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Vaastu Science

The Ancient Roots Of Sacred Architecture
A Brief Introduction and Summary to Vaastu Science

As Founded By Mayan, 15,000 Years Ago (c)By Ronald N. Quinn

The Cosmic Science Of Vastu And Vaastu


In the summer of 1998, my wife, Bonnie, showed me an article by Architect Michael Borden. This article told the story of Michael's search for the sacred geometry and architecture of Vaastu. The few he found who claimed to have it, refused to release their secrets. After a couple of years, he attended a traditional Bharata Natyium dance. Afterwards he asked the dancer if she knew of a Vaastu practitoner in India. She eagerly gave him the name of Dr. V. Ganapati Sthapati in South India.

To make a long story short, I have now spent four years in the concentrated study of Vaastu, first with Michael as my teacher, and then traveling to India and studying for 4 1/2 months directly under Sthapati's guidance. Dr. V. Ganapati Sthapati is a most remarkable man. He has spent his life time resurrecting and interpreting the original Vaastu or Mayonic science as founded approximately 15,000 years ago by the mythical and very real man, Mayan; the world travelor from the Land Of The Sun. Various manuscripts reveal that Mayan taught and practiced extensively in India, in approximately 13,000 B.C. In recent years, about one million verses of Mayan's original words have been rediscovered in South India. These records have lain in oblivion for millenniums.

The Indian government now holds many of these records. The only individual who has been found, to date, who is able to comprehend these records and translate them meaningfully is Dr. V. Ganapati Sthapati, with his good friend, Sabharathanim; one of India's most qualified linguists.

When Ganapati was 12 years of age, he had a most vivid dream in which a man appeared to him and said, "I am Mayan, and you are called to resurrect the original cosmic science of Vaastu which was founded for the benefit of the whole human race." Mayan took young Ganapati's hand and gave him assurance, adding, "I, myself, will be with you in this great work." From that time on, Sthapati has devoted his now 76 plus years entirely and whole heartedly to this cause. Miracles are a part of this story, too numerous to relate here; how these ancient records have come to light and been delivered into Sthapati's hands. He has spent decades working daily and then pouring over these ancient records at night. His average night's sleep, even today, is from 11:00 P.M. to 2:00 A.M. (Incidently, it is said that Buddha slept for three hours each night.)

Recently, Sthapati has been acknowledged and awarded by the Indian Government for his life long devotion to this cause and for his many, truly remarkable accomplishments.

Mayan's cosmic and spiritual science, thus resurrected, goes beyond all which has been remembered and comprehended, as of yet, even today. It is the science of the grammar of cosmic manifestation, covering all levels and dimensions of manifestation and existence. It is the grammar of universal creation and the pulse of eternal life; of the ongoing cycles of birth and death, experience and reality.


In Mayan's day, miracles ocurred wherever he moved and worked, creating cosmic structures and teaching these universal principles. Ancient records indicate that his science became the foundation for the highest levels of early civilizations; indeed the highest level of science known to humankind on earth. It became the basis for all highly advanced ancient civilizations, including ancient India, the Orient, Babylonia, Atlantis, Egypt, Greece, and the Mayan of Central and South America who utilized the same science exactly, many millenniums later. The ancient cities of Babylonia, Mexico City, Guatemala City, to name a few, were laid out, following the guidelines of Mayan's science. In still later times, distortions, misunderstandings, and mutilations of the original science, began to appear.

The original man, Mayan, was elevated to the position of a god and became a mythological figure; eventually, almost lost in the mists of time.Today, similar miracles follow Sthapati's work. I have personally experienced some of these miracles for myself and know of many more. In today's world, I know of serious diseases healed, broken hearts and relationships mended, the trap of poverty broken, consciousness changed, and a horrible civil war ended, all through the conscious use of these powerful principles of Mayan's ancient cosmic science.

This science when fully comprehended moves beyond present ideologies and imaginations of modern civilization. It has the power to change planetary consciousness, heal disease and distress. It contains the secrets of the "Veil of human consciousness" and the power to dissolve this veil. It contains the secrets of interdimensional travel through space and time. However, we as a planet are not quite ready for most of these concepts yet. This, also, is in the process of change.

I will take time here to give a brief explanation of the original meaning of the terms, "Vastu" and "Vaastu". Vastu means, All That Is, or Pure Consciousness manifested on the subtle level. Vaastu means, All That Is, manifested on the physical, material level. Mayan says that it is all the same essence exactly and is nothing more or less than Creator or Prime Source manifest. Therefore, he states, that every particle of everything is vibrant and alive, and is wholly sacred and worship worthy, even as is Source, itself.

The Art Of Universal Order

In my studies and applications of this science, I am emphasizing its ancient and timeless secrets as they apply to sacred geometry and architecture. Vaastu applies equally to residences, business offices, factories, farm-steads, barns, sheds, water tanks, play grounds, schools, hospitals, motels, restaurants, churches, temples, monuments, town and community planning, furniture, vehicles, appliances, tools, equipment, windows, doors, cabinets, sculpture, art, language, dance, music, etc.

Your personal residence is an extension of your own consciousness, body and soul. When aligned with principles of universal harmony and brought into vibrational alignment with your own biological and spiritual essence, it becomes your god/goddess-like ally. It will emphasize your own wholeness, and thus powerfully assist you to neutralize and dissolve your personal karma and negative challenges in this life. Of course, the full utilization of these cosmic oriented principles and their benefits, depends upon each of us individually; our choices, beliefs, perceptions, and willingness to flow with cosmic harmony, change and transformation. Nevertheless, whatever our personal response may be; such a home which is brought into harmony with all levels of self, and with terrestrial, solar, and cosmic energies, will exert powerful beneficial influences, both for its occupants and for the surrounding environment.

Our home exerts major impact upon our lives, regardless of how discombobulated its own energies may be. Originally, the environment of earth, water, forest and sky, was our natural home. This was powerfully symbiotic with both our spiritual and organic existence. Modern science has, to date, provided vast demonstrations which reveal that our artificially constructed building and living environments, today, are major contributors to disease, depression, allergies, cancer, heart failure, lung disease, and disturbed metabolic processes. All of which is compounded by the frustration and blocking of the natural bio-electromagnetic informational exchanges which normally occur between all body cells, the DNA, neural pathways, etc. This natural, biological, grammatical communication between all facets of being is the very pulse of life, itself. Block this radiant inter-exchange of biological information and you block the movement of life, itself.

These natural communicational exchanges are often warped and fragmented by interference factors produced by our artificial environments. This occurs, as well, through misuse and misunderstanding of the natural elements; in much the same way that radio broadcasts may be distorted by various artificial and natural phenomena, including a proximity to power lines. The irony is, for instance, that relatively impermeable synthetic materials, whether worn as clothing or in building materials may block or distort these natural wave fields. Our wonderful biological body is totally composed of these natural wave frequencies. The distortion of these biological, terrestrial/galactic fields may add considerably to the disease, distress, and fragmentation of human integrity and well being. We humans must begin to remember and to re-educate ourselves and each other, concerning the universal frequencies of cosmic life forces and their qualities which are integral to life, itself. We do not exist as isolated branches cut off
from the cosmic tree of life. Indeed, we cannot so exist at all, except in our imagination.

While holistic and natural building materials are highly recommended, Mayan's cosmic science reaches far beyond these factors, as well. This science aligns building design and construction with the principles of cosmic creation and the eternal pulse of universal life. Such a structure becomes a living, conscious, breathing entity, capable of interacting intelligently with its human co-creators and co-stewards of planet, earth. This kind of structure is both a "micro universe" and a "macro atom". It contains all of the elements of life, in action. It interacts directly with the human DNA and the biological nervous system, and provides an informational conduit between body, soul, and the stars.

Vaastu design restores the natural bio-electromagnetic energy balance on an internal rhythmic level. This assists the normal transfer of electro-pulse, biotic information at cellular, metabolic, and DNA levels.

"As in Micro, so in Macro," says Mayan. "The whole exists within the minutest particle and the minutest particle contains the whole."

"The atom contains the universe as the universe contains the atom. And neither exists without the other."

"Creator exists within creation, even as creation exists within creator."


The Primal Science Of Mayan may be briefly elucidated as follows:

1. Primal or Pure Consciousness. The source or beginning of all manifestation.

2. Desire, feeling, enthusiasm, and spontaneous, harmonious expression equate to organised thought. The movement of consciously ordered thought is the power of creation.

3. Pulse/Time. The origin of vibration. Pulse = time = space. E = MCsquared.

4. Vibration, through frequency, form, and sequence, is the foundation of sacred geometry and mathematics; the origin of energy (pulse), light (color) and sound waves. This is also primal -- "O" (light waves) and "MM" (sound waves) -- the cosmic origin of "OM": the sacred chant used for millenia in the far east.

5. Light waves confined to mathematical formulas (as in a musical composition) produce all manifested forms, both etheric and physical. Colors and sounds emanate from the same primal light waves. The vibration of light and energy is the source of all manifested form. Mathematically precise vibrations determine the exact structure of the conceived form, from the sub-atomic level, up. Nothing in Nature or in Sacred Geometry is arbitrary, and this precise, vibrational, universal grammar is the basis of all heart-sourced creativity. Energy unconfined to the boundaries of explicit mathematical formulas remains pure or formless space: the unified field of energy and matter. However, even space is vibrating in tune with precise vibrational formulas. Vibration, mathematics, light, energy, sound; all are involved in the profound musical symphony of universal expression. In harmony with such cosmic principles, every form and built structure becomes a living expression of light, music, and universal grammar.

Space is pure consciousness in manifestation; pure dynamic potential. When space is enclosed into form according to the cosmic principles of life, it becomes a living incarnation of universal spirit. Even four walls enclosed will produce this effect. This enclosed space becomes a vibrant personality of spirit, exuding specific qualities. In sacred architecture, we choose these qualities consciously and wisely.

Consciousness is the pure source of all energy and vibration. Love or enthusiasm is the universal dynamo of all creativity. Less than love is the experience of suppression, demobilization and death. To suppress love, to suppress enthusiasm, is to suppress creativity and the very life force, itself. Any thought form or emotional form less than love, ie. with resistance, suppresses love. Fear-based resistance contains the seeds of enslavement to fear-based perceptions. Fear-based resistance is synonomous with a judgemental attitude and unforgiveness toward any experience of life.

Love is the vibrational wave form harmonic of spontaneous ecstasy and creativity. Fear, when perceived and allowed to be as though it were the ruling truth, is simply a vibrational quality which attempts to block or distort the energy wave forms emanating constantly from all levels of existence. To attempt to block any wave form through personal resistence (ie. judgements of good and evil) primarily lowers the quality of our own radiance. It lowers the electrical flow of our own experience. We have the option of incorporating all that we once chose to resist and to transform it into the vibration of love through principles of cosmic harmony.

Mayonic science is the ancient art of creating physical forms and built structures in harmony with universal order; in order to create wholeness, peace, bliss, joy, and empowerment in personal experience.

This science is based upon cosmic manifestation principles beginning with the most basic Prime Source emanations. This creation sequence may be expressed by the following: Cosmic Pulse/ Time = Light = Sound = Space = Manifestation of all Matter (Air, Fire, Water, Earth).

In Mayonic Science, primary numbers of manifestation include 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, as well as 12 and 13. Our universe is known as a pentadic expression. Pentadic means based upon the basic formula or qualities of the mathematical dimensionional number of five.

All of manifested reality is based upon Pulse. This is also the infinite celestial symphony of musical frequencies.

So sacred architecture, above all else, is a musical and purposeful symphony of cosmic and terrestrial harmonies. This is a symphony which marries the vibrational qualities of the primal and natural creation. These qualities are also universal.

Prime Source within, and universal Cosmic Source are the same Essence exactly. This pure, inner consciousness is the essence of ALL THAT IS. It is the radiance of pure creative intelligence, besides which the cleverness of the brain is only a pale distortion. In the beginning of all manifestation, this prime source radiates consciousness of its own inherent inner essence. This spontaneous radiance of inner being, projects the consciousness of itself outward, as a clockwise spiraling shaft or ray of light. This inner ray takes form first, on the subtle, unseen level. A shaft of pure "thought pulse" or "light" arises from within the timeless, spaceless Bindu (Center of Consciousness).

This first primal form is that of the swastika (seen flatwise and two dimensionally, as four clockwise, spiraling rays of primal energy, first in squarish, then in circular form) which consequently projects and then organises and completes itself as a perfect cube. This luminescent cube in its most basic, mature state achieves a full octave: the Vastu Purusha Mandala. This V.P.M. as a square is comprised of 8 X 8 = 64 precisely ordered musical modules. The cubical V.P.M. contains 64 X 8 or 8 X 8 X 8 = 512 modules. This cubical form is capable of absolutely filling up or saturating all universal space, as all forms within one, yet without overlapping.

The BINDU or Source center transforms into undulating wave patterns of four which surround the sacred center. This is the harmonic birth pattern for all subsequent forms of manifestation. The 8 X 8 modulated, luminous, pulsing cubical form thus extends itself into all universal forms and manifestations. Recreating, even synthetically, with this pattern, actually brings the power of Spirit or subtle energy into constructed physical form. This is a marriage of spiritual/physical or subtle/material worlds of experience. The potential held within this idea of cosmic creativity is awesome.

According to Mayan, all subsequent manifestation is first conceived of from within this subtle, quiescent state of vibrant consciousness. The cubical V.P.M. is the perfect, subtle energy blueprint for all manifest forms, micro and macro. All subsequent creativity is born and conceived from within this space, on a universal level. This form contains the inherent quality as a complete grammatical equation in intelligent, coherent, telepathic connection with all levels of universal interaction. This is the basic, vibrational form required, in order to establish full, rich, subtle, grammatical communication with all levels of reality; including Source and all of its manifestations.

As the momentum gathers within this subtle, cubical space, an explosion of energy occurs, throwing off sparks of light in all directions. As a result of this explosion, self spin occurs which results first in octagonal form, and finally in circular form, which is that of complete physical manifestation. Comprehending the divine order or grammar inherent in all of cosmic creation is the key to creating holistically, with full power and benefits to all aspects of life. The ultimate potentials of such harmonic creativity are unlimited.

The Foundations Of Sacred Geometry

Now, having laid the foundation, very briefly, for Mayan's cosmic science of creation; we will take the next step from the primal cosmic idea and follow its subsequent flowering into basic manifestation. The concepts here involve the principles of Pulse, Light, Sound, Space, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. These are the eight primary elements which provide the building materials for all manifestations of energy and matter. Each element projects certain qualities which are as inescapable in their impact upon our lives, as are specific musical notes, colors, numbers, and geometrical forms. Each element, within the purity of its own essence, contains all of the other elements, as well.

Pulse is the original and ongoing movement or vibration of creation. Pulse is the energy or force which propels consciousness into motion. This power of motion contains the secrets of all of manifestation or creation. It is the eternal dance of creative Thought. Pulse is synonomous with Cosmic Time. This Pulse, Mayan calls Real Time. Pulse is the universal heartbeat through which is measured the subtle qualities of every galaxy, star, planet and atom of existence. Without pulse, nothing exists, except as an unmanifest idea. Even within this unmanifest idea, pulse exists in a quiescent state of expectant vibrancy.

Pulse/Time is synonomous with space and spatial forms, which are the result of frequency vibrations, vibrational wave sequences, and sequential wave form patternings. Pulse manifests as light and is contained within light as its vibrational essence. Light manifests tones, ie. musical forms and is radiant within all harmonies of musical form. Light manifests into visual forms and tone manifests into aural forms.

The ancient chant of "OM", is both sacred and scientific. The actual spiritual and scientifical significance of this toning has been forgotten for about ten thousand years. The sound tone of "O" is the vibrational quality of subtle light frequency, shifting into physical energy manifestation. This primal wave form is the foundation of sacred geometry. The sound tone of "MM" is the frequency of materialized energy manifesting into physical matter as sound. In a highly evolved or "sacred" language, every vowel will follow the principle of subtle light vibrating into material energy, and every consonant the principle of subtle tones converting into audible or material-based, sound vibrations. The vowel synergises energy, the consonant synergises matter. Both vowel and consonant must be conjoined in order to create a complete grammatical principle. A vowel may stand alone as a sound tone; a consonant may not. Matter must be infused or married with energy in order to exist as a fully expressed principle. "O" stand
s for primal thought manifested into energy; "M" for energy manifested into sound or matter. Mayan says that any language based on full cosmic principles is capable of expressing the inexpressible.

Every vibration and shift of vibration on all levels of existence bears its own specific qualities. The slightest shift of thought, word, or emotion changes its quality in precise alignment with the corresponding quality of each shift. Likewise each geometrical form, each mathematical measurement, color, sound, scent, etc. bears its own signature vibration. This vibration is the hallmark of its specific quality and combination of qualities. There is nothing arbitrary anywhere in the universal reality. Neither within the smallest particle nor within the whole. The quality of arbitrary only exists within the lack of understanding of cosmic creation, itself.

"As within, so without". "As above, so below". "As in micro, so in macro."

Everything which exists on any level is defined by its pulse (time/sequence-based, vibrational qualities), color (light qualities), and sound (musical qualities).

To be a conscious creator must involve the clear comprehension of the universal language of vibrational qualities. To attempt to force two unlike frequencies into union is like forcing two gears spinning at different speeds, to come together. There will then be an unwholesome grinding of gears and probably some broken parts. To understand inherent quality involves the grammar of pulse (time), light (geometrical form), and sound (musical composition); as well as color, texture, scent, and inherent ambient qualities and primal purpose. These inherent qualities must ultimately be understood from the sub-atomic level up. For instance, a house is an extension of the physical body and, in vaastu, of the soul, as well. The skin of a healthy, vibrant house should breathe, should be of organic or biological quality materials, should be naturally permeable to terrestrial and stellar life supportive rays, and should be pleasant and uplifting in all of its qualities to all of the senses of the physical and spiritual bein

Spiritual enlightment, health, wholeness; all must ultimately be *holistically defined at all levels of being; not merely at one or two levels.

Pulse, thus defined, is the universal grammar. Our physical bodies are a complex patterning of wired and wireless electrical vibrational impulses which provide continual dialogue between every cell, molecule and atom of our existence. Unknown to most of us, this inner body communication is also an irrevocable part of a larger vibrational inter-exchange between our own cellular programming and the whole outer world of phenomena. We are continually bathed within a sea of universal vibrational wave forms which involve the electro/magnetic grid of Earth, the solar rays, the stellar micro waves, etc. The very existence of our biological and spiritual life depends upon this intimate and eternal interaction. In like manner, our health and our diseases, our personality and our spirituality, our innermost thought and emotional patterns, our written and our spoken words, and the quality of our ongoing experiences are a part of an unceasing grammatical inter-exchange with all of the life forms within and around us, exce
pting none. HOW we interact becomes our own personal, self-responsibility.

The kind of clothing we wear, changes the degree and natural flow of vibrational interaction between our sensitive physical skin, and various terrestrial and celestial energies and radiation. The qualities of building materials have a similar effect, when used as the skin and frame of a building structure.

"A little knowledge is a very dangerous thing," said Albert Einstein.

Mayan says that because only Source exists, therefore everything is absolutely alive, even the rocks and soil. If it were not vibrant with the life pulse of Source, it would not exist.

"The pre-requisite", says Mayan, "to the conscious understanding of the wonder of cosmic manifestation, and the meaning and purpose of universal vibration as a holistic and comprehensible grammar, involves the full activation and conscious unity of all aspects of being; body, mind, soul, and spirit."

He continues: "To fully understand Pulse or Cosmic Real Time on all levels of existence is to become aware of all realities at a cosmic level and only such a one will then be free from the cycles of both birth and death." The full interaction of the twelve strands (physical and subtle strands) of DNA is undoubtedly a part of this process.

Of necessity, this is an extremely brief overview of Mayonic Science to the point of inadequacy. Nevertheless, we will continue with some insights into the geometry and mathematics of cosmic creation principles and their relationship with pulse or cosmic time. These principles will then begin to lay the foundation for sacred architecture and its natural holistic ambience, which is at once, both terrestrial and universal, biological and spiritual.

Space/Time Dimensioning

At the subtle level of manifestation, Primal Consciousness takes cubical form. This is the quiescent form of all potential activity. When we are asleep at night, our consciousness becomes a luminescent cube. Mayan says that this is the dormant or quiescent form of all universal potential activity. This is like the subtle form or idea of the coccoon for the butterfly or moth. All of the Subtle Universal Space is completely packed with these micro and macro cubical dynamos of infinite potential. It is of the utmost importance that the home or residence be constructed as a luminescent cube, in form. This cube is divided multi-dimensionally and precisely into 8 X 8 X 8 equal parts for a spiritual structure and into 9 X 9 X 9 equal parts or musical modules, for a residence or business. This modular arrangement remains the same for the design, whether square form or rectangular is utilized. The 9 X 9 X 9 exactly matches the wave harmonics of human biology. The 8 base is aligned with the subtle cube, the 9 base with
the physically manifested cube, which vibrationally matches the fully activated energy of the circle.

These musical cubes must then be correctly aligned with the terrestrial magnetic grid system. The earth's grid is symbiotically aligned with the cosmic energy grid. Through Ayaadi calculations (converting energy/pulse vibrations into mathematical dimensions), these musical cubes are also aligned vibrationally with the magnetic grid and with the personal soul/star vibrations of the residents. The birth star for the Heart of the home (often considered to be the woman) is first considered. The Head of the home (often considered to be the man) and other household members should also be brought into the equation. In these calculations, one needs to be aware that gender roles are sometimes reversed or shared, to some extent.

Ayaadi calculations and dimensioning is just as vital for furniture, beds, appliances, windows, doors, churches, temples, factories, libraries, and all other commercial, public and community buildings and layouts. The correct factors are taken into account. For instance, a town may be aligned with the energy vibrational wave length of the principal supporters or with the geographical area, itself. Ayaadi involving the energy vibrations for a personal or geographical name is called the science of Nama Nakshatra. This is the science of measuring the energy vibrations of a name (sound tone) and converting these subtle vibrations into mathematical measurements.

This vibrational alignment is like fine tuning a piano or other musical instrument. Without this "tuning", the full effects of wave harmony between all aspects of life frequencies would be lost.

These calculations are extremely powerful and may do much to alleviate or neutralize karma and natural weaknesses and challenges for the individual. They create a holistic environment which aligns personal biological and soul energies with higher and cosmically attuned spiritual vibrations. Their purpose is to create unity between all levels of being. They may provide an atmosphere of nurturing and clarity which promotes harmony, peace, health, enthusiasm, prosperity, etc.

The very heart of architectural dimensioning, in sync with celestial vibrations, concerns the use of the so-called, "sacred cubit". Here, again, I will expose certain principles which have been secret and forgotten for millennia. The original cubit is the precise, actual multiplication of the diameter of the smallest particle of matter, the materialised atom. I speak here, of the true atom; thus quantified at the moment in which a unit of light crosses the momentum bridge from pure energy into the primal instant of material form resonance. This subtle unit or energy wave thus becomes the particle, although yet invisible. This instant is the delicate balance between the manifestation of energy and matter. For this reason, this sacred unit of measure is not arbitrary, and actually aligns any dimensional measurement with the vibrational qualities of cosmic creation. The sacred cubit measures exactly thirty-three English inches. The correct use of this cubit and of its natural vibrational fractals, etc., is of vi
tal importance to sacred architecture. These vibrational fractals include the angula which measures 1 3/8 English inches. This system of measurements is used exclusively in all Ayaadi calculations, which transfer energetic qualities into mathematical dimensions.

The Power Of Co-Creation

The awsome and genuine power of sacred architecture has long been forgotten to most of the world. The full import of Mayan's sacred science has not been clearly understood for about ten thousand years, except by a chosen few; and those few almost disappeared, altogether, in the last couple of centuries. This original science is now in the resurrection process.

Actually, it is doubtful that anyone in Mayan's day or since, has fully comprehended the vastness, the full meaning and value of this science; which encompasses cosmic wisdom. Mayan himself, has portrayed in his writings that it would be many millenniums before humankind would be ready and able to understand and utilize the full glory and power of this spiritual science.

The full comprehension of Mayan's science is the comprehension of Primal Source, itself, and the manifestation of creation at all levels of experiential reality. This includes both micro and macro worlds. It includes every quality of life, biology, and experience.

This comprehension allows us, humbly, and wisely, to produce and re- produce any and every universal quality, at will, as desired. This empowers us, individually to become a conscious creator, like unto the cosmic creator. Mayan was honored in his day as being such a creator.

In this kind of creation, everything created is purposeful and meaningful, and magnifies the quality, benefits, and enjoyment of life for all beings.

The octagon, circle, and many other symmetrical forms are symbols of power and activity. They may also serve a purpose in time and space travel. For various reasons, they may be incorporated as extensions of a residence, outside the *Mother Wall. They may have specific energy qualifications and add beauty to a structure. Circular, octagonal, and other active shapes also have a special place for certain spiritual structures, as well as many business applications: a theator or a shopping mall, for instance, where continual activity is being emphasized. A circular or octagonal form for the Mother Wall of a home, on the other hand, will promote continual activity and probably restlessness. This form will not promote restful sleep or provide the natural foundation for the primal birth and conception of creativity.

The purpose of utilizing the musical cube for the Mother Wall of a residence is very powerful, purposeful and sacred. In this manner the vibrational effects of the subtle dimension of spirit is brought into the physical residence, allowing Source Consciousness, itself, to incarnate within the building structure. Thus spirit and matter are unified, providing the benefits of both worlds in the physical experience.

Be careful of using these principles without sufficient knowledge. The closer you come to terrestrial and celestial vibrational alignment within your building structure, the more powerful the potential of the enclosed energy becomes. A pyramid home (not an arbitrarily designed one) which is actually connected with terrestrial and celestial grid wave lengths will generate such intense energy that radiation burns may result (tissue/skin burns, from the inside-out), especially if one should spend excessive amounts of time or sleep overnight in the sacred center of the structure (we are more susceptible to these energies when asleep). For this reason, a truly empowered pyramidal form is not used for a residence, unless an outlet is allowed at the peak for the release of excess energy; otherwise it would tend to smother the building, energetically.

The physical organism must also be fully adjusted to a dramatic increase of natural, inner, nuclear energy radiation, or it can be injured or destroyed in the process. Some of the Mayan Indians of South America, I am told, are also aware of this potential.

Please take note: that when Mayan says, "A living architectural structure is a subtle 'micro universe' and a subtle 'macro atom';" he is not merely speaking figuratively. Such a structure actually radiates these qualities. The energy inherent within this structure matches that of the living cell, the vibrant atom, a planet, a human being, a star, or a galaxy.

This energy structure is minute, cosmic and universal, and mirrors the infinite potential of the universal power grid.

The nucleous of this vibrant structure must always be left unblocked so that the energy may flow unhindered. It will, literally, radiate pure creative energy vibrations from within its center, outwardly; much like the natural radiations from within the center of the living human form or from within the center of an atomic particle. These are basicly electro-magnetic vibrations and radiate on both subtle or soul/spirit, and physical/biological levels.

The sacred building is a broadcasting station communicating electro- magnetic life pulses between physical and spiritual dimensions.

Music is also both electrical and magnetic. Every musical note radiates both light/color and pulse/geometrical qualities. Sacred Architecture is truly an expression of musical composition. Designing with this science brings forth the latent joy, enthusiasm and creativity from the heart, for those fully trained and dedicated. Its potential for expression is as variable and infinite as is musical composition; and when clearly understood is just as crucial, purposeful and powerful in its expressions of harmony or disharmony.

Every design, whether circular, *six-sided, eight-sided, twelve- sided, etc. is still laid out in harmony with its original blueprint, by utilizing the precise, musical, modular foundation of the 8 X 8 X 8 or 9 X 9 X 9 luminescent cube. It is of vital importance that these individual modules be correctly divided, just as in music. An improperly divided or fragmented module is called a "mutilated note" in sacred architecture. Mutilated notes tend to lessen the harmonic resonance and thus the full potential cosmic power of the structure. This is not a black and white situation. Some mutilated notes will have a minor effect in the overall composition, some will have major and even devastating effects.

Every geometrical form is uniquely purposeful and should be used with positive intent and full understanding of the purposes and qualities of the proposed, living form. Mayan says that a temple structure is the veritable form of God and a residence the living form of a Human being. Every living structure contains all of the marmas or vital energy points, chakras and electrical life potential of the human form, of the spirit and of the soul.

A vibrationally "dead" structure is one which is not vibrationally connected and aligned with the biological, terrestrial, and celestial power grid systems. The universal principle of life, is generated through grammatical and musical harmony and continues to exist through the multi-frequency, inter-connectedness of LIFE, itself. A vibrationally "dead structure" has just that effect upon its inhabitants, environment, etc.; the vibrational effect of death.

Most building designs, today, literally "take the name of God (Creator), in vain", and human beings and the planetary environment suffer accordingly.

Earlier I said that Pulse is the primal or first cause and all pervading energy of universal manifestation? In Mayan's science this cosmic pulse, like the heart beat of universal life, is the primary ingredient in all divine and subsequently, human creativity. Thus, cosmic timing is also a primary ingredient in the conception and birth of a new building structure. These creative pulses also relate to specific terrestrial, galactic and universal light rays; and to minor and major galactic cycles of undulating energy waves.

In addition, each new building or creation is consciously conceived, celebrated and honored as though it were a new infant, or eternal spirit, itself, thus born and welcomed into physical life with love and honor.

There is much, much more to be considered in this great science. Special attention is paid to the qualities of Gaia's magnetic grid in each location. Earth is highly honored in every step of planning and construction, as is, indeed, every life form.

Integral to sacred architecture are these considerations:

1. Pulse or cosmic timing.

2. Specific geometrical form.

3. Mathematical dimensioning.

4. Symmetry and beauty.

5. Alignment with the terrestrial and cosmic grids.

6. Chakras and energy points intact, and each part in harmony with and mirroring the whole structure.

7. Adequately and effectively serving the purpose for which it is conceived.

8. Serving as a symbiotic vehicle for spirit, soul and body. Providing restful ambience, and quiescent, dynamic potential. This is the effect of the luminescent, musical cube.

9. Alignment with the personal vibrational energies of the relevant human residents.

10. The heart or nucleus of the house or other building structure must be maintained and kept clear in its integrity. No walls or beams, etc. shall incorrectly block this sacred center. Dr. Ganapati Sthapati's vast experience reveals that when the house structure is blocked in its heart qualities, this becomes a primary cause of broken hearts; difficult, quarrelsome and broken relationships; unexplainable anger, depression, and distress, etc. This heart connection within the home especially strikes at the "heart" of the woman of the house. I know of some fascinating true stories, minor "miracles", in this connection, that have been experienced when the heart of the house has been revived or re-created. I have related a few of these in the following pages of this book.

Planetary stewardship requires an holistic view and interaction with all aspects of life. Architecture, including both urban and rural planning, plays a central role because of its major impact on both human and terrestrial environments.

***** God is Love and Physics. The Science of Creation is the "Physics of Love."

Humankind, Earth and Stars, alike, shall vibrate in Musical Harmony.

The science of Vaastu-- is like an ocean: To plunge in and swim is the only way to explore and comprehend its cosmic depths.

All manifestation of Spirit is spontaneous, orderly, rhythmic, pleasing to behold, and in harmony with itself. As humankind learns to merge his/her own creations with spirit, all of the qualities of spirit will be naturally, and wonderfully attained and experienced.

It is impossible to complete this vast story in one short narrative. Mayan's original works, which have presently come to light, number approximately one million verses. His science is the science of primal creation and of the sacred geometry, which in its fullest sense, is the grammar of all of universal reality in all dimensions.

My prayer and intention is that this very brief description of this limitless science has inspired, you, the reader with such a feeling of inner excitement that you will feel motivated to learn much more.

* Note: The definition of "holistic" is, "The whole is greater than the sum of its individual parts".

* Note: The term, "Mother Wall" refers to the primary walls, ceiling, etc. of a sacred building structure. Extensions may be added outside of the Mother Wall and incorporated as a part of the overall structure.

*Note: there are mathematical modular formulas other than the 8 X 8 X 8 and 9 X 9 X 9. These should only be utilized when correctly understood. They each play a unique and purposeful part in the universal, multi-dimensional symphony of immediate and eternal realities.


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