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Mother Mary's Ashram of The Children

Mother Mary and Archangel Raphael in assistance of all children on the planet are kindly offering healing assistance to all children and educational assistance to all parents in regards to the new energies that The New Children of Earth are carrying for the planet. Specifically this assistance will come in the form of 3 email messages over the next few months in direct relationship to Mother Mary's ashram for the Children that is anchored in the spiritual earth plane and through the Earth portals within the United States, Israel, Mexico, Italy, Hungary, Columbia, Brazil, Zambia, Australia, Yugoslavia, Bangladesh and Tibet.

It is through this Ashram that Mary offers her loving assistance to all on the Earth plane that have children in their care. She asks each carer if they wish to receive a reawakening of the Love within their energy fields and within the cells of their physical bodies through connecting to her ashram. She offers it as a hospice for all weary and tired parents so they may recharge and receive energy to be able to nurture their children over this great period of transition. She will offer all healing that is available to restore one's highest potential energy and offer sustenance as one open' one heart to feel the strength of one's own Love.

For all children she will embrace them in her arms and help them to dissolve all tears, fears, and inner anxieties as they open and grow with your love. She will encourage them to hold their inner truths and to rely on these, once their hearts are opening as Earth beings. She will be there with you and there for them when you are not able to be there for them. If you wish for Mary to care for you and your children and bring them into the Heart of her Ashram , just call her name and ask her for this.


It is important for all parents to realize that the new children are more awakened in their gifts than ever before on a mass level and these ones need special care because of this.

1. Firstly that all children are highly sensitive to their environment and if they look switched off to the world this is because they have received through their energetic environment a disconnected vibration. To heal this within your child, you may call to The Emissaries of Mother Mary's Ashram and ask that this disconnected vibration be released from your child's energy field and their energy field be filled with Source love. This will awaken your child to the love you hold and the love within your environment. Often it will be important to watch over your child's environment carefully after this time for a few weeks until they attune to the energy of their new environment. These children would have received this out of attuned state sometime over their growing years and in some way stayed energetically attuned to this disconnection. It is simple to heal. Blessed Be!

2. Secondly, once your child is attuning to the flow of love in your environment or from you it is important to assist your child not to grow in judgement therefore do not judge your child in any way. It is important particularly as each of the new children are highly telepathic that you be completely honest with your child and learn to express your truth honestly .if you feel upset about something do not hide this or repress this or your child will pick up on this energy and try to assist you to heal it by playing out the energies in some way. The most healing way to be with your child is be honest and let them know you are a little upset and are healing that they can help you by loving you and being themselves that it will heal as you let go and release the old energy to Source.

3. Thirdly to allow yourself to resonate with your child at least once a day. That this does not have to be a grand experience it can be as simple as really being with them for a short time and being in their world with them At this time it is important to only offer love as an energy .not in any other form .just the wave of love from your own heart chakra as you sit with them and exchange in their way. The receiving of this wave of love from you each day is important for their own energy body's growth and your own fulfillment as a carer.

Blessed Be, to all that care and nurture the children of Earth. May you each receive back the fulfillment of this love as my Divine Embrace. If you close you eyes, and think of me, I will offer you this as a sacred gift each day My Divine Embrace in gratefulness for all you do.

With My Love, I am Mary.

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