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Electromagnetic Smog

by David Icke


from The David Icke Newsletter, June 10th 2007 ELECTROMAGNETIC SMOG ...


Hello all ... The pollution within the worst of our industrial cities, but the unseen pollution is even more potentially lethal, both for health and the ability to connect beyond this reality.

If you imagine the pollution to be an electromagnetic field, or a mass of different ones from countless sources, you will get an idea for the energetic environment that we are increasingly living in. Technology is spewing out electromagnetism on a scale that increases by the day and it is forming a 'soup' that has many calculated effects on the population.

Obviously, some are more sensitive than others to these electromagnetic fields, but as the 'soup' increases and becomes still more dense, what is profoundly affecting the most electro-sensitive today will have the same affect on more and more people.

Those who are now called 'electrically hypersensitive', or EHS, suffer many health, mental and emotional problems when they come into contact with electromagnetic fields. These include skin itching, rashes, flushing, burning and tingling; confusion, poor concentration and loss of memory; fatigue and weakness; headaches; chest pain and heart problems. Add to these symptoms other effects like nausea, panic attacks, insomnia, seizures, ear pain and ringing in the ears, paralysis and dizziness.

These are caused by human-created electromagnetic fields interfering with the balance and harmony of the body's electromagnetic field and its electrical communication systems. Through something called 'entrainment' powerful electrical fields and broadcast frequencies can also synchronise with the brain/body 'electrics' and change the frequency on which they operate. Such 'entrainment' can thus cause physical, mental and emotional mayhem.

The sources of disruption are many and various and increase by the week. They include mobile phones and their masts, other communication systems like TETRA, used by UK emergency services and operating within the range of human brain activity, the wireless Internet and other technologies.

All this is not happening at this time by accident. There is a vibrational change going on that is having the effect of waking people up on an ever-greater scale from their induced amnesia. The aim of the electromagnetic technology in all its many forms (plus those we don't even know about) is to create an electromagnetic 'soup' to suppress the effect on human awareness of the vibrational change we are experiencing.

In May 2006, the London Observer reported the growing concern about what it called the 'invisible smog' that has been created by the 'electricity that powers our civilisation'. It said that new scientific evidence showed that this was 'giving children cancer, causing miscarriages and suicides and making some people allergic to modern life'. But of course that must be the case. At the body/brain level we are electromagnetic fields and when these are exposed to other fields, especially a sea of them, we are bound to be affected by disharmony - dis-ease - in all its potential forms.

The World Heath Organisation says that the electromagnetic smog could interfere with natural electrical currents that help to 'drive the human body', and calls it 'one of the most common and fastest growing environmental influences'. The Observer article quoted Denis Henshaw, professor of human radiation effects at England's Bristol University, as saying that 'a huge and substantive body of evidence indicates a range of adverse health effects' from this 'smog'. He estimated it caused some 9,000 cases of depression and that is understandable when our emotions are electrochemical phenomena. If you are a fish in the sea you are fundamentally affected by the state of the water, and it is the same with us and the vibrational 'sea'. There are now so many electrical influences, as the Observer article said:

Wiring creates electrical fields, one component of the smog, even when nothing is turned on. And all electrical equipment - from TVs to toasters - give off another one, magnetic fields. The fields rapidly decrease with distance but appliances such as hair dryers and electric shavers, used close to the head, can give high exposures. Electric blankets and clock radios near to beds produce even higher doses because people are exposed to them for many hours while sleeping. Radio frequency fields - yet another component - are emitted by microwave ovens, TV and radio transmitters, mobile phone masts and phones themselves, also used close to the head.

The World Health Organisation has said that the problem will increase as technology 'advances', but it is not advancing, that is the point. How can technology that is causing so much physical, mental and emotional dis-ease be described as being an advance? At the highest strata within the conspiracy, the electromagnetic 'soup' is being created to produce an ever-thickening sea of frequency fields to hold the 'human' level in disconnection from its multi-dimensional self. In other words, to keep us in the five-sense prison of 'physical' perception where we can be so easily controlled and manipulated. The vibrational change I have been writing about since 1991 is threatening that control and this electromagnetic assault is part of the long-planned response.