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The Risen Female Order of Melchizedeka

Channeled by Lisa J. Smith Full Moon in Capricorn Meditation

As the Phoenix spreads her wings, the Collective lunar recycling of energy integrates its final act, and draws upon a new curtain setting the stage for the Female Order of Melchizedeka.

This grand opener of Celestial Events will pave the road for the perfected physical body through Biological Reprogramming.

The tables of Creation are set to move into the minds and hearts of many masters enjoying the Freedom to once again participate in the restructuring process.

The Lunar waves of Cancer are in reprocessing to become the Lumin(us) Perfection with the Great Central Moon Consciousness.

This is a mother God balance, and one not to miss, for the availability of pleasures in the Vibration of Unity, Balance and Order will truly become the awakening for many in their daily walk and meditations.

There are no rules to this experience of moving into the 7th Golden Age, only Friendship, Love, and Awareness to the core of ones own remembrance.

It will be a completion of disconnecting from earthly bound situations, and shall be replaced with the highest of Feelings unbound by space and time, as you have known before.

We do this through INTERFACE magnetics, which holds the keys to inner dimensional connections, or if you will merge heaven and earth as one.

When an entity interfaces with the God-self there is no longer a feeling of walking in two worlds, but living one creative JOY.

Interfacing with the higher self will translate in the solar plexus, which is the mid point of holding conscious court with the
Great Central Sun in the physical as it magnetically and magically pulls the illumination of the Great Central Moon energies into its embrace.

The male/female unions will occur on many different levels and love will manifest in every way on the planet.

In the embrace of mother/father God do all things exist, and with this knowledge can the expansion of self occur.

The reversal of patterning will connect inside the physical body, and many will feel disoriented for a short time, because
nothing is as it was, and will continually readjust with the increasing tides of new spiritual energy.

Therefore it is important to note that to focus primarily on the Substance of the Messiah and source is a priority. These energies connect inside the heart center and can never be disengaged once one has attained such a point in personal mastery.

The electronic substance of the Messiah with Source is an actual energy field of higher crystal light vibration and can easily be tapped into by divine surrender of self and the will to serve.

Our first call to order within the new biological program with the Messiah is to shift the energy of that which is termed Chakra.

The chakra system is vital in solar level understanding and integration and lays the foundation.

Without this grounding of ones own self the higher Christ paths cannot integrate.

Once these laws of energy come into balance and the 4 lower bodies move into a vibration of Christ/Buddha, then it is simply time to move into the next level of foundational training and grounding.

We have deemed to call the chakra system the Central System as it is running with the combined light of the Great Central Sun and Great Central Moon.

The central focal point of balance within the physical will be the solar center in direct connection with the Great Central Sun/Moon together as one light.

There will be 3 integrative measures of light waves mutating at once in the solar center this full moon of Cancer 2001.

They of course are the 2 forces of male and female Great Central activity, and the higher self making its final anchor. How this translates in the body and thinking patterns will be apparent. For instance, the food patterns completely shift if the human body's health has been addressed in the past year. There is a strong adjustment in keeping the body clean through intestinal clearing, and detoxification.

If the full spectrum of reverse magnetics is integrating one finds oneself increasing in divine intelligence at all times. Not having to think about it, the energy and information, which is appropriate, automatically comes in. There is also a deep inner urge for completion with the God-Spark self, being the male and female component, and the glue that holds the two
together, God-Source.

The earth master will also feel grounded with ease and grace. The inner urge is for freedom of being spirit in physical manifest form. These are but a few of the rewards many will reap this glorious Cancer/Luminus doorway.

Once one connects with the 12 galactic rays and vibration, then a call to inhabit the higher levels moves in the body.

The earth energy dances with such light as the integrative processes actually become easier.

There is no need for validation or confirmation from outside sources, it is the God within running this show from now on.

Next comes the set up of working with other masters within this spectrum of planetary connections, and inner spectrum of the Messiah, both being one and the same. This is where the energy of INTERFACING comes into manifestation.

Please hold while the important connections join the higher waves of galactic rays and make the connector links established for this house of spirit to light up.

As the heat and vibrations integrate within the physical there will be a cleansing in the sacral center as a refurbishing of energy establishes a new routine implemented with Archangel Metatron.

The Creators light opens with the 12 levels of the higher mind and the cube of creation actually adjusts as the intricate patterning draws the higher harmonics of life and you FEEL the adventure.

It cannot be felt as before with these new dynamics. They are an updated sense of creation as pertaining to the biology of light body to this point.

Yes, it will continue to shift and readjust itself, but its the FEELING of the creator energy, which remembers the Invincible Spirit of Self,

Life Eternal.

We must review and reintegrate the entire body of Adam/Eve Kadmon first, before interfacing with the blissful remembrance and feelings of self-worth on the higher levels.

The hypothalamus gland in the brain structure will unleash the energy and hormone of Eternal Bliss.

Although the Pituitary gland is the Master of the Body, it is the Hypothalamus gland, which runs the show. Its adventures include assisting with ones training of releasing the lower emotional body, making it possible to become one entity with the high mental thought forms in the Solar Plexus/Central Station of activity.

The hypothalamus gland also has a direct effect on physical eyesight.

It actually blocks the connection between the Pineal and Pituitary Glands, making it a remover of veils. You will feel as you meditate a clearing of the physical eyesight.

The eyesight shall improve into full health if one continues to work in the Hypothalamus Gland removing emotional blockages and allowing for the feeling nature of bliss, a natural state for light body within the physical structure.

There are nerve impulses in the back of the brain that will readjust along with the retina and its other working components in the eyes. The optic nerve will be electronically reassembled into the perfected seeing, in more ways than physical.

The next step is to open the sexual glands from the brain messages in a way that promotes health, vitality, youth, beauty and not simply muscle contraction and release.

There are two ways to connect with the sexual glands in the physical at this time, one is to continue in density, another is to connect in the heart with ones sexuality, and allow the sexual glands to unleash the hormone energies operating with the Adam/Eve Kadmon body of the Messiah.

These are vital to unlock in the human body for many reasons.

They are the activator or message for immortal body alignments when addressed in a mature manner and uninhibited in flow.

They run beyond the astral gathering of sexual distortion, and move beyond having to make union for release, love in need, power or self worth.

When sexuality of self comes from the heart first, then the sacral center opens to creator energies in manifest form.

As this occurs there is patience in the process along with understanding, and fear is automatically eliminated.

You will feel a strong current of energy moving with the sexual glands opening on a permanent basis.

Some will notice this immediately in the physical structure as the endocrine glands and exocrine skin glands connect as one. Skin will feel refreshed as the hydration process lights up the face, hair and nails of each participant brave enough to unleash its potential.

All activation's will connect with the crystal kingdom bringing Christ/Crystal back in unification.

The cellular structure will dance with light, as the water retention in many will be able to download out of the vehicle.

The union of Christ will take place as a remembrance that the Christ of self/cell is the first electronic body to integrate as well as the 13th formless, colorless electronic body to integrate.

The 13th electronic body of the highest Christ unit is actually the entire integration of the 12 galactic rays, electronic bodies and houses of the zodiac from the solar into the galactic level.

This will make up the full spectrum of the 12/13 galactic rays and move one beyond the electronic body details of the Adam/Eve Kadmon into the universal perspective of self as the many integrations will come in between. For the most part, that is where all ascended masters reside with the Eternal and Immortal Alignments until the coming together of All occurs
from the 7th until the 12th golden ages.

In order to make room for the Messiah realignments we will rebuild the Central Station/Chakra system for the physical body. If you or the group energy you are working are not in a relaxed station please shift into a meditative position.

The entire 12 levels of electronic bodies must filter into the physical structure making up the 52 gateways of universal activation through the galactic mind center.

It may feel expansive to the point of over exertion, but the physical body is quite resilient and will adhere to its integration.

First envision the maximum opening of the 7 body centers, as the back of the system must widen to a higher volume.

The two lines shifting in the lower back are the connection to the masculine and feminine entity operating through the mind center of the Tree of Life.

Hormonal Balancing will form between the estrogen and progesterone. Reversal of magnetics simply means that the essence of ones source is created from the ground level inside first, inviting the higher leagues and teams of light without.

This is the solid foundation of grounding the self into the planet, yet living an existence without any fear in the arms of mother/father God.

The MERKIVAH represents the strong physical vessel, in coordination with the strong energy field one invites. The enveloping energy activating is the 13th electronic Christ Crystal light, and 12 houses of spirit merging into the intelligence of ones own divinity.

As the body grows in strength, the spiritual energies become more minute and work within one another creating the evolving spiral of the Living Tree.

There will be an alignment first with the 12 levels reaching at least 40 inches or more above and below the physical structure.

From this moment the energy work shifts engaging the invitation of the Rotundrum, the mid-galactic knowledge of conceptual energy and male/female creations together as one.

The energy that carries the beloved Female Order of Melchizedek will arise within the vibrational upgrades. It is the feminine nature that will portray the explanatory efforts of new blueprinting into the physical body and balance with the male leaders of past, present, and moving together in unison with a solid league of light called the Messiah family.

Call forth level 8, the Aquarian Bridge above the crown and connect that with the throat center, when you are comfortable, pull down level 9 into the heart center, merging the Pisces Blue/Buddha ray into the heart.

The combination of Blue and Pink light will tickle the delight of ones life. Next call forth the higher sun Scorpio energy of level 10 to combine with the Solar Center and the higher forces of the moon in level 11 housing Gemini with the Sacral Center.

Finally level 12 of Libra universal balance moves to connect with the crown center and I AM Presence activation. Dear ones, we move forward always and shift the bodywork as biology will change through the ages forthcoming.

Feel the commencement as the 52 chakras ignite energy centers beyond the human comprehension, yet seats very comfortable in your most precious gift, The Temple of Light that is a perfected physical vessel in communion with source.

The crown will now feel the anchor of the mid-galactic magnetic connection in the physical, and the Consciousness of Bethlehem, before the 1st golden age can restart its engine below the root center in the grid formation and pattern of a golden Maltese cross.

Now you have implemented the five higher energy centers of the Adam/Eve Kadmon in the physical, which has left the 3rd eye center to open a pathway down through the root. Inside the brain what is known, as the white matter will flame into a new order as is connected to the base of the spine.

No more having to start ones engine through forced breathing, or finding the pleasures in life, they are activated with the fuel of the universe; ones own completion and love most high. With this energy you may ask in the 3rd eye center to release the false imprisonment of the astral or out of body realm, which is not conducive for grounding spirit into the light physical.

This can be replaced by the higher self commanding an INTERFACE with the Messiah substance of light and beyond.

In a newly awakened understanding it was for training that the name of Melchizedek would carry an essence, a particular energy and knowledge of higher consciousness.

This higher conscious state of activation would come in the name of Great Central Sun, only to be reminded that to have a Central Sun, there must as well be its equal the Central Moon. With these two combined energies of the same face it is important to note that in the nucleus of the sun is the moon and vice versa.

Two components equally carry the strength of the God-spark energy, and without the completion there is duality.

Together the return of one entity as two reinstates its existence and thus produces the child and crafting of limitless light, the Christ which pulls from the hands and heart of Archangel Michael from the Temple of Light, the 13th electronic body, into the hands of hearts of all stepping into Mastery on every level, the Christing of a planet and individual.

The birthing of the female Melchizedek master will rise this day on the Cancer/Luminus full moon and many women on the planet will feel their strength and step once again into the Melchizedek Order and activation.

A Melchizedek energy will move back into its highest, and all earth masters magnetically pulling in the 12 houses of spirit into unification, automatically ride the full spectrum and understanding of the 12 galactic rays, and with that strong vibration will then move into the 13th facet of the Christ self, which paves the road for the higher integrations up into the universe.

Every entity that ascends, connects with the God self, and allows for the higher transformation is a member of the Melchizedek training and re-education on all levels.

This would mean setting up in the Sacred Sacral Center the Tables of Creation working their way into humanity through health, manifestation, prosperity and enjoyment of the process. If an energy or dream does not manifest in some form than the alignments are not set up correctly.

Let us establish with the 12 levels of the higher mind in the sacral center once again a conscious activation, pushing out the subconscious living of old lunar and solar recycled devastation, inviting enjoyment and vitality back into self generated motor skills of which all have a right to reclaim.

It is truly the time to move on and eliminate days gone by that hold one back, and be in the ever present eyes of source.

Seeing for the first time offers a freedom within which then activates source alignments of the new biology, new energy and new information awaiting the brave warriors to bring forth. It is also wise to call upon the Archangel Kingdom to assist with the new Creations.

It has always been the service assignment of an Archangel to implement many facets of source creation as a prime leader in the forces of spirit.

The Archangel realm guides and guards the Sacral Center and this moment of linear cleansing and conscious choice will change the tides and flow of spirit once again.

There is much to learn, study and retrain as the higher forces of creation activate its new programming.

There is more adventure to experience, and reconnections to make, however with the Central Moon shift into the arms of its lover the Central Sun all discoveries will be as if one is seeing oneself for the very first time.

That my friends develops Passion, and sends electrical currents as has not been felt before throughout the physical structure and life takes on a new song.

The angelic kingdom known as the Harmony's implement its intricate detail work in the body.

Do take the time for pleasure, and the grounded feeling of Bliss, as spirit is no longer work, but service on high.

The higher self becomes the intuition which runs the physical with the I AM Presence and I beyond. Enjoy the limitless information and live once again in the combined heart of mother/father God. I will see you on the INTERFACE of self with the substance known as the Messiah. As the teamwork develops we are ever near and amazed at the instructions
transferring in the light.

May you grow with the Tree and partake of its nectar.

In love and at your service, I AM Sananda

Channeled by Lisa J. Smith

Warriors of Peace

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