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Energetic Affects of these Technologies


Energetic Affects

of Tesla's Innovational Technologies


To confirm the efficacy of these new generation products, Tesla’s commissioned independent bio-energy testing, using;

  • Kirlian Diagnostic Photography (Russia), Aura Photography (USA)
  • Micro Capillary Microscope (China), Acutec Ryodoraku (Australia),
  • Prognos (Germany), EEG, ECG, Infrared Thermometer.

Of over 100 people tested 100% of these people were adversely affected by all man-made EMF’S and EMR. These bio-energy tests showed the subjects bodies returning to a more natural balance whilst still in the same fields, although the Titanium products themselves do not put the body into total balance. The tests have shown the products appear to increase or decrease the bio-energies in appropriate areas, which may encourage the body to detoxify, thereby aiding the body’s natural healing potential.

Testing by a prominent Brisbane naturopathic clinic.
1/ Tests done via the meridians shows the client with a number of high stressed meridians showing a person out of balance
2/ Tests shows more balance in the meridians after client held a Small Practitioner Plate for 5 minutes


Testing by taking the measurement of energy at the fingertips, the computer shows the results of energy around the fingers, this testing is used for diagnosis in many hospitals in Eastern Europe claiming 98% accuracy.
This test showing energy around the client's weakened body before wearing a Pendant.

This test shows a much stronger & more vibrant energy feild after client has worn the Pendant for 8 days

Independent testing done by an 'Aura Photography' company.

This photo taken of a person with a Lap top computer on their lap. Aura is showing extreme stress

This photo taken of same person with Lap top on lap  after Tesla's computer  plate has been fitted

Client using mobile phone. Auric stress evident.
Using mobile phone with Phone Tag fitted, notice  blue  calming energy and  pink denotes love.

*NB.Tesla’s titanium bears no working resemblance to titanium used in jewellery etc.

No healing properties are claimed for any of Tesla's Innovational Technologies products, but in providing an energetically improved environment, a person currently receiving treatment from their practitioner should find the treatment enhanced or more effective. These products are not listed as therapeutic and are in no way promoted as curative. Any recurring ill-health symptoms should be discussed with your health practitioner.


How do they work?


Photon & Tachyon Energy

The Connection To Tesla's Products

The Pyramids were given to humankind after the demise of Atlantis to help bring 'light' back to the planet & teach humankind our place as 'Light Beings'.

Interestingly enough when an eastern block country took an energy photo inside the Great Pyramid it showed human DNA (32 strands) going through the centre of the Pyramid

The Pyramids are antennas bringing in Photon/Tachyon energy. When they were built their purpose was to disperse this light energy into the Planet, but over time with the shifting of the magnetic poles, plus human interference the effectiveness & strength of the Pyramids' functioning has declined.

Tesla's Innovational Technologies' products act in the same way as the Pyramids were originally designed to function (antennas bringing Photon/Tachyon light energy in) but unlike Pyramids, Tesla's products do not have a negative area.

These products after cutting, doming & colouring (done by humans), are placed in a device that alters the atom structure (signature) of the metal. This process takes anything from 241/2 hrs to 7 days depending on the designed purpose of that particular product.

The devise was developed by two physicists using Nikola Tesla's original work. Carol took possession of this device including instructions & contract in 1994. Before this time Carol had been involved with the Nikola Tesla developed 'Purple Plate Technology' (EIP) produced by a scientist Ralf Bergstressor (1915-2001) & Noel Orchard. Unfortunately these products were unable to raise vibrations past 7.9Hz.

The planet's vibration in May 2005: 16Hz.

These devices alters the atomic structure within metal causing the metal to act as a transceiver in the same manner as the Pyramids.

These devices ARE NOT Particle Accelerators. A Particle Accelerator is an apparatus to accelerate subatomic particles to high velocities which then collide with other particles, this is often used to generate X-rays & Gamma rays.

To function at its true potential the metal used must be a pure element not a man made mixture (stainless steel etc) or plastic etc.

Titanium was chosen to be the carrier metal, because it's a pure element. On the 'elements periodic chart' Titanium's atomic number is 22, its crystalline structure is hexagonal, it's non-allergenic & Titanium's molecular structure is similar to that of human bone.

The Titanium used by Tesla's is grade 1. The only additive to it is oxygen.

The Tachyon/Photon energy's source for both the Pyramids & Tesla's Innovational Technologies products originate from the Central Sun which is in the centre of the universes, (only discovered publicly by NASA in 1995).