6. The last step is to place your hands together cupped in front of you so as to receive. At this time Lord Maitreya will give back to you all the energy you transmuted and more from many other lifetimes of healing in the form of a sacred gift. This gift is from The Masters of Shamballah and is personally made for you .

It will be one of the following 4 gifts.
A ball of lovelight, a rod of lovelight, a sword of lovelight or a chalice of lovelight.
Whichever one of these you receive, each of the gifts will be encoded with specific energies just perfect for you and your growth and healing. Do not give this gift to another. Place it into your own heart as it is specifically designed only for you and will hold many keys to your opening to the love you are, and will not help another. Within are the DNA encodements you need for all healing and transformation and karmic release for the next 24-72 hrs.

Know that if it is in the form of:

a chalice- - it is a specific elixir that will aid your emotional growth.
a sword- ....your mind's growth
a rod- ........your spiritual growth
a ball -....... your physical transformation, regeneration and healing

Trust yourself, you will sense which gift it is.
You will receive a new gift each day as you give yourself to this practise.

Many Blessings,

Love from Qala, (1 of 12) at ASCEND