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Lord Metatron's
Light Body Program
Levels 2 & 3


Lord Metatron's Light Body Program

Level 2

Blessings of Love everyone,

This is the second level of the Metatron Program of Healing Lightbody Changes.

There are 3 major energy cycles that effect all being's energy bodies on the Earth. If one's energy body is vibrating in harmony with these cycles, the lightbody changes and symptoms mentioned in the first level of the program decrease rapidly.

Within this level of the program, the following information and exercises are shared to allow your energy bodies to harmonise and raise in vibration with these cycles.

The Cycle of Time is changing upon Earth as the earth's energy body shifts into a higher dimension. This cycle of time is altered through the waves of energy coming to the planet from Source. These waves are known as Ascension waves. These Ascension waves are powerful in their ability to transform all energy within the Earth energy body. These waves have the same effect upon all human energy bodies also.

If your energy is lacking in vitality and you lack having a grounded sense of moving forward with the Earth as she moves through the cosmos; if at times you feel a little lost and directionless, or feel sensitive to time issues in your life, then it is likely you are experiencing a disconnection from the true cycle of time on Earth.

To connect to the divine timing of Earth, you may call upon the 9th Wave of Ascension to flood through you and then breathe into your heart and receive this energy through the heart. Breathe out and send this wave through your energy body and ask it to ground into the core of the Earth.

Within the centre of the Earth there is a cosmic clock known as The Tzolki'n Wheel of Time. It is this clock that the Mayan Timekeepers refer to in their teachings of time. Ask to be energetically connected to this cosmic clock and for it to activate through your energy body. Breathe in and as this occurs, your energy body will be brought back into now time into alignment with the divine timing of Earth.

The Cycle of Ascension is a natural cycle that involves the procession of the planets and stars into a grand alignment. Within this procession of the new age, Earth expands and contracts in energy many times over to release old energies and receive the new for her procession into this alignment. This is a natural cycle that is taking place and each major doorway within this procession occurs every 26, 000 years within the Earth. We have come to the end of that 26,000 year cycle or within years of it, and Earth is contracting and receiving at a very fast rate now to be able to move into that Universal alignment.

All on the planet are being asked to release with her. If your energy body does not release at the rate she does, then your energy body goes out of divine timing with the Earth and it begins to resonate to a past timing. To be able to stay in resonance with Mother Earth and the ascension cycle, one must master three things daily in one's life in caring for one's energy body.

1. A system of cleansing one's energy body and cells each day. By calling for assistance, for the violet flame and asking for this cleanse and alignment. eg. Breathing in the violet flame to each chakra and each body three times.

2. A system of grounding one's energy body into the Earth core and in alignment with the Sun and Central Sun. eg. Breathe in and see a golden tube of light run from your chakras down into the Earth core and see it rise up and light up your chakras and then extend to the Sun and then to the Central Sun( a larger golden sun beyond our sun) and then to Source. Intending this as you breathe.

3. A system of anchoring your Divine Presence eg. through recognising your divinity and calling upon your Divine Presence to merge with you and radiating the light and love out of your heart and other chakras from within. Also through releasing any wounds to Source that block this love and light from emanating from each chakra and body.

These 3 daily activities allow your energy body to resonate to the ascension cycle each day and if this is not occurring, your energy body resonates to the unresolved energies within your cellular memory that releases into your chakras and energy body each day. This creates a feeling of non-presence. To alter this you must care, cleanse and anchor your energy body and merge with your divine presence daily.

The Cycle of Karmic Resolution is a cycle that is also increased as the cycle of ascension and cycle of time increases in vibrational rate. What this means is that more karma or unresolved energy is brought to all beings to resolve. This occurs through the breath of each being drawing to them energetically, the energy of all situations that they have been involved in that has not been resolved on the Earth and within the Universe. These unresolved situations come as memories moving through the energy body each day, often getting stuck and embodying within the energy body as a heaviness, or as deep emotion or rigid beliefs.

It is important for you all to keep your energy bodies clear and open to the movement and flow of these ancient memories as they move through you. If you feel stuck in your life, you have ancient memories stuck within your chakras, blocking the flow of energy. If you feel clouded, these memories are floating around you in your energy body, clouding you. If you feel the flow of life, these memories are flowing through you. The key to being with the process of these ancient memories is to accept your karma and to learn to work with the Karmic Board.

Learn to accept responsibility for all that is occurring within your life and to stop projecting on any other being, your emotions and your thoughts. If you do this, then as you begin to feel the memories you will be able to release them through your breath and through asking for assistance from The Family of Light and Love. If you do not, you will create a reality for yourself of a non flowing nature and you will not be able to feel the flow of love through you any more. If you are stuck, say a prayer for this to shift but be prepared to take responsibility for your karma.

Ask The Karmic Board for karmic absolution, be prepared to feel the energy and not project it on others and to release it through your chakra column to Source. This will allow the flow of love
through into your life again.

All these 3 cycles work together and if you begin to journey with them through applying these simple daily practices....your lightbody changes will lessen due to the harmony you will be experiencing with the cycles of change upon the planet.

Blessings of Love from Qala

Our blessings are with you and we say to each one of you now to be aware of these cycles within your life. We offer a tool of love in assistance to this harmonisation. Place out your hands, Our
Beloveds, and I offer you now the Metatron Cube which holds the specific geometries and encodements for aligning to the Earth changes within your energy body. Breathe in as I place this in your hands and ask each of you to ask this to spin through your energy body to bring the light, the essence of your being out into the world to be shared with all others. We are asking each of you to stay in harmony and share your lovelight essence through this sacred cube. Our
blessings are with you.



This program is copyright to Qala Serenia Phoenix and The ASCEND Foundation.

This may be distributed freely on condition all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered.

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Lord Metatron's Light Body Program

Level 3

Blessings from the Beloved Heart of Metatron,

In divine order and in divine timing, Metatron now offers each of you assistance with your lightbody changes through the third level of the Metatron program of healing. Within this third level, the soul aspects of your consciousness are to be embraced for the regeneration of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. This will take place over a 12 week period as you work with Lord Metatron with the directions that are offered through the third level of this program.

In relationship to soul aspects, it is only relevant to recognise that as a multidimensional being … you exist in other dimensions simultaneously to your life on Earth. With this understanding, it is known that these multidimensional aspects affect your reality on Earth and co-create the nature of your experience.

The lightbody changes that occur once you have awakened on the spiritual path and called to God to be your whole presence … to be the love you are completely … create vast changes within your energy system and invite the multidimensional aspects of your being that have unresolved energies … to return to the Oneness through your own heart. In this way, your multidimensional aspects journey into your energy body each day through the process of cellular memory awakening within you. As your lightbody receives the higher frequencies from Source that Earth is calling for through her ascension process … your own energy body begins to connect to a higher dimensional band of energy … creating you to open to a new lightbody initiation. It is the activation of a new lightbody cycle or lightbody initiation that creates the opening of your experience to receive lightbody changes.

It is important for all of you to realise that you may be empowered within this situation through first recognising the following three keys.

1. That you have chosen this path to journey through as an Earth being … not only for soul learning … but also for the purpose of embodying God Presence on Earth.

2. That you are assisted every step of the way, as you ask for this, and this assistance grows each day as you dedicate your life to walking on the clear steps towards this embodiment manifesting.

3. That no other being of any form or nature can disconnect you from your path and that it is only you that can create this disconnection if you so choose this.

You are blessed in many ways also. Realise that these blessings are your gifts that you came to the Earth with to help you be with the little challenges that you meet upon your path. To recognise that you hold the following three gifts will help you to remember who you are.

1. The first gift you hold that will heal any energy within you is the heart flame that is the Eternal Presence of your Spirit that rests in the centre of your heart chakra. This sacred flame, when meditated upon, will expand out through all your being and heal and resolve any energy that it is focussed upon.

2. The second gift that you each hold is your soul connection to Source….that your soul is with you even if it is not fully present in your body and that it is always watching over you. The gift with your soul that you hold is the signature of your soul that is held within your heart chakra. This soul signature, once ignited, also creates powerful healing and balance within you, creating a full balance of your chakras. For it is when you ask for your soul signature to activate in your heart … that your heart will begin to open and the soul you are begins to descend … and the power of your soul is the healing that will balance every chakra within you.

3. The third gift that you hold is your Golden Christ Body of Light that each of you received connection to from your soul heart prior to this life. Know that when the Christ came to Earth, he opened a gateway for all souls on the Earth to reconnect to their Christ nature. Know that ever since that time occurred, that prior to birthing all souls coming into the Earth plane receive connection to their Golden Christ Body. Because the connection has already been made, it is only a matter of owning this in this life. And once you say within yourself that you are divine and you are the Christ … you begin to be fed by the Golden Light of Source that is the Christ consciousness of All That Is. To merely recognise this each day will activate this to occur naturally… so easily … you will be filled with the Golden River of Light.

If you go inside into your heart at this time, and see yourself in a golden temple of light...you will enter the Golden Temple of your Christ Consciousness.

Lord Metatron will meet you each day in the Golden Temple of the Christ Consciousness. He asks you to just go inside into your heart, expanding your heart flame out through all your bodies and allowing yourself to be in the Golden Temple of his heart. He will manifest this with you if you ask for this and he will come directly to you. This is for the purpose of assisting you with your lightbody changes and assisting you to also remember the path of your heart that is your guidance to reconnection as God Presence … here on Earth.

He asks each one of you to relax and receive a healing from his heart to you. This will take 10 minutes of your time each day and after this, he will ask you to connect to the following process with your soul aspects for their healing each day.

How to Heal Your Soul Aspects

After the healing, recognise Archangel Metatron is standing to the right of your being within the sacred Temple of Christ Consciousness. He calls your soul aspects to you and they arrive to surround you in a sacred circle. At this time you may feel or sense their presence with you. They may bring with them ancient feelings or beliefs … for you to heal through your heart flame. Send your heart flame out to the circle around you and ignite the heart flames that appear to be unlit within each one of these aspects. These divine aspects of your being may appear as different forms from different lifetimes or parallel realities. Some may be angelic or nature spirit in form and others more humanoid or possibly star being. Know these are the forms of your multidimensional nature … connecting to you for the purpose of releasing old wounds that are blocking you.

Call to these ones lovingly and ask them to forgive all that has occurred across all space, time and dimensions that created them to separate from the One Heart. Metatron offers these ones assistance through the gift of a golden wheel known as the Tzolk’in Wheel and many other emissaries help to clear the unresolved energies. Breathe deeply out and send your compassion and love out to all the parts of you that are connected to 6 feet around you in a circle in the unseen realms of Love and Light. Become aware that they are in your energy body in this region 6 feet from your heart in every direction. All you need to do is accept them and hold them in the love while they remember love and choose to forgive again. You will feel your energy shift and lighten from this. Know that this process creates the lifting of the veils of illusion from your energy body and it allows your lightbody to shift into a higher dimension.

There are many angels and emissaries that are encircling you now, supporting you and loving you. They send their love and assistance to you now and bless you with many flowers within your chakras and all your bodies. They fill you with these petals of Love Divine from the gardens of the Divine Mother and ask you to recognise that in truth you are love. They ask you now just to receive and be filled with this love as they open each of your chakras to be cleansed and cleared now, they bring a fresh energy to you...rejuvenating you.

Breath in and relax and receive. There is a cosmic wheel of grace ....known as The Wheel of Grace that brings golden Elixirs of Love. Metatron places this Wheel of Grace into your heart to open it now. He asks you to forgive each day, all that has occurred through all space, time and dimension that created you to separate as The Divine Presence you are. He asks you to meet him each day and he will bring you this Wheel of Grace and it will spin through you aligning all within you to receive God’s grace.

The journey each day with Metatron

Go inside for your meditation and allow yourself to be in a beautiful garden by the ocean. Lay down on the grass and rest. Metatron will come to your side and sit by you at this time. He may appear in many different forms...know that if you journey into your heart to this sacred place, he will be with you. Call for the Golden Temple of the Christ Consciousness to anchor over you. There is a golden bridge across a small river to the left of you. Sense or see to guide your consciousness across this Golden Bridge. It takes you into the Golden Temple of Christ Consciousness.

Here he will meet with you and offer you this Wheel of Grace and each day he comes, he will bring different aspects of you that need this healing grace. Know that these ones will come in many forms also....just allow yourself to hold your love, compassion for all energies you meet. Be ready to forgive all that has occurred through any one of your incarnations or energy bodies.

These ones that Metatron brings to you, connect to them and embrace them in your own loving way. Know that as you do this...these ones will begin to resolve wounds and integrate and this will create a deeper sense of freedom for you. After healing with these, Metatron will gift you something from his heart to yours. Hold your hands out to him to receive this gift. This that he gives you will help you on your path energetically to stay connected with Source and Earth core.....through your chakra rainbow bridge. All this will occur and more in your sacred meeting together each day. Enjoy!!

All my love, Qala

This program is copyright to Qala Serenia Phoenix and The ASCEND Foundation.
This may be distributed freely on condition all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered. .

The ASCEND Foundation website is: www.ASCEND.org.au www.light-elixirs.com