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Compassion & Forgiveness

“Compassion is the Eyes of the Universe,
Looking at Entity’s Struggle to Go Home”



What is Compassion?

Compassion is seeing through the eyes of divinity. It is the action of our natural state of unconditional Love. Compassion is allowing without judgement. It is the honoring of each individual’s right to experience anything their Soul or personality desires to experience. It is seeing everyone’s divinity no matter what illusion they are projecting.

Compassion is empathizing (feeling) and knowing what it's like for others from a position of your own experience of suffering. Compassion is seeing and feeling your own and other’s suffering, and realizing/knowing that this suffering is a part of everyone’s process of liberation. It is profoundly accepting suffering as a divinely purposeful experience, that it is an awesome gift that reveals the core of what we have used to keep us in denial and veil our true essence of divinity.

The absence of compassion, is due to a person’s desire to avoid their suffering. And wrath is typically used to deny it. The actions of this denial are the countless acts of energetic violence conducted daily by everyone, including: co-dependency, psychic projection and attack, (curses, judgement, prejudice, condemnation…), ignorance and neglect. Another way to deny suffering is personal power abdication, or giving your power away to others, typically through victimhood, but also to gain acceptance, love, favor, nurturance, sex… The action of this manifests as: ignoring self responsibility and conscience, (common sense of what is right and wrong, truth and deceit), and neglect of self and the welfare of others, including our fellow humans, plants, trees, animals, land…). These acts of “terrorism” all require a serious lack of compassion.

Eating animals requires similar repression, and every time anyone consumes an animal, or part there of, they must repress their natural state of compassion within, in order to feel nothing, including guilt. And in fact, the act of doing so unconsciously, actually physically & energetically shuts down the compassion centers in your brain. Especially when animals are so mistreated today and not allowed to live a normal life, but reserved strictly for our consumption. They are treated uncompassionately, so you are eating this abuse.

The native populaces, when it was a necessity to eat meat, all the animals they consumed, were honored for giving their life to aid the survival of the tribe. This aids in the continual connection to nature and mother earth. By hunting and killing the animal personally, by honoring and respecting it, the essence of the animals were being passed on to the warriors and tribe. Eating animals, for typical “first world” humans, is no longer a necessity, but a destructive luxury. If most people had to witness the animals they eat being mistreated and killed as they are, or had to kill them themselves, they would not eat animals.

Also the abuse of the plant kingdom, enslaving and genetically manipulating species for our consumption, and of course the disrespect of the insect kingdom and the poisoning of our food and land with pesticides and chemical fertilizers is seriously lacking in compassion. The plant kingdom graciously continues to provide sustenance to us even if we do not typically respect this fact, but we continue on consuming these plants without any regard for their essence and freedom. This is especially the case with wheat, corn and soy – which have been seriously mistreated. They are abused grains, and by consuming them, especially genetically modified and non-organic grains, you are eating this abuse, therefore abusing yourself. And no wonder that the insects are running rampant, they are fighting for their lives.

Mono crops are especially vulnerable, which is how all farming is conducted today. Mono crop farming is contrary to life, and crops are obviously prone to infestation from swarms of buggies who like to eat that specific crop. Having a variety of crops in one area, the traditional way of farming, obviously negates the possibility that one species of insect will want to eat an entire farm, as some crops will not be on it’s menu. Since the advent of pesticides in the 1950s, there has been no depreciable loss of crops to insects, in fact, the overall loss of crops to insect infestation has increased since the introduction of insecticides. Obviously, they do not work, as insects have evolved to be able to withstand any radical change in environment, and are easily able to build up resistance to pesticides. (See the movie, “Phase 4”).

Even driving your car requires the repression of compassion. We drive them around daily, polluting our air and thinking nothing of it. To some degree, we are helpless in this situation as we need our cars to function daily, but the point is to be aware and feeling, and not run around like a zombie blindly consuming the flesh of the world.

Everything you do, be aware, be conscious. Have respect for what sustains you, otherwise you abuse yourself. Thank the food you eat and the earth for growing it. Thank the devas and fairies for maintaining and nurturing the energies of the plant and earth kingdoms. Thank the farmers for providing the food we eat, but energetically encourage them to become organic by buying organic. Thank the car and oil companies for providing our transportation, but energetically encourage them to provide alternatives. Use public transport and explore alternatives that are available such as: the Toyota and Honda part electric cars, Bio-diesel, Joe Cell and other technologies. (Websites at end of article).


Forgiveness is the key to developing compassion and freeing up the natural compassionate nature that we all are. And the key to forgiveness is the law of reflection, which is that everything outside of yourself is a reflection within and a manifestation of inner perceptions of reality. What you judge outside of yourself, you already judge within, (or some part of your collective wholeness judges, judges itself, or past behavior). You are All-That-Is, so judging anything or anyone is judging that part of your wholeness as All-That-Is.

Every experience, past, present and future, is manifested completely and totally by us for our soul growth and experience, and fun. There are no victims in the universe of creation. How could there be? We are all Gods, therefore we are all creating reality all the time as Gods naturally do. Being victims would presuppose that we are not Gods, which is what all egos, who believe in their own unworthiness, would like you to believe. It presupposes that we are all puppets on a string. That we are merely the playthings of some giant child, with no free will of our own. That we are faulty, sinful, evil creatures that must prove our worth to receive favor from this “God”.

“You make your own reality—or you do not. And if you do not, then you are everywhere a victim, and the universe must be an accidental mechanism appearing with no reason. That is the only other alternative to forming your own reality. You cannot have a universe in between. You have a universe formed with a reason, or a universe formed without a reason. And in a universe of reason, there are no victims. Everything has a reason, or nothing has a reason. So—choose your side!” - Seth through Jane Roberts

Forgiveness heals all genetic memory of past deeds and traumas. Forgiveness cleans your karmic slate. Lack of compassion stems from the lack of forgiveness. The individual’s inability and un-desirability to forgive self and others, and the inability to take responsibility for their reality and manifestations, (creative ability). Especially to take responsibility for the creation of a reality and experiences that are unpleasant. The fact is, everyone, no matter how nice or dastardly, is loving the best way they know how. The full realization of this, and embodiment of this truth, is compassion. In this realization, there is no judgement and cannot be any. Every person is under the direction of their Soul and Spirit, so no one is doing anything that is contrary to their ultimate divine direction, or against the Divine Plan. There may certainly be resistance by their ego-shields to relinquish control and surrender to Divinity, but even the divine timing of their final surrender is under the control of their Spirit.

Forgiveness actually electromagnetically and soulularly creates compassion. It activates the chemical, genetic structure and function of compassion within the body/mind. Forgiveness invites Grace which providing a fresh start in the now moment, without any connection to the past. Forgiveness acknowledges that nothing needs to be forgiven.

To forgive others requires that you forgive yourself first. To love others, you must first love self. They are non exclusive. Every act that anyone does against another person, self, animal…, and every thought against self and others that judges any behavior as evil – is an act of terrorism. This judgement stems from the lie of unworthiness and the belief in this illusion. The lack of compassion and judgment towards self and others are the biggest “weapons of mass destruction” on planet earth. They are fuel for the war machine.

We must have compassion for our fellow humans who have forgotten the divine essence that they are and who struggle to obtain it again in the best way they know how. And we must be grateful to these beings who volunteered for roles in the collective unconscious that we had no desire to play again. These beings will not be punished for their heinous aggression and absence of compassion, but will be congratulated for a job well done, for providing us a great service to see the outward manifestation of that which was within, and to heal and forgive that behavior that we have done as individuals groups and as a collective whole. “They will be duly rewarded, as their sacrifice was great”. –JC

How to Forgive

So how do I forgive myself and others? Just saying, “I forgive myself/you, doesn’t quite do it. I can’t quite let it go and I don’t feel released from it”. It doesn’t quite do it because just saying “I forgive myself/you” isn’t done with the full creative healing force of your Divine Spirit, it is just done from your ego shield and personality, which has very little creative ability to affect soul levels. And which has no real desire to forgive anyone, since it believes in its own victimhood and unworthiness, and the unworthiness of others. You must invoke it with the full power of your I-AM-God-Goddess Presence, which enacts divine healing and karmic absolution on multidimensional levels.

The key once again, is taking complete responsibility for your reality and manifestations and your creative ability to change reality. When you do this and realize that you (as a Soul) have drawn every single experience to you for your awakening, empowerment and soul growth - then you are able to wholeheartedly forgive others and yourself because there is nothing to forgive. The real forgiveness comes from the realization that no forgiveness is necessary, and all past trauma is instantly healed with Grace. You then have the empowered confidence to create higher more accelerated realities.

Forgiveness is especially beneficial for our emotional bodies, minds, past life, soul and genetic memory. Memories of traumas and dramas, which become emotional baggage weighing you down to the past. They are victim oriented grudges. But with the acceptance of our creative ability and soul power that has manifested absolutely every single experience for our soul growth, then victimhood is a seen as the illusion that it is. Also our aspects and soul extensions have similar past life grudges that need to be healed and forgiven. (Soul extension/aspect clearing technique is available at the end of my article “Battle”).

Then saying, “I forgive you”, is really for their benefit of our soul/karmic memory. It is a release, a healing. It is also for the benefit of the ego shield, which has been built up from these traumas to protect you/itself. It gives this polaric oriented self a chance to surrender its defenses to a higher power. You can help your process of forgiveness considerably, by accepting your full power as a creator God, who has manifested every occurrence in your life for your awakening and empowerment. You can accelerate your process by accepting your powerful creative ability to invoke the healing and forgiving energies of your God Presence, the Angels and the Ascended Masters, (including St. Germain’s Violet Fire, Archangel Michael’s psychic cord disconnection…), and by invoking the assistance of the Karmic Board for karmic absolution between yourself and others.

It appears to us awakening masters that this process of enlightenment (healing, forgiveness, awakening and remembering) is an arduous one, and the ego/matrix would convince us to stop as it is too difficult and painful. But the real truth of this matter is: it is much harder work to stay asleep, to maintain denial, and repress the pain that is already there. This takes constant vigilance - not enlightenment. You may think that it takes constant work and vigilance to awaken and not fall back into the old patterns of denial, but the opposite is the real truth: it takes constant maintenance to stay asleep, to stay in denial. All “enlightenment” takes is surrender to what already exists. It takes no vigilance to be that which you already are, only to become and maintain what you are not, which takes constant work. Screw work! Play is much more fun!

The matrix/ego’s existence is a creation of individual and collective consciousness. Its continued existence and survival requires constant maintenance through fear and denial, which is the glue that holds this matrix together. With the healing and release of these illusions, the matrix disintegrates, and what is left is Heaven on Earth, something that is already here on etheric dimensional levels within the blueprints of our collective consciousness and our natural state of unconditional love.

If you play with this thing we call reality, you will master it easily and gracefully as a child knows how to create games and toys out of nothing, because “reality” is all just make believe. Enlightenment is your natural state, not struggle! Thriving is your natural state, not surviving! Abundance is your natural state, not lack!

Have fun creating & co-creating reality, by taking full and complete responsibility for your reality and your manifestations! If you’re not having fun doing what you’re doing, then don’t do it! Then everything happens easily, naturally and funly. Rekindle that true essence of the Christ Child that you truly are and play, play, play!

In Divine Compassion, Forgiveness and Play,



Forgiveness Decree

By Divine Decree, with the power and essence of God Goddess and Elohim Grace, and my own God Goddess Presence – I formally and completely forgive myself and others for all transgressions and belief of transgressions that I or anyone else in this body has ever done upon myself and others, (across space, time and dimension, and for my entire soul and genetic lineage).

I forgive and release all judgments, regret, shame, condemnation, curses…, that I or anyone else in this body has ever experienced or projected upon myself or others, (across space, time and dimension, and for my entire soul and genetic lineage).

I forgive myself and all beings for anything that I or they believe to have been unforgivable.

I forgive myself and all beings for all lies they have commited towards me, or that I have commited towards them. And I forgive myself for all lies that I have commited towards myself.

I forgive myself for all acts of betrayal towards self and others, and I forgive all beings for all acts of betrayal towards me. I forgive myself for all times I have cheated myself or others, and I forgive all beings for all times they have cheated me.

I forgive all debts owing to others and myself! I forgive anyone who has ever owed me anything or stolen anything from me. And I forgive myself for any times I have owed anyone anything or stolen anything from anyone.

And I ask for immense financial assistance from my overflowing karmic bank accounts to pay any “debts” currently owed and for the realization that all debts and money are an illusion and I don’t really owe anyone anything, and no one really owes me anything. All debts are now null and void!

I forgive myself for all the times I have hurt anyone in any way, physically, emotionally, mentally or sexually. Or killed anyone - personally, deliberately or inadvertently, in normal life or in acts of war. And I forgive anyone who has ever killed me or hurt me in any way, physically, emotionally, mentally or sexually.

And I ask the karmic board for complete karmic absolution and a complete karmic clearing between myself and all of these beings that I have had these experiences with.

I also release and heal all beliefs that forgiveness is even necessary, or that I, or anyone should be or needs to be forgiven. I release and heal all pain and suffering associated with all experiences (across space, time and dimension), from all lifetimes where I or anyone else in this body, (and for my entire soul and genetic lineage), related to victimhood, powerlessness, unworthiness, shame, regret, grudges, vendettas, curses...

I release all victim consciousness and beliefs that I am a victim or ever have been a victim. I release all victim consciousness and beliefs that anyone has done anything to me without my Soul’s permission, or that I have done anything to anyone without their Soul’s permission.

I formally and completely rescind all vows, and break all agreements, that I or anyone else in this body, has ever made, (across space, time and dimension, and for my entire soul and genetic lineage): that I will not forgive anyone for any reason; or that I cannot be forgiven for anything or for any reason; or that I, or anyone else, does not deserve to be forgiven; or that any action by anyone, or myself, is unforgivable. I also release all vows of revenge; all curses and projections of judgement and condemnation; lies, and vows to lie; and all agreements of debt.

And I release to the Light, any and all energies, entities, attachments, mechanisms, structures, implants, programs, codes, beliefs, thought-forms, curses, judgments, perceptions or pictures of reality - that have supported or maintained these vows & agreements.

Now open a doorway (tunnel/Rainbow Bridge) above your head to the Light. See these elements moving off to the light, give them all up to God.

And I call to the Lords and Ladies of karma and the entire karmic board, and I request complete karmic absolution, healing, forgiveness and Grace (across space, time and dimension), for myself and all associated beings, (and for my entire soul and genetic lineage), with whom I have had these experiences and lifetimes.

I also invoke Hathor Healing (el ka leem om) for our hearts and a complete energy healing from St. Germain’s Violet Fire and help from the Violet Flame Angels. I also invoke Archangel Michael and his Angels for a complete lower dimensional psychic cord disconnection and disintegration from all of these beings. We are free! We are sovereign! We are One!

I completely heal and forgive all lifetimes where I have acted in any way that could be judged as dark, wrong, bad or evil. I recollect all of my souls aspects and soul extensions that are lost or trapped in their own feelings of judgement, condemnation, shame, guilt, regret, trauma, anger and depression.

I invoke special karmic dispensation from the Karmic Board, the Great White Brotherhood and Archangel Metatron, for the release of all this pain and suffering and a complete reconnection to unconditional love.

I now bring all of these aspects of myself back into my/our Soul/Monad, through my heart.

See all of these Soul aspects and soul extensions coming into your heart and taking them up through your Antakarana, into your Soul Star above your head, back to your Soul.

I invoke karmic absolution for all of humanity and offer this as a gift of my Divine Love and Compassion for the suffering of all.

I also extend this gift of karmic dispensation to all beings on all dimensions, across space and time. I extend my essence of divine compassion as a gift of Grace for all to remember their true essence of divine Love and to remember that we are all divinely perfect regardless of what we may do, think and feel.


I forgive ALL through the Love, Grace and Compassion that I AM!

I forgive! I forgive! I forgive!

We are Divine Forgiveness! We are Divine Compassion!

We are Whole! We are Perfect!

We are Love! We are Light! We are One! A HO!

Co-Create Heaven on Earth!




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