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! Attaining The State of The Christ !

The Cosmic Hierarchy through Karen Danrich

Lord Metatron, Lord Averil (Sai Baba) and Lord Sananda dedicate this information to those who are in the process of attaining the state of the "Christ" or embodying the frequency of unconditional love. This process has another name known as the "Light-Body" Experiment on Earth. It is through the restoration of the "Light-Body" that the physical vehicle can be elevated in frequency, initially to vibrate in the unconditional love, and eventually to be lifted into the 5th dimension as Earth takes her Ascension and becomes a star.

The year 1997 is truly as miraculous one, as far as the "Light-Body" experiment on Earth is concerned. The first wave of 100,000 initiates will complete their Cosmic Ascension and attain the state of the "Christ". In addition to this, several hundred will take their Ascension one step further and embody the state of an Avatar. These Avatars are the leaders of tomorrow who will assist in guiding humanity into it's destined Golden Age.

In order for you, the readership, to better understand the process of attaining the State of the Christ, we have asked our channel to give a detailed account of the process known as Cosmic Ascension. The process known as Cosmic Ascension is the road-map of energetic changes that, when complete, allows an embodiment to resonate at the vibration of unconditional love. Each person's experience of the Cosmic Ascension process will be unique unto themselves, as each person has their own genetic memories, past life soul memories, and personal life dramas that are impacted along the way.

Before we get into the details of Cosmic Ascension, we would like to address why the "Light-Body" experiment is a necessary one on Earth. Four billion years ago, there was a "Fall". Many are familiar with the "Fall of Man" or the "Fall of Atlantis". This "Fall" that we are speaking of is the "Fall of all Creations" further into density or matter than had ever been previously experienced. This "Fall" was the result of an experiment that backfired. The purpose of the experiment was to speed up evolution. The result was a tear between creations which resulted in the destruction of portions of each of the creations, and a separation of each Creator from his source, i.e. the experience of separation from God.

Our creation is not the only creation that exists. Our creation is only one of 144 other creations. We are creation number 143, to be exact. Beyond each of the 144 creations exists another Creator God known as the Omnipresent One that embraces all of the 144 creations.

The "Light-Body" experiment on Earth was originated within the Omnipresent One by many who feel karmically responsible for the backfired experiment that resulted within the fall of all creations. Many parts of the Omnipresent One, 144,000 to be exact, descended into this creation to bring the "lightbody" experiment on Earth to fruition.

Those who developed the "Light-body" experiment knew that every living thing within any creation record all occurrences that have ever occurred within that creation. Built into our cellular structure is not only a record of everything that has ever occurred on Earth, but everything that has ever occurred within this entire creation. As humanity's cellular structure is restored and healed, our entire creation can be restored and healed along with humanity.

The third dimension vibrates at such a slow rate that the distortions, imbalances and disharmony can be readily seen and corrected within our third dimensional energy systems. The same distortion, imbalance and disharmony exists in the other dimensions as well, but because they vibrate at a faster rate, the distortions often go undetected. A good analogy for this is that the third dimension is equivalent to taking a movie and slowing it down to a single picture frame at a time. The design of a single frame can be examined in great detail, and many of the observances would been missed as the movie was set in motion.

As mankind embraces the 5th dimension and heals his experience of separation from God, the Creator of our Creation heals his separation from his God or the Omnipresent One. Furthermore, as the distortions that caused a fall into density or matter are healed within the human form, parallel distortions within our creation, parallel creations, and within the Omnipresent One that resulted in the "Fall of Creation" are healed simultaneously. This is why the "Light-Body" Experiment on Earth is considered of such great importance and is so closely watched by beings from other Galaxies and dimensions. As we embody the 5th dimension, 5th dimensional beings can heal parallel distortions in their own energetic patterning that will enable them to embody their next evolutionary leap into the 12th dimension. We truly are all healing together.

Which brings us to our next point. Nothing within all of creation is perfect. Nor is any Master or being on any plane of reality beyond some level of distortion. It is human nature to see the Masters as perfect. All of the problems on Earth exist throughout creation in some form. As you on Earth heal and embrace unconditional love in all areas of both the individual and collective consicousness, so do we. In becoming "Christed", one embodies unconditional love. What does this really mean? It means that you will view yourself as equal to anything and everything within all of creation, whether it be a Master on the nonphysical plane, or a Guru on the physical plane, or someone stuck in third dimensional thought-form. As you accept and have compassion for your own seeming imperfections, you will have compassion for the imperfections of others. Was the experiment that caused the "Fall of Creation" a mistake? Of course not. It was a part of the evolution of All That Is, and in evolving beyond it, we will not need
to repeat this experience again.


Attaining the state of the Christ - part 2 of 4 The Cosmic Hierarchy through Karen Danrich ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


There has been much written about the process of Physical Ascension and the building of the "Light-Body". It is our desire to give a brief synopsis for those readers who are not familiar with this process.

The process of Ascension is constructed by a series of tests or "Spiritual Initiations" that must be passed, and as each initiation is passed, the initiate embodies a slightly higher vibration. In order to embody a higher vibration, the process of Ascension also involves a gradual cellular detoxifying of fear based patterning. Nutritional detoxification programs can also impact Ascension and speed up the process, but are not an absolute requirement.

In an energetic synopsis from a clairvoyant perspective, there are chakras that extend from the physical embodiment all the way up the 144 dimensions of this creation and beyond. Our physical embodiment exists on the third dimension, and if you liken spiritual evolution to a spiral with 144 circular revolutions, the next spiral up contains 5th dimensional life-form. There are a total of 380 chakras between the 3rd and 5th dimensions. As the embodiment increases in vibration, more of the "soul" or these chakras descend into the body. In the first phase of Ascension, enough chakras, 48 to be exact, descend into the body causing the auric field to grow in size enabling the formation of a lightbody. The "Light-Body", also known as the Mer-Ka-Ba, enables the physical form to begin to hold a new vibration on Earth. The first 6 Initiations involve the formation of the "Light-Body". It will require many more initiations to embody all 380 chakras to take humanity into the 5th dimension. In a sense, Physical Ascension
is just the first step. The following is a brief description of each of the 6 initiations involved in Physical Ascension.

* 1st Initiation: Mastery over the physical vehicle. This is usually passed in early childhood.

* 2nd Initiation: Mastery over the emotional body. During this process, some control over the emotional extremes that may lead to an overly- addictive life experience (such as alcohol or drug abuse) is transcended.

* 3rd Initiation: Mastery over the mental body. Within this initiation, some support of one's soul purpose on Earth comes under the direction of the mental faculties of the initiate. A portion of the Ego is relinquished as the "lower will" is surrendered. A portion of the soul descends into the physical embodiment as the vibration is now high enough to hold it.

* 4th Initiation: Renunciation or Crucifixion. During this initiation, the foundation of fear that an initiate bases his or her existence on is relinquished and a new foundation is constructed. Often times, initiates experience a change of job or the end or a long-term marriage or some other type of partnership during this initiation. In the process, more of the soul descends into the body.

* 5th Initiation: Freedom from Blindness. During this initiation, the initiate receives a new direction and better understanding of past occurrences within their lives. In a sense, it is a rebirth into the new following a death of the old. In the process, more of the soul descends into the body, and when complete, the initiate has a fully formed light- body, but it is yet to be activated to spin.

* 6th Initiation: Physical Ascension. From a clairvoyant perspective, the "Light-Body" is two inverted pyramids that create a "Star of David" or six-pointed star that surrounds the physical vehicle. In the process of taking this initiation, another segment of soul descends into the body and the light-body is kicked into motion. As the Light-Body spins, it expands in size and enables the physical vehicle to hold a higher vibration on Earth. Although the 6th initiation brings about an increase in vibration, the initiate is still 6 additional initiations away from fully embodying the vibration of unconditional love. So the 6th Initiation itself is a halfway point in embracing the state of the "Christ".

Prior to completion of the 6th initiation, the initiate matches the lower vibration of the rest of humanity. Following the 6th initiation which enables the activation of the light-body, the initiate now holds a higher vibration. As the initiate moves out into the world, all of those who come into contact with the new vibration now match the higher vibration. This forces those who live or work with the initiate to begin to change. One 6th level initiate in an office will facilitate change within that entire office. Several 6th level initiates within a large corporation will facilitate change within the entire corporation. This is all simply due to the new vibration that has been introduced. As a result, initiates often experience a shift in friendships, marriage, or work following the completion of the 6th initiation. Only those who can resonate with the new vibration will be attracted to the initiate.


Attaining the state of the Christ - part 3 of 4 The Cosmic Hierarchy through Karen Danrich ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Up until a decade ago, it was very difficult for almost anyone in human form to move beyond the 2nd Spiritual Initiation. This was a simply a result of missing information. If you liken our current life-form to have an operating system based on fear, and the new operating system based on unconditional love being a necessity for Ascension, the missing information surrounding the new operating system must be made available. This missing information, when supplied to an initiates Akashic Records, which is our operating system, quickly results in a rapid movement towards Physical Ascension or completing the 6th Spiritual Initiation. We currently have over 2 million people on the face of the Earth who have completed this initiation.

In August of 1997, the governing bodies of the Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth dispensated the information on Physical Ascension into the Akashic Records of every man woman and child on Earth. It is anticipated that by the end of the year 1999, all of humanity will have taken their Physcial Ascension or 6th Spiritual Initiation. The Spiritual Hierarchy anticipates that 90% of our current population will make the transition.

As of May of 1997, the Earth Mother moved into the 4th dimension. Now humanity must follow suit, and this is the reason for this recent dispensation. Those 2 plus million who completed their Physical Ascension within the decade past have helped to stabilize the Earth Mother enough to both assist her in moving into the 4th dimension and prevent the drastic Earth movement originally anticipated by many prophets. The "Light-Body" experiment has succeeded in supporting the Earth Mother sufficiently in her Ascension, and shall continue to do so. Additionally, we shall begin to see a shift in consciousness over the next two years within human awareness that is unparalleled in any other time of recorded history within all of creation!

Cosmic Ascension

Cosmic Ascension covers the 6 additional initiations leading to the state of the "Christ" or embodying the vibration of unconditional love. Those who are undergoing this process at this time are doing so to begin to fulfill their soul purpose on Earth and move into positions of leadership. In a sense, a new wave of leadership is required that is based on unconditional love and collaboration rather than fear, competition, and a hierarchical structure. Leadership will be needed in all walks of life, all industries, all professions, all governmental organizations, and it will be through this new leadership that a restructuring of human civilization based on unconditional love will be brought to fruition.

Many have written about the visitation of other life-forms to your planet as well as intergalactic communication. This will become a reality only as all of humanity embraces the unconditional love. Many wish for mass- landings of other beings to restructure your civilization for you. We are here to tell you that such intervention would not be based on unconditional love and therefore would not be allowed within the policy of Intergalactic Law. The only time such intervention would be allowed would be in the event of a nuclear war. Such an event would impact other Galaxies and therefore intervention would be allowed. Even so, such intervention would only be to prevent the nuclear incident, not to restructure your world.

It is within the human belief system to relate codependently. What we mean by this is that it is in the very nature of your genetic structure to be dependent on one another, and to harbor the wish to blame others and not take responsibility for the reality that you have created. Completion of the 12th initiation and embodying unconditional love requires that you take full responsibility for every creation within your lifetime. If you believe that something outside of yourself can solve your current dilemma, you relinquish power to another. It is only in understanding that each of you hold the key to all of your own dilemmas that you take your power back and therefore solve the very problem you harbor. In a sense, completing the 12th initiation means leaving behind codependent patterns forevermore.

As all of humanity embraces their 12th spiritual initiation, human civilization will be based on unconditional love. Although this may not be possible within all of the current generations of embodiments on Earth, this will be a reality for the generations that follow. The restructuring of civilization on Earth will be a gradual process, and each of you are extended an invitation to play your part.

The following is a detailed account of initiations 7 through 12 or Cosmic Ascension. In completing the Cosmic Ascension, additional soul segments equavalent to 120 chakras are embodied. There are 380 chakras to be embodied in order to embrace a 5th dimensional lifeform, so this is still less than one half of the chakras necessary to make the transition.

In attaining the state of the Christ within an embodiment, segments of soul descend that vibrate in the frequencies of each of the seven rays within our 3-dimensional form. Without going into great detail, much like a prism or rainbow, our civilization is based upon seven main vibrations or rays that descend from unified source that embraces all of the rays at once. These 7 rays or vibrations can be seen clairvoyantly as the colors red, blue, orange, green, fuchsia, yellow and violet. Unification of all of the seven rays is the vibration of unconditional love, which is the 8th Ray, and is Magenta in color. As the initiate reaches the point of resonating in the unconditional love, all seven rays become unified within the embodiment, and the auric field becomes a rich Magenta in color.

In order to unify the 7 rays into the 8th, 10 additional strands of DNA must be connected within the embodiment making a total of 12 working strands of DNA. The connection of the DNA is completed by running frequencies that emulate the photon belt in vibration through the initiates body at night while asleep. It is through the assistance of the teams of angels descended from Lord Metatron who embraces the Great Central Sun from which the Photon Belt emanates that this becomes possible. For those who do not know, it is the Photon Belt energy field that will gradually shift humanity into the 5th dimension somewhere around the first quarter of the next century. In a sense, those attaining the state of the Christ is partaking in this shift ahead of time in order to assist mother earth in her Ascension as well as to lead or pave the way for the rest of humanity.

7th Initiation: Transcending Planetary Law. During this initiation, any remaining earthbound Karma is transmuted. Another segment of soul descends into the body and allows for the creation of a new chakra system. In the process of receiving a new chakra system, the information for the 10 additional strands of DNA that lead to embodying a state of unconditional love are transferred from the etheric body to the physical vehicle. Although the information is transferred, none of the circuitry for the new DNA has been connected within the body, but will be connected within initiations 8 through 12.


Attaining the state of the Christ - part 4 of 4 The Cosmic Hierarchy through Karen Danrich ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The new chakra system not only has a distinct new pattern within the embodiment, but the chakras themselves have the ability to both send and receive information. The chakra system prior to the 7th initiation, can receive only, which prevents a sense of connecting with another, and contributes to the sense of loneliness and isolation prevalent within humanity. The new chakra system allows for both sending and receiving enabling the experience of connection or intimacy. The new system has a total of 13 chakras which are as follows:

* 1st Chakra Sits at the base of the spine and governs body survival. As this chakra is fully activated, the fear of death is transcended.

* 2nd Chakra Sits in the pelvic area and governs and emotions. As this chakra is fully activated, the emotion of bliss becomes the predominant emotion experienced.

* 3rd Chakra Sits in the navel area and governs protection and humor. As this chakra is fully activated, all need to control or manipulate one's reality is relinquished. An inner sense of safety prevails.

* 4th Chakra Sits over the diaphragm and governs full conscious breathing. As this chakra is fully activated, fear and doubt are relinquished. Full conscious breathing is the ability to draw the necessary chi or life-force through the breath. As the auric field expands in size as larger and larger segments of soul descend, the physical vehicle requires more energy to maintain it's presence on Earth which is obtained through the breath.

* 5th Chakra Sits in the chest region and governs the giving and receiving of unconditional love. As this chakra is fully activated, the fear of love and intimacy is released and giving and receiving within the initiates life come to balance.

* 6th Chakra Sits in the neck region and governs creativity and communication. As this chakra is fully activated, one's fear of creating one's truth and soul purpose on Earth is released. By the end of the 12th initiation, one attains co-creator status with God.

* 7th Chakra Runs on an angle starting at the occipital in the back of the head, crossing through the neck, and ending in the thymus between the 5th and 6th Chakras. The 7th chakra governs multidimensional communication and telepathic abilities. As this chakra is activated, one's ability to telepathically communicate is enhanced. This chakra has also been called the "Well of Dreams" or the "Thymus" chakra in other channelled materials.

* 8th Chakra Sits in the center of the head and governs clairvoyance and one's ability to see and discern the next step on their spiritual journey. As this and the 9th chakra are activated, more clarity surrounding soul purpose and direction results.

* 9th Chakra Sits just above the 8th Chakra and acts as a clairvoyant interpreter. This chakra interprets the pictures charged with emotion that multidimensional realities send in clairvoyant communication. The 8th and 9th chakras work together to bring about a certain level of clairvoyance by the end of the 12th initiation. Not everyone was designed to be highly clairvoyant or telepathic, and so if you do not personally experience these capabilities, please know that it does not mean that you have not attained the state of the "Christ". Some initiates discover that they "know" rather than "see", and clarity of direction comes through their crown chakra rather than their third eye.

* 10th Chakra Runs on an angle starting at the top of the head, crossing through the center, and ending out the mouth. The 10th Chakra keeps all of the other chakras in balance. When fully activated, this chakra brings about balance in all that an initiate does.

* 11th Chakra Sits at the top of the head and acts as the interpreter of our Akashic Records or our Truth. When this chakra is fully activated, it makes possible a direct connection with the Source which brings about the transcendence of the feeling of separation from God.

* 12th Chakra Sits outside the right side of the head and represents what is left of the Ego.

* 13th Chakra Sits outside of the left side of the head and represents what is left of the Negative Ego. In completing the 8th Initiation, as the ego and negative ego are integrated with the initiates persona, chakras 12 and 13 descend to sit on either side of the 5th or Heart Chakra and take on the meaning of the divine feminine and masculine within.

In the final steps of the 7th initiation, 3 seals known as the 7th seal that cover the crown chakra are removed which results in a new sense of unity and oneness with all of life. The Last step in the 7th initiation is a surrender of the initiate to serve the divine plan above all else.

8th Initiation: Transcending Solar Law. The 8th initiation is one of the most lengthy initiations within Cosmic Ascension. During the process, DNA strands 2 through 8 are connected within the body, and all fear-based programming is relinquished. The ego and negative ego are brought into alignment to serve one's soul purpose on Earth, and duality and polarity are transcended. Two large segments of soul descend to sit within the embodiment, one half way through the initiations as the 5th strand of DNA is connected, and another just prior to the end of the initiation.

The ego and negative ego have run the human drama on Earth for over 10,000 years. The ego is the part of us that creates based on personal will, seeks to control everything and everyone, and believes that it is superior and everyone else inferior. The negative ego, in contrast, is the part of us that seeks to destroy or sabotage, relinquishes control to everything and everyone, and believes that it is inferior to everyone else. The human personality, prior to the 6th initiation, is comprised of just the ego and negative ego, and the human dramas are simply a result of the experience of duality or the swinging between these two contrasting parts of the persona. Following the 6th initiation, another aspect to the initiates persona comes forth known as spirit. Spirit seeks neither to create nor destroy, but to co-create the divine plan with God.

Spirit never controls but rather allows everyone their own drama and sees itself as equal to all others.

By the end of the 8th initiation, the vast majority of the ego and negative ego are dismantled allowing the new aspect of spirit to govern the majority one's existence.

Duality and polarity cause the swings of experiences within the human drama from controlling or victimizing through the patterns of the ego, to that of being controlled or victimized through the patterns of the negative ego, back to controlling and victimizing again via the ego. Polarity also keeps in motion the experience of joy, followed by pain, followed by joy again. As polarity is transcended, it allows the initiate to move beyond the swings of the ego and negative ego into the experience of the spirit, which is a more consistent state of joy or bliss. It is the pull of the planets within our Astrological system that have been based on fear that keep the swing from ego to negative ego, pain to joy in motion within current human drama. The 8th level initiate transcends their birth chart and the pull of the planets based on fear. This is not to say that the planets do not continue to have an influence over them, but that the influence is based on unconditional love rather than fear.

In completing the 8th initiation, the two chakras that sit above the head which represent the ego and negative ego are dismantled and moved to sit on either side of the heart chakra and represent the divine feminine and masculine within. The new inner masculine seeks to create only in resonance with God. The new inner feminine seeks to navigate that which is created such that it is in alignment with the Divine Plan. The final step is a surrender to God, and one attains co-creator status on a Solar level.

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Part 1

New Initiations from Ancient Egypt Attaining the State of a Vibrational Steward or Beyond.

The Cosmic Hierarchy through Karen Danrich


We, the Cosmic Hierarchy, namely Lord Metatron, Lord Sananda, and Lord Averil would like to shed some light on the next wave of initiations that many of you will be embarking upon in the year 1998, and countless more will undergo in the decades to come. Many within the metaphysical community have brought forth information about the genetic and cellular changes facing humanity, but what are these changes, exactly? It is our wish to go in-depth and shed light on this issue for those who will undergo this transformative process in the near future.

For close to 10,000 years, the dolphin and whale community have been the only "Vibrational Stewards" of Earth. A vibrational steward is an embodiment that co-holds the frequency of earth along with those spirits or souls who embrace our planet. For those of you who do not know it, the dolphins and whales are fully conscious beings who know no separation from God, communicate telepathically with one another, are in full communication with the Masters of the Spiritual Hierarchy, and live in a state of bliss. In their joy, they hold a high vibration, and in so- doing, support mother earth in holding her vibration.

The dolphins and whales were originally designed to hold the vibration of "Unconditional Acceptance" in embodiments that live within water. Planet earth is not the only planet that has large bodies of water, and the dolphins and whales genetic system come of the Sirius Star System, where embodiments similar to these also co-hold the frequency of Sirius. Mankind was originally also designed to hold the vibration of unconditional acceptance, and like the dolphin and whale communities, also support the vibration of Earth, but while existing upon the land rather than within the water. With the "Fall of Man", the genetics of mankind became distorted such that the vibration of unconditional acceptance was lost, and along with this, our ability to be a vibrational steward was also lost.

In our last article on "Attaining the State of the Christ", we went into detail on the energetic changes surrounding embodying the vibration of "Unconditional Love." The vibration of unconditional love is the 8th Ray and is magenta pink in color. Prior to the "Fall of Man", humanity vibrated at the 8th Ray or above. During the fall, which per the Universal Records was a result of a nuclear catastrophe 100 fold greater than Hiroshima, humanity fell in vibration from the 8th ray or above into the fractured sub-vibrations of rays 1 through 7. Additionally, the nuclear energy mutated the genetics from 12 or more strands of DNA to the 2 strands prevalent through the past 10,000 years of human history. In attaining the state of the "Christ", also known as the process of Cosmic Ascension, the embodiment is elevated in vibration a little at a time such that rays 1 through 7 become unified within allowing the embodiment to resonate in the 8th Ray of unconditional love. In this process, 10 additional strands of
DNA are also embodied.

The 10 additional strands of DNA are derived from the Sirian civilization. The star Sirius contains a fifth dimensional humanoid form. Over the past decade, many attempts to blend genetic material from a variety of fully conscious races with the human form have been attempted. Most other genetic material failed, however, the Sirian genetics, being most similar to our own, succeeded. Becoming "Christed" or embodying the 8th ray of unconditional love is only the first step to becoming a "Vibrational Steward" of Earth. In attaining the state of the "Christ", the embodiment begins to hold the 8th ray and begins to support the vibration of Mother Earth. The dolphin and whale community hold a higher vibration yet. The dolphin and whale communities have unified 18 rays in total within their embodiments and embody the state of "Unconditional Acceptance".

In order for a human embodiment to be lifted from the vibration of Unconditional Love or the 8th ray to the vibration of Unconditional Acceptance, thereby embodying 18 Rays, 36 additional strands of DNA are required such that 48 strands of DNA are embodied in total. This DNA information is also derived from the Sirian civilization, and has successfully been blended with human form in 200 cases to date. Our channel is a walking example of the blending of Sirian and Human DNA. The blending of Sirian DNA with the human form brings about a total cellular restructuring of the entire embodiment. This cellular restructuring is called becoming "Crystalline" in form. Our channel has limited medical knowledge, but we will attempt to give an overview of how the "Crystalline" form differs from your current human cellular structure.

The scientists and medical community of tomorrow will document these changes in detail in the years to come. The crystalline cell has a cell wall that is coated in a lipid compound, i.e. body fat. Body fat holds a higher vibration. Many channels and healers wonder why they gain weight as they begin their healing career. It is simply because body fat allows them to work with the higher vibrations necessary to heal or channel. Many of you also have agreed to anchor grids of light in the areas surrounding where you live. Anchoring these grids require body fat to help hold the energy. Human civilization has become enamored with being "thin" and believe that "thin is healthy". We would like to allow our readership to embrace a new perspective. Body fat serves a very loving purpose as it allows embodiments to assist mother earth in holding her vibration.

In becoming crystalline, the body fat is evenly distributed around every cell within the embodiment. This allows the entire body to act as a tuning fork to hold a new vibration. It also makes the extra layers of fat that lie under the skin an unnecessity. Once completing her crystalline conversion, our channel discovered that she only needed 3% of her body fat distributed under the skin to hold her vibration. The crystalline cell is permeable allowing for easier intracellular communication. In current human form, communication between cells is accomplished through "Osmosis" where molecules slip between molecules of the cell wall into the cell itself.

In the crystalline cell, the cell walls can dissolve and reconstruct themselves as needed. Within the Native American history, many have spoken of medicine men and women who have been gifted with the ability to shape-shift into another form, or to transfigure themselves. The crystalline form allows such gifts as transfiguration and shape-shifting to become possible within the human experience. The crystalline cellular structure also allows the entire human organism to act as a whole unified structure rather than a multicelled organism. A unified structure is a necessary requirement for transfiguration, inter-dimensional travel or teleportation from one location to another on the face of the globe.

The crystalline cell does not die, but rather, rejuvenates itself. In current human form, cells are continuously replaced. The continued cell die-off collects in the arteries and within the intestinal tract leading to hardening of the arteries, aging, and death. Crystalline form allows for the experience of immortality and an ageless existence. Bacteria and Viruses have a different purpose within the Crystalline structure. Each virus or bacteria plays a particular roll to the health and well being of the crystalline form. During her conversion process, our channel experienced outbreaks of a variety of viruses that erupted in the form of hives, bronchitis, diarrhea, and the temporary resurfacing of a auto- immune problem that she had experienced earlier in her lifetime. Viruses tend to hide within the cells of the body. In our channel's experience, each virus resurfaced in order to be converted to it's new purpose or blueprint. For example, our channel learned that the herpes virus within her body rece
ived the blueprint for the purpose of intercellular communication within the crystalline structure.

We share this information for those who will be undergoing this process in the years to come so that they can understand that the discomforts during the conversion process are only temporary, and that the conversion leads to the reality of an illness-free existence. Lastly, the nervous system within the crystalline form runs on melatonin. Our current human form utilizes epinephrin and norepinephrine as the chemical communicators within the nervous system. Epinephrin and norepinephrine cause the sensation of "flight or fright" or fear. The crystalline nervous system does not have the capacity to experience the sensation of fear. This, in our channels experience, has lead to a sense of inner tranquility and peace never before experienced within her lifetime.

Historically, the pyramids of Egypt were utilized by spiritual initiates to gradually elevate human form in vibration in order to transcend the experience of death. In the process, the embodiment was converted to "Crystalline". This was accomplished over a 20 or more year time-frame. Today, with the photon energy available within the sector of the Universe that Earth's solar system is traversing, the process of becoming crystalline can be accomplished in a one year time-frame by anyone dedicated to the spiritual path. First, one must attain the state of the "Christ" or complete their Cosmic Ascension. We do not wish to repeat what was written in our last article, but suggest that initiates seek out this information if they have not already done so. Then, one must make an inner commitment to embrace the next wave of initiations, and ask for the crystalline conversion in prayer or meditation.

The information surrounding crystalline conversion is not new. It is ancient information that had been hidden in the "Hall of Records" of the Great Pyramid in Egypt some 11,000 years ago. In July of 1997, 12 individuals, who along with our channel, were the souls involved in locking away the hall of records in prior incarnations in Egypt, reconvened to reopen the records and transfer the information into Earth's Akashic Records. The Akashic Records of Earth is Earth's energetic library of information and operating system. By July of 1997, the first wave of 200 initiates were ready to embark upon these new initiations and the information was needed to be made available in order to facilitate their evolution.

Humanity is not the only creation on Earth that will undergo the transformation to crystalline form. Both the animal, plant and mineral kingdom are also destined to evolve to this new form. This will allow for the predications of the "Lion and the Lamb will lie together once again" to become a reality. Crystalline form does not require the consumption of food in order to subsist. The Animal kingdom will, along with mankind, one day pull all the life-force needed to subsist through the breath. This will not occur in the immediate future, but is a part of Earth's destiny and is anticipated to be brought to fruition by the year 2500. There are two strains of crystalline genetics that are currently blended with human form to catalyze an initiates spiritual evolution. One strain is designed specifically for healers, channels, and teachers who need to run high vibrations through their embodiment in order to hold the energy for a large group of people. In our channel's experience, this particular strain has cau
sed her to grow as the new genetics have been blended with her form. She has increased in size from 5'7" to 5"10" in height, her bones have enlarged, her feet grew an entire size, and her rib-cage expanded to 1/3 larger than it's original size. The rib-cage expansion is necessary to hold an enlarged diaphragm that enables her to increase the lung capacity by as much as 300%. In our channels experience, holding the energy for an auditorium of people requires a lot of "chi" or life-force. When she facilitates her workshop, she burns upwards of 2500 to 3000 calories an hour just to maintain the vibration in the room. These calories could never be consumed, and so the increased lung capacity allows her to pull the "chi" through the breath.

The second strain of genetics brings about no changes in body size whatsoever, however, it has the gift of allowing the initiate to access new information effortlessly. This strain will enable upper-level initiates to bring through the new information surrounding the technology of tomorrow. This technology will bring to fruition all the necessary tools to heal our bodies and our planet. The strain of genetics received will depend upon soul purpose and current genetic talents and gifts of the initiates current embodiment.

It is anticipated that 75% of the female initiates will receive the first strain of genetics which will bring about an enlargement of bone structure, and 75% of the male initiates will receive the second strain of genetics. The original blueprint for the masculine and feminine form was for embodiments that were equal in weight and size. The smaller size of the feminine form is a result of a distortion of the original blueprint, and is a reflection of our lack of value of the feminine energy. These new genetic trains, as they are blended with human form, will bring about an equality of size of embodiment, power and talent between the sexes.

Within the original blueprint, the masculine and feminine forms were designed to experience polarity of talents. They were also designed such that the masculine and feminine would need to learn to work together and share their gifts. The feminine genetically was designed to be the visionary, and in seeing the future, is adept at directing creation. The feminine form was also designed to hold a higher vibration, which is why women are so well suited to the purpose of healing and channelling. The masculine form was designed to be talented at short range vision. This causes the masculine form to be capable of handling the details and structuring reality. This is why the masculine form is often so talented at researching new data and constructing new technology. These are not absolutes, but the bottom line is that the masculine and feminine were designed to be different, and to pool their differences into a working collaboration of talents.

A good example of how talents can be pooled to work together can be seen within the Sirius Star System. In Sirius, there are both male and female visionaries who have learned to work together. The female visionary sees the long-range picture of the future, and the male visionary sees the short-range vision of the steps necessary to create that future. The two have learn to work hand in hand to bring whatever projects that they are involved with to fruition.

Our current planetary predicaments are a result of the under-valuing of the visionary talents of the feminine, and over-valuing the masculine characteristics of structure. Our leadership is literally poisoning our planet with pollution for lack of seeing how that which they do today will impact tomorrow. It is the under-valuing of the feminine energies that lead to the planetary experience of poverty and hunger. For in under-valuing certain segments of the population, our society justifies allowing some to starve because some individuals are of less worth. It is conversely the over-valuing of the masculine energies that lead to the experience of greed.

For in over-valuing another segment of the population, we justify the hoarding of resources because some individuals are worth more. Our current social problems will be left behind as humanity embodies the new genetics and the original blueprint for the feminine and masculine forms. The new genetics will cause a bringing to balance of the masculine and feminine within, which will bring about the understanding that all humans on earth are of worth. This will, over time, bring about a balance within the distribution of resources planet-wide. Lastly, the warring of one nation on another is a reflection of the antagonism between men and women in relationship. As men and women learn to live in harmony together, and collaborate talents, so will the nations of our world.

Which brings us to our final point surrounding human genetics. All of the problems on earth are a result of a distortion of our genetics. It is useless to judge the souls within the human experience because they are only capable of relating to one another in a limited way due to limited genetics, regardless of how brilliant a Master that might be behind the incarnation. As the genetic limitation is lifted, the human experience will return to the state that it was always intended to exist in, one of peace, joy, love and bounty for all.

The process of becoming a "Vibrational Steward" and embodying a crystalline form contains many steps. In addition to the cellular restructuring, the entire energy field of the embodiment is also altered. The following is a detailed account of these changes. The initiation numbers parallel the number of strands of DNA embodied. These initiation numbers may not be related to any other material written on the subject. Please understand that the information necessary to attain the crystalline state of being on Earth had been locked away for the past 11,000 years. Even those, who may have recalled past-life incarnations taking initiations within the pyramids, may not have been able to access all of the details. The reason being that the information was simply not available to be reviewed.

Many of you may be wondering why the information was locked away in the first place. The priests and priestesses responsible for guiding spiritual evolution within the pyramids of ancient Egypt detected a major universal problem that they could not correct. According to Universal records, there is an inter-dimensional "tear" between our 3rd dimensional universe, and a neighboring 5th dimensional universe. The cause of the "tear" was one of the many nuclear wars that other civilizations within 3rd and 5th dimensional realities had created over time. The "tear" caused the neighboring 5th dimensional beings to be sucked into our 3rd dimensional reality.

Human beings are multidimensional. These beings, who not only flooded to Earth, but to every other planet within 3rd dimensional form, merged with human bodies, causing many problems. These beings were never designed to merge with human form, and caused human form to drop in vibration. They also caused humans to experience illness, as their merger created energetic blockages previously not experienced within their embodiments. The result for many initiates undergoing their final initiation within the pyramids was that they died rather than transcending death and lifting into the 5th dimension. The spiritual leadership of the time realized that the initiations had to be stopped until a solution to the problem could be found. This solution has been found and corrected within the new genetic information extracted from Sirian form, that, when embraced, now make it impossible for these beings to merge with the crystalline form here on Earth.

These beings, who have also been unable to evolve and had been removed from their own natural environment, will be returned to their Universe as the inter-dimensional tear is repaired at the appropriate time within 3rd dimensional evolution. They will also be released from our planet as earth takes her ascension. Our 5th dimensional vibration will no longer be suitable for their presence. The inter-dimensional tear and the entities that merged with the human form set in motion the eventual fall of Atlantis, and the "Fall of Man". The fall of man was a necessary experience, and was enacted to solve a larger universal problem.

The ongoing wars between 3rd and 5th dimensional galaxies caused a tremendous number of "black holes", each of which is a destroyed planet, star or galaxy. Black holes, as scientists have discerned, are an inverted or collapsed energy system that pulls anything that comes near it, into it.

"The significant problems we face today can not be solved by the same level of thinking that created them." Albert Einstein Dale Mullins, Voice # 808 262 0677 Fax # 263 8118 Mission: To Bring You LIGHT :-) Mahalo to Lavanet for a Website: http://www.lava.net/~dalem fine community service

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Part two...

The number of black holes currently equals 42% of the entire 3 dimensional universal mass. If the black holes exceeded 50% of the entire mass, it could threaten to effect the vibration of the entire universe, propelling it further down into matter than could quite possibly be recovered.

The Melchizedek Order, who are the keepers of the occult knowledge of this universe, determined that destruction had to be stopped. Evolution and destruction are opposite polarities of the same energetic force. Evolution and destruction must occur at the same pace to keep the universal energy in balance. If evolution is stopped, so is destruction. The fall of man was enacted by members of the Melchizedek order to stop evolution, thereby stopping destruction, until a solution could be found to heal the entire universe. A part of the solution is the current genetic alterations now available to upper-level initiates around the globe.

Many of you currently incarnate on the planet carry a lot of guilt and shame for believing that you had caused the fall of man. It is due to the fact that the entire story of why the fall was enacted had been lost. In now understanding the universal purpose that it has served, we request that those of you carrying the guilt and shame to please forgive yourselves, as you actually served a very high purpose. Within the next section of this article, it is our intent to explain the details of attaining the state of a Vibrational Steward or beyond. Once embarking upon these initiations, the body is converted to crystalline a little at a time. The following sequence is the sequence of conversion that our channel experienced.

Every embodiment is slightly different, and therefore, each initiate may experience a slightly different order of conversion. As the body is converted, certain molecules and toxins no longer appropriate to the crystalline form are released. The use of mud-baths and salt baths assisted our channel in pulling these toxins through the skin, quickening her ascension process, and helped to alleviate her body pain. In monitoring those undergoing this conversion process, approximately 1/2 of the initial 200 test cases had a certain level of body pain. It is imperative that initiates understand that this is a temporary issue, and to find relief through herbs, massage, acupuncture, mud-baths and salt baths as needed. We would also like to point out that your current practitioners in the medical field may have no understanding of your current process.

We have had several initiates attempt to work with the current medical field with rather interesting results. One initiate went to her practitioner to have an EKG brain test due to dizziness. After blowing out 3 consecutive EKG machines, she was sent home untested. Another initiate went to her practitioner to have an ultrasound scan of uterine fibroid growths. She also experienced blowing out the computer behind the ultrasound device. Yet another initiate went to the hospital with chest pain, thinking that she was having a heart attack. Blood was drawn and tested, and the poor doctors could not make sense of anything, and wanted to keep her for further testing. She checked herself out and called our channel for a reading. We give you these examples so that you will understand that those of you who are embarking upon these initiations are moving beyond current scientific understanding of human form, and we recommend that you rely on alternative sources for any health-related assistance needed.

Initiations 13-16 Transcending Fear. During initiations 13-16, all remaining fear based belief systems are transmuted. Fear based beliefs are polarized in nature. For example, if you believe that "I am worth more that others" in some areas of your life, you will also believe that "I am worth less than others" in other areas of your life. Both sides of any one belief is cleared and replaced by a belief that results in the middle path, i.e., "I am equal to all others." Fear based beliefs are different within every genetic embodiment, and therefore will be unique unto each initiates personal life history. Segments of the initiates soul that resonate in the 9th and 10th ray are embodied by the end of the 16th initiation. Each of these soul segments have had many lifetimes of karma that must also be cleared.

Ray 9 Ray of Honor. The Ray of Honor is gold and silver in color and allows one to honor all of life. Issues surrounding honor and dishonor are addressed within the initiate as this vibration is embodied.

Ray 10 Ray of Hope. The Ray of Hope is pastel blue and green in color and allows one to manifest the divine plan. Issues surrounding the lack of hope, or the inability to manifest one's soul purpose are addressed within the initiates persona as this ray is embodied.

As the 9th ray soul segment descend, a new chakra system is constructed that includes 11 new chakras, or a 22 chakra system. The new chakras along with the old chakras which are converted in shape, appear much like large disks or CD's that extend the entire width of the auric field, and simultaneously spin counter clockwise, much like a record player. The new chakra shape allows each chakra to hold much more information that the previous cone shaped chakras.

As the 10th ray soul segment descends, the light-body expands in size. In the original lightbody, which appears similar to two inverted pyramids, the top and bottom sections have a total of 4 panels each, or 8 panels in total. In completing the 16th initiation, the light-body doubles in size, to 8 panels on top and 8 panels on bottom, 16 panels in total, making each section appear similar to a gem with 8 facets.

In completing the 16th initiation, strands of DNA 13 through 16 are embodied which results in the conversion of the spinal chord, spinal fluid, and bone structure to the crystalline form. In our channels experience, this resulted in a fair amount of pain within the spine itself, and due to the variance of vibration between the spine and the muscles, a certain level of ongoing muscle spasm. She discovered that the herbs Valerian Root, Passion Flower, and St. John's Wort, assisted in relaxing the nervous system and thus helped to relieve the muscle spasm. Also the herb Vitex or Chaste Tree Fruit, assisted in keeping her endocrine system in balance throughout the conversion process.

Initiations 17-24 Transcending Personal Archetypes During this segment of initiations, personal level archetypes are transcended. Archetypes, much like fear based beliefs, are polarized. Archetypes are those vibrations that the fear based beliefs cleared in initiations 13-16 are extended from. The following is a list of some of the archetypes our channel discovered as she worked through this segment of her initiation.

Hero/Heroine Master/Servant Judge/Judged Beloved/Unrequited Love Parent/Child Fat/Thin Beautiful/Ugly Teacher/Student Giver/Receiver Used/User Wise Man/Fool Perfect Female/Perfect Male Wealth/Poverty Friend/Enemy

Archetypes, as they are transmuted, are replaced with a new archetype that resonates in the middle path of the two polarities. During this segment of her initiation, our channel discovered that the love that she feels for her son is no different than the love she feels for her beloved, or her students, or her teachers, or the Masters, or her parents, but rather is one expression of the same emotion. Archetypes, and the lessons learned as they are cleared, will be unique to each initiate's personal life, past life and soul experiences. Soul segments that resonate in rays 11 and 12 descend to sit within the embodiment Any related karma from these soul segments must also be cleared.

Ray 11 Ray of Blending. The Ray of Blending is golden pink in color and allows the masculine and feminine within to blend into a state of divine union. As this ray is embraced, issues surrounding the imbalance between the masculine and feminine within are addressed by the initiate.

Ray 12 Ray of Transcendence. The Ray of Transcendence is pastel violet in color and allows one to embody their power to transmute all limitation. As this ray is embraced, issues surrounding limitation are addressed within the initiate.

As Ray 11 is embodied, the mental body, the emotional body and the etheric body are unified with the lightbody. The emotional body is equivalent to what is left of the negative ego or inner feminine based on fear. The fragmentation of the emotional body has resulted in a sense of loneliness prevalent within humanity. As the emotional body is unified, this sense of loneliness is transcended. The mental body is equivalent to what is left of the ego or inner masculine based on fear. The fragmentation of the mental body has resulted the experience of the need to compete within others. As the mental body is unified, the need to compete is transcended. The fragmented etheric body is the cause of the fear of death within humanity. As the etheric body is unified, the fear of death is transcended. As Ray 12 is embodied, the lightbody is expanded in size to contain 12 panels on top and 12 panels on the bottom, or 24 panels in total. The auric field of a 24th level initiate will embrace the United States in siz
e. As this segment of initiations are completed, the entire muscular structure and connecting ligaments are converted to crystalline. In so doing, strands of DNA 17 through 24 are connected within the initiates body.

Initiations 25-36 Transcending Group Archetypes Group archetypes are those archetypes that govern the relationship between two or more people within the human experience. Some examples of group archetypes include the archetype for marriage, for family, for friendship, for lovers, for enemies, for school, and for work. These archetypes, which are based on condition and karma, are cleared as one embodies this next segment of initiations and are replaced by archetypes surrounding group relations based on unconditional love. In a sense, a whole new operating system for group patterns are embodied by the initiate. These archetypes will be different for each initiate depending on personal life history, genetic karma, and soul related karma. Our channel discovered that any negative experiences with groups during her lifetime came up to be processed during these initiations.

In completing the 36th initiation, soul segments resonating in rays 13, 14 and 15 are embodied. Any related karma from these soul segments must also be cleared as they are embraced.

Ray 13 Ray of Harmony. The Ray of Harmony is pastel turquoise in color and allows one to live in the present moment, without concern about the past or future. In the process of embodying ray 13, any patterns surrounding the need to fantasize about the future or reminisce about the past are addressed by the initiate.

Ray 14 Ray of Fruition. The Ray of Fruition is opal white in color and allows one to co-create the divine plan with God. In the process of embodying the 14th ray, any issues surrounding how the initiate has codependently created with others or groups are addressed and released.

Ray 15 Ray of Clarity. The Ray of Clarity is a golden white in color and allows one to see their soul purpose and direction with clarity. In the process of embodying ray 15, any vision that is not in affinity with one's soul purpose or the Divine Plane is released. In embodying rays 13 and 14, 11 additional chakras descend, making a total of 33 chakras. These new chakras are evenly distributed from the first dimension to the 144th dimension of our creation. In embodying ray 15, the lightbody is expanded again to have 18 panels on top and 18 panels on the bottom, or a total of 36 panels. In completing the 36th initiation, the auric field will embrace the equivalent of North America in size. During his segment of initiations, our channel experienced having the liver, kidneys, spleen, and intestinal tract converted to crystalline in form. In the process, strands of DNA 25 through 36 were connected within her body.

Initiations 37-48 Transcending Planetary Archetypes "Vibrational Steward" Planetary archetypes are the archetypes governing the mass consciousness of our world. Planetary archetypes can be broken down to three separate categories; those archetypes governing the region that one lives, those governing the nation that one is born to, and those archetypes that are related to everyone and every nation around the globe. Some of the archetypes that our channel cleared included archetypes surrounding education, medicine, the IRS, the banking system, the military, religion, and the media. Each initiate will experience a slightly different version of planetary archetypes due to their unique genetic and personal life history. In a sense, the initiate receives a whole new operating system for civilization on Earth based on unconditional love when this initiation is complete.

In embodying the 48th initiation, soul segments from the 16th, 17th and 18th rays are unified within the body. Any related karma from these soul segments must also be cleared.

Ray 16 Ray of Simplicity. The Ray of Simplicity is pastel orange in color and allows one to simplify the outer so that the inner reality directs one's life. As the initiate embodies this ray, all group, national and planetary influence over the initiates direction is relinquished such that only their inner guidance directs.

Ray 17 Ray of Truth. The Ray of Truth is silver white in color and allows one to know their individual truth, and unconditionally accept all other expressions of truth. In embodying this ray, the initiate comes to an understanding that all expressions of truth are unique and valid, including their own.

Ray 18 Ray of Unconditional Acceptance. The Ray of Unconditional Acceptance is bright white in color and brings to fruition unconditional acceptance of oneself and all others. In embodying the 18th ray, all planetary influence over the initiates soul purpose and direction is relinquished, and the initiate unconditionally accepts their own path along with the paths of all others.

As rays 16 and 17 are embodied, 11 new chakras descend making 44 chakras all told. These new chakras are evenly placed from the 1st dimension to the 360th dimension. As Ray 18 is embodied, the lightbody expands in size to 24 panels on top and 24 panels on the bottom, a total of 48 panels. The auric field of the 48th level initiates will embrace an area equivalent to North and South America. In completing the 48th initiation, strands of DNA 37 through 48 are connected within the body. In the process, our channel experienced the stomach, esophagus, lungs, diaphragm, and pancreas to be converted to crystalline in form. Upon completion of the 48th initiation, one begins to be considered a vibrational steward of planet Earth.

Initiation 49-60 Transcending Solar Archetypes The next wave of initiations 49-72 take the human form to a level of awareness within spiritual evolution that has rarely been seen on Earth since ancient Egypt. These individuals are our spiritual leaders of tomorrow, who, through the balance that they have attained within, will pave the way for the rest of humanity. Solar archetypes are those archetypes that govern our solar system and Astrology as we currently know it. Astrological influences have been based on duality and polarity. In moving to the 5th dimension, a new astrological influence based on unconditional love will take precedence over the human experience. As the initiate completes the 60th initiation, they have embodied these new astrological influences, and the old system as we have known it no longer applies. In a sense, the initiate embodies a whole new operating system for our solar system based on unconditional love. The new planetary influences embodied are follows.

Mercury Vibration of Unconditional Ideas Venus Vibration of Unconditional Love Earth Vibration of Unconditional Governance Moon Amplifies the Vibration of Planet Earth Mars Vibration of Unconditional Flow Neptune Vibration of Unconditional Vision Saturn Vibration of Unconditional Collaboration Jupiter Vibration of Unconditional Bounty Uranus Vibration of Unconditional Creativity Pluto Vibration of Unconditional Transcendence Niburi Vibration of Unconditional Acceptance Sun Vibration of Unconditional Life Force

There is an additional planet that is yet to be added to our current astrological system, but it is recorded within our current solar archetypal patterns. Our channel has named this planet Niburi. Niburi, which in fear based patterning rules the totally unconscious, has a 3600 years cycle around our solar system, and is the furthest out planet. The Astrologers of tomorrow will calculate the influence of this planet over our future lives.

In addition to Niburi, there is also the archetypal pattern for one additional planet that was destroyed some 3 billion years ago and currently inhabits the milky way. One of the larger remaining pieces of this planet has been called Chiron, which does indeed carry some influence over current Astrological interpretations, but no where near the influence as if the planet were still in tact. In completing the 60th initiation, the initiate also embodies the 19th ray.

Ray 19th Ray of Unconditional Forgiveness. The Ray of Unconditional Forgiveness is pale pink-white in color, and allows the initiate to unconditionally forgive everyone and every experience, within their past or present experiences.

In embodying the 19th Ray, 22 additional chakras descend. These chakras link all other chakras that extend from above the body to the 360th dimension in a pyramidal fashion. This is the beginning of a chakra pattern that emulates the dolphin and whale community in form. Strands of DNA 49-60 are connected within the embodiment, and within our channels experience, her circulatory system, heart, bone marrow and veins were converted to crystalline. At the end of the 60th initiation, the lightbody expands in size to 30 panels on the top and 30 panels on the bottom in size. The auric field of a 60th level initiate will embrace 1/2 of Mother Earth in size.

Initiations 61-72 Transcending Universal Archetypes "Enlightenment" Universal archetypes are the archetypes that our universe is constructed of. These archetypes fall into seven major categories or laws which include:

Law 1 Separation from God. This archetype has to do with the belief that we are separated from God. As the initiate transcends this archetype, a sense of constant unification with God and Goddess is experienced.

Law 2 Energetic Balance. This archetype results in the continued movement of energy between polarities, or the swinging of pendulum from one extreme to another. As the initiate transcends this archetype, they embody a continued sense of balance and a sense of inner-centeredness.

Law 3 Karma and Indebtedness As the archetype of karma is transcended, the initiate releases any sense of owing another for anything, and also releases any sense of another owing them for anything. This leads to a new sense of inner freedom.

Law 4 Comings and Goings. As the archetype of comings and goings is released, the initiates sense of needing to escape their present circumstances or to leave Earth in order to find joy is released. The result is that the initiate discovers that they can experience joy wherever they are, whatever they are doing, and with whomever they are with.

Law 5 Female Inferiority. As the archetype of female inferiority is transcended, any inner sense of worthlessness is released within the initiate.

Law 6 Male Superiority. As the archetype of male superiority is transcended, any inner sense of being worth more is released within the initiate. This allows the initiate to embrace their own equality, and the equality of all others on the face of the Earth.

Law 7 The Archetype of Good and Evil, Light and Dark. As the archetype of good and evil is transcended, the initiate embraces the remainder of their dark or destructive side, and transcends the need to create destructive or dark experiences within their reality. The Masters call transcending this segment of initiations enlightenment. In completing the 72nd initiation, the initiate embodies a new operating system for our Universe based on unconditional love. The 5th dimensional universe transcends polarity and condition, so embodying a universal pattern based on unconditional love is a prerequisite for moving into the 5th dimension. In shifting these 7 universal archetypes, a segment of soul vibrating at the 20th Ray descends into the body.

Ray 20 Ray of Unconditional Embracing. The Ray of Unconditional Embracing is pale bluish white in color, and governs unconditional justice. As the initiate embodies this ray, any experiences surrounding injustice directed at oneself or another must be cleared. In embodying ray 20, 22 additional chakras descend into the auric field, and connect the chakras between the base of the spine to the 1st dimension in a pyramidal fashion. The new chakra system now completely emulates the chakra system of the dolphin and whale communities. The auric field of a 72nd level initiate will embrace the entire planet in size. Strands of DNA 61 through 72 are connected within the body during this segment of initiations. In our channels experience, this resulted in the lymph system, the autonomic nervous system, and brain stem to be converted to crystalline in form.

Initiations 73-90 Embracing Cosmic Archetypes This next wave of initiations allows the initiate to attain a state of total non- attachment. The state of non-attachment is designed for leadership that will impact all of humanity. This leadership will transcend the boundaries of race, creed, and religion, to create unification of purpose and direction within large segments of the population. Cosmic Archetypes are those archetypes that govern the cosmos. An initiate, at this level, embodies the principles of the running of a cosmos based on unconditional love for the purposes of planetary leadership. As the initiate completes this initiation, they embody two additional soul segments that vibrate at the 21st and 22nd rays.

Ray 21 Ray of Unconditional Governance. This ray is the ray of the Spiritual Hierarchy. The Ray of Unconditional Governance is pale yellowish white in color, and is related to unconditional love within leadership of large groups. As the initiate embodies this ray, all prior experiences of illicit leadership within past life or present life circumstances will be cleared.

Ray 22 Ray of Unconditional Harmony. This is the ray of the Cosmic Hierarchy. The Ray of Unconditional Harmony is pale violet white in color, and allows one to create harmony within large groups. As the initiate embodies this ray, any areas within their present or past life experience that has lead to a state of personal or group disharmony will be cleared. In embodying these two rays, 44 additional chakras descend, and the entire auric field turns into the "Flower of Life" pattern. In so doing, every chakra connects into every other chakra in a moving figure eight energetic pattern. The left and right sides of all chakras connect creating a horizontal series of figure eights keeping the masculine and feminine within in balance. Additionally, each of the seven original chakra centers within the body are given their own miniature flower of life pattern. This is the beginning pattern of non-attachment. Any energy lines from the initiates auric field that extend into another person, place or object, are d
isconnected and connected within. In so doing, strands of DNA 73-90 are connected within the embodiment, and, in our channels experience, the center of the brain is converted to crystalline.

Initiations 91-108 Attaining a State of Non-Attachment In completing this segment of initiations, the initiate moves into a state of total non- attachment. Non-attachment is an auric field that is sovereign in it's own energy. Within this state, the initiate moves beyond the influence of anything or anyone outside of their own soul and the governing bodies of our Spiritual and Cosmic Hierarchies. This makes possible a form of leadership that is true unto the purposes of God and the Divine Plan. In the process, soul segments from rays 23, 24 and 25 descend into the auric field.

Ray 23 Ray of Unconditional Purpose. The Ray of Unconditional Purpose is bright opalescent white in color, and is the Ray of the Mahatma. In embracing this ray, the initiate embraces the vibration of the Mahatma within their auric field.

Ray 24 Ray of Unconditional Direction. The Ray of Unconditional Direction is bright silver white in color, and is the ray of our Creator on the 144th dimension. In embracing the 24th ray, one's soul purpose and the creators purpose for one's soul are brought into alignment along with the Divine Plan.

Ray 25 Ray of Unconditional Transformation. The Ray of Unconditional Transformation is bright golden white in color, and is the ray of the Creator's Creator, known as the Omnipresent One. In embracing this ray, the initiates purpose and direction is brought into alignment with a divine plan from outside of this creation. This ray enables the initiate to assist earth in her transformation along with all of humanity. In embodying ray 23, 44 additional chakras descend into the embodiment and every minor chakra within the body is converted to a miniature flower-of- life pattern. In embodying ray 24, the heart chakra expands to embrace the entire region that the initiate lives. In the case of our channel, her heart chakra embraces the entire San Francisco Bay Area. Lastly, in embodying ray 25, 23 additional flower of light patterns are anchored around the globe with the same flower of life pattern. Some of called this the state of a 24-point avatar, or one who anchors 24 points of light. In completing this
initiation, strands of DNA 91 through 108 are connected within the embodiment. In so doing, the right and left hemispheres of the brain are converted to crystalline. This is the state of total non-attachment. Our channel is on the verge of completing this series of initiations.

SO WHAT DOES ALL THIS MEAN? Many may wonder if the transcendental abilities become possible following the 108th initiation. Not quite yet. Within the pyramids, to take initiates through their final step and transcend death, a special chamber that was designed to amplify the photonic energy by 100,000 fold. This level of energy has yet to be reached here on earth at this juncture of history. We anticipate that it will take 6 months to one year in order to raise the level of vibration on Earth, and the photonic energy high enough to take the first wave of upper-level initiates entirely into the next dimension.

Mother earth is rapidly moving towards her own Ascension. Mother earth moved into the 4th dimension in May of 1997. In so doing, the pace of Ascension has doubled in recent months. The new leadership must be in place for an awakening humanity. Within the next two years, every man, woman, and child on Earth will complete their 6th Spiritual Initiation thereby attaining the earliest form of a "light-body". By the end of 2002, every man, woman and child on Earth will complete their 8th Spiritual Initiation and the Causal Plane and the Earth Plane will merge. Following 2002, a rapid restructuring of civilization on Earth will follow. The new leadership, who's level of evolution and understanding of the principals of unconditional love, will come together to assist in the restructuring of your world. Many prophets of the past have written about the horrible earth movement and devastations awaiting us at this time within our history. These earth devastations are being held in check by those who are embodyin
g these new initiations. The numbers involved in this process are crucial. Too few, and there will not be enough support of the vibrational shifts, which can result in earth catastrophes. Too many can throw the process in the other extreme resulting in the same problem. Each of us are requested to play our part in the process. Many wonder about the unawakened masses.

These individuals need to remain asleep until the appropriate time is present to awaken. This keeps the earth's ascension in balance, and her movement in check. It is anticipated that 100,000 will attain the state of the "Christ" by the end of 1997. By the end of 1998, it is anticipated that 200,000 additional humans will have attained the state of the "Christ", 20,000 will have attained the state of a "Vibrational Steward", 10,000 the state of "Enlightenment", and 5,000 will take it to a state of "Non-Attachment".

In order to move earth and humanity into the 5th dimension and the state of a star, 1% of the population or 60 million people will have to attain the state of the "Christ". Out of this, 20% or 12 million will attain the state of a "Vibrational Steward", 10% or 6 million will attain the state of "Enlightenment", and 5% or 3 million will embody the state of "Non-Attachment". These numbers will create a vibrational pyramid that will elevate all of humanity into the 5th dimension. It is anticipated that this shall occur sometime before the year 2025.

Not every embodiment who embarks upon this next wave of initiations are destined to complete the entire process immediately. There are many leaders needed to bring to fruition to a new civilization and help shift the level of awareness of humanity on Earth. A leader who is non- attached cannot personally relate to all of humanity. There are many leaders needed at many levels to reach out to those who are just awakening. This is the purpose behind those who stop at a certain initiation level for a period of time.

There will be many who stop following the 12th initiation, many at the 24th initiation, many at the 48th initiation, many at the 72nd initiation, and only a handful who will take it to the 108th initiation to begin with. This is necessary, and we must move beyond judgment and competition and learn to work together as leaders and light-workers. After all, this is truly what unconditional love and unconditional acceptance are all about. For those of you who are embarking upon the next wave of these new initiations, we thank you for your diligence and commitment to the spiritual path. We love you and support you every step of the way. Until next time, blessings on your journey, Namaste.

Karen Danrich is the director of the Spiritual School of Ascension based in the San Francisco Bay Area. This school was founded under the guidance of the Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth and the Cosmic Hierarchy. The purpose of the school is to make available information on the Ascension process to assist those undergoing a shift in vibration and who are destined to become the future leaders in the new world order. This information is offered in the form of workshops and one-on-one readings and healings. Karen is a conscious channel. A conscious channel is one that has reached a high enough frequency that the Masters of the Spiritual Hierarchy can merge with one's body while fully aware and present for the purpose of teaching, leading and healing. Karen has dedicated her life to assisting others through their own transformation and initiations.

Karen has scheduled workshops on "Attaining the State of a Vibrational Steward" throughout the U.S. and Canada in 1998. These workshops are designed to create a high group vibration that will take a dedicated group of serious spiritual initiates on a rapid journey through the initiation process. For a detailed schedule and registration packet, please call (510) 724-5057 or fax (510) 724-5963 or see us on the internet URL: www.earthupnet.com

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One of our TriLite Members figured out all the numbers involved in the above. Thank you H. B.

Ray ----------------------Initiation ----------Add ---------Total -------------Total-------------New ----------Total
Number(s) -------------Number(s) -------DNA ---------DNA ------------Dimens ---------Chakras -----

8 PREVIOUS -----------------------------------------------12
1-7 presently ------------------------------------------------2
8 in progress? -------------------------------10 -----------12
9,10 (2) -----------------13-16 (4) -----------4 -----------16 -------------------------------------11 ------------22
11,12 (2) ---------------17-24 (8) -----------8 ------------24 -------------------------------------0 -------------22
13,14,15 (3) -----------25-36 (12) ---------12 ----------36 ---------------144---------------- 11------------ 33
16,17,18 (3) -----------37-48 (12) ---------12 ----------48 ---------------360 ----------------11 ------------44
19 (1) -------------------49-60 (12) ---------12 ----------60 ---------------360 -----------------22 -----------66
20 (1) -------------------61-72 (12) ---------12 ----------72 --------------------------------------22 -----------88
21,22 (2) ---------------73-90 (18) ---------18 ----------90 --------------------------------------44 ----------132
23,24,25(3) ------------91-108 (18) -------18 ---------108 -------------------------------------44 ----------176