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Simple Energy Tips

1. Creating your Source connection – merely visualise yourself in a tube of light that runs through all your chakras and anchors deep into the Earth core, and also generates into the heavens above through the Sun and Moon to a larger sun and moon known as the Central Sun and Central Moon which links to Source. Call for the Inner Plane Masters to assist you to reconnect all fibres of your energy body to Source whilst you simply visualise this. Through this simple process, you will each be able to release all energy and transform it through your divine intention. Without this connection, it is not possible to release large amounts of energy from your energy body in the process of transmutation. This column also provides entry for your higher lightbodies to descend into the Earth plane, creating the expansion of your consciousness.

2. Your energy sphere – this sacred sphere holds your consciousness within the Earth plane, and within it, is your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and etheric bodies. Call for your God Presence to merge through your sphere of light each day and the consciousness within the Earth plane will transmute and manifest as God Consciousness. You may wish to sound in long, resonant tones the mantra that creates this to manifest powerfully. OM MAYA MA KITA RAKU ANA PEYA NAMU x 13.

3. Opening the heart and keeping it open – the heart closes upon any negative thought or feeling, unless it is reminded that it is a divine being and then it will stay open. If it stays open during challenging moments when unresolved energies are trying to transmute, it will transmute them immediately. The key is to remember that you are divine no matter what you are feeling or thinking, and to make this the priority in your knowing. As you recognise this, you must also recognise it in every other being for it to be truly recognised.

4. Caring for your chakras – every day cellular memory is released from your DNA and from your soul and genetic memory held within it. This cellular memory holds unresolved energies that do not vibrate to the signature of your soul. These energies create blockages in your chakras and meridians unless you care for them. To care for them, call to the Inner Plane Ascended Masters and ask to be placed on a program of chakra release, alignment and activation. Once you have been placed on this program, each day that you willfully choose to breathe light and love through your chakras, you will receive a cleansing and transmutation of all energies within your chakras. This is a conscious process that is highly potential if you wake up each morning and become aware of breathing light and love as you walk. The program will automatically manifest just through this.

5. Divine assistance – there is more divine assistance than anyone can write about or teach about and this can be discovered merely through you asking for it and opening yourself to receiving it. The keys to asking for it are to name what it is and to call to God/dess for this to occur. The key to receiving it is to call to all aspects within your being that do not feel or believe that this can occur, to step forth into a council with you. You are then to ask them to forgive all that has occurred through all time, space and dimension that creates them to block or not trust, or not wish to receive Love. You are then to call to Lord Maitreya to ask for the Tzolk’in Wheel to be spun through their hearts and for the Arcturians to clear their energies of anything that may resist this. Your role is to send love from your heart out to all these multidimensional aspects of your being that are in a circle around you at this time. This process will allow your receptivity to open.

6. Physical healing for all who experience deep physical discomfort – it is important for you to realize that your physical body is trying to integrate trauma from other lifetimes. This trauma is so painful emotionally and mentally that it could not be integrated through your other bodies, so your physical body has offered itself as a a vehicle for the transmutation for these energies. This has created possible blockage in your physical body, which you may heal through the following steps. One is to recognise the karmic energies connected to this and any agreements you may have made in other lives to create this. By breaking these agreements you will begin the healing process. Two, is to call for assistance for healing every day for this, and to realise that this will take time as this is a physical process of healing. Three, is not to judge the disease or the part of the body that does not function completely and to offer love and support to the parts of you that inside and internally are in pain and in great separation through these sacred areas.

All my love, Qala ( 1 of 12)