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March 7th 2011

2012 and the Journey of Ascension

Every day and every moment is an Ascension; 2012 is not the day we all Ascend and leave this physical plane; every day and every moment is an ascension or more accurately, life is an “inscension”, we are inscending our divine spirits into our bodies and ascending our humanity into this divine magnificence.

The Ascension process is a journey of healing, integration and activation of being who we truly are, it is about getting out of our own way! 2012 is just the beginning, not the end, in a sense it demarcates the “official” end of the age of darkness and the beginning of the 7th Golden Age of Light, but the age of Light has already begun and we have been working towards it for millennia through countless lifetimes. This is most definitely an Ascension into a higher plane of existence, as humans and as a planet, but the ascension is not about leaving the planet or even leaving your body, it is about truly being here, being here so much that in one sense, you no longer exist, at least not in the old matrix and dimension, instead, you live and breathe in a 5th dimensional plane of unity consciousness and vibrate at a rate far beyond the matrix in a body of light, you are still “physical”, just less “physical”.

The journey of Ascension is just that - a journey, it is not necessarily a destination, although we certainly are focused upon results and visions of creation that may or may not manifest as we see them. We focus and work towards arriving at the destination, but we are open to continual change and even expansion of the vision. The Ascension is also not a prize where you finally get a reward for being good, every day and every moment is an ascension and every moment we are ascending closer and closer to our true light and true magnificence, and ascending into or merging with the wholeness of God-Goddess-All-That-Is, that we have always been integral parts of but we wanted to experience the illusion of separation so we played this game.

This is a Mergency! It is time to merge back to oneness, into the wholeness, with all life!

Infinite blessings on your Divine Mergency!



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