Who is ZaKaiRan?

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Sponsoring an Event with ZaKaiRan

Dear Prospective Sponsor,

Thank you every so much for your interest in ZaKaiRan’s Divine Life Creation Mastery Playshops.

I would be honored to present in your area, a series of evening talks, one day, two day or longer Divine Life Creation Mastery Playshops (as directed by Spirit). I am also available for a series of private light-body activation and divine mastery sessions after the playshops.

I like to begin with at least one and possibly 2 / 2-3 hour evening playshops, priced from $20-$30. These talks are given during the week prior to the weekend playshop at a venue of our choice and/or private homes.

Weekend Playshops tend to be synchronis, but can generally be attended individually, especially if the days have individual topics. This gives people the freedom to do one or two days. Price for both days and evening playshops are discounted compared to individual days. These days are priced from $100-$150 per day.

Intensives must be attended both days consecutively. We can start at 11 am and go till 5 or 6 pm or longer depending on the need and intensity of the specific “playshop”, the synergy, and what our God Presences and the Ascended Master’s have in mind.

After the events, I can stay for a few days or a week to do private sessions and play in your area, hopefully seeing the beauty of your area.

Sponsors get unlimited free Playshops, a free private session, all expenses covered, lots of fun playing with me... Sponsors who have done promotion also recieve 15%-20% of profits (or more for extensive promotion) and the event is highly successful financially).

The organization of advertising by the sponsor ahead of time in local new age publications is greatly appreciated. Also greatly appreciated are Email advertising and local flyer distribution. Please contact me for financial arrangements, and for ad specifics. Flyers can be provided, and your personal touch is also encouraged especially in Email advertising to your clients and friends.

I am certainly willing to appear on television, documentaries, videos or radio talk shows or be interviewed for magazines free of charge. Except Oprah and the Tonight Show have to pay me.

Please call or e-mail me with any questions. I hope you will consider Ascending and playing with me and my Ascension Crew to create a profoundly accelerated enlightening event of Divine Mastery in your area.

Infinite blessings of divine prosperity to you for promoting me in your area.

I look forward to communing and playing with you and your divine ascension mates.


ZaKaiRan at ZaKaiRan.com in OZ: 02-6684-5247   International: 61-2-6684-5247

ZaKaiRan leads Transformational Ascension Mastery Playshops entitled:

Ascension Mastery - The Art of BEing a Cosmic Human


Personal, Planetary and Species Ascension, the Co-Creation of Heaven on Earth. Light Body Activation, Higher Self-Christ-Consciousness-God-Goddess-I-AM-Presence Alignment, InterDimensional-Extraterrestrial-Angelic-Ascended-Master Alignment. Cosmic Human Reality Mastery and Reality Creation - Unity/Prosperity Consciousness. Relationship (Divine Union), Love, Sensuality-Sex

And offers a cavalcade of personal Ascension Services, including: International - Cosmic Human - Divinity Evocation - Phone Sessions and Personal Light Body Ascension Activation and Healing Sessions

And produces a plethora of other Ascension Goodies including: Articles, Books, Tapes…, most of which are available at:

Earth Ascension Times - A Transformational Space of Love Light and Laughter - Featuring the Cosmic Human Insights of ZaKaiRan, (an Inscending Master of Quantum Frivolic Profundity) plus a plethora of other wonderful Ascension Materials from other Masters, Ascension Groups, Global Link-ups, Planetary Activations and Fun Cosmic Cookies. www.ZaKaiRan.com


The Earth Ascension Times Museletter containing Cosmic Ascension articles, muse and views from ZaKaiRan, plus other ascension events and world wide link-ups, including events produced by the Ascend Foundation. To receive "Earth Ascension Times", send an Email to ZaKaiRan@ZaKaiRan.com, with "Sign me up baby" in the subject line. Please include where you live: Country, State and nearest city.

ZaKaiRan is known as One of the Caretakers of Humanity and a Caretaker of Planet Earth-Earth Mother. He is part of a Vast collection of Ascended Masters, Extraterrestrials, Angels.... who graciously serve to assist Planet Earth’s transformation into a Star and humanity’s Ascension into immortal bodies of light. ZaKaiRan is a Mayan/Arcturian Light Body Activator & Healer, Master Attuner, Divinity and Love Evoker, Sacred Geometrist, limitation illuminator and transformer, Divine Channel and Master of Relationship Transformation.