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Trusted and Always Updated: The Top 17 Popular Vendor of IT Certifications

Two critical considerations about IT certification vendors always matter. The first one is whether any given IT certification vendor enjoys a lot of trust. The second one is whether any given IT certifications vendor updates the certifications regularly. The latter consideration is key, for information technology is dynamic, and a vendor who doesn’t update certifications regularly is, effectively, a vendor who issues obsolete IT certifications. So, then, are there any vendors of IT certifications who are trusted and always updated? The answer is yes, and we will indeed be looking at the top 17 vendors of IT certifications who are trusted and always updated.

The top 17 vendors of IT certifications who are trusted and always updated include:

VMware certifications are always up to date, and VMWare certification holders are always required to keep on updating their skills, by obtaining the latest VMWare certification versions. VMware is also trusted in virtualization and related tech circles.


SAP takes a lot of trouble, to ensure that its certifications are totally up to date, in sync with underlying SAP technologies. In terms of trust, SAP certifications benefit from the trust earned by SAP’s widely deployed and reliable business administration software systems.


It seems as if there is an expert team that is always researching, to find ways of keeping Symantec certifications really up to date at all times. Symantec’s integrity is, on the other hand, the basis for Symantec certifications being so widely trusted.


The survival of Pass4Sure as an IT certification preparations vendor is predicated upon Pass4Sure being always up to date. Indeed, any changes in IT certifications get to reflect on Pass4Sure’s ever-dynamic portal as soon as they are published.


Pegasystems is a vendor of IT certifications who has a track record of global trust. PegaSystems’ certifications are also always being worked upon (seemingly on a day to day basis) by a dedicated team, to ensure they are up to date.


The great proficiency of Novell certification holders has, over time, earned Novell a lot of trust. The people behind Novell certifications have great commitments, in terms of keeping the certifications updated.


Microsoft is one of those companies that will go to any length to protect their reputations. To that end, Microsoft ensures that its certifications are always fully updated and trustworthy in terms of integrity.


SAP is another company whose success is greatly hinged on reputation. To ensure that its reputation stays intact, SAP invests considerably in seeing to it that its certifications are always trustworthy in terms of what they stand for -- and always up to date.


The main selling feature of Actual Tests is its always up to date -- and hence 100% trustworthy -- IT exams questions and answers database, which feeds into the test engine. The main basis for Real Tests’ trustworthiness is the integrity of the people behind it, who always work tireless to deliver the results they promise.


CompTIA’s independence from most commercial interests makes it a trusted vendor of IT certifications. Since IT certification is the only business that CompTIA concerns itself with, its basic and popular certifications are always being fine-tuned and updated.


Oracle’s training and support staff education resources are always updated. To ensure that people are using the most up to date Oracle training and support staff education resources, the Oracle certification exams are also always being updated.

Magento Commerce

Magento user needs are always getting more sophisticated, and Magento itself is also always being updated to match that level of sophistication. The changes are then reflected in the frequently-updated Magento certifications.


From a technical and design point of view, the Brain Dumps exam engine is always being tweaked, to be just like the IT certification exam vendors’ main exam engines it is meant to provide real-time simulation for. On top of that, obsolete questions in the Brain Dumps database are always being replaced with up to date ones.

Ciw Certified

CIW certified professionals are supposed to be always on an up to date skills acquisition venture, because the specialization for which CIW certifications apply is dynamic. To model this, CIW itself keeps on updating its now widely trusted certifications.


Test King’s expert platform researchers are always keeping close tabs on IT certification updates, which are then promptly reflected on the Test King Revision platform. People who have noted this trend have promoted Test-King as a trustworthy vendor of IT certification preparation services.

The Open Group

Open Group certification vendors are not simply glorified salespeople of particular vendor’s IT infrastructure, but rather, independent IT experts. This is the fundamental reason for Open Group being trusted -- and Open Group certifications (in various disciplines) are always really up to date.


In terms of updating its certifications, EMC doesn’t just follow the crowd, but often also serves as a standards pacesetter. Thus, EMC is often ahead of the curve, and you end up with other vendors often having to keep up with EMC in terms of keeping their certifications up to date.