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The Dimensional Paradoxes of Reality



Planet Earth is Ascending into the form of a star and we as humans are ascending into bodies of light. Planet Earth is transitioning to the 10th, 11th & 12th overtones of the 4th dimension, eventually embodying the 5th dimension, and we are here to assist with this transition. In this article I will explore a part of this process, the Paradox of reality in the third dimension, as we transition to this Ascension.

If you are reading this article you are a transition team member, a.k.a. light worker, and I'm sure you are quite aware of the paradox of all existence and reality, if you're not, you soon will be. As we continually approach Ascension the paradox of existence has ever increasing apparentness. As we transition to higher dimensions all parallel and alternate realities are converging. There is only one reality, but an infinite amount of ways to interpret it and experience it. This is determined by the amount of entities in the entire Creation of Universes including all parallel and alternate realities. Each being has an individual perception of the reality therefore each individual perception is actually an entire Universe in and of itself. The grand paradox is that we are all individual expressions of all that is - yet we are all one.

As we transition to the higher dimensions the direct experience of the paradox is more apparent. The veils between the dimensions are getting thinner and our perception is becoming more sensitive. It grows more and more difficult to make decisions with complete awareness of both ends of the paradox, including all realities in between. Previously we in the 3rd dimension, have made linear decisions based on good, bad, better, worse. Now as we enter the 4th dimension, the dimension of flow, there is less of an experience of the ends of the paradox, but more of an experience of the middle - the multidimensional realities of the middle. This reality has previously been thought of as being a binary, dualistic reality, when in fact it is a trinary reality. There is not hot and cold without there being warm.

Of course we want many things at once, we want our cake and to eat it too. The 4th dimension allows more of a direct experience of having your cake and eating it too - based on the flow and the instantaneous manifestation inherent in its reality. In the 4D manifestation is instant; if you want something it will instantly be in your face. Of course in the 3D this aspect of manifestation was and is much slower due to the density of the 3D and our tendency to live based on absolutes at the ends of duality, forgetting the middle. In other words excluding other realities, maintaining the illusion at all costs that this is how reality is.

As we transition to 4D, more aspects of alternate realities are allowed, another influence of 4D flow. Now 4D allows a wider degree of realities, this is obvious based on where planet Earth is now in regards to peoples tolerance for each others differing perspectives as well as beliefs. Allowance is an integral part of high overtonal 4D, exclusiveness was an integral part of 3D.

Decisions Decisions

So back to making decisions. In the old 3D world, knowing and being certain was an admirable quality. You are strong and smart etc. if you were able to make sure cognitive decisions; knowing what you want in life, and knowing how to get it. If you are active with your spiritual awakening and the planets awakening, you will have noticed that this type of decision making is now more difficult. You can't decide whether to stay in that relationship or get out; whether to get corn flakes or rice bubbles. In fact you realize that you want both equally - you really want your cake...., and you now allow for the possibility of this to be a reality. You realize that your problems can't be solved in a linear fashion just by making a decision. Most decisions in 3D old world were based merely on survival - will this help me to survive, will this make me happy etc. A simple decision as which cereal to get is solely based on lack and survival, if you were not concerned with survival or lack of money in your bank account, you would just get every single cereal that occurs to you to get.

In the old world you could not have your cake and eat it too, you had to make certain, absolute decisions, and that's how it was. Now you can't even decide what to get on the menu. If you're like me I want 4 entrees, 3 dinners and at least 5 different desserts, and I can't understand why I can't have them all. I am a divine being on a holy mission and deserve complete prosperity and abundance, so lack of money becomes increasingly frustrating. Now as survival becomes no longer part of the reality we can allow for alternative perceptions, allowing more divine qualities to manifest.

Survival will not be of any importance in the high overtones of the 4D. It will although still be an integral part of the lower 4D, and survival "problems" will manifest faster and faster, and eventually instantly. In 5D survival does not exist and cannot exist, survival is finally no longer an issue, but in 4D there is at least an option. In the 3D absolutes are an integral part, in 4D absolutes are totally mutable.

The Center of the Paradox

The center of the paradox is the middle road that winds and turns, and goes up the hill and down and around mountains, and flows like a river. Multidimensional awareness resides in the center of this paradox; maintaining awareness of infinite possibilities; allowing all realities and all perceptions of reality. This is the key to the transition, and is unavoidable as it is an integral part of the make up of the 4th Dimension.

This transition to the 4th and 5th dimensions, this Ascension, our personal enlightenment & liberation from the illusions of separation and unworthy, is not about getting rid of anything. There is nothing wrong with you, you do not need to be fixed, you do not need to learn anything or be good spiritual people. Ascension is about embodying, allowing and loving all aspects of your beingness, all aspects ! All your bad habits, your addictions, your ego, your pain, your dramas etc. Because paradoxically you are all things; the master and the wretch; the genius and the fool; the chaste and the slut; you love and are love, and you created the illusion of hate. God is all things so you are all things, and of course paradoxically you are no thing.

What do you dislike about yourself? Your addiction to your ego; dramas; your intellect; lack; to avoiding being bored; your suffering; your patterns of control. We all have aspects of our beingness, that are unlovable, yet paradoxically all is love, so these of course are loved. But what is also loved and allowed by All That Is - is that place where we judge; and cause pain; and reject; and manipulate; and control - where we use lust, and pride, and envy, and sloth. These are allowed; they are part of the wholeness; so it's about allowing these aspects to just be - because the more you try to get rid of them the more they will be in your face - because they are where your attention is.

You are a divine being; a master; a spirit; perfect in all ways; and at the same time a human full of forms of separation: full of fear and ego; full of anger and vindictiveness. You care deeply about your friends, loved ones and relationships. You are faithful to them, and stick by them, yet you would abandon them for something more wonderful in a hot second. Money? - well we all have a love hate relationship with this one. You know that spirit provides everything, your life is abundant and money is no worry, yet you worry that you won't have enough, will run out and your survival will be threatened. TV, movies, entertainment? - good diversions, but in truth you're all tired of all the old world crap and are just dying for something truly new. Children? - you love them and there spontaneity, and another part of you couldn't be bothered with them for a second. You are a lover of truth yet you still lie. You respect the art of love making, but you still love a good fuck. You love your mate and wouldn't want to hurt them by being "unfaithful", you know that exclusive relationship is really an illusion and you really would like to experience others. You're a vegetarian but sometimes you would like to eat some chicken or some lobster dripping in butter. You love to travel and see the world yet you love staying at home. You are excited about life and yet you really are bored to tears with life on planet earth, and couldn't be bothered with any of it anymore.

We are one and separate, and in truth, from the essence of love, all the same. We were all formed from the same essence of love, yet we are each individual unique expressions of the universe. Everything in our lives is in the hands of spirit yet we have the free will to say no to spirit, to our own beingness, this is the grandest of all paradoxes.


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