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Creation in the Void



Creation in the Void - How to Create Form, Reality, Male, Female…

Imagine yourself in the void. There is no space, no time, nothing. Nothing exists here. Now you as the Spirit of God, (the all seeing eye), project your consciousness out into the void. First to the front, then to the back, then to the left, then the right, then straight up and straight down. Your consciousness naturally projects an equal distance in all directions. This is a natural ability, from our pineal glands, and our natural ability to sense distance and objects within our fields. With this projection of your consciousness, you have created 6 lines, or 6 directions, an x, y and z axis. You have created here and there in 4 directions, (or two dimensions), and with the 5th and 6th lines: depth, or perspective, the 3rd dimension. These six lines are why native populace's find the six directions so important. They tell where you are, so that you know where to go and how to create.

Now enclose these lines, forming a diamond (from a 3D perspective and angle of view, or square, from a 2D perspective and angle of view), two pyramids on top of each other, base to base, (octahedrons), around your point of consciousness. (Remember, you are just spirit, no form). You have now mapped out a complete space around you. You have given yourself space and distance by providing a center point of consciousness, (directions away and directions back to this center point). You have created an object, (a body). Now you can move this shape in all manners possible. You can rotate it, wobble it, spin it.... (This is "space" ship technology, this is how they move. If you notice a really good video of a space ship, like a Billy Meier video, where you can see the ship spinning, they are often wobbling, and make extreme changes, 90 degree changes…)

Now spin your octahedral field, from each axis, so that the ends of the lines create a sphere around you. There, now you know how to create reality. (You have now essentially created the 4th dimension). Of course this is an extremely simple version of creation, but nonetheless, it is accurate in describing the very first motions you must do to create something from nothing. (You now know how to travel through dimensions and space, and now can realize that any transition between dimensions is a 90 degree shift in consciousness, because each of the 3 original axes are at 90 degrees to each other).

Without the female sphere there is no completion, only direction. You're just a box. The sphere is the female component which creates the "4th dimension". A dimension of emotion and feeling, magic and mystery. This is the simple description of Eve being created from the rib of Adam. The feminine was created by spinning the male lines, (linear geometries) which then encompasses them.

One sphere alone is complete, but still limited. To become more complex we need more spheres, in unison. Certain numbers of complete spheres creates more complex geometries, realities, dimensions, structures, bodies, worlds… This is how universes are created.

So to continue, we then create more of these complete spherical geometries. To do this, you must now move your consciousness to the surface of the original sphere. (This is the first motion of God in Genesis: "And the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.") Now that you are at the surface of your sphere, you now start the whole operation over again by creating your linear geometries, octahedrons, and spinning the three axis to create another sphere.

This is the example of cells splitting in the creation of life. They essentially clone themselves to make more. Essentially life creates more life by copying itself, and adding more of itself to become more complex. Life creates life by merging with itself. The sperm and the egg, both spheres, both with linear geometries inside. This is mitosis; two spheres merging; creating more cells. First completed creation - the seed of life (7 spheres, one center, 6 outside); then the egg of life (6 more on the outside, 13 spheres total); the third rotation/shape, creating the Flower of Life (12 more outside, 19 spheres total, containing the fruit of life). And to make the traditional incomplete Flower of Life complete, two more rotations, with 18 more outside making 37 total, and 24 more making 61 total. (The traditional "Flower of Life" that is contained within two large concentric circles, is incomplete. The outside spheres are cut off, incomplete. To make the Flower of Life complete, you must at two more rotations.)-2

So you've now created another sphere exactly the same, and an intersection between spheres, the vesica pisces, from the mergence of two spheres, (cells). You can duplicate the geometries and spheres over and over again, but they are still all exactly the same. They only new thing is the vesica pisces, created from the union of two complete spheres. This shape is like the shape of a space/light ship; disc shaped, but with a curvy top and bottom. This is the creation of light itself. This is a photon, a spherical light packet. "And God said, 'Let there be Light,' and there was light.", and s/he said "that's real good baby".

Now, to continue, we as God, keep projecting our consciousness to the surface of the inner most sphere, at the intersection of each new sphere, until we arrive back at the point where we started. If you create three spheres, you now create another new geometry from these two new vesica pisces, a small and large tetrahedron, (the basic geometries of the star tetrahedron, two interlocking three sided pyramid). These are the six movements of God, or the Six days, in the extremely simplified version, of creation, in Genesis.

The First creation of God, produced the linear geometries and sphere. The first motion/day of God, produced the vesica pisces - light. The Second motion, third sphere, day 2, produced an interpenetrating relationship between three spheres, creating three vesica pisces and the basic geometry of the star tetrahedron. Fourth sphere, day 3. Fifth sphere, day 4. Sixth sphere, day 5. Seventh sphere, day 6. With each new sphere, more complex geometries are formed (which I will not detail at this time). We now have 6 spheres surrounding the one original, which forms a six-petalled flower. This is the "beginning" of creation, the Genesis pattern. It is the seed of life. 7th day, rest, the Sabbath. Celebration day for all that was created.

The 4th and 5th dimensions

The 4th dimension is a feminine dimension. Every dimension is either male or female. All odd numbered dimensions are male. All even numbered geometries are female. Every male geometry is more dense physically. Every female geometry is less dense physically, (more etheric, if you will). So in a sense, even the 5th dimension is more physical then the 4th dimension, but it is still a higher vibration.

Even though it appears that we are fairly limited to the third dimension, and very third dimensionally physical, we also have within and around us the 4th dimension (dimension of magic, ghosts…), 5th dimension (heaven) and all other dimensions. We, as a male dominant perspective civilization, have just been screening out all other dimensions, including the 4th dimension, the doorway to the next higher physical (lightbody) level, the 5th dimension.

The 4th and 5th dimensions are here and always were here, except to be dense you must leave out as much of the complete picture as possible, the patriarchy had to leave off the feminine aspect to experience such extreme density. The entire consciousness of everyone had to do this, they had to squash the feminine and be non-emotional, ruling out all magic and mystery and destroy all perception of 4th dimensional beings, i.e.- 4D ETs, fairies, nature spirits, devas…, even so far as to do its best to destroy nature, which naturally is balanced within masculine and feminine, disconnecting us from karmically balancing the polarities of good and "evil". And fantasize all perception of 5th dimensional beings, i.e.- Angels, Ascended Masters, Avatars, Gods, ETs…, cutting us off from Divine wisdom and our ET connections.

So humanity did its best to support linear thought without the temperance and balance of emotion. It did its best to cut off the sphere and make us all believe that the only reality is 3rd dimensional - what I can see, hear and touch, is real, all else is illusion, fantasy.

For additional information about the 4th dimension, please refer to my article "The 4th dimension", on my Website: ZaKaiRan.com

More Dimensions

I have heard of many descriptions of the number of dimensions in existence: 12, 144, hundreds, thousands… In essence, there is an infinite number of dimensional levels. I suppose there are as many dimensions as there are perceptions of reality and levels of awareness. Dimensions are infinitely sectional but for my description of the dimensions, I will use the model of 12 and 144.

Now this model of description is just that, a model of description, it probably does not accurately describe dimensions or levels of awareness but it will have to do for now. There are 12 main dimensions and between each dimensional level is 12 sub-dimensional overtones, similar to the description of musical overtones between notes. So each main dimension contains 12 additional dimensional levels, which adds up to 144 dimensional levels. 12X12 is 144. But even though I am using this limited model, the dimensional levels actually go on forever, alighting the fact that there are an infinite number of ways to express the One reality. (This could also include parallel realities, which could essentially be sub sub overtones, which could be infinite).

Essentially, each dimension is an entire universe in and of itself, with very specific parameters of Divine and Cosmic awareness associated with that dimension and its vibrational frequency. Between each major dimensional level or universe, and between each overtone dimensional Universe there is the void. This void is like a star-gate between dimensions.

All dimensions are superimposed upon each other, they are not so linearly connected as if you must travel to enter the next dimension. All dimensional levels are here now in this space, and each has a different time cell reference. Because of how the dimensional levels are interlaced, you can go between them fairly easily, if you know how. To do this, you must shift in 90 degree turns.

To go between each level you must travel through the void, in other words you must remember and realize who you truly are, that you are part of the oneness of All That Is. In essence, every time you become more aware of true self, of true reality, of the oneness of All That Is, you make a dimensional shift, even if it is only an overtonal shift or sub-overtonal. So all dimensional shifts, or ascensions, entail leaving all that you are not behind.

The initiations of life and awakening are these shifts that transmute you and your reality to higher dimensions. Every shift in awareness brings you closer to light body levels, the higher vibratory levels of the higher dimensions, 4th, 5th,… And the only way to shift to any higher dimensional level is with love. Essentially, every shift in consciousness that anyone makes is directly connected to love, how much they realize that they are love.

This is the transition between the levels, into the void. To go through the void, you must leave all illusion behind, you must go through the void of nothingness to know who you are because only the real you can be in the void. You cannot go through the void with anything: no identity, no separation, no future, no past. This is the miracle of separation and oneness, between each point of separation is oneness, truth, love, Divinity, All That Is. And you must enter alone, we are all in this together, but you must enter the void alone so that you may know that you are never alone. Every initiation of life is an experience of entering this void and how much illusion you try to bring into it with you.

Wavelength and Sound

The difference between higher dimensions is wavelength of vibration and sound, which go together. The sound vibration is representative of the wavelength. Wavelength is the distance between the troughs of 2 waves. (The distance between A & B - picture 1)

As you go up in higher dimensional levels, the wavelength gets shorter, with coincidal higher energy, (Picture 2) and longer for lower dimensions (Picture 1), with a vibratory rate that is slower, denser and longer.

All things vibrate at a specific wavelength. As you become more aware of true self, of true reality, of oneness, love and divinity; as your consciousness ascends; as you develop a greater sense of self and connection to all life - your vibratory rate increases, your wavelength shortens and becomes faster. If you vibrate fast enough, you "disappear" from this dimensional reality, or more accurately, you operate functionally from a higher level of awareness (enlightenment) that coincides with that dimension, and appear in a dimensional reality that coincides with your vibratory rate and wavelength.

As your vibratory rate increases, you become lighter, less connected to the vibratory rate of typical 3rd dimensional social consciousness reality; you start ascending the overtonal ladder into 4th and 5th dimensional consciousness, and you pull out of the old vibratory rate and consciousness of survival, power and separation.

Sound is directly connected to the dimensional levels, vibration creates sound, all life creates sound. All the dimensional levels and sub dimensional levels are all related to the harmonics of music. Every shift in consciousness that you make, you now operate at that specific harmonic, you emanate a different sound. I suppose you sound closer and closer to the natural sound that emanates from the Angelic realm. This is one of the realms we are ascending to. The Angelic music calls us to itself to be like them, to vibrate with them, to love as unconditionally as they do. On a planetary level, we as the species human are ascending to higher levels of dimensional awareness, to a higher vibratory wavelength.

"Om is the true sound of this universe. It is the average sound of the sound of all objects in this universe. It is a representative sound of the wavelength of this Universe, for this dimension, 7.23 cm wavelength. Every object in this universe produces a sound according to its construction, each object makes a unique sound, if you average the sounds of all the objects in this Universe, this 3rd dimension, you would get this 7.23 cm wavelength, and it would be the true sound of Om for this dimension."-1

We currently vibrate at a wavelength of 7.23 cm, (Picture 3) but this is changing. We are transitioning to light body levels where our wavelength is shorter and faster. When we attain these levels, we will cease to exist (or function) within the wavelength of the 3rd dimension.

Our “light” bodies will be different, we may look different, or we may not, but we will certainly be less dense. I believe we will have the ability at this point to appear how ever we feel like, and be able to maintain a “physical” body indefinitely without age or death. Eventually mastering the ability to exist/shift between many dimensions.

Planet earth is already in the 4th dimension, but humanity is "stuck" in the 3rd dimension. The planet has ascended in Consciousness and exists at a 4th dimensional level. Therefore we are in the 4th dimension. But because we humans do not realize it, and still cling to our 3D illusions and mass enemy consciousness perceptions, we are still 3D.

The Light Players operate 4th and 5th dimensionally, we live our lives 5th dimensionally, even though we are in a 3D world, that is really 4D. We appear 3D, but are not typically 3D humans, even physically, even though with normal human medical tests, we would be determined to be typically human, but even this is changing.

Because of DNA changes and physical light body mutations, our physical bodies are changing, glands getting bigger, etc. the Indigo children are being born with supernormal powers. Some people, especially young ones, are developing new organs, etc. We are evolving and ascending to the next level of awareness and physicality, the 5th dimension.

Even though we are apparently limited to this 3rd dimension, we have access to higher dimensional levels. Individually we can and do ascend to higher levels of awareness, essentially existing and functioning in several dimensions and overtonal dimensions within this dimensional experience. This is how you can exist here, functioning within this dense world but not being of this dense world. When you essentially operate at enlightened levels within a level that is not enlightened. When you are a stranger in a strange land and very few people understand you. In essence you are operating at light body levels while living in the physical world of density. You are living a life of unlimitedness within a world of limitation. You are accessing 4th and 5th dimensional awareness, realities of oneness and unconditional love.

Your presence of oneness enlightens this world of separation. So the species human ascends as each individual ascends. The more people who have the courage to embody this divine essence fully, the faster heaven on earth will manifest. You have the courage and ability to manifest Heaven on Earth! Your vision of heaven on earth is firmly implanted within your beingness, and you must live it; you are passionate beyond all understanding. This is how heaven on earth is manifesting, by you living it now.

Live Heaven!





(Wiracocha - Inca for “From the God in me to the God in you”).


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P.S. Please forgive that this article does not have the picture inserts describing wavelengths, or pictures of geometries, these pictures will be in a future book and possibly on my website in the future. Please refer to Drunvalo's books for pictures and more detailed information.


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