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The Blessed Animal Kingdome

Inspired Message by: Beloved Lady Master QUAN YIN
Through: Rev. Janna Shelley Parker

Greetings and Blessings from on High!

It is of the so called “high” and “low” I will begin this discourses! Beloved hearts of My Heart, We who sit upon the Councils of what both We and yourselves often refer to as “ The High Councils” , are in truth that which sees from the Center outward. WE embrace all with a depths and scope that is ALL inclusive; and therefore the concept of high and low is in truth a concept of Wholeness and Oneness, rather than that which infers any sort of superiority and/or inferiority. The ‘higher’ one is, in frequency, evolution, vibration, the more he/she is at One with THE ONE. The entire concept of Spiritual Hierarchy now takes on the shape of a holographic sphere of endless circles within circles, and so it should.

It is in this spirit that I wish now to speak again of the “tender caring/healing of the animal kingdome .” I focus here specifically, as much focus has already gone, and thankfully continues to go toward the healing of Mother Earth. Love/Light Servers have taken the role of activist in this most crucial arena, and for this We are ALL most grateful. You are, as you know, the hands and feet of God/Goddess upon this planet. The blessed animal kingdome, which is so interconnected with the human and yes, the devic kingdome, has taken a bit of a backseat in the activities of the majority or Love/Light Servers. The reasons for this are many and complex, however, time is NOW for this to change. The full awakening to the wonder of this kingdome will serve you, the four legged ones, the wing-ed ones, as well as they that swim within the oceans of deep mystery. We would like to say here, how much your love, care and healing for the Whales, Dolphins, Porpoises are greatly honored. They have come to this planet, as you well know, to serve and hold sacred codes for humanity’s, your, evolution. Blessed are ye to have ears to hear and willingness to assist Them in their sacred task!

Beloved hearts of My Heart, when I speak of all Sentient Beings, I mean just that. It is really a time to take a good HEART look at your companion animals, as well as those who live within the wild, and find the Great Spirit within them, much as the Native Americans have done and still do, much as Merlin of Camelot (St. Germain) did and still does. I/WE also request that you acknowledge that even as you are being called to service in their regard, so do they have much to teach you! This subject is indeed immense, however, let us begin with the action of compassion on the part of you, Beloved humanity, towards your animal brothers and sisters.

Let us begin with animal experimentation. We know that you who are Love/Light Workers ‘know’ this is wrong; that the thinking is misplaced and the feeling element, on the part of humanity is completely lacking. Are you aware, beloved hearts of My Heart, how powerful the feeling element is within the animal itself. You must be, specifically when it comes to the heinous experimentation on your companion animals; who have not been as fortunate as the one sitting on your lap as you read this newsletter, of who jumps for joy at your homecoming, even though you have been gone for a short run or to pick up the groceries. The feeling nature of animals is quite strong you know. It is basically from the emotional body, as well as the physical that they function upon your world .Many “companion animals” have likewise the budding of the mind element as well! It is urgent that they no longer take back seat to the healing of the planet, or left to the work of animal activists per say, but are taken up as a cause, in whatever way is most appropriate for you as an individual, among the Lightworker community. As you are but one step away from the angels (speaking in terms of the third and fourth dimensional world), so are they but one step away from thee. When you are suffering, do you not turn toward the Angels, the High Ones? So it is with the blessed animals beloveds, so it is with them!

Where to begin, you may be wondering. Simply and specifically where you are at! How to work at this, you may well be wondering. Simply and specifically through who you are! To meat or not to meat, you may be wondering. Follow your heart and bless what is it that you do eat. There is so much needless suffering having nothing to do with what one eats or does not eat, and the focus of tender care and healing of the animal kingdome would be better to direct in this area. By the way, you would be wise to bless the carrot and the sprout, and the pure mountain spring water you intake as well. Remember, all sentient beings, means all, and ALL IS SENTIENT!

I know not what to offer you to awaken your heart, other than that which it is my Divine Mission to offer, and that is unconditional Compassion, Mercy & Love. To begin to heal the mistreatment and misunderstanding between humanity and this sacred kingdome, go within to the heart of Love. Then BE “The ACTION of Compassion, Mercy and Love!
If you do have a companion animal, then sit with him/her and gaze into their eyes, straight to their soul…which of course they have! Receive their love and give them love, by gaze, by touch, by stroke. They are your link to all animals that have evolved to the point of interaction with the human kingdome, and will commune with you their highly emotional feeling and yes, even ‘mental awareness’ of their sacred individual selves, and also of their entire species. When your heart KNOWS, then the acts of your hands shall follow, and the voice of they who speak not the human tongue will be raised on their behalf.

Educate yourself on some of the horrendous acts perpetrated upon all walks, so to speak, of animal, wing-ed and sea life. Some are direct, like unto the elephant and bear that are trained to dance and obey by being made to stand on hot coals! Some is subtle and indirect, as in pollution of the seas, which makes life unlivable both for the creatures of the sea as well as for the human population. And indeed, if you do have a companion animal, do realize that they are much, much more than that. They are a member of your family. They are your teacher, even as you are theirs. They are not property. Beloveds, We know you know this, but what we ask now is that you seek to communicate it in whatever way feels most appropriate and comfortable for you. It is time. The White Buffalo has come!!

The above is but a little seed planted. I leave it to you, for the time being, to water that seed and see what it grow for you, and what actions it prompts you to take. Even if it is the simple and sacred act of private or group prayer, that will work wonders. The care and nurturing of the animal kingdome can truly teach compassion in a manner that is quite unique: quite profound and deep. The gifts that you are capable to give one another are likewise so.

As for the “wild ones”, they are close to the Earth in a way that were you to learn, the bonding between yourselves and Lady Gaia would reach new depths. As for the wing-ed ones, they are close to the skies and to the nature spirits in a way that were you to learn, the bonding between yourselves, Father Sky and Earth spirits would reach new heights.
Each one of you has at least one, in all likelihood two animal protectors. Do you know who they are? Do you know that they could exist on the inner planes, and perhaps be the Unicorn or a Pegasus? It is most probably the case that you have two within the third dimension and two within the inner plane dimensions. Which animals do you feel drawn to? Which seem to be drawn to you? Do you see flying horses when you close your eyes?

It would be wise to ask Merlin for assistance on these matters He can guide you well in learning great mysteries from this kingdom. Learn to inwardly fly like the eagle and play like the puppy. Oh Beloved hearts of My Heart, there is so much you can give to one another. I give you now but some simple thoughts. I ask that you take them deep into your heart, and water them with feeling, love, compassion, and see for yourselves what bears fruit. Hold this kingdome with the tender of your heart, for there is much work you have yet to do…together!

With Infinite Compassion,


Rev. Janna Shelley Parker