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How to become a Tesla Consultant

FREE of Charge!

And receive all Tesla Products at a 20% discount!

Thank you for your interest in Tesla’s Harmonizing Products
aka “Tesla’s Innovational Technologies”,
and being part of the solution!

You have 2 choices…

Choice #1
Become a retail customer by going to TeslaProducts.com, and purchasing the Tesla Products to create a chaotic free,
harmonic environment for you and your family, that is free from the negative effects of Electromagnetic Frequencies and Radiation! 

With discounts of 10% - 20% for house harmonizing kits, and other harmonizing kits.

And choice #2

You may also
become a Tesla Consultant

and receive all of the Tesla Products at a 20% discount! 

And receive
FREE Training
on how to use and market the Tesla Products.

You will also be taught the many different electrical frequencies and radiation that are affecting us and how to use the different Tesla products to harmonize those specific frequencies, to create harmonic environments for people’s homes, offices, cars, schools, travel, etc.

Plus, you will learn basic dowsing, pendulums and kinesiology, to test the chaotic energy levels in homes and offices. 

And show people the negative effects from EMR and EMF upon their physical health.

Tesla’s has a cavalcade of training videos and information to help you become an extremely knowledgeable,
confident and qualified consultant.

To enquire about becoming a Tesla Consultant Contact Me Here!

Or, Whatsapp me at: +61422996731