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Activation of the Memory Banks of our Planetary Mind



Greetings beloved ones. Namastae. (The divine within me greets the divine within you.)

What we wish to speak of this evening is connecting your awareness to The Councils Of Light and the myriad of lineages that you carry within this being that is represented as your physical form. Earth has been occupied and colonized by inhabitants from many galaxies that have created a melting pot of consciousness.

Due to the limited screen field that permits only a measured amount of information to be received in the psyche or consciousness of the species, there is little information about what has been transpiring in dimensions of earth's existence that humanity is unaware of. It is somewhat amusing from our perspective, from the realm of which I emanate all realms of potentiality are visible and experiential. It is as I stated quite amusing to watch this great drama unfold as so much is happening right underneath the noses, as the phrase goes, of human beings. They have little reckoning of the full expansion and what is really the dynamics that are operating in this field of light we call earth.

You each carry DNA that is far more expansive than physical DNA. As I have taught you have physical DNA, cosmic DNA and soul DNA and you choose different cycles of creation to blend and receive information from the historical rhetoric of this planet. What is known of this planet?

What has been permitted to be spoken of is minimum to the actual existence that has happened. If you were to see the history of the earth as it is known and has been permitted by the mind control vehicles you would see one volume of 500 chapters. If you were to see the expanded version of the true dynamics of this planet you would see perhaps 1000 volumes with each volume having at least 900 chapters. That much information has been deleted from your memory banks.

Where does this information lie, has it been lost to the cosmos? No, my dear ones it is all encoded in your DNA. There have been existences of vast civilizations that superceded the technology of Atlantis and Mu that superseded the separation and the dichotomy that ruled the planet. Etheric cities and cultures that exist in parallel dimensions simultaneously. Literally individuals that dwell in these etheric cities have entered into energy fields to take physical form at times to should we say stop up the leaks in the boat before it sank. To come to the rescue of small groups of individuals that carried vital DNA codes before they were completely destroyed.

These beings that come in and out of physical reality have been recorded in your mythologies of course as angelic beings, but frequently as apparitions feared as ghost. This word ghost, known to many but in the denial of the psyche, feared. It would be as if someone was standing on the other side of your kitchen door and knocking furiously to tell you that the plumbing under your kitchen sink exploded and your house was flooding and you could neither see the explosion, turn off the water, nor hear the message. As little bits of information came through this veil of isolation, they came in the forms of micro bits that as you dwelled unconsciously as humans you would view one micro bits such as Genesis and think that it was the ultimate work of creation, when it was just one fragment of the whole. Then where does the whole lie, it lies within your micro Cosmo, the very source that is encoded in the cellular memory of your DNA.

I mentioned in the beginning that many of you have a great variety of inheritance, this would mean for example that a small colony of individuals from Sirius, the Dog Star would colonize this valley this very place and intermarry with indigenous people bringing their genes into this gene pool, and then return to the Dog Star, and no record would be kept of this colony. And no evidence would be left when they transported from this plane, but they left their DNA. This has created a vast gene pool of cosmic reckoning. What this means to you is that for example that one of you may carry the encodements for the entire Pleadian council in your DNA, because this person has such powerful lineages in many cycles and many lifetimes to the Pleadian life force, the force that is emanated in the Holiest of Consciousness in assisting Earth beings to not go under or drown themselves in this sea of fear they have been emanating in.

One of you may have multi-faceted connections to the Eloheim, to the council of Andrada to the Council of Aborraha and to other galaxies with names such as Emexticka, the galaxy of Crionisha, and many other galaxies you have not heard the names of yet. You carry the encodements and you carry these codes with you. Some of you have chosen incarnations of lineages that carry the prophecies of the cosmos. Yet you have been born in bodies and are just now beginning to notice your uniqueness.

We are asking for you to connect to a part of your essence a part of your being that you have not known in your anatomy books, this is a fiber frequency that carries your multi-dimensional information from past encodements and future encodements. What I am trying to explain is that although your linage has been forgotten, you have an antenna that can tune into these frequencies. Readily open up to intuitive information that moves your psyche on the course of advanced renaissance.

We are wishing to connect you to that fibro frequency. I repeat it is what the conscious mind has forgotten that the cellular mind the DNA mind remembers. It is particularly important for this to by done now, the alignment that begins on the 12th of December and completes on the 14th will literally create a frequency bridge for a new vibrance, a new electron frequency to be emanated into the earth's field.

This exercise will activate through your psyche the memory banks of the planetary mind.

We will connect to the soul cord often called the Prana tube that extends from your crown chakra to your base chakra. We will locate the fibro frequency line and connect your consciousness on a cellular level to that fibro frequency line, and expand the consciousness to the cellular mind of your species.

Preparing the psyche for the emanation that is being received and commencing in these days that I have stated.

To begin take a few relaxing breathes. Each of you have the capacity to access your right and left brain simultaneously, set your intent to open up the energy fields of your brain to be actively conscious in the right and left hemispheres simultaneously. Locate your pineal gland in the center of your cranial cavity.

Visualize a small yellow orange circle on the back of your pineal gland. Allow your third eye to scan that circle, allow your consciousness to view that circle. It appears like a small orb of light it is yellowish on the outside and in the center it is dark orange. This is the reason Tibetan Buddhist has chosen dark orange as a color to wear.

Connect every mind cell of your body to that minute energy field at the bottom lobe of your pineal gland, and consciously instruct the cellular mind in every cell of your body, instruct the DNA mind to tune your frequencies and connect your consciousness to this exact point on the pineal gland. If you view it carefully it looks like an ovum or small egg. As you connect with your intent instruct your cellular mind and DNA mind to receive encoded frequencies from this spot on the pineal gland, we call Lazar Zigot Nine. The word carries an encodement that will awaken the memories you have when that part of your pineal gland was fully activated.

Now please open up your consciousness to receive Acturian vibrations that activate frequencies that send light beacons out into your pineal gland and then into every cell of your being.

This center now becomes a beacon of light pulsating and resonation. Now take a moment of silence and experience this vibration. And bring in the frequencies that are specifically designed to activate Lazar Zigot Nine; you will be assisted multidimensionality by Acturian Ambassadors. You many feel strong sensations in your brain as this activation begin. Visualize that a beam of energy is radiating from the orb of energy at the bottom of your pineal gland down your spinal cord to the base of your spine.

Image that your body is filling with a resonance that is activating your DNA mind, image that the beam of light is emanating from your pineal gland to the very base of your spine. As is does so it expands to fill your spinal column and connects to your neuro- fiber system of your physical body.

Earth scientists lack the technology to be aware of the sheath of fiber frequency fluid that encases the spinal column. It is a very thin layer that exists between the casing for the spinal fluid and the spinal fluid. Allow your consciousness to become aware of that thin casing.

Now as that beam of light fills your spinal fluid it connects to and activates that fiber frequency shield.

You may experience sensual acuity, tingling or strong sensations in different parts of your body. Notice everything you are feeling. Now repeat the mantra, "I choose to be fully conscious and receive information of the lost history of my genetic journey. You may experience those encodements, visualize the sheath on the spinal column is resonating a vibrant energy. Bring in the Violet Ray and the Sapphire Blue Ray and visualize that you are bringing it right down from the pineal gland to fill the spinal cord.

Repeat this mantra, " I am a member of the living body of humanities mind, I am a complete hologram of human consciousness. All that is will be known and understood. I hereby give the collective mind permission to remember the full inheritance and history of earth's journey. I hereby give the collective mind permission to see beyond the veil that has restricted and impeded expanded consciousness of my species. I do so as a complete emanation of the hologram of the collective mind of my species."

Now gently bring the beam of light back up you spinal column, acknowledge the sapphire blue ray and the violet ray and bring that energy field back into the bottom lobe of your pineal gland.

Now observe the sphere at the bottom of your pineal gland and observe any changes in color or resonance or size.

Allow the resonance in your cellular mind to de-frequency and concentrate the energy back into Lazar Zigot Nine. You have just connected your consciousness to the window of all potentiality, this is the portal to transcend ordinary reality and take the quantum leap of evolution as a cosmic being.

We thank you for your participation in this activation that will not only benefit you but will assist in reaching the critical mass for the evolution of your species.