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Planetary Portal Connection and Energy Tips

Qala and Lord Maitreya’s Gift to the World


Sacred blessings to each one of you,

This month I offer you a message from the Ascended Masters of Love. I hope that you enjoy this and experience your divinity from this. I send a large wave of my love to you and surround you as Gaia’s ascension wave comes to you. Breathe and receive this as it pours forth through you now and every part of you begins to receive the love of the Goddess now. As you read this, a temple anchors around you, and the Angelic presence of your heart begins to lift you now into a deeper connection to your heavenly self. You are beginning to be blessed by your God Presence now. This one comes to you and asks you if you have any burdens you wish to share with God/dess and to assist you to release any karma from your soul records that may create this. Several lady Ascended Masters wearing white and golden robes step forth to you. They bring golden chalices filled with love and a white dove which they place in your heart to support you. They ask you to name anything that binds you from experiencing the freedom of your love. They share with you that you will be assisted with this and be assisted to release this burden.

They bring a beautiful golden pair of wings down from the heavens and place these in the back of your heart, and ask you to receive these wings of the golden heart of your God Presence. They share that these wings can lift your vibration out of any limitation. They ask you to use these when your soul feels bound physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually. They say all you need to do is remember the golden wings they have given you and consciously choose to flap these wings. As you do this, they will support you to allow the energies to be released from you. They share that these sensations of limitations come from restrictions in your energy field or physical body. They share that they hold the maps of love that are the maps of all your bodies. They are beginning to scan your bodies and support you. They offer to place you on a healing program that will relate to offering you each a two hour healing every evening. They will come to you and open your energy body and the specific portals and chakras that are having difficulty with the energies of duality. They share that these energies of duality come from the collective memory of humanity and that although your soul may not resonate with them, you sometimes embody them. They share that this is because you hold the DNA of humanity, and that you also have chosen to ascend through the human body. They share that this is magical and co-creative through the God Presence of your heart and that in truth, you are alchemising and christening your DNA with the Christ consciousness of your heart.

They understand that at times it is difficult and suggest that you need to breathe deeply at times to be with all that is occurring in life. They understand that it does not always flow with love in your life. At other times you feel really high and all flows easily. They share that your DNA is the key to this and that your Christed heart will free this. This is the forgiving heart that is able to forgive all. Whatever burdens you feel you have, will lift as you forgive all that creates this.

They ask: Will you now forgive your body, mind, soul or spirit, or any other part of you that presently creates this to occur for you? They share that if your mind is happy to forgive, then it will begin the process of the lifting as you open to breaking the appropriate agreements that may hold these energies within you. They are asking you to recognise now, what it is that your soul feels now about this, and honour this now by going within and listening to your inner self (soul) now. They share that whatever your soul feels, is related to this, and that your soul records are written within your DNA and that it is this that affects you to experience this. Whatever your soul feels comes from the experience your soul has had previously on the Earth in relationship to this. You may call to the Karmic Board (Quan Yin and a group of other Ascended Masters) to receive karmic absolution in relationship to this, and for your soul to be lifted into the heavens for a few minutes so that your soul may receive a rea
ding of your akashic records.

The lady Masters bring a white rose to you and place it in your third eye and your heart, and share that the Sphinx is assisting you to release any records that you may hold from previous times on the Earth that may create limitation within you. Become aware of the Sphinx in Cairo now and the sacred chambers deep underneath. If you wish, you may ask to be lifted into the chambers of the Sphinx to have your akashic records released. You will need to breathe deeply as the Karmic Board come to you and they place a karmic release chamber around you that will support you to become aware of energies that you need to accept, love and forgive.. Breathe and allow this to occur. Break any vows and agreements that may be conscious to you that do not presently serve you. Call to the divine blueprint of your being to activate through you and ask for a new opening to the divine laws of grace, love, abundance and faith. Call on the Law of Karma to flood through you to align, purify and clear any energies that do not resonate to your true frequency. Breathe and receive as these waves of the divine laws flood through and energise you. Call on the Law of Forgiveness and call to all souls that may be connected to you in relationship to any experiences you may have held on the Earth or in the heavens, that presently are recorded in your DNA and soul records, and presently have, up until now, held limitation within your energy. Breathe and call to the Sphinx to create a sacred healing and gentle loving release of any energies that may be bound within your energy body.

Breathe and just allow this to take place in divine order for your being. If any emotion arises, then breathe through this and open your heart gently to this. It is also supportive to have a bath during or after this, as the water vibration will assist you to gently release energy from your body or energy body. Know that in the evening after this, you will receive a harmonic toning from the whales and dolphins of love. This will harmonise your chakras and meridians and allow the flow of consciousness and love to flow on a more even path.

Quan Yin and Lady Buddha come to you and place an emerald crystal within you and support each one of you to open your hearts. They see the light of the Goddess within you and the love of God within you. They gently, lovingly tone the sounds of creation through your heart. Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary come to you to bless you and share that the wave over this period is releasing and uplifting many beings on the Earth, and that you are needed as an emissary of peace on Earth. They share that an emissary of peace sees the divine in all, and holds no judgement for all. They ask you over this next month to love and accept all and choose to not judge anything that occurs on Earth but to accept it, as an emissary of peace, with love. In this way, you will hold the peace vibration for all beings on Earth. They place the dove within your heart and share that this is the dove of love and peace that shines on all beings on Earth. They ask that in times and circumstances when you experience that peace is not clearly present, that you open your heart and let this dove shine all around you and to all beings. They bless and thank you and lift you again more deeply into the One Heart to seal this healing experience with love. Sananda opens his heart to you and lifts you into a golden pyramid where your akashic records are offered to you. He shares that these will release over the next three days and the primary focus for you is to accept and love all that occurs within you.

Namaste to each one of you. I hope that this in some way helps you. The Masters from the inner planes love you and offer this ceremony to you to assist you in times of difficulty. They share a message with you that all is in divine order and that through opening your heart through any difficulty, you will birth your mastery and your spirit and soul merged as one, on Earth. Call upon them for anything you are needing in any aspect of your life and call to the God Presence of your being for all expansion of love in your life. Know that this will truly expand your consciousness more deeply each time that you choose to recognise your divinity and you recognise that your God Presence lives within you. This God Presence energy is your original Source vibration and is a frequency that runs through you when you experience no limitation. Expand and allow yourself to accept your oneness with all by creating thoughts and intentions that allow your to envision yourself as part of the greatness of All That Is. As you do this, equally hold thoughts of the greatness of all others. This greatness is the love that connects and joins us as Oneness. In honour, to each one of you .... you are the love.

I invite each of you to share this with others if this resonates with you,

All my blessings and love,

© Qala Phoenix 2004