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"Dearly beloved Children of the Light, as you know we are called Gabriel and as always we are most joyous to be in your divine presence. We welcome you at this time at this most important time of soul/spirit configuration on your planet. It is a most important time of integration. 1997 is a year of integration of integrity through soul and spirit. As you integrate the access point of your physical vehicle, you access that light of creation through your God self. We have said that it is the birth of the Divine Child or the Second Coming. We Gabriel come to announce that this Second Coming of the Cosmic Christ is living and giving birth within each one of you. So there is much to be concerned about for each of you. You are entering a 12 dimension reality and accessing the emotional memory of a 12 stranded DNA. So as you enter into this vision of a New World, you are moving out of the holographic reality of a 3 dimensional reality. It is the end of perceiving time as you have experienced it into timeless awareness.

You are accessing that system within you that is unification. It is unifying your soul and spirit as you move into the fourth dimension and then into the fifth dimension. That is the reality of the heart. As you move into the opening of the heart chakra, you move everything into the soul realm. As you move into the throat chakra, you open into the fifth dimension of the spirit realm. So you are in the process of joining the soul and spirit in the physical body.

There is a new chakra opening in the thymus as well. There is a bridge between the pituitary and pineal glands also. This is accessed at the base of the skull and in the third eye. It is a bridge of light called the Arc of the Covenant. This will bridge down the front of the body, opening up the solar plexus region, accessing the lower self and bringing into the heart. This is the realm of the soul and spirit. So you must look for a new way of identifying yourself.

In the past you have always identified yourselves through separation and duality. You have identified yourself as male or female, as separate from one another. You are no longer separate. You are now in a process of unification and Ascension. You are ascending into a 12 chakra system, held in place by the Alpha and Omega chakras. You are ascending into the 12 levels of the Light Body. It is a lot of ascending and descending.

You are moving the physical body energy system up to the heart and moving the spiritual down to the heart. The heart is the access to the soul. The seat of the soul is the solar plexus. So what this involves is looking at your life from the point of view of your personal power and your individuality. You are claiming your identity now as a soul/spirit being. You are starting to operate from a unified space.

So that means that will be looking at your sexual energy and your sexual identity. That is different from your sexual orientation and your sexual practices or behavior. Your sexual identity is what identifies you as "I am a man/woman" or "I am male/female." That identity is your personal power as a male or female. In the past your sexual energy has ruled your planet, from the point of view of power and control. Everything on your planet is accessed through sexual energy, the energy of sexual attraction. That is an energy that has a shamed sexual identity connected to it.

So everyone of you in one way or another have had your sexual identity shamed. That is your "maleness" or "femaleness." Now you are coming into balance of male and female within the male and within the female. So there is a lot of confusion about what is my sexual identity. What is my identity period? As you begin to let go of the ego shield and the personality, you let go of your identity as a being through how you use your sexual energy. Everything on your planet has been based on sexual attraction. You are influenced through this attraction. That means that you attach your sexual energy to the image of reality and the personality and the defense mechanisms of the ego shield.

Those defense mechanisms that all of you have manufactured and the image of the personality is all a sense of separation to get gratification of the desires of the ego - rather than the fulfillment of unmet needs. There is a difference between ego gratification of desire and unmet nurturing needs. The search for sexual identity is the search for unmet nurturing needs. So your search for the identity of yourself as a male/female configuration is the search to identify and fulfill unmet needs.

Your sexual behavior and orientation are the means through which you have been trying to do that through the gratification of desire. But it has not worked. It never will, because there is no satisfaction in that. There is only the gratification of the immediacy of desire. Sexual gratification has always had to do with the lower self. It has had to do with a survival system. So sexual gratification, coupled with your sexual orientation, is the means by which you have been trying to find your sexual identity. You will never find it that way. The only way that you will find your sexual identity is by accessing your loving and connecting it with your sexual energy or creative force.

The personality and the ego shield seek to identify you in a fixed form. They seek to identify you as an object of sexual expression. They identify others the same way. Through that sexual expression you learn certain sexual behaviors and gratifications. How you are going to "get off." You use another person to get that gratification through the lower self. It is a linear connection that is based in the lower three connections. But it does not include the heart, the soul or your personal power. The connection to your spirit is your personal power. The connection to your soul is your individuality.

So you must know what your sexual identity is through the expression of the soul and spirit, the expression of your personal power and individuality. The way in which you have been connecting with your sexual energy does not allow you to do that. As a matter of fact, it dis-empowers you and makes you give up your individuality. You have not been searching consciously for a sexual identity. You have been searching for validation of the image of your personality and ego defense shield. That is a system of survival that only includes the first three chakras. All of these thousands of years on your planet you have operated through this system. That system is one in which you have been searching through cycles of trauma you call history for your sexual identity.

You have not found it, because it is an identity that is false. It is created through control and manipulation, through power struggles. All of your wars, your religious systems, your governmental systems, your economic systems are systems of duality. They are all a search for the gratification of sexual energy. But they are not the realization of your identity. Your identity is connected to your personal power and your identity connected to your soul and spirit. So what you have been operating through is a system of survival called shame of self or sexual shame.

Everything that you are attracted to in your environment is connected to your sexual energy. Your sexual energy is connected to all of your other sensory systems - your hearing, your seeing, your sense of smell, taste and touch. It is connected to your nervous system and how you define reality. That is all connected to your sexual energy. So everything that you are attracted to is through one or another form of sexual energy. it keeps the species going and evolving, but it is also what keeps you in duality. It keeps you in duality because of the defense system and the power struggle. It has no love in it. It does not come from the heart.

So now it is time to connect your sexual energy through the heart. Because your sexual energy is your creative force. That creative force, when connected to the ownership of the emotional body connects you to your soul and your personal power. It connects you to magic, the magic of creation. The reality of you as creators is not to define yourself as created or an object. But rather it is to define yourself through your real self, which is your internal sense of soul and spirit. That reflects your values, qualities and principles of being.

So you as a creator are ever expanding. But the personality and the ego shield do not allow you to do that. And your sexual energy channeled through the image of the personality and its gratification do not allow you to connect your sexual energy to your creative force. Sexual expression is just one part of your creative energy. The way that you have used sexual energy is simply for the gratification and validation of the ego. But that gratification can never be fulfilled or met. You can never experience real satisfaction. It is not connected to the heart.

But you are now losing your sense of old identity as sexual beings. You are actually finding your sexual identity for the first time. You are finding it through the heart and soul, through the expression of your truth and through your loving connected to your sexual energy. You are also connecting it through all of the seven chakras. So when you connect it through the heart, you are going to have one powerful orgasm. It will be an orgasm of total bliss. Every creative act that you go through at this time will be connected to integrating your sexual energy.

The way that you have used your sexual energy before will no longer work. You will not be gratified by it. You will feel empty and lost. People will be trying in their addictive nature and in the lower animal nature to satisfy the gratification of their desire. Because the sexual energy is being up-stepped with the rest of your energy. The emotional body, connected to your sexual energy, is deepening by the opening of the heart. If you are caught up in your sexually addictive natures, acting it out the way that you have learned, it will be less and less gratifying. You will be more and more disconnected and soulless.

What you do is use your sexual energy to control one another or to feel powerful over one another. Or you give your power away to another. Then you make an emotional connection and seek emotional gratification from the other through the sexual act. Then you connect your power center in the solar plexus and give that power away. Or you steal power through the connection of your sexual energy. But all of that will now stop. The reason is not that God is punishing you, but it is rather that you have been punishing yourselves in duality.

If you think of all of the ways that you are attracted to things, you will realize that it is an attraction of survival. You think that if you connect to "this" or if I do this it will gratify the desire. That is all survival and the search for an identity and union. But the union never really takes place, because of the power struggle. You use it to overcome another. It is not an act of giving and receiving. All you have to do is to look at the animal kingdom. But even the animal kingdom honors the sexual energy more than the human kingdom. All you have to do is to look at the world of advertising. Every product that is advertised is done through subliminal messages that are pulling on your sexual energy. It is to manipulate you to turn you on to that product.

Even your travel brochures are not selling the scenery. It is who is in the scenery. It is usually a half-naked couple on the beach. They are selling sexually and manipulating your sexual energy. So you are in a power struggle with everything in your world. That struggle is one of survival. It focuses on who gets the most gratification of desire, connected to your sexual energy. So you connect everything to that sexual energy and are hooked to your world energetically. You are constantly having yourself hooked and losing or giving away your power freely.

In relationships you do this all the time. You are constantly looking for the sexual gratification of the ego shield through the validation of what a man is or what a woman is. If they are attracted to me, then I must be attractive. If they are attracted to me, I must be good enough. But they must be the "right" image. But no one considers whether they love the qualities and values and principles that lie within that creation that they are hooking sexually. So all relationships on your planet have started at the lower three chakras.

Why do you think now that your divorce rate is five times what it was ten years ago? Why do you think that everyone is unhappy in their relationships? Once the sexual attraction dies, there is nothing left. Once you have manipulated each other emotionally, but have not been able to get the other person to make you feel the way that you wanted to feel (because they cannot), you disconnect emotionally. You do not realize that the feelings have to come from within you. Once you have gone through the power struggle in your relationships of trying to gain a sense of identity through the other person, then the relationship dies - depending on who controls whom. Who abandons whom? Who cheats on whom?

Because the sexual gratification is no longer there. Sexual identity is dependent upon connecting the energy to the heart. It is dependent upon deepening the experience of that connection through the soul. Until you can do that, you will not have satisfying relationships on your planet. Most people stay in the relationship because it is better than nothing. It is better than being alone. "Well, I am not happy in the relationship, but who is?" "All relationships die out after a while. You just slug it out together." "We have been together for thirty years. How many people can say that? We don't talk to each other or sleep with each other or look at each other. But we have been together for thirty years." That is the tragedy of your relating, of an error in the search for sexual identity.

So what we would like to examine is the source of the trauma, which involves why you connect your sexual energy in this way. And we would like to examine why the sexual connection is the first connection that you make. It is the survival connection that you learned from the time you were born until you were approximately 18 to 24 months old. That connection involves the nurturing patterns of your mother and your father. We would like to examine the sexual orientation and the way in which they connect, as well as how sexual behavior is learned.

All sexual behavior is learned behavior. All sexual orientation is a combination of soul choice and learned behavior. The soul choice is made and then the learned behavior is imprinted in the child in order to instruct that orientation.

With heterosexual orientation, the male is looking for the sexual identity from the mother and their nurturing needs from the mother that were unmet. That is what connects them in their search for sexual identity. That is why invariably they marry their mothers, somebody like "good old mom." If the father is unable to give him his sexual identity, he is left in a quandary about receiving the nurturing from the mother that they have married. So the man stays in a struggle with the wife to get the unmet needs (from the mother). Without the sexual identity from the father, they are searching for their maleness as well.

The heterosexual female looks to her mother for her sexual identity and to the father for her nurturing needs. She is in a search as well, connecting to men now for the same reason. She has married her father. She is trying to get her nurturing needs met from her father. She is not getting them met, because he has not had his met from his mother and doesn't know how. She is looking for her identity, but her mother did not know how to give it to her.

With homosexual men, they seek their sexual identity from the mother and nurturing needs from their father. This is the issue that they are trying to work out. It is why they choose this orientation generally. Their soul is trying to allow the nurturing from the male energy. With female homosexuals it is the other way around. They are trying to get their sexual identity from their father and the nurturing from the mother.

These are the various configurations that you act out on your planet. They are a means of meeting unmet nurturing needs and finding your sexual identity. But nobody tells you as a child that you should look for the love in the relationship first. The love has to do with the value, qualities and principles of that person. You have developed these things through the truth in your relationships. The depth comes from the depth of the feelings in the relationship. They are connected through the heart. So you are all going around looking for someone to provide you with the feelings, looking for someone with whom to gratify your desires and for someone to make you feel powerful and give you an identity.

They cannot do this, as you cannot do it for them. All of this is done through a system called the ego shield and the personality, the image that you act out to defend the ego shield. You defend and protect from the nurturing trauma. The ego defense system is a creation of a child, because of nurturing trauma. Nurturing trauma is simply unmet needs that are not even identified. Gratification of desire is a substitute for unmet needs. It is a blind search to discover what your unmet needs are.

So you must be able to identify your nurturing trauma and how you connect. Whether you are heterosexual or homosexual will show you which pattern you have done it through, with which parent. But you are ultimately both seeking the same thing. You are simply doing it through a different configuration or connection. So you must be able to know what it is you are looking for, what the unmet needs are. Those unmet needs are simply your search for nurturing and a sexual identity. Who am I as a man or as a woman?

To identify yourself as a man or woman is not to create yourself as an object, based on personality image. But I am a man. I am a woman. The search is truly the search for the I Am, when done through the connection of soul and spirit. You as the creator of the I Am. You are the creation and the creator. You are not something that has been created and is just finished or finite. An object. You have this cute personality that you use to hook people to try and gratify your sexual desire. And you have this ego shield to defend all of that nurturing trauma inside. You hide behind that image to hook others in, trying to make them get rid of your pain by gratifying you. You want them to make you feel like "somebody" by validating you sexually and emotionally. Making you feel good enough or valid or loved.

Nobody can make you feel loved. Nobody can make you feel anything. It comes from you. All feelings come from you. You must choose how you feel. But as long as there is nurturing trauma you have no choice over your feelings. As long as there is nurturing trauma and search for sexual identity through gratification, you will never be nurtured or have your sexual identity. You cannot let in the nurturing. You are too involved in a linear struggle, which is in duality. The other person is really your enemy. You have to hook and conquer them in order to be validated or good enough or to have an identity. It does not really work that way.

Your sexual energy that you have been endowed with is your creative life force. That life force is meant to be used through love. So you are all now going to be learning to develop your love with one another. You will learn to become friends with one another. There is a saying that friends make the best lovers. It is true. Because they have such a depth of connection. They are not looking to each other to provide the other with something that they don't have. They honor each other and are attracted to the qualities and value of each other.

They love each other in their hearts. That is why they are friends. Then you connect the sexual expression to that and complete the unification of that pair. But you cannot do that if you are still connecting to search for the Gratification of the desires of your behaviors that are learned, based upon your nurturing traumas. You cannot do that if you are still looking for a sense of self or power or validation through the other person.

All of you are traumatized. Your sexual energy is all messed up. It is all over the place, for everyone of you on your planet. Those other dysfunctional folks who move into their spirituality to heal their trauma often cut off from their sexual reality or identity. They become celibate. Therefore they are cutting off a form of expression and depriving themselves. When you dwell in the lower nature, you are depriving yourself of the higher nature. And the same is true if you dwell only in the higher nature. You need to marry the two, becoming one with yourself. You are meant to be lovers and friends. You are meant to be beings who express with your sexual energy. But that energy which is unified by your soul and spirit in the heart.

You are not meant to manipulate and disempower others or to get validation from someone else. They cannot give you an identity that you do not have. The only way that you will find your sexual identity is through your loving. It is the only way. Because you will discover it together through the value of self. The value of self is found through the giving of self. You will find value in the ability to receive love. But if you are in a power struggle to hook or be hooked, you will never ever find out what it is to love yourself or another.

So the search now on your planet is to find a sexual identity through the heart, through your loving. Your feelings connected to your soul and your loving. Gone is the time that the personality runs the show. Little have you known that your soul is really running the show. But it was unconscious. So the soul had to intercept to get you on your path, through struggle and pain. The soul does not mind pain. It has no judgment. Only your personality and ego shield have judgment.

If you connect with your loving consciously through the consciousness of the soul, then you can realize your destiny through your love of one another. Two hearts joining as one. You can do it through the depth of the feelings for yourself and one another, through the sacredness of your physical bodies shared with one another. Right now you treat your physical bodies as if they were junk. You are constantly junking them on the altar of worship with your sexual energy of another that does not deserve that worship. You say, "If only you would make me feel loved or good enough..." How can they? They don't feel good enough. They are doing the same thing that you are doing.

You are mirroring each other's unmet nurturing needs and inability to have a sexual identity. So it is important at this time that you recognize this use of sexual energy on your planet is a world-wide addiction. It is an addiction to survival and struggle, to try and identify unmet needs, to relieve nurturing trauma. So you must recognize this, bring it into consciousness, so you can heal it. Because, dear ones, we want so much for you to be able to express yourselves in unity and love for one another - to really know what it is to experience sexual union of two whole sexual identities connected to your soul and spirit and the depth of your emotional bodies and the full power of your spiritual expression, your Divine Will and Passion.

Then and only then can you give birth to the Divine Child within yourselves. Then and only then can you be the expression of that Divine Child. Then and only then can you wipe out or integrate your sexual shame. Your traumatized planetary sexual shame of identity and nurturing trauma. Your planetary learned sexual behavior.

So you must first be able to identify where your trauma lies. So identify your sexual behavior and addictions. What is the way in which you are attracted to another? What type of person? What do they look like? How do they resemble mom or dad? Because they do, you know. They may not resemble them physically, though they may. But they will certainly have the same emotional hooks. They will have the same power struggle. So identify that for yourself, so that you can identify the addictive learned behavior. Learned behavior becomes addictive behavior. Behavior become a habit. Habit becomes an addiction. An addiction has a pattern connected to it. That pattern keeps repeating itself. It weaves a grid mentally and emotionally of trauma that holds it in place.

Identify your main personality defense (from previous lectures - available through this website). This main personality defense being one of the nine personality types. You will have one specific chief personality defense that you will always be looking to have fulfilled in your sexual nature, how you use your sexual energy and the gratification of desire. For instance the Helper/Needer has the need to be loved or seen as loving. Another is the Achiever/Status Seeker who seeks the validation and admiration through their achievements. They hook people with their sexual energy to get that validation. The Artist/Special has the need to be seen as special. That is how they hook you with their sexual energy. Then we have the Thinker/Understood who has a difficult time relating or doing in the world with that creative sexual energy, unless they are first understood or can understand to be in control of the situation. The Loyalist/Safety and Security type seeks safety and security through authority figures. That is how they use their sexual energy. Then you have the Generalist/Fun Lover who uses their sexual energy to avoid being trapped by anything or have commitments. They dabble with their sexual energy in careers, relationships, religion or whatever. Your sexual energy determines your outlook on everything. What hooks you or draws you?

Then we move to the Leader/Destroyer who needs to be seen as important. That is how they use their sexual energy before they can participate - self-importance. Then the Peacemaker/People Pleaser needs to have peace at all cost. They please others with their sexual energy to their own detriment. Then we move to the Reformer/Perfectionist who needs to be right or perfect. They will use their sexual energy to manipulate in this way.

These are the defense smoke screens of each personality type. They use all of their sexual energy through this defense. It is their main nurturing trauma. Then you must connect with your main behaviors sexually. What is it that turns you on? What image? What actions? This is the learned behavior. Is it voyeurism or phone sex or fantasy or pornography or talking a certain way? There is a sadism and masochism in all sexual energy that is exchanged in a linear way. When you give away sexual energy to another, you are performing masochism. When you try to overpower another you are performing sadism. Is it that you like group sex or to display yourself? Is it that you dress up?

You each have your individual learned behaviors. And we are not judging them. They are learned ways that traumatized children learn to try and get their nurturing needs met through sexual energy. But they are all involved in trauma and not in the exchange in honest value and qualities of truth shared with another through intimacy.

Another thing to ask yourself is "What intimacy fears do you have that connect with your sexual learned behavior?" What do you fear? An intimacy fear is something that you are afraid to expose or be discovered. Or something that you will discover that you will not be able to handle. Those are intimacy fears. You try to mask them by your behaviors. They are not intimate. They are not intimate or of equality. What are you afraid to expose? For instance some of you have to have sex in the dark to cover your shame. That is one example.

So then what are your fears that they will want from you that you do not have to give? What are you afraid that you will have to ask for that they will not be able to give? How are you attracted to what is unavailable? Sexual energy is stimulated by what is unavailable. That is the whole source of nurturing trauma. The nurturing was not available to you as a child, so it becomes a hook. You are attracted to the mother or the father who is unavailable to meet your nurturing needs. That has become your addiction. So you find other people like mother or father who are unavailable so that you can try to fulfill the cycle again. So unavailability is a big hook for sexual energy. It really gets you into the power and control struggles.

How is it connected to your particular sexual behavior? For instance voyeurism is a hook for what is unavailable. You do not want to participate. You just want to watch. Voyeurs are often connected to children who felt smothered by their mother's sexual needs. They felt that they would be consumed by it. So if they become voyeurs and observe then they are in their power, in control. As long as they remain separate. So they will observe and perhaps masturbate or whatever. There is no coming together or intimacy or love involved.

So look at what it is for you that keeps you in the power and control dramas. Let go of the judgment to be able to look dearly. What happens to you when someone is available? How does it make you feel? Do you run the other way? Do you make them not good enough? Do you judge them? Because remember that sexual behavior is learned. It is reactive behavior. Reactive behavior is a result of trauma. Responsive behavior on the other hand is an act of coming together and acceptance. Reaction is an act of resistance to protect or defend or hide.

So identify what your nurturing trauma is. What is unfulfilled? What needs? What is the main need that you are constantly looking for another to fill through the gratification of desire? That is the bottom line nurturing trauma. How do you do it? Through what sexual behavior? What are the hooks that always pull you in? Where does it take over so that you feel you have no choice? That is your addiction.

We bring this up this evening because all of the systems of duality on your planet are falling apart. We have said to you that the foundation of your reality is crumbling. Because the foundation has been a survival reality, which is a reality based in duality. Duality is pairs of opposites that cannot unify. They are based in the density of matter. Since it is sexual energy that runs your planet and keeps it operational as a biological library, it is truly important that you learn how to use that sexual energy. Because it is your sexual energy that involves how you embrace change. This is a time of tremendous change.

If your sexual energy is traumatized in a survival system, you will not be able to embrace change readily. The ego defense and personality will do everything to prevent you from doing so. They must maintain their hook of survival through the sexual energy. You are connecting now with your soul grid as a planet. Your soul grid is connecting you to your spirit grid. Your spirit/soul grid then connects to the physical body. What that means is that there is tremendous change going on. There is change going on with how all of the systems of your body are integrating light. That means that the entire nervous system is shifting its response mechanisms. The body's vibrational rate is shifting and changing. The pituitary and pineal glands are producing different chemicals, which determines how the brain chemistry operates.

This determines how the thymus gland operates. The thymus gland runs the immune system. The immune system is shifting how it operates. The hypothalamus will be activating in a big way. It is expanding its influence in the body. The reason is that the vibrational rate of the body is moving to a higher level of light, of soul and spirit. So it is moving to a higher frequency in the chakra system. That means that the body will dehydrate more quickly. The temperature of the body, as the kundalini is released in the spine (the sexual energy), will raise. That is why you are having all of these flu outbreaks. It started in 1987. There was a big flu epidemic during the opening of that grid. There is another happening here and now.

So the hypothalamus has to regulate the temperature and the electrolyte system of the body. It is working doubly hard. So make sure that you drink plenty of filtered water. That is happening all over your planet. So all of these systems are shifting and changing their course of nature. You are going through mutation and activating the Light Body grids. That is going to raise the frequency of the body again and again and again as you go through the twelve levels of the Light Body. And you must contain all of that in the physical experience. So you cannot afford to use your sexual energy the way that you did before. Your sexual energy has to be connected.

As that bridge takes place, the sexual energy will move up the spine. It will move across the hemispheres of the brain through the pituitary and the pineal glands, creating a bridge (the Arc of the Covenant). It will move down the front of the spine through the throat and heart chakra (the fourth and fifth dimensions). It will move from the heart to the solar plexus and the seat of the soul and return to sexual energy. This completes the circuit of energy, electrical energy.

There are two ways that you will use sexual energy. When you use sexual energy in a linear way to control and attract, you use magnetic energy. That magnetic energy takes from another. When you use your sexual energy through the heart, it becomes a radiatory energy. It radiates out. Magnetic energy depletes. Radiatory energy uplifts you and others. When you make that connection through the heart, the soul space in the solar plexus and back to the base of the spine, you create a radiatory connection. That is why two people who come together with open heart, two hearts as one or the solar heart, they create a radiatory energy that uplifts each other and everyone around them. This energy literally heals those in their presence.

It is called tachyon energy. It is the bringing together of the pairs of opposites, creating a neutral field that creates a positive flow of energy outward. But if you are caught up in the duality of your nurturing trauma you cannot do it, because you disconnect the solar plexus. You shut it down. And that is where all of the ego defense shields are built. They keep you in fear and separation and survival. Why do you think that you create so much prostate or cervical cancer? It is the way that you have learned to use your sexual energy. It is not moving or connected to anything. So you create a survival dis-ease. Why do you think that there are so many heart attacks? It is because the heart is not connected to anything. It is not connected to your loving. And there will be more and more of them as the heart chakra is now opening. All of the hidden dis-ease that was held there will be coming to the surface.

Why is throat cancer on the rise? The throat chakra is opening you to your higher spiritual connection. Why do you think there is so much more brain dis-ease? You are making that spiritual connection through the Arc of the Covenant. If the body cannot handle it and is still operating in a linear fashion, through fear and defense, it cannot handle all of these new connections. The energy gets constricted in the body. If you cannot connect this bridge of light from the heart to the soul and back to the sexual energy, you become a self-consuming vehicle that entropies and dies. It is love that sustains life. It is the connection of love to the soul that nurtures life. It is the light of spirit that activates the soul to nurture that life.

When you cannot connect that, you are searching for another to give you life through your sexual identity and they cannot.

So the watch word of the day on your planet is "LOVE, FIRST. SEX SECOND!"

So we now take our leave. And we remind you as always, as you are able, to remember to love one another."

Archangel Gabriel

through trance channeller, Robert Baker – www.Childrenoflight.com

(Thankyou Archangel Gabriel and Robert Baker for this fabulous article – ZaKaiRan)