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Flower of Life Meditation

Lord Buddha 11-6-04 ­ Channeled by Ineasa Mabu Ishtar


I am the lord Buddha that comes to you this night beloved ones. To speak with you of all that you hold within your hearts and minds. To breathe with you the flower of life, calling it through yourselves and body now. We ask you to call now for the flower of life to spin and anchor through you now, through your beings. Call for this now and you will feel the energy of this as it flows through you now, breathe it through your crown as it descends through your stream, we ask you. Call for this with your intent, the flower of life that will fill you. Call for it now to flow through your crown chakras, through all dimensions beloveds. To open your full connections beloveds, we ask this of you now. To allow the flower of life to bring its guiding energy to your being now, to open you to source energy to the divine love that is offered to you this night. To feel this flowing through your being, we call to this now, the flower of life, the lotus flower of life as it fills your being beloveds. Breathe it down now into your hearts beloveds, breathe the flower of life now into your hearts beloveds. Allow the energy that is offered to you this night to flow through yourselves, all the crystals of you body and all chakras in all dimensions beloveds. Do not place limitations on this beloveds. Breathe it through.

Feel your hearts filling with this now as you breathe it down into your sacral chakra. That which sits between your hip bones beloveds. Breathe it with your breath beloveds. Do this now and feel the sacred flower of life filling you with God's love, as this occurs beloveds. Holding this energy through you and breathe it now down to the chakra that sits beneath your feet, beloveds. Call to the flower of life to fill this chakra, your connection to Mother Earth beloved. Breathe this, breathe it beloveds, breathe it now down into the chakras beloveds in all your bodies beloveds and feel the flower of life fill you beloveds, connecting that which you are through your being to source and to Mother Earth beloveds. Anchor this divine energy into Mother Earth beloveds, ground it through your being beloveds, this is what we ask of you this night beloveds. Breathing ever still beloveds, breathing ever still.

And as the flower of life flows through your being beloved, you are breathing in the connection to all things beloveds, creating once more your oneness with all that is beloveds, allowing yourself to experience that which you are beloveds in truth in all things beloveds. Hold this to you beloveds, we ask this of you, not to let this go beloveds.

It is wise to remind your self that which you are in all things beloveds, in each and every moment beloveds. For is it so often or not that you forget beloveds, is it not beloveds? And we bring this love to you to honor you beloveds and to remind you of that which you are beloveds, the Buddha in all things beloveds, the love within all things is that which you hold beloveds, for that is what you are.

All your entrapments beloveds, all your illusions held within the 3rd dimension, all your attachments beloveds, are simply that beloveds, illusions within the 3rd dimension beloveds. We offer this to you for we understand beloveds. The attachment that you hold here in this realm to the physical beloveds, to that which is created matter by you. And we say to you, that while it is colourful and appears solid to you in all things beloveds, and while it entertains you, perhaps it keeps you amused beloveds and holds you here within this realm, this is simply but you own creations. But we say to you in the greatest love and honour that we hold you beloveds, that this realm is not the beginning, nor the middle, nor the end beloveds. We ask you now to open your hearts to that which we call the flower of life, this energy that we have called through you beloveds. For when we speak of the flower of life beloveds, we do not speak of the life as you call it here in this dimension beloveds, we speak of the energy of God, of the oneness of all, of the life energy that flows through all things beloveds, through all things, not simply here in this dimension beloveds. For this is but one life beloveds, of many, many choices each and every one of you have, in each and every moment for you indeed beloveds are part of the eternal, the eternal life, the divine energy of that which is beloveds.

This thing you call birth and death is but of your creation beloveds, your entrance into the 3rd dimensional and your exit from the 3rd dimensional beloveds. And it creates for you many, many emotions beloveds. Those of which are in the other realms beloveds, where we sit, do not experience beloveds, for we understand the flow of the divine beloveds and so do you in your hearts. In understanding that all is divine and all is eternal with that which is beloveds. That your time that which you speak of, your now, or your before or your after beloveds, is all but the same thing beloveds. Your future may become your past and your present your future beloveds, it does not matter.

It matters but in this nanosecond, in this time, in this split second that one sits here in this time, but in truth there is no time beloveds, and we understand from the programs of your mind that this is invariably difficult for you to comprehend and to put into practice in your life beloveds, in this realm. But in the higher realms beloveds your being understands this. It understands it is a being of eternal life, it understands its energy flows onwards always, and that the breath itself may keep you within the 3rd dimension for this experience beloveds, but it is indeed but your energy flow beloveds.

Your breath is your stream beloveds, reproduced here through the physical, through the organs, the lungs beloveds, which is why we often let you know your breath is important beloveds. For when you breathe in this dimension, you are replicating that of your energy flow, allowing your stream to flow beloveds through you, through your being in light beloveds. Through the energy being that you are beloveds, for this being does not require oxygen beloveds, it breaths but the energy of light, the energy of the divine beloveds to exist as one with all that is beloveds, as do you for this is what you are beloveds, the energy of light in all things created here in this realm in matter in the physical beloveds. But that does not change that you are indeed a being of light beloveds, filled with light, filled with the flower of life from the divine beloveds. So we ask you here to hold within your hearts compassion for that which you are, here in the physical realm beloveds, and to begin to use the energy being that which you are, to understand this ebb and flow of energy that moves through you in all things, for this indeed beloveds, affects that which has manifested in the physical beloveds.

All energy that you create and breathe, all energy that you create manifests in the physical beloveds, is affected by this. For each and every energetic movement that your being creates here in the physical beloveds is created at this time in this moment through that which you breathe and through your intent beloveds, through the intent beloveds of that which you are. For that which you have become attached to beloveds, for there is much attachment here in this dimension beloveds. And we would wish to speak to you beloveds of that which you hold to you, your attachments to all that is within this realm beloveds, all that you create beloveds, for it is these attachments that you create that hold you bound within your illusions beloveds.

Breathing now, breathing the energy of divine light through your selves beloveds now, it is important for you as we speak this night that you continue to breath beloveds, for this energy that we are creating requires much integration beloveds. And it is important for you to breathe this through as we offer it beloveds.

We speak once more beloveds to that which you hold unto you. We send you our love and compassion with this beloveds. But we ask you to become more focused about that which you create beloveds, through your stream, through your intent. That if you create from divine love and divine light beloveds, here in this dimension in all things, you will let go of your attachments beloveds. If you create through unconditionality beloveds you will let go of your attachments beloveds, you will understand that all you create in every moment of all that is, is God beloveds. It belongs to the one heart of all that is beloveds, to the pool of light, the oneness of that which you are beloveds. It does not specifically belong to the personality you have created here in this dimension beloveds. And it is often for many, for most of you, the most difficult part of your experience here in this dimension beloveds. Your personality attachments to all that you create beloveds, through your needs, your desires and your wants beloveds, here in this realm beloveds. And we speak again of your creations beloveds, we understand the difficulty your mind has integrating this information, the concept that you are an eternal being beloveds, filled with divine love and grace in each and every moment, if you call for this and remind yourselves of this beloveds. Holding your field full with this beloveds, in those times when you are held within your creation beloveds, through the personality and the mind, fill your filed with love and light, divine love and light. And you will feel the true energy of creation flow through you beloveds, for you are such powerful creators, look at all that you create in your life in each and every moment beloved, look at your family and your friends, the work that you do beloveds, the homes that you live in, the cars that you drive, this is all your creation beloveds. Look to all those that you bring into your lives and all those that you let go beloveds. Look to your children beloveds, what powerful creators are you, how amazing, we stand in awe of all you create here in the physical beloveds. Understand the power of your creation, your very thought beloveds, will become your next manifestation. If it is a joyous thought beloveds your manifestation will be joyous. If it is a thought of darkness beloveds or sadness or anger your manifestation will be filled with this energy beloveds, in each and every moment that you create beloveds, for this is what you do here in this realm. You create each and every moment of your reality beloveds. Your 3rd dimensional truth, if you will.

And it is amazing all that you create beloveds, but we say to you beloveds, that in your wonderful creations beloveds, in your amazing creations that hold us in awe of all that you do beloveds, in each and every moment, we ask you to consider where your intent arises for this manifestation beloveds. Is it from your hearts beloveds, is it from you mind beloveds, does it come from your emotional body beloveds, or your mental body? Does it come from the mass consciousness beloveds, or the group merkabah in which you sit, your family merkabah, does it come from your genetic body or your soul body, is it a starry manifestation? We ask you to consider that which you create beloveds. For in each and every moment that which you create, is yours beloveds. It is not God's, it is not another¹s, it is not the groups, it is not the mass consciousness beloveds, it is yours that is manifested. But we ask you where it is that your intent comes from for this creation? Where does this idea that you have manifested come from be loveds? To consider this beloveds, for there are many streams and many sources from which you pull beloveds, for your creations and your manifestations beloveds. And we would ask you beloveds, to work through your God presence beloveds, through God, through the divine heart, through the flower of life, working through this essence and this intent beloveds. For this is not attached to 3rd dimensional reality beloveds. It is filled with the light and love of the divine beloveds. But if you are working through the mass consciousness beloveds, it will be filled with attachment to the 3rd dimensional beloveds, will it not? If you are working through the emotional body beloveds, it will be filled with the emotions of that which you hold beloveds. It will have the attachments to this, all that you manifest, will be attached to the emotional beloveds, or the mass consciousness beloveds. And its energy will flow from this in your life. Or if it is from the mental beloveds, if it is from your minds that you create and manifest, then it will be from the programs that sit within your minds beloveds? We ask you to consider this beloveds in all things that you create in all moments beloveds. For this will affect you greatly in the times to come, for your very thought-forms will be made manifest beloveds, and we would ask you to consider this. Where does your thought-form come from? Where are you pulling it, where are you channeling your thought-forms, for this is what you do in each and every moment. What is this attached to? The energy cords will go out beloveds from you, from this thought-form to whatever stream it is that you are pulling this from beloveds, and then it will be made manifest within the physical, it will become matter, it will become that which flows through your life in that moment beloveds.

So we ask you beloveds to consider this carefully for yourselves and to practice with this, for if you are flowing and bringing your thought-forms, your energy, your manifestations through the divine, through the flower of life, through the one heart of all that is beloveds, there will be no attachments to that which sits within the 3rd dimensional realm beloveds or for any dimension beloveds. All will flow beloveds.

But when you hold your sadness and your pain beloveds, it is because you have attachments beloveds to that which you have manifested here within this dimension beloveds, in the physical realm. And it will hold you energy firm within the 3rd dimension beloveds. And it will be difficult for you to lift your energy into the vibrational frequency that is required for the ascension process beloveds. You will feel the heaviness of this beloveds in all that you manifest in this way beloveds. So we ask you beloveds to breathe through the flower of life beloveds, from the divine heart of all that is. Breathe it through with your breath beloveds. Understanding its non attachment to the 3rd dimension, to any stream beloveds, it is what it is. It is what is made manifest through your being in light beloveds that creates existence beloveds in all realms beloveds, which is why beloveds we say to you ongoing, to seek your greatness, to see that which you are, the light being of eternal life beloveds. Do not be trapped by your attachments to the 3rd dimensional realm beloveds for it is but the illusion of your creations beloveds, that you hold fast to this beloveds, that creates your experience in this realm to be often painful, or filled with anger or fear beloveds, that creates the duality of that which you are beloveds and holds you within it through your attachments beloveds.

Breathing beloveds, breathing the stream of that which we bring to you now and creating manifest that in the circle beloveds, where you sit, sharing the divine energy of that which you are beloveds, to all beings that we have brought today into the circle beloveds.

Calling to your God presences now beloveds, asking them to merge with you at this time beloveds, to share their energies of the divine with you, to be one with you, to remind you once more beloveds of that which you are. And as this occurs beloveds, asking for all your thought-forms that do not sit within the divine heart of all that is, to be released now beloveds. Calling for this now and asking now beloveds, from where it is that you are creating at this time beloveds, that you are manifesting. Asking within to your God presence, are you creating that which you are here in the 3rd dimension through your mind beloveds and personality, through your emotions, through your genetic connections, your family beloveds, through the mass consciousness? Ask beloveds, it will change in each and every moment beloveds, but most of us will create from one stream beloveds. Ask, what is the stream from which you create beloveds. And then breathe, the flower of life beloveds through that stream now. Through that flow of energy that dimensional body, that which you are, allow the flower of life to penetrate this energy, filling it now with the divine oneness of all that is. Becoming aware of where it is you create and manifest and creating for yourself a change with this now. Ask for assistance of your guides and teacher, of your God presence beloved ones, to assist you to lift your vibrations, your frequency at this time to connect with the divine essence of life of all that is, to make this your pool of manifestation beloveds ones, free of attachments and limitations that are held within the 3rd dimensional realm beloved ones. Breathing this through. Connecting with your God presence and making a commitment at this time beloveds, making a commitment at this time to become conscious of that which you bring into this realm beloveds, all that you manifest, all thought-formsthat you create in each and every moment beloveds. Breathing this now so that all that you make manifest at this time beloveds will flow through the divine heart of all that is beloveds. Ask for this within and without beloveds. We say to you beloveds, this day, that you are indeed powerful creators, we ask you to understand this and accept this beloveds, in your knowledge. For it is in this acceptance and knowledge beloveds that you will discover the greatness of that which you are and your ability beloveds to make manifest of all things instantaneously beloveds, for this is what his coming. And through this beloveds, we offer this to you and we suggest to you beloveds, that you remain consciously aware in each and every moment of the energy stream that you work through to make manifest your creations beloveds, in each and every moment.

Understanding what we speak of beloveds, your creations beloveds, are just that, your thought-forms, your energy, all that is held within your life in this moment beloveds. This is of which we speak beloveds. Be conscious beloveds of this and where you make manifest in all things and understand if you are attached to that which you make manifest beloveds, unable to let it go, held within, the energy that you have manifested beloveds, then at this time in that moment beloveds, you are not sitting in the divine heart of all that is. And you may change this beloveds, in any moment simply by filling your field and being of light with this energy, with your intent beloveds. This is your practice beloveds, your mastery, in this realm beloveds. And we praise you beloveds for the masters and the creators that you are.

For each and every one of you look to your creations in this moment beloveds and you will see the greatness of that which you create beloveds in all things. No matter how you judge it beloveds, no matter your attachment to it beloveds. Your creations beloveds are great beloveds, all that you make manifest beloveds, we hold this in awe, and we honour this beloveds in all things beloveds. We ask you beloveds to honor this within yourself as we honor this within you. We will take questions now beloveds, if you have questions to ask of us.

May I ask a question

Yes beloved

What is my God presence name

Ishmala (Ishmayla), Zaraella (zayraella), it is beautiful is it not beloved?

Thank you

You are most welcome our sister

May I ask a question

Always our brother

On the ascension path it is helpful for me to integrate Tibetan ??? and vapashna and h??? sink

If this is your desire our brother, what does this do for you beloved one? Tibetan ??? makes me aware of the power and thought, and that all thoughts are created. And vapashna mediation makes me aware of the pool of equanimity and ???? sank is a modern utility to ???? the mediation and brain These are all tools for you beloved, we ask you do they work for you. Do they bring you closer to your divine oneness and assist you to flow here in this realm beloved one

My heart says they do

If your heart responds to this beloved, then your answer beloved would be yes, beloved. For we ask you to understand beloved there are many many tools as there are many beings beloved. Each tool is created to assist all beings beloved, but some are called to some tools as others are called to other tools beloveds. And if you are working through your god presence, guided to these beloved and this creates you to be closer to that which you are, in full understanding beloveds, then we would say to you beloved, to follow this guidance within, in this moment. But we would say to you also, as you move through this experience beloved, to be open to receiving beloved other tools that may drop before you beloved. For tools will lead you beloved to the path along your experience and once they have taught you that which you need to know, they may indeed no longer be needed, beloved. But your heart will answer this for you, as you move through your path beloveds. But once again we speak of attachments beloveds, and ask your being to be free of attachments to these tools beloveds. They are but tools beloveds to assist you. Do not hold yourself to these or any tools beloveds, simply use them as they have been created beloveds, in love and light to assist you beloveds and then let them go beloveds

We thank you

Lord Buddha, I have many many questions at this time, but I would like to ask you one or two maybe, where is my home where I yearn so to go to and will Lord Sananda will come through the channel Ishtar.

We will answer your question, Lord Sananda speaks through the channel Ishtar from time to time beloveds, but your home beloved, what is this attachment you have to your home beloveds.

I want to leave this 3rd dimension

You have many many homes, beloved, places where you have been, But your thought-forms at this time beloved are moving through the deepest pain of your emotional body beloved. We ask you to breathe through this beloved, this will pass beloved as you know in your heart it will pass. We ask you to not be attached to your pain beloved. Do not create this pain as your reality beloved, for it is but illusion beloved. Hold you divine love in your heart for all beings and for all things beloved, and let your attachments go beloved. Allow your god presence to merge with you and assist you at this time beloved and ask your mind to be still beloved. For it too is holding much attachment to this beloved. We ask you now to work through your god presence beloved.

I cannot feel her

It does not matter that you cannot feel her beloved. That does not state that your god presence is not there. Understanding that your god presence is neither male nor female beloved, do not place 3rd dimensional limitations upon your god presence connection beloved. Breathe the energy through beloved and hold you heart open.

Is my imagination too wild, is it that which creates the duality?

Is it your attachment beloved that creates you duality, your attachment to what is in the 3rd dimension beloved.

I think I need more assistance

Beloved we ask you now to breathe and to call for your god presence to assist you and to pen you heart to all the beings within this circle that offer you their love and healing at this time beloved for your heart is closed.

What is the name of my God presence that I can call upon?

What do you call your God presence beloved

I thought it was Zaraella?

We have answered this for you beloved

No it was El that asked the question before

Yes beloved, call for her now, this one you call

I have some confusion here, the name you said before when El asked the question is it for me or for El.

It is for you beloved

We are unable to give El her God presence name at this time, she has part of her name

We ask you now beloved to breathe to calm your mind and to open your heart to receive that which is being offered to you from the circle beloved. Connect with this beloved.

We will answer one more question now from circle

I have a question

Yes our sister

When the Archangel Michael is very close to me I get very emotional, why is that?

The Archangel Michael is your friend our sister who works with you on many occasions. You have worked together before. What is held in your heart in relationship to him? In your experience our sister, with him, you have felt lost from his light and less than the angel beings of light. When you reconnect with him, this memory is triggered within you our sister. It sits within your emotional body our sister. We would ask you to step within and to release this when you are ready our sister. It is but a memory. Ask for assistance our sister to do this. Lord Michael will assist you with this. He stands with you now.

We offer to each and every one of you this night, the divine light from the one heart of all that is and the compassion that stems from our being in all things beloved ones. We walk with you in grace and love, beside you in all things. We come to assist you and to remind you of the greatness of that which you are and the love and the light you hold within your beings beloved ones. We ask you in all things to transcend your attachments beloved ones to this realm, for it is your attachments that create your pain, your fears, your resentments, your angers, your hurts and your losses beloved ones. Raise your frequencies and your vibrations and breathe through the flower of life from the divine heart of all that is beloved ones, in all things. Call for this to spin through your being, whenever you hold your attachments beloved ones, to all that sits within this manifestation here in this realm beloved ones. We will guide you with this but we say to you beloved ones that you indeed are the creators of each and every moment of your now beloved ones. We ask you to be divine creators in the now beloved ones, this is what we ask of you. Divine creators, free of the attachments and limitations of this realm, beloved ones, and when this occurs for you, after practice beloved ones, much practice all will flow for you in light beloved ones. We bless you and we honour all that you are beloved ones, in truth.

Namaste to you this day,


Please feel free to share this channelled message but do not change what is written and please attribute the source. Copyright 2004. Thank you to the beautiful Zaerella for typing this transcript.

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