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ZaKaiRan’s Divine Life Mastery Events and Services


Phone and Personal Sessions

with ZaKaiRan

* EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Sessions
Especially useful to clear emotional traumas, old patterns, addictions, as well as physical ailments that have been the result of past emotional issues.  The process of healing essentially “heals the past” by you becoming at peace with the past and with your past “trauma”.

* Ascension (Karmic Record) Healing
Releasing Limited Programs, Beliefs, Vows, Agreements,
Addictions, Psychic Cords...

Prosperity Consciousness

* Divine Relationship

* Higher Self Connection / Following Spirit without Hesitation

* Developing your Divine Abilities

* Divine Direction & Divine Purpose

Activating and healing your Light-Body templates with ZaKaiRan, the Archturians, and the Ascended Masters. Activating DNA shifts. Activating your pineal and other glands. Balancing your emotional, physical, mental spiritual, etheric, ka….bodies. Opening and balancing all of your chakras. Implant removal, dark crystal shattering. Ascending you as consciousness to higher levels of awareness, ascending your physical structure to a higher vibratory rate (Light-Body), to further embody who you truly are into this physical body.
Making you the Ascended Cosmic Human Master of Divine Expression that you already are.

Click me for more information, prices and how to schedule a session with ZaKaiRan

Divine Life Mastery

Transformational Events



Reality Creation Mastery

* Higher Self Connection
* Surrender & Divine Will
(Following Spirit without Hesitation)
* Spiritual Psychology Mastery - Human Control Dramas / Divine Control-Creation /
* The 12 faces of human suffering and the 7 ways of denying human suffering
* Prosperity Consciousness & The Co-Creation of Heaven on Earth
* Developing your Divine Abilities, Divine Essence, Divine Function, Divine Keepership, Divine Direction & Divine Purpose

Life is your spiritual initiation. Life is the Mystery School. How come you have never fit into normal society and felt like you didn’t belong here, like you are a stranger in a strange land?

Shifting you away from the perceptual illusion of lack, competition, power and control - to a Divine reality of love, prosperity and cooperation - the perspective of the New Civilization of Light. Shifting you to higher and higher levels of perceptual awareness. Enabling you to realize true sense of self, knowing you are divinity itself. Knowing you are pure consciousness, an individual unique expression of All That Is. Allowing you to operate as a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual master - a Master of Divine Expression.

Learn to utilize karmic releasing techniques and manifestation techniques. Facilitating the release of human ego identity and awareness, complete with its genetic programming, belief structures, survival orientation and enemy consciousness. The release of egoic control and acceptance of Divine Direction. The release of your addiction to the old world of perception and belief, and the dramatic emotional and mental stories of this perceptual reality. The release of all that you are not, to discover what you truly are.

Dispelling all myths of this old, limited world, of separation and denial, commonly referred to as “life,” esoterically referred to as 3rd dimensional reality; including: aging, illness, psychological disorders, death, duality, lack, limitation, separation…. Encouraging you to use your natural abilities: Including healing, psychic abilities, miracles, channeling, communication, toning (the interdimensional language of Light), and connection with the beings of Light - Angels, Devas, Ascended Masters etc.

Reality Mastery. Mastering reality on planet earth. Mastery of human dramatic psychology, based on the illusions of unworthiness and separation, complete with its control dramas, (how we manipulate energy and people on psychic control levels), the 12 faces of human suffering, (our core issues that we use to limit ourselves), and the 7 ways of denying human suffering (which we use to deny our core issues). Surrender of human control to Divine Will.

This is the crux of all of my playshops. This is ascension, enlightenment, everything. You are mastering humanness, not mastering spirituality. You are already a master of spirituality; spirituality is what you are. Embody and accept the full responsibility for your Divinity. Remember your true Divine Function and Spiritual Essence, your true Divine Identity. Remember that you are an Ascension specialist, a Planetary Transition Team Expert.

Ascension & Christ Consciousness

* Higher Self Connection
* MerKaBa / Light Body Activation

Your awakening and further awareness of True Divine Self. Your full spiritual descension into matter. Your ascension into higher levels of conscious awareness. Your personal Ascension into an Immortal Body of Light. Your Divine Identity. Your unique Spiritual Essence. Christ Consciousness.

MerKaBa, your own Ascension Vehicle of Light, your Light Body. The body you will inhabit in the New Civilization of Light. Learn to activate, program and use your light body. Travel interdimensionally, cosmically, inter-spacially, inner-spacially and consciously. This opens you up to direct communication with the Whole Light Beings (Angels, Ascended Masters, Elohim, Melchizedeks etc.)

Everything is Light Body. Everyone and every living thing has one. You have one now, it is probably just not activated; you have not given it permission to be here fully. Your transition to higher realities is about light body; your further awareness to your mastery, is about being able to activate your light body, so that you will have a body that will facilitate and house your expanded consciousness, the expanded awareness of your divinity. Your new body that can successfully “contain” this expanded self.

The Co-Creation of Heaven on Earth

* Planetary and Species Ascension
* Immortality / Light Body Earth
* Prosperity Consciousness

The planetary ascension into its light body form - a Star. The ascension of humanity into a more advanced species (inhabiting immortal bodies of light), with advanced abilities. DNA shifts, physical mutation and mutational symptoms. The Indigo Children, children born with complete immunity to all disease and natural “special” abilities. Vibratory frequency shifts. Surviving planetary magnetic shifts by having your MerKaBa activated and spinning. The Planetary Logos.

The Co-Creation of Heaven on Earth. Your vision – Why you came here? A civilization of prosperity, where everyone wants the best for you, encourages your mastery, essence and function. Where everyone is truly your friend. The death of the old civilization – the world of limitation and lack consciousness, where there is not enough to go around and no one really wants you to succeed, because then they have less than you and become lesser than you. Free energy and the reorganization of commerce and the governmental systems on planet earth, to a system of natural prosperity.

Relationship, Love and Sex

in the New Civilization of Light

with ZaKaiRan
Master of Relationship Transformation)

In the world of Beingness, there is nothing but Love. In the World of doingness, there is nothing but Relationship” - Alarius

* The Co-Creative Divine Relationship with All Life
* Sex in the New Civilization of Light. Co-Creation not pro-creation. (Sex gets even better in the 4th and 5th dimensions)

* Twin Flames / Soul Mates / Karmic Mates

What is your relationship with your parents, friends, lovers...?
We will dismantle and release you from all your old, mass consciousness relationships, based on the illusions of unworthiness, survival, power and control. What is your relationship with Self, Humanity; the hierarchy (Ascended Masters, Angels…) - Are they your judges? Are they your Gods? Are they your friends? What is your relationship with Mother Earth (including the Devas, animals, planet kingdom etc.)? Every Relationship you have with anyone, is directly related to your relationship with God Goddess All That Is

What is your perception of Humanity? Are they all idiots, refusing to wake up to their divinity, refusing to stop acting like irresponsible children? Or, are they divine masters here to Co-Create Heaven on Earth just like you, but are lost in the hallucination, just haven’t woken up yet, and are trying to get in as much limitation as possible before Ascension time. Both are accurate – but your knowledge of both is important.

Your intimate relationships - Are they enhancing to your awakening process or are they un-supportive to your freedom and creativity. Shifting you from an orientation of personal, exclusive, co-dependent relationships to transpersonal, inclusive, co-creative relationships.

Do you lie sexually, implying exclusivity sexually to your partner, but really wanting new adventures and are just afraid of getting in trouble? Are you open to all life and every person on a sexual energy level, or closed down, protected, guarded? We will shatter this illusion of exclusivity where you love that person above all others, where you desire to ‘only’ make love with that person.

You love everyone equally, because we are all one, all unique expressions of All That Is, everything else is illusion, part of the play, (this probably is just not real for you yet). This is the Relationship of the New Civilization of Light and Unconditional Love. The Co-Creative Relationship, where you are absolutely in Love with everyone, no matter how they act, where you truly love everyone, (all life), equally.

Relationship - The most spiritually advanced and accelerated workshop that you could ever take. Want to learn about all your judgments self and humanity? - then get in an intimate relationship. Want to learn where you love and where you don’t? - then get in an intimate relationship. Relationship is the perfect avenue to know self and lose the false egoic sense of self; the perfect avenue to release the illusion of control and become at peace with all those places in your consciousness where “no love exists”; where you are intolerant, impatient and non-understanding; where you feel alone and separate from others and your Spirit, (Higher Self); where you feel like a victim, a perpetrator; where you feel like you are being punished, or should be punished.

All relationship is about your relationship with All-That-Is, there is nothing but relationship. Everything and anything is possible through relationship to discover the "True Nature of your Divine Beingness", and the "Wonders of the Workings of the Universe". There is no such thing as success or failure, only growth or denial. Relationship is the structure that love and divinity operates through and within. Love is all there is. We are all love. Your ultimate essence is love, and nothing you have done, said, do, or say can change this fact, no matter how you or anyone judges it.

Divine Relationship Guidance

(I AM the Light of True Relationship)

This is my planetary transformation. I have transformed, and am transforming relationship for the entire planet, all of humanity and the entire universe to its highest potential. I am a master of Relationship and a master of Relationship Transformation, and I honor and include all possibilities of relationship, as part of the wholeness of All-That-Is. It is through this profound expression that we all experience ourselves through the many mirrors of our Self as individual aspects of All-That-Is, for "in the world of beingness there is nothing but love and in the world of doingness there is nothing but relationship."-Alarius

A major part of my sessions are about relationship - because everything is about relationship. Your entire mastery, enlightenment, ascension…, has to do with relationship: relationship with your Divinity, humanity, family, friends, lovers, nature, the elements, the cosmos, God, Goddess, the "Hierarchy", Planet Earth, the Extraterrestrials, your universal origins…

Your relationships (perception of reality) with these elements of life, are either supportive to your Mastery and Spiritual growth, or they are undermining to them, (or somewhere in between). And your relationships with your fellow humans, (and your perception of them), are either supportive to your Mastery and Spiritual growth, or they are undermining to them, (or somewhere in between).

Together we help you reveal to yourself all those aspects and fears in your consciousness, all those relationships and things in your life, that you give your power away to, to help you retrieve this "power", to finally empower you, rather than all of these things outside of you. So that you will worship the God-Goddess that you truly are, rather than all of these false gods. So that you can become an active conscious co-creator of Heaven on Earth, a prosperity generator, (Christ/Unity Consciousness), rather than a lack and enemy un-consciousness creator.

Together we will help you master "relationship". And heal and master all of your relationships, including your relationship with All-That-Is. We help you to become empowered by honoring your Divine Sovereignty and the Divine Sovereignty of others, cultivating your creative powers, to create heaven in your life.

Creation and
The Return of the Goddess

* Divine Masculine, Divine Feminine & Androgyny

The return of the female vibration to planet earth, dismantling the false male oriented systems of lack, competition, and greed, in favor of a co-creative reality of prosperity, cooperation, openness, intuition and connection to all levels of Spirit. Balancing the male and female vibrations on planet earth. The balancing and illumination of beingness and doingness.

Creation, gender and sexual preference. All life is created with male and female. The flower of life is a representation of this Co-Creation. The beginning of all creation in the void begins with male and female.
Male, female, hermaphroditic and androgynous bodies, containing male or female consciousness, (or existence). Illuminating the true natures of Male and Female. Balancing your emotional creative side (feminine) with your intellectual, practical side (masculine). How they work together, how you can do nothing without both. Balancing these two with your spiritual body, and how this is related to your 3 MerKaBa (Light Body) fields, (male-electric, female-magnetic and androgynous-neutral, physical.

Conscious Channeling

Toning, Light-Language, Divine Expression
and how to Channel Playshops

Learning to Channel
“The 4 things that you will have to learn how to do to channel is: Quit lying. Stop editing yourself. Get to a place in your consciousness where you don't care what other people think about you & you don't care whether you are right or not. If you do all of these things you can channel - in fact you are channeling” – Alarius

You are channeling now, you just don’t know it yet. The Divine Mantle of Authority – accepting responsibility for being the channel of truth in the moment. Also Toning – Channeling the interdimensional Extraterrestrial Language of Light. (Shattering old patterns and limited structures of reality).

Other Events & Services

Being a Divine Fool
Improvisation/Divine Actor Training

Encouraging Spontaneous Expressive Creativity.
Balancing Expression with Movement / Balancing Being with Doing

Utilizing Moment to Moment, Emotional Physical Expression Exercises

Life is an acting part. Be the Divine Actor that you are; have fun and live an ecstatic existence of truth, love and oneness amongst the drama and illusion of separation. Playing your leading and supporting role in the great play, the Co-Creation of Heaven on Earth. Being a Divinely inspired actor, a creator and creation of the Divine Director. Be a Master of Divine Expression - speaking and acting truth with divine authority, compassion and love. Be an empowered planetary ascension Master.

Teaching you to express multidimensionally with direct connected sound and movement. Opening you up to moment to moment expression of your intuitive divine creativity in the now moment. Connecting you to expressing sound and communicating from love, from your heart, from source, (Great Spirit, All That Is), from your place of origin. Balancing beingness and doingness. Teaching you to connect your speech (intellect/male) with your passion (emotion/female).

This is not necessarily designed to be a cathartic experience, whereby you release something, or unload “your” emotional baggage. It is more of a surrendering and allowance of your spontaneous creative magnificence, a passionate moment to moment expression of your natural creativeness and creativity

I have 10 years of acting training and experience from various theaters, acting and improvisation schools in Los Angeles, mainly from Darryl Hickman, the greatest acting teacher in the universe. Plus extensive experience in front of and behind the camera.

WERE HERE ! ET's Among Us

* The Spiritual Hierarchy (Ascended Masters, Angels, Christed ET's )
* Dimensional Realities
* Ancient Earth History & Civilizations

Extraterrestrial involvement with planet earth and the human species. Your relationship to the ETs and Angels. Are you an ET? Are you an Angel? Planetary Phases – Pole shifts, energy realignments of the planet, earth changes. New, self sustaining, wholistic technologies. Geobiology, Ascended Masters, Devas, Secret Government.
Atlantis, Lemuria, Hyperborea, Gondwana, Egypt, Rama (India). Mars, the Martians and the face on mars. The Moon (secret bases on the moon). Our planet Marduk, the Anunaki, Nibiru. Shambala (Tibet), Telos and the Underground Cities of the Agartha Network. ET’s – (Andromedans, Pleiadians, Syrians, Orions, Archturians, Reptilians, Dinoids, Greys, Zetas, Essasanis). The “Secret” Government, Men in Black. Our genetic creators; the different races; their arrival on ships; Native Americans, Hebrews, etc.

The Co-Creation of Heaven on Earth

We are indeed blessed, beyond all human understanding, to be living in this truly remarkable time of the Ascension of this planet into a Star, and humanities Ascension into immortal bodies of Light. If you look with your knowing, to see how truly awesome this time is, you will be amazed beyond all human expression.

This planet is Ascending. And we as the species upon it are Ascending. We are enlightening humanness, the species and consciousness of human. We are ascending individually and communally, in conscious awareness of our true nature of Divinity, oneness with each other, the earth, and oneness with All Life. Our awareness is expanding completely beyond the old civilization’s limited perception of reality.

We are doing nothing less then actively and consciously Co-Creating Heaven on Earth by descending our spirits, our true nature, our Essence, into these limited bodies, (thus re-creating them to be unlimited), by really being here fully and completely. We are Co-Creating Heaven on Earth by expanding our awareness and perception of self, by being and acting as the awesome Cosmic Masters that we already are, within these human bodies.

The Civilization of Light

Physically we are ascending as a species. We are literally becoming light. Our bodies eventually will be all light. We are light now, but a much denser, less aware version of its true nature. This true nature is what we are becoming.

We are creating a galactic human species; a civilization of light that lives every day as masters of Divine Expression. The days of limitation are over, it is time for the illusions of unworthy, sin, power, control, lack, competition and survival and the civilization which lives from this perception, to transmute into a civilization of Prosperity, Cooperation, Unconditional Love and Divine Grace.

We are literally becoming the Gods that we already are. Be Who You Truly Are!

Wake Up - the Time is Now!

Manifest your Vision of Heaven on Earth!

Accept the Full Responsibility for your Divinity!

Your Mastery! Your Christedness!

Recognize your Magnificence and Perfection!

Co-Create Heaven on Earth!

Sponsoring an Event with ZaKaiRan

ZaKaiRan carries the Function of Honor and Inclusion, expressing through the Divine Force of the Fun of the Spirit of the Child - Evoking and Amplifying beings next steps in accepting their Divinity and Loving their Wholeness.

ZaKaiRan is known as one of the Caretakers of Humanity and a Caretaker of Planet Earth-Earth Mother. Mayan / Arcturian Light Body Activator / Healer, Master Attuner, Sacred Geometrist, Divine Channel and Master of Relationship Transformation. I AM the Light of True Relationship.

about ZaKaiRan's Divine Life Creation Master Playshops

“ZaKaiRan's interplanetary Ascension knowledge is Vast and Tremendous. If there is an efficient way to do things to evolve, then ZaKaiRan will find it. When ZaKaiRan came here he brought with him within his consciousness all the Ascension blue prints for humanity.”

“ZaKaiRan always knows where you are at and what levels of evolution you are moving through. A session with ZaKaiRan will reveal to you exactly what you are moving through in the moment and give you tools and insights that will assist you in successfully evolving beyond your current circumstances and reality.” An Anonymous Lord of Light

Hi Dear Zakairan!

I am Angela from Brasil, that bought your wonderful cd !
I was out, at 22 days, producing here in Curitiba and São Paulo some events...I am a Light worker and I also produce some Lightworkers from Brasil and from another countries.
Well, what I would like to say for you, is that you are simply a wonderful light, God bless you always. My words...in a poor english can not express what I would like to say, but I think that you can feel my heart, so my heart can tell you how much I bless you.

Some days ago, I was very sad, something inside of me was crying, and I know that I was on a cleaning process, so I received Celia Fenn´s ( Archangel Michael channel ) earth log ( I also produce Celia Fenn) and than I saw that the same process was ocurring to heal our integrity with us and also with our relationships. Sometimes is very hard clean our patterns... so I was resting at my sofa, when I called the pleiadians to help me, then I felt like something was take off me and than, I fell down inside of me, and those sad feelings were relieved. So...it was like something that was guiden me to my lap top and than I took your Cd on my hands and then I saw the Tele class - Toning Light Language...

I began to listen, and then I could not believe but that energy invited me to do all the songs, to move my hips, and singing songs that I could not believe! it was amazing! and I could undestand all the english words...and when I lost some words, I new that it was only give my real heart intention.

At night, when I was to sleep, I felt a very sweet nice energy, like now I know that I am lucky person! than, my dreams were so special and also my new morning...I felt that at the first time, after many courses, I really found a real healing, I felt like it was a real, real and efective healing.

Dear Zakairan, I think that I can really claim my divinity, my divine codes activated on earth, and I really know that we can live paradise on earth, so, at first, I would like to send you lots of love and infinite blessings, thank you!

Love and blessings!
Angela Karam

Dear ZaKaiRan,

Thank you abundantly for the experience your Lightbody enabled in me
on Sept. 14.

It was very powerful and good. Actually, it was not entirely play or easy for me. Inoticed some interesting things about that.

Being with all the Ascended Master energies was beyond anything I've
ever experienced-- in this body. Thanks for bringing the opportunity
to open a little further with these incredible loving light energies.

With gratitude and love,

Hi Zakairan, I wanted to thank you for last night at Cindy's house. You spoke and let me remember all the things that I forgot about, so thank you for a heart experience. Thank you! David

Just to let you know, after your healing, on the way home in the car, Melchezeldek appeared and said he was Keeper of the White Flame and he wished to gift me with the riches of selenite for my throat chakra so I can connect to the Higher Masters! So thank you again..

Kind regards
Vanessa (Terranora/Tweed)


Infinite blessings to you to my friend you have assisted me in many ways already I will always remember the time we spent together at harmony lodge. you made me feel special and so very much loved without you even knowing my true state of being you treated me like the divine being I am thankyou ZaKaiRan for that the love you showed me will not be forgotten

Hope to the world
Goddess bless - Hope


And, Mr. Z, I am eternally grateful for all your playful, loving guidance and encouragement...you are one AMAZING dude-man-being!!!
With Big hugs and lots of easy-peasy flow of all goodies,

Hello Mr. Shimmie and Shake,

Thank you for the meditation last night. I really like the way you tap into
the group consciousness to see what we all need. I feel it creates a bond
which then is radiated out into the world. Like when you throw a stone into
the water and ripples upon ripples expand outwards until all you have is
this vast body of water.
Lots of peace and love, Judit

thankyou very much
you are an inspirational writer and once again I would like to express my thanks for all your assistance at the work shop you taught at the harmony centre

best regards and love

Dear ZaKaiRan,

I want you to know how much I've enjoyed your workshop and it opened a whole new pathway for me.....A redirection on my spiritual journey!
May you be guided and blessed on this beautiful mission of love and compassion!
Namaste, namaste, namaste, Love, Rita

Hia Za,
Thank-you so much for the wonderful night I had at your intro-workshop last Friday,
I so much wanted to do the workshop all weekend and kept thinking about it all the time at work.
Please lets know when your down next and book me in.
I love your book and am so glad I bought it, Tiannamai told me about your workshop, she did a workshop at my house, arn't we lucky to have beautiful people like you in the world,
I can see now what you meant by cutting cords and vows, thank-you for that teaching.
Love in the One Heart, Sha rai el

Michele Sha rai el Kingston

Hope's experience at one of my Ascension Playshops - from her Book

I was excited to read on email from harmony lodge that a walk-in I had heard of was coming to harmony lodge to run a weekend workshop. I really wanted to meet him, I didn’t have the money for the whole workshop but I had enough for the induction to the work shop. I thought I would go long hopefully getting a chance to talk to him alone so we could exchange walk in experiences.

The week before the workshop I kept on noticing the colours orange and purple quite strongly. I arrived by myself at harmony lodge I soon noticed there was no one around so I made my way out to the temple. I walked inside I was greeted with a big big hug from my new friend he told me he’s name was ZaKaiRan and he was dressed in orange and purple. I knew straight away he was a man I had to meet.

As my luck would have it we were all alone in the temple giving us time to talk. I soon found out that walk-ins, walk in from all over the place and that most souls wasn’t new like me. Most walk-ins have had many past lives experience to help them in this life and have had choose to come back as a walk-in in this time of need. I also found out each walk in has a different mission in this life. What was my mission I wondered?

Where I had walked in from the Angelic realm my new friend had walked in from another planet I can’t remember the name. I found this very interesting what he told me. He asked me where I had walked in from and I told him the Angelic realm. He called me Angel lady after that. I had a great night with ZaKaiRan he’s so much fun he done so much work on me that night he made me feel like I was the only one there. All too soon the night was over and it was time to go home. Before I left I went to see ZaKaiRan to thank him for a wonderful night and it was a great pleasure to meet him and to speak to another walk-in was great in its self. I didn’t feel so much alone as some else had experienced a similar experience to me.

. He quickly asked me won’t I be back tomorrow and I said I couldn’t as I didn’t have the money for the rest of the workshop. He then told me to come and finish the rest of the workshop for free .I found he’s generosity overwhelming being so proud I said I couldn’t it was too much. He then said please I would love to have your energy here over the weekend with that I agreed.

I made my way back to the harmony center the next day we had a great morning once again ZaKaiRan spent a lot of time working on me and with me. It was time for lunch I started feeling funny, I didn’t like this feeling at all and not wanting another drive from hell home I thought I would leave. I told ZaKaiRan this and he wouldn’t have it he told me that I will make sure by the end of the day that I would be able to drive home and I was in the right place for healing. As much as I just wanted to go home I agreed to stay lunch was over and it was time to start the workshop again.

I made my way into the temple and I couldn’t believe my eyes ZaKaiRan was carry a mattress into the temple to make a bed up for me. Thats what he did he made me a bed in the middle of the temple and told me to lie down. He made sure I was nice and comfy and told me to enjoy the rest of the workshop.

He would come over to me often and just rub my arms and give me more healing and lots of love. He told the group that I was a very special Angel and we need to look after me because I am very sensitive.

He was right by the end of the day I was right to drive home so much so I made it back the next day. I enjoyed and other wonderful day and found out that most walk- ins are nowhere near as dramatic as what mine was. Some people might just notice subtle changes some don’t even know a walk in and an exchange of souls has taken place. With most walk-ins the soul exchange can take place in a form of an illness an accident or a near death experience.

Over the weekend ZaKaiRan suggested I write an article on my walk in experience to share with other people and he would put it on he’s web site. I thought a lot about what ZaKaiRan said. Once again I have been told I am Angel one again I was reminded of my true state of being even though I had pushed it far back into my mind. To be honest I didn’t want to be reminded. ZaKaiRan treated me like an Angel he made me feel very Angelic. What interested me the most was about the article he mentioned I should write about my walk in experience. I found with my own experience finding information on walk-ins is pretty hard to get there is not too many books on the subject. With so many choosing to walk-in at this time I thought if I write an article on my experience it might ease someone’s pain and suffering and make them feel not as alone. It can get so very confusing at times being a walk in I know that from experience. If I could ease someone confusion then it was worth it.






























BlogTalk Radio show with ZaKaiRan

“How to Co-Create Heaven on Earth"

"How to Create Heaven in your life"

(USA) - Sunday May 11/ (Aus) - Monday May 12th


Greetings beloveds in Radio land,

I will be appearing on Andrew Aloha's BlogTalk Radio show on

(USA) - Sunday May 11 - at: 7pm – 8:30 pm PT/AZT, 8pm MT, 9pm CT, 10pm ET,

(Australia) - Monday May 12th - at: 12 noon EST/ 9am WST

Learn how to become empowered to co-create heaven in your life. How to master the Law of Attraction to make your dreams come true.

Learn tips on how to focus your energy and attention in a consistent and persistent way so that you can be healthy, wealthy and happy!

Ask questions! Find out the secrets of the universe! Find out how easy creating heaven in your life truly is!

I'll see you on the show!

Infinite blessings!



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