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2013 - The Birth of a New World




What’s going to happen in 2013 and beyond?

Well beloveds, what happens now, after all of the fanfare of 2012 and the end of the world as we know it, what’s going to happen next?  Well, we start all over again.  Now we create a new world, so don’t worry about the old world, just let it gently die from old age.  The heartless forces of control that believe they own planet earth, are afraid that they will lose control of the masses and we will dust off the guillotines and storm the Bastille, will continue in vain to try to control us as well as the money systems on the planet, because they are afraid to open their hearts to see what is really inside.  But fear not my bright little stars because your bright million candle watt lights are illuminating even the darkest forces. 

You are an unstoppable force!  That is, if you choose to be, it is your choice.  Or, you are a very stoppable force if you allow yourself to be - it is your choice.  This reality is a dualistic reality and you have always had the choice to create heaven or hell in your life, (or anything in between), regardless of outside influences. 

Now is your time to shine, if you hold the focus and keep steadfast to the cause of truth and love.  Do not be distracted by the dream stealers that just want your attention to stray over here and over here to this shiny thing or this immense promise.  This just takes your valuable energy away from yourself. 

Instead focus steadfastly on your dreams!  Hold them dearly in your hearts and never let them go!  Dream big my fledgling Elohim!  Dream big and hold to your dreams and we guarantee that they will come true!  But again, you must hold steadfast to the wheel through the storm of distraction.  Always focused on your dreams, without being distracted by thoughts and time constraints and projections from others that you should do this or that! 

The universe has waited for eons for your return beloved hearts.  The Universe has waited for you to remember your Divine Power.  For you to remember, that you are divine power it self.  For you to remember, that you are the Creator of Stars!  And to help you remember, we remind you to start a bit smaller first, before you reach for the stars, to remind yourself one step at a time that you are an amazing and powerful creator of reality.  And we remind you to notice every magical creation and congratulate yourself when you manifest these things.  To honor yourself for each divine manifestation, no matter how big or how small. 

If you do not acknowledge your manifestations you will just carry on like humanity does, thinking they are lucky or unlucky.  Thinking that reality creates itself by chance, rather than through your conscious intent. 

So you must let go of the old world and it’s archaic beliefs of lack and competition!  You must be born again, as if nothing existed prior to 2013!  And everything that existed prior to 2013 was just like a historic movie.  This is a new world you are creating!  But before you can create a new world that you have been envisioning and dreaming of since the day you woke up from your amnesia., you must create a new world for yourself, within yourself.  It is time to start again.  You are now born again. 

Yes, all the wisdom you have amassed from your past guides you, but do not cling too dearly to what has comforted you in the past, because we can assure you that there are much greater comforts in store for you in this new world you are creating for yourself. 

What do you want in your life?  Whatever is your wildest dream, you may have it!  Dream it, see it, believe it, think it, envision it, imagine it and feel it – and it will surely manifest, without fail - if you are steadfast and unrelenting and do not ever give up – ever ever ever!!!

If you can be distracted from your dreams by conflict, drama, gossip, codependence, attachments and addictions.  And you listen to people that have no idea what they are talking about, that do not know how to guide themselves, who give advice to others based upon their fears - then you will lose your dreams, and you will struggle to manifest your heart dreams and desires.

And you may say, “it is not possible to consciously create reality, I have tried.”  Or you may say, “that positive thinking, positive affirmation and Law of Attraction stuff doesn’t work, because I tried it for a couple of weeks!”.   You may say, “I’ve been working at manifesting for 10 years now and it hasn’t worked, I’m not a millionaire!” 

Well, we can say for a fact, that if you had been fully and completely focused and steadfast on creating specific desires, in a specific and empowered way, you would have them by now.  Because we know how the Law of Attraction works.  It is not the recommendation of attraction, it is the Law of Attraction. 

Did you meditate, affirm, write, imagine, feel and focus 100% of your attention and especially your feelings?  Completely knowing in your heart that it is going to manifest?  Feeling it like when you were a child and you knew that there were presents waiting for you at Christmas or Hanukkah.  You knew they were there, you could see them, and you were so excited that you were crawling in your skin!  If you had done this, with full conviction and feeling, even for a short period of time every day, completely focused on your dreams and goals?  If you had done this, you would have them all by now!  This is not speculation, it is Law! 

Just reading “Think and Grow Rich” once, isn’t going to do it for you.  Just going to one seminar on the Law of Attraction, isn’t going to manifest the goodies for you.  Placing .05% of your attention and focus on your dreams will only manifest .05% of your dreams.  Placing 10% of your attention and focus on your dreams will only manifest 10% of your dreams, etc.

But it does not matter what you have done, what maters is what you are going to do now!  Because of the increased levels of light and the increased amount of awakened souls that are collectively focused on self empowerment – it is going to be a thousand times easier for the light workers to manifest what they truly desire, regardless of what anyone else wants or doesn’t want you to do.

The key is to focus internally, not externally.  Do this and you will manifest what you want.  If you focus externally, you will just do what other people want you to do to suit them, not you.  You must learn to guide yourself then you do not need to listen to what anyone else says about anything or anyone.  You don’t need anyone else’s advice or guidance about what decision to make about this or that, because you have your own guidance and your heart knows best.

Learn how to “Tummy Test” (info on my website), or muscle testing or whatever method of receiving guidance works for you.  But the point is, do not listen to gossip and only listen to people that are well and truly authorities in that field, not just theorists.  Not just people that have done a course and are now “authorities” on that subject.  Listen to people who have what you want and who have been where you are now. 

And above all, listen to your own guidance and intuition, then, no matter what happens on planet earth with the money systems, or governments, or food, or water…you will always be in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing with the right people!

You are your best guidance!  Listen to your heart and listen to your Spirit calling you to magnificence, beauty, prosperity and Love!

Have a fabulous new life and enjoy your fabulous new world!

Infinite blessings on your amazing divine journey of remembering how awesome and magnificent you truly are!


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