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The Return of our Mother God

Extract from a "Call to Action " by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles.

During this unprecedented moment on Earth, we can observe the events appearing on the screen of life and clearly see the extremes of human potential everywhere we look.
Humanity fell into the depths of chaos and confusion aeons ago and lost the awareness that we are Beloved Sons and Daughters of God. Since that fortuitous time, we have used pain as our motivator.

Whether our pain motivates us to respond with fear or love depends on how much control our human ego has usurped from our God Self and how much power we have relinquished to that distorted facet of our personality.

What is happening in the world is a reflection of Humanity's consciousness. If we step back and observe the unfolding pageant that is taking place, we will realize that what we are witnessing is a metaphor for the shift of consciousness occurring on Earth. The metaphor reflects the struggle that is occurring within each of us as our God Selves strives to reclaim dominion of our physical, etheric, mental and emotional bodies. Our fragmented human egos do not understand that once our God Selves are in control again, they will be transformed into Light.

Our egos think they are going be destroyed and they are fearful that they will cease to exist. That is why they are fighting tooth and nail to maintain control and to prevent our God Selves from gaining rightful authority over our Earthly vehicles.

Our human egos have manipulated us into accepting the illusion of duality and the belief in good and evil. We have been coerced into believing that since God is all there is, evil must have been created by God and must, therefore, be part of God's plan for Humanity.

In Truth, God does not release one electron of precious life energy that is less than the perfection of God. Therefore, anything that conflicts with the limitless perfection of God, for example: pain, suffering, poverty, war, hatred, prejudice, intolerance, corruption, violence, abuse of power, lack, limitation, disease, aging or death as we know it, in other words, evil, is a distorted human miscreation. Those miscreations were created through Humanity's free will choices and the misuse of our creative faculties of thought and feeling, not by God.

The dual polarities of God are NOT good and evil. The dual polarities of God are the Masculine Polarity of Divine Will, Authority and Power and the Feminine Polarity of Divine Love and Reverence for Life. In other words, our Father-Mother God.

Prior to the fall, these polarities were perfectly balanced within us. The Masculine Polarity of our Father God activated our rational, logical minds which function through our left-brain hemispheres and radiate out through the power centers in our Throat Chakras. The Feminine Polarity of our Mother God activated our intuitive, creative minds which function through our right-brain hemispheres and radiate out through the love centers in our Heart Chakras.

In the beginning, our right- and left-brain hemispheres were perfectly balanced, and our power was always embraced with love and reverence for life.

After we began using our free will to misqualify our gift of life into mutated patterns through our distorted thinking and feeling, we began to experience pain for the very first time. Our reflex response was to close our

Heart Chakras so our miscreations wouldn't hurt so much. When we closed our hearts, we blocked the portal through which the Divine Love of our Mother God entered the physical plane of Earth, thus forcing Her to withdraw. Without the life-force of our Mother God, our right-brains became almost dormant which caused our spiritual brain centers the pituitary, pineal, hypothalamus glands and the ganglionic centers at the base of our brains to atrophy.

As we descended into the dense, mutated patterns we were creating, we were cut off from the higher frequencies and guidance of our God Selves. To fill that void and replace the contact we had with our God Selves, we developed a fragmented, fear-based aspect of our personality that functions strictly to gratify our physical senses. That aspect took full dominion of our Earthly vehicles, and it is what we now refer to as our human ego.

When that monumental glitch in the Divine Plan occurred, for the first time, we began using our power without the balance of love. If we embodied as males, we abused our power by becoming aggressive, violent and domineering.

If we embodied as females, we abused our power by being passive, subservient and allowing ourselves to be dominated.

Throughout history, that imbalance and abuse of power has been reflected in relationships between men and women. It is reflected in how diversely men and women are treated in the various world religions, in political situations, in the business world, in families and marriages and in every other field of endeavor.

Now, in order for Humanity to correct our course of direction as we guide this sweet Earth and all her life up the Spiral of Evolution into the greatest shift of consciousness ever attempted in any system of worlds, the Divine Love of our Mother God must return to Earth.

The Feminine Aspect of our own Divinity must now reclaim Her rightful authority over the love center in our Heart Chakras. That is true whether we are in male or female bodies.
Our human egos are very aware of that fact, and they are terrified.

They know that when we open our hearts to the Divine Love of our Mother God, they will no longer be able to control us or manipulate us into abusing our power. They realize that when the Divine Authority, Will and Power of our Father God and the Divine Love and Reverence for Life of our Mother God are brought into perfect balance, NOTHING can prevent our God Presences from taking control of our Earthly vehicles.
Consequently, our egos are desperately doing everything they can to suppress the Divine Feminine and to prevent our Mother God from reclaiming our hearts.

For several decades, literally thousands and thousands of activities of Light have been conducted by Lightworkers all over the world to prepare for the return of our Mother God. The Light of God has increased on Earth exponentially, and the energy, vibration and consciousness of Humanity has been steadily rising.

As the Light of God pierces into the core of purity in every electron of life, It pushes everything that conflicts with the Light to the surface to be healed and transmuted back into its original perfection. Unfortunately, when the negativity surfaces, confused souls often grasp onto the patterns of imperfection and act them out in their daily lives.

At this time, all of Humanity's abuse of power, our lack of reverence for life and our suppression of the Divine Feminine is coming up to be healed.

The Spiritual Hierarchy have continually instructed Humanity to release buoyant, joyous energy in order to accelerate the process of opening the Stargates of our hearts in preparation for the return of our Mother God. They have encouraged us to add to the Light of the world through laughter, play, love and by listening to uplifting music. The rarefied frequencies of joy, laughter and music are key factors in accelerating our upward shift in consciousness.

Remember, we have gotten into the terrible habit of using pain as our motivator. We must realize that the message is reflecting the need for each of us to embrace our fear-based human egos in Divine Love and command them into the Light.

This is not a time to wring our hands in fear and focus on all of the negativity we are being bombarded with by the media. We must instead observe things objectively and put the power of our thoughts, words actions and feelings into manifesting what we want instead of empowering the fears of what we don't want.

Daily and hourly we must BE the instruments of God in the world of form. We must invoke the Light of Healing, Mercy, Compassion, Forgiveness, Illumination, Peace, Divine Love and Truth into every human miscreation that is surfacing to be transmuted into Light.

Interestingly, Solar Aspect of Deity that reflects Golden Light radiates forth the Divine Qualities of both Eternal Peace and Limitless Abundance. It is not a coincidence that peace and the economy of the world are both taking center stage at this time. Sustained peace is intricately dependent on global prosperity.

Peace and prosperity are both critical factors in the return of the Divine Love of our Mother God. Both attributes of God are based in reverence for life and the elimination of our abuse of power.

A Prayer for Eternal Peace and Limitless Abundance

" Through the Power of God anchored in my heart and within the hearts of ALL Humanity, I invoke God's Golden Ray of Eternal Peace and Limitless Abundance.
Precious Sacred Fire, blaze in, through and around every electron of my Being.
Flood my consciousness and the consciousness of every man, woman and child with Eternal Peace and Limitless Abundance.

Lift me into the Realms of Illumined Truth, and bless me with the clear Inner Knowing that Eternal Peace and the God Supply of all good things are my Divine Birthright.
I relinquish now, in the Name of God, all the beliefs I have ever had that are based in poverty consciousness.

In deep humility and gratitude, I consecrate and dedicate my very life to be the open door through which Eternal Peace and Limitless Abundance will flow to bless me, my family and loved ones, my friends, coworkers and ALL Humanity.

As I think, speak, feel and act, the Presence of God within me is expanding God's Gift of Eternal Peace and Prosperity to all life evolving on Earth.

I Am an Awakened Light Being.

I gratefully accept, into my life now, God's Eternal Peace and Limitless Abundance.

And So It is!

Beloved I Am, Beloved I Am, Beloved I Am. "

Extract from a "Call to Action " by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles.


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