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The Mother of all Mantras


Aum/Om is the mother of all mantras, it is the true sound of the earth and the universe, it is pure sound, the pure essence and vibration of creation. All creation emanates from the sacred AUM - Source/All-That-Is. The sacred word/code/mantra/sound of AUM releases the frequency of the Source vibration, the essence and origin of creation. All creation/form emanates from and is created by the sacred AUM.

Aum/Om is the average sound of all objects in this universe; it is a representative sound of the wavelength of this Universe for this dimension, which is a wavelength of 7.23 cm. Sounding AUM in long tones, pronouncing each syllable of: Aaaaa Eeeee Ooooo Uuuuu Mmmmm, connects you directly to your heart and bliss. It aligns you to the Golden Mean ratio of .618, a cascading divine spiral that is the essence of creation, acceleration, awakening and the MerKaBa.

AUM is a Sanskrit word, meaning "I bow, I agree, I accept. . .” AUM! I bow to my immortal divine nature and the divine nature within all of humanity! AUM! I bow to the divinity within nature and all life! AUM! I agree to help this planet ascend and I accept the responsibility of helping humanity awaken to its divinity! AUM! I accept my divine mission, my divine purpose, my divine function and take complete responsibility for this divine mission! AUM! I bow to the vast multidimensional nature of my Divine Soul and Spirit! AUM! (Sanskrit is one of the original encoded root languages of this planet, which emanated from Lemuria and other ancient civilizations, and retains much of it’s galactic origins, similar to other ancient languages such as: Hawaiian, Maori & Hebrew).

“AUM is the most abstract and yet the most concrete symbols of divinity. It is an instrument of self-realization. It is yours to keep. It is released from your heart by the breath of God. No mechanical instrument, no machine, not the might of civilization can equal the AUM. Only you can intone the AUM, because you are God in manifestation. Out of this one eternal syllable all that exists comes forth. All that comes forth returns to the AUM”.

“The A comes forth from Alpha (our Father) as the initiator, the creator, The Beginning - the origin of spirals of consciousness, of being. It is the thrust of power. The M is the OM of Omega (our Mother), the conclusion, the Ending - one with the Holy Spirit as the integrator and the disintegrator of form and formlessness. AUM. Thus, the positive and negative polarities of being are pronounced by Elohim across the span of cosmos for the sustainment of the worlds”.

“From the A to the OM, all of the vastness of creation is contained. And the U in the center is the cup of creation cradling You, the Real Self, the Anointed One, the Christed One, the Buddha of the Light - you in universal manifestation, in particular manifestation. A-U-M. The Trinity in Unity. You, the centerpiece-the masterpiece-the Unity of the One and the Word, the fulcrum and the nexus. The Universal Christ is the power of reservation, of concentration, of cohesion as identity. From the thrust of the Father to the return of the Mother, you are embraced as the identity of their love. AUM.”

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God” (John 1:14). Biblical scholars say that the “word” is Jesus ‘Christ’, this scholar says that you are the Christ, and you have always been with God as the AUUUM!

The AUM is the trinity of Alpha/Divine Father, OMega/Divine Mother and U/you - the Christ Child. The AUM affirms your true essence as God-Goddess-Christ-I-AM-Presence. By sounding the AUM, you connect to the purely balanced androgynous angelic nature of your beingness – your true Christed essence of unconditional love.

Sounding the divine AUM is an amazing and accelerated way to raise your vibration, so that you are able to enter higher levels of consciousness, open your chakras, your pillar of light, etc., to access your Soul, your higher dimensional nature, your Higher Self and embody your Divine Presence. I highly recommend incorporating the OM into your daily meditation and divine sound practice to raise your vibrational rate above the quagmire of the third dimensional, separation oriented enemy lack consciousness. Sounding the AUM is also a great door opener to open your channel to other forms of sound that you may feel pulsed to channel such as Toning and Light Language.

It is also a great mantra to use to begin group ceremonies to bring everyone together into a harmonic vibration, as everyone OMs together, it synchronizes everyone’s energies, quiets the mind and tunes everyone into the group heart. It is a great food and water blessing as well. The OM is an amazing all around Ascension and Enlightenment tool, similar in that manner with the Violet Flame, two major tools to always keep handy in your Ascension Toolbox.

Did you hear about the cow that became enlightened?

He was dyslexic,

he kept going OOM OOM OOM…

Blessings on your divine journey of being the OM that you truly are!


References: “in the beginning… - (John 1:14). 7.23 cm wavelength info courtesy of Drunvalo Melchizedek and “The Secrets of the Flower of Life”. Additional information from Dan Winter – http://www.goldenmean.info/. Paragraphs in quotation courtesy of, “The Science of the Spoken Word” by Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Summit University Press. - http://tsl.org/

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This is an excerpt from
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