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The Key to Your Happiness & Success

by ZaKaiRan


In this article, I give you the absolute Master Key that unlocks the Secret Door to your happiness, health, wealth, success & prosperity.  And that master key is becoming a Master of Appreciation, where you think about and talk about wonderful things in life that are easy to like, love and appreciate, and you pay no attention to those things in life that are not easy to appreciate!

“Appreciation is the secret to life.  Become a person who appreciates, and you will thrive; you will fulfill your reason for being” – Abraham/Esther Hicks

One of the most powerful Master Keys of Success, is to become a master of appreciation, by learning to focus all of your attention and creative lifeforce, upon things in life, that are easy to like, love, and appreciate. Because the more you think about things, people, creatures, situations and experiences, that are easy to appreciate, the more of these lovely and beautiful things you attract to yourself that are easy to like, love, and appreciate.

And then, you get to experience the delight or appreciating those wonderful manifestations which attract more and more wonderful things to appreciate, etc., etc., etc. And that is how creation and attraction, works.

And the more things that you think about, and talk about, that are easy to like love and appreciate, the better you feel. Which of course attracts more wonderful things that feel good to appreciate.

The better you feel, the more prosperity, joy and well-being you are allowing to flow through you, which makes your body healthier and you feel awesome, powerful, excited, etc.

And then, you're allowing the essence of your divine being to flow through.  And you feel your infinitely powerful, immortal source-self, surging through your veins, which of course feels amazing, ecstatic, blissful, energizing, all-powerful, etc.  And so, you feel even better and better.

And the more you appreciate, the more who you truly are, flows through you.  And the more abundance and joy flows through you.  And so, you feel better and better.

And that is why you are here on Earth, in this body, to feel good!  And nothing feels better than appreciation, and your own Source Self flowing through you, and your power of creativity flowing through you!

And the master key that opens this door to ecstasy, and power, and creation, is appreciation.  Especially because Source, God… whatever you want to call it, is only focused on appreciation.

Source never ever focuses upon unwanted, undesirable things!  Source is only focused upon the gold, not upon the dirt!  And the key with appreciation, is to only look for the gold in every person, thing, or situation, and pay no attention to the dirt!

You're a gold miner looking for gold, not dirt!  You're a gold miner looking for things to appreciate!  And like source, you pay no attention to those things that are not easy to appreciate!  In other words, you only think about and talk about things that feel good. And you pay no attention to thoughts and things that feel bad, when you think about them or talk about them.

But what about the things that I don't like in my life, that I don't want, and would like to get rid of?  And what about the things that I want in my life that I don't have yet?  

Okay, now we're getting to the main course of our meal here.  First of all, you can't get rid of anything that already exists, and there is no point in trying!  Whatever exists in your life, good or bad, you have manifested it because of your past thinking.  

So, give yourself a break and don't punish yourself for creating and attracting something you don’t like and don’t want.  Just use what you have created that you don’t want as a springboard to jump towards what you DO want.  Because, you're never clearer, about what you DO want, when you are crystal clear about what you DON’T want!

The key is to stop focusing upon what you don’t like and don't want, and solely focus upon what you DO like and DO want.

The tricky part, of course, is that what you don't want any longer, is in your face and all around you, or yelling at you, or is in your driveway, or is on the news, or is at work every single damn day, etc.

So, here's where you’ve got to take control of your own mind and learn how to focus on what you want.  Pay no attention to what you've got!  Only upon what you want!

Here's where you must become a master dreamer, where you keep your head always in the clouds.  But at the same time, you must develop laser focus, with your thoughts, with your sight firmly focused upon the achievement of your dreams, and what you want!

Appreciation will keep you focused!  Because when you are focused upon something that isn't here yet, and you're surrounded by unwanted situations and people, what will get you focused in happy-feeling directions, will be finding things about people in life that are easy to appreciate.  And then edify those good qualities about those people in your mind, and in your speech, when talking to other people.

As an example, let's say you want a better work environment.  Your job sucks because you're surrounded by idiots.  And you have a boss that is a tyrant.  And your job is boring as mud etc.  So, where is the gold here?  What is there to appreciate in this deprecating environment?

It may appear in certain situations like this, that there is nothing at all to appreciate, and all is lost, and there is no hope to be found.  So, you must become a gold miner with the abilities of a master detective to sniff out the gold wherever you can find it.

So, what's good about this situation?  Just get into a nice calm place and start writing.  Just come up with anything that is easy to like love and appreciate.

“Okay, well, this job is paying my bills, that's pretty good.  It's keeping my family off the street.  We're not homeless.  The building that I work in is pretty good.  You know the views out the window are pretty good.  That’s a nice tree out there.  There's a cute little birdie flying around and chirping.  

It's pretty close to where I live.  I don't have to drive for hours and hours to get there.  It's pretty convenient.  I like Joan, she's pretty sweet.  I like the cute stuffed animals she's got on her desk and the cute pictures of her kids on her desk.

I like that plant over there in the corner, it’s pretty.  I love that plant.  This is a cool plant. The cafeteria is pretty good and makes a mean pizza, and the coffee's pretty good.

I like my buddy Joe. He's always good with a joke of the day and the occasional practical joke he plays on people. They're always good fun.  And I like the product we sell, it's very helpful and convenient, and it does help improve the lives of a lot of people.

So, what is there to like about my boss?  He's very focused and driven.  He seems to be really passionate about his job.  I like his car.  I'd like a car like that.  His wife is very nice.  He seems to love his family very much, etc.

So, every day, you want to go through your life doing inner thought rampages, where you look for, find, and edify, things, people, and situations, that are easy to like, love, and appreciate.

And you'll be surprised and amazed to discover, that the more things you appreciate, the more additional things you will find to appreciate, that seemed to be previously hidden from view.

And then the most remarkable thing happens in people, because the more nice things you notice about other people, and compliment them, and edify those good qualities about them when speaking to other people… the more wonderful qualities you will see in those people.  And they will seem happier and nicer, especially around you because you are evoking within them more qualities that are easy to appreciate.

And the people that you're talking to, when you’re edifying other people, they start to respect you, and honor you, because they can see that you're an honorable person, and they know you're not going to talk about them in negative ways behind their backs and you're going to possibly, edify them as well.

And when you’re focused upon appreciation, you can start a trend of appreciation, and other people will start focusing on the good qualities of each other rather than gossiping about each other’s supposed faults.

And before you know it, you have completely turned your entire work situation around!  And now, you're getting raises.  And upper management is noticing you.  And you're getting promoted, and getting invited to the private parties.

So, with the power of appreciation and edification, either your work situation completely improves to match the vibration of your daily focus of appreciation, or, you will be offered a dream position at another company that matches your uplifting personality and your appreciation vibration.

And the same focus, of looking for the gold, and finding what is easy to like, love and appreciate, can be applied in every situation in your life, such as your relationships.

Let's say you have a less than desirable relationship.  So, where's the gold in this relationship?  What about this person is there to appreciate?  If you can learn to pay no attention to your partner's bad qualities, and just focus on their good qualities, and edify in your mind, and in your speech to others, the good things that they do.  And if you can become a master of complimenting them about their good qualities, and edifying their good qualities to others, you will start to see more and more good qualities about them, and you will see less and less bad qualities about your partner, your lover, your friend, your children, etc. And the negative qualities will now seem insignificant in comparison to the positive ones.

And your partner/lover/friend… will start doing more wonderful things because, through resonance, they are matching your vibration of appreciation.

And of course, everybody likes to please other people, and either your relationship will improve beyond your wildest dreams, or you will attract someone else who matches your appreciation vibration.  And your other relationship will just end amicably and drift away.

So, it doesn't matter what you have going on in your life that you would like improvement upon, if you can find things about that situation that are easy to appreciate, you will improve that situation, because you will naturally attract more and more things that are easy to like, love and appreciate! 

Now, what about big giant issues that are completely in your face?  They're traumatic and depressing, and you just can't seem to find any gold at all about that situation.

For instance, let's say your girlfriend left you, took your favorite dog, and then you lost your job because the company is downsizing, and your rent is due, and your bank account is empty, etc., etc.  And you say to me, where the fuck is the gold here?  This is nothing but tragedy!  I feel like my life is one big soap opera!  

Okay, granted, all seems utterly hopeless and lost.  There doesn't seem to be a speck of gold anywhere and you feel terrible.  So, in those situations, there is nothing to do about your current situation, just leave it alone.  

In this situation, first, you've got to distract yourself so that you can get a bit of relief!  Relief is the key!  Look for relief.  And distract yourself from thinking about your terrible situation for a while.  Just leave it behind!  Go play golf, or go to the movies, or go get ice cream, or go take a walk in nature, or go to the beach…  Just do anything that distracts you from your shitty situation. 

And when you have distracted yourself and you feel a little better, now, when your vibration is raised up a bit, look for the gold elsewhere!  I didn't say look for the gold in your shitty life, you're still not going to be able to find it here yet.  I'm saying look for the gold wherever it may be.

So, what is there around you that it's easy to like, love and appreciate?

If you're in nature, or hiking in the mountains, or the bush, or walking on a beautiful beach… finding things to appreciate will be easy.  So, get on a rampage of appreciation about wonderful things in your life in general.  And these things in your life will start to improve. 

In fact, they have to improve, because when you raise your vibration with appreciation, more and more things that are easy to like, love, and appreciate, must come into your life, because they are a matching vibration to how you're feeling.

The point is, you don't have to attack problems head on in order to wrestle them to the ground and kill them so that you can have somehow miraculously find a solution.  In fact, it's best not to even try, just let whatever you don't like go, and focus on whatever is easy to like, love and appreciate.  And then, through resonance, you will attract more pleasing situations.  And you will attract the solution to your big dramas.

So, now we're back to square one, where I told you that you can't get rid of what you've got.  It's too late.  It's already here.  So, instead of trying to get rid of what you don't like and don't want, just focus on what you do like, do want, and what is easy to appreciate, and you will attract more things that you like, love and appreciate.

So, whatever you don't like in your life, you don't need to attack it and kill it and try to get rid of it.  And in a similar manner, the things that you DO want in your life, you also don't have to attack them head-on, to try to bang what you want into place to get it into your life.

In fact, you don't have to directly focus on that issue, or any issue for that matter.  You can instead, allow the solution to just come naturally by putting yourself into a similar vibration as your desire, by focusing on other things entirely, that are easy to like, love and appreciate, that have nothing to do with your big issue.

For instance, let's say your relationships are good, your house is good, your car is good, where you live is good.  A lot of good, good, good, good in your life.  All except… dum dum dum dum…, your alleged trusted partner has just embezzled $500,000 from your company and the creditors are barking at your door and all seems lost financially!

You can't imagine how you're going to dig yourself out of this hole!  Oh my god, you're going to have to declare bankruptcy!  So, what do you do?  The answer is to go on a vacation!  Get immediately on a plane and go to Tahiti!  Go play golf, go surfing, go camping in the mountains...  

Focus on everything that is wonderful in your life, and everything that is wonderful on earth, and distract yourself entirely from the dramas and traumas, because you will never find a solution to a problem when you are neck deep focused on the problem.

You can only find a solution if you focus on solutions!  And when you distract yourself by just focusing on wonderful things that are easy to like, love and appreciate, now, the solution can just come to you miraculously.  And things will improve 100 times better than before the big drama!

So, appreciation is your liberation, 100%, from the trials and tribulations of life! Appreciation is the key to your happiness!  It is the key to your health!  It is the key to your wealth!  It is the key to creating happy, healthy, and loving relationships!  Appreciation is the master key to creating anything and everything you want!  

Just appreciate what you've got, and feel the appreciation you will have once you have what you want.  

And appreciation is the solution to every single problem or challenge in your life! Because, when you can appreciate what is working well, then things that were not previously working well, can now improve, or something new entirely, will be attracted by you and to you, that works brilliantly.

Or, by avoiding the challenge entirely, and just appreciating other things in your life that are working well, then, the thing that was previously not working well, will improve, without your direct involvement.  Or, something new and wonderful will take its place.

So, become a master of appreciation, and not only will you always be happy, your life will become a non-stop fun, exciting, adventure, filled with unlimited things to like, love and appreciate!

Your health will be amazing, your wealth will be immense, and your relationships will be awesomely fulfilling, fun and exciting!  And you will be happier than you could ever have imagined, because you found the master key that unlocks your joy, and your power, and your wealth, and your health, and your freedom…

And now you're completely free, because you no longer feel any urges whatsoever, to focus upon anything or anyone else's situation, that does not feel good to think about.

You feel no urge to focus upon anything that you don't like and don't want, because 1), it feels bad to think about them.  And 2), it's not what you want!  And 3), thinking about things that you don't like and don't want, doesn't help me, and it doesn't help anyone else either.  And it doesn't help the earth in general, because I don't want to energize things I don't like and don't want, I want to energize things that I do like and do want!  

My empathy does not help anyone!  But seeing them as perfect and powerful, and seeing everybody on planet earth as being perfect and powerful, and seeing their unlimited amazing creative possibilities… now, that is how I can best serve humanity!

Seeing anyone as helpless, or poor, or powerless, or as victims… helps no one!  It doesn't help me because I feel terrible, and it doesn't help them because it energizes their supposedly powerless victim states!

So, as a matter of appreciation, I'm going to focus upon everyone's unlimited, infinitely creative power, to create whatever they desire to create in their lives!  

Never will I say, “Oh, that poor person…” No, nyet, nada!  Instead, I will say, “What an amazing, powerful master of creation that person is!  Wow!  They created some pretty intense contrast for themselves.  They created that!  What an awesome creator they are!  They've created an amazing creation and that amazing, negative, unwanted situation is causing them now, hopefully, to focus in an immensely powerful way, towards the creation of an absolutely amazing solution for them and a radical improvement of their lives!  Yay!  And I love thinking about him or her being immensely happy, and healthy, and prosperous! Yay!  That's fun to think about!  This creation stuff is fun!”

“I can even help other people create their dreams and desires into reality, by just seeing them as empowered, and happy, and thriving, and prosperous. Yay!  How cool is that?!!!  What an amazing creative universe we live in!  And how powerful am I, that I can help improve the lives of everyone on Earth, by seeing them all as immensely empowered masters, with the creative power to manifest any and all of their desires into physical reality!!!  How freaking cool is that?!!!  Rather than seeing them as lowly, helpless, disempowered victims.  That's no fun at all!  That feels terrible!  That's not empowering to me, and it's not empowering to anybody!”

“So, I'm going to play the game of appreciation, and appreciate my dreams into reality, and even appreciate other people's dreams into reality.  And show everyone else on earth that they can also do the same thing, just by appreciating what is easy to like, love and appreciate in their lives.  Which creates more things to like love and appreciate in their lives.  Which also improves life on planet earth in general.  And literally is the force of evolution.  And literally is creating heaven on earth!”

So, my friend, awesome, creative Master that you truly are… are you ready to become a master of appreciation? Are you ready to appreciate your dreams and desires into physical reality?

Are you finally ready to let go of the fight and trying to futilely wrestle your problems to the ground?

Or, as in the immortal words of the Borg from Star Trek, “RESISTANCE IS FUTILE!”  

And are you ready to finally surrender to your awesome power of creation, with the complete power and freedom to create absolutely any dream and desire you have into your physical reality?

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