Who is ZaKaiRan?

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Connection to, and application of each one of these laws, is connection to power. All which requires our awareness is manifested and resolved through these laws.


Universal Law of Grace

God Source hears and answers all prayers for the highest good. in divine order, in divine timing and in accordance with Divine Plan.

Power of Grace - Ask and ye shall receive. I AM eternally held within the Grace of God's Heart.


Universal Law of Love

Love is the essence, the glue and the fabric of all that is and is the energy that moves through all.

Power of Love - Love heals and restores all. I AM the power of Love.


Universal Law of Forgiveness
Forgiveness is the energy that opens the heart to its flow, and expression of Unconditional love and compassion.

Power of Forgiveness - All that has forgiveness placed on it is restored to love. I AM the power of forgiveness creating resolution, harmony and peace.


Universal Law of Truth

Truth exists in everything as the higher awareness of God.

Power of Truth - Truth rises to the surface of all situations as one loves all karmic creations free. Truth is received as higher learnings, realizations. I AM the power of connection to Truth


Universal Law of Creation

The flow and magnification of energy is directed both consciously or unconsciously by thoughts, feelings and emotions and this creates one's reality.

Power of Creation - Energy flows and builds to wherever one directs it. I Am the power that creates my reality.


Universal Law of Karma

For every effect or result there is a cause. Intent or motivation determines the nature of the karma created. Spontaneously generated unconditional love and compassion, is the energy which creates Karma that serves our highest potential. Remember, karmic absolution is now available to all.

Power of Karma - The wheel of karma returns all one's karmic creations magnified. I AM the power that creates Karma in every moment.


Universal Law of Oneness and Reflection
The energies that one perceives in others, be they divine or unresolved, are mirrored or reflected back as the energies one also carries as an individuated being within the Oneness. All are asked to own and take responsibility for all manifested reflections in walking one's return journey to Source

Power of Oneness and Reflection - Love creates the dissolution of the reflection and merges self into the non-duality of Oneness. I AM the power that dissolves the duality of the mirror.


Universal Law of Resonance
Energies of the same vibrational frequency, signature and quality are magnetically drawn to each other.

Power of Resonance - Like attracts like. I AM the power that attracts resonant energies unto myself.