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The 4th Dimension



There are many models available that describe dimensions and what exists on them. But models do not accurately describe reality, they are just that - models. Dimensions are not differentiated linearly, but rather perceptually and vibrationally. I will now describe my way of perceiving the dimensions, in this instance particularly 3rd, 4th & 5th, with an emphasis on the 4th.

This planet has a 1st, a 2nd, a 3rd, a 4th, a 5th, a 6th...dimension, (or 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th…dimensional self), all imbedded in the same "space". Each dimension has consciousness to it, an inherent way of perceiving reality, or the reality of that dimension that gives it its "structure". We are currently living in a 3rd dimensional existence on the 3rd dimensional aspect of this planet, (although the planet is really in the 4th dimension, details to come). The 3rd is a very dense physical dimension (as I'm sure you already know). The 3rd dimensional way of perceiving reality is typically a reality of survival, competition and control. If you can see it, taste it, feel it or "prove" that it exists - then it is real; anything else is screened out by the ego as being fantasy, illusion, or weird - something to be feared, or merely disregarded.

The 3rd dimension is a dimension of limitation and polarity. It is a dimension where we get to experience the illusion of separation from our spirits, our fellow humans, and from All-That-Is. We have veiled ourselves well so that we would believe this illusion, if we did not, then we spirits could not play this game called separation and dimensions, and be able to experience physicality. Typically, reality in the 3rd dimension is patriarchal, left brain, false male dominant and technologically oriented. It is generally devoid of feeling, love, and any form of cooperation (unless it is for mutual individual benefit to have a larger chunk of the carcass than others). Essentially the feminine and "spiritual" aspects of the higher dimensions are weeded out. Anything apart from this 3D empirical way of perceiving reality would be classified by my model as 4th or 5th dimensional in origin. Prior to the patriarchy, we did experience a matriarchy, which was more 4th dimensionally oriented, but it was no more balanced than the patriarchy.

Another integral part of 3D reality is victim consciousness, which is one of the grandest illusions of separation. There are no victims in this or any universe, or any dimension. We are all in the hands of our spirits, and we do indeed co-create our own circumstances of experience. The victim is one who doesn't know this to be the truth, and feels that things just happen to them by coincidence, fate or by the hand of God, the devil, man… Patriarchal control uses this illusion to gain support for its reality and agenda, to garner fear for support of its lack consciousness-greed-matrix. The illusion of victimhood, that we need governments, police, religions… to tell us what to do, to keep us from hurting ourselves, is how these "conservative" organizations con fearful people to support their nefarious activities.

Astral Entities (The Living Impaired)

There are 12 overtones or subdivisions to each dimension. In the 4th dimension, the lower overtones or astral plane, were generally inhabited by entities that died but did not go to the light (disembodied spirits), or as I affectionately refer to them - "the living impaired". In the 4th dimension, time is completely perceived differently - there is less linear and more feminine curves. Time shifts and changes like the weather. "Time" is eternal. This is the scenario where disembodied spirits can haunt places or people for centuries - because they still think that they are in the same time as when they died. They did not go to the light for various reasons and are usually desperate to be physical again. This is the problem with these beings, they can be so desperate that they interfere with us by attaching themselves to us to experience what we are experiencing. They can essentially try to manipulate us to do things that they like so they can experience them. Some of the densest manifestations of these influences, are "addictive" people being manipulated to do drugs, have sex, drink alcohol, smoke…, so that the entity can "have" the experience. Other examples are people in asylums, being manipulated by the "lost souls".

The ascension of planet earth is intimately connected with these "lost" expressions of All That Is. This 4th dimensional world of the living impaired and the dark forces, negative ET's, especially the lower astral plane, is the interplay of the "Lucifer rebellion", the further exploration of separation from oneness. From one reality we have all chosen to be a part of this "rebellion" to experience separation to its fullest extent. What brave souls we all are, and what good actors we all are.

This astral plane was used to manipulate us because it is the closest overtone to our 3rd dimensional reality. It is a connection to your 4th dimensional self and your lost aspects, your "dark" side, that can be manipulated because they feel guilty and "bad". If you vibrate at a high enough overtone, then you cannot be interfered with in any direct way from anyone operating at these dense levels. You can only be affected in a limited way by aspects of yourself that are vibrating at a similar level, that are lost in this dimensional level of separation consciousness.

Be aware that we are completely multidimensional - which means you have a 3rd, 4th, 5th …dimensional self, and if your 4th dimensional self is not working for the light, your evolution will be undermined by this self, and you and your 5th dimensional self (I AM Presence) will not be able to merge as "the Christ". So you must heal this you, and all yous "stuck" in these dimensional realms.

This ascension is being accomplished by us inviting in (inscending) our 5th dimensional and above selves, into our personality (3D Self), and enlightening all of our lost aspects, including our 4th dimensional self, creating a synergy of Christ Energy, a new being - the Christ Body; together creating a civilization of love and light - a Christ Planet.

The 3rd and lower 4th dimensions are realms of "competition" between the forces of dark and light - polarity consciousness. Of course from a higher dimensional perspective this competition does not exist - both forces work for the same divine plan - the creation of physicality, (one just having a tendency towards denser forms). Without these two forces the realm of physicality would not exist. Further, many beings in the "4th dimension" are there specifically to maintain and experience 4D limitation structures for the divine plan's transition of this planet, and are not necessarily doing anything directly to hinder our personal evolution.

Now as we progress through the various overtones of the 4th dimension we experience the realm of the dreamtime, fairies, elves, unicorns, Mer people, spirit guides, nature spirits etc., and many 4th dimensional "unchristed" ETs, but for this article I will refer mainly to the most notorious in our local universe - the Grays and Zeta Reticuli. I will return to these beings later.

The 4th dimensional way of perceiving reality uses the realm of feeling, intuition. This is the pagan realm of psychic energies, clairvoyance, sensing, magic, wicca - the feminine energies that the patriarchal religions tried its damnedest to destroy and repress. (Also the polarity is the mis-use of this vibration to control humanity with fear). These energies are of a higher vibration then typical 3D ways of determining reality, which were based solely on knowledge and experience, not on psychic spiritual sensing and knowing.

4D is the first realm of spirit as spirit descends through the dimensions to where we are as physical beings, and as we ascend up to our higher selves, and as we reincorporate our divine feminine, creating balance of spirit and form, heaven and earth. This is why the 4th dimension (and 4th dimensional experience in the 3rd dimension), is such a stage for the "war" between good and evil, separation and oneness. And now (2002), as we re-incorporate our 4th dimensional selves, past lives of negative karma, and lost dark aspects, and our "secret" governments involvement with extraterrestrials and advanced technology, and our new "magical" psychic/healing… abilities - life in the 3rd dimension has ever more become a war between good and evil, a polarity that is totally 4th dimensional.

The 10th, 11th & 12th overtones of the 4th dimension, are the Christ Consciousness levels, which is where we are ascending to. This is the transition zone to the dimension of pure light - the 5th dimension. Ascending up through the 5th, 6th & 7th dimensions, there is an experience of less and less dense forms of physicality, on up to the 8th where there is no physicality (where our spirits/soul groups reside). And these dimensions incorporate love, oneness and cooperation as an everyday part of reality. Each odd dimension is more physical ("male"), and each even dimension is less physical ("female").

Dimensions are not linear. Every dimension exists now, in this space, in this reality, in this room where you are now. To go to the other dimensions you do not travel to them in some linear fashion, to go to other dimensions, you must go within. Geometrically, you make a perceptual shift of 90 degrees and you're in the next overtone of a dimension. Everyone and everything on these higher dimensions are here with you in your "space", in your room, in your house right now. All the Ascended Masters, Christed ETs, Angels and Spirit Guides are here with you right now. Similar to the living impaired like in the example of the movie "Ghost", whereby the ghosts are here with us now, but we can only see, hear or feel them if we are open in these psychic senses, (but the Ascended Masters… are not lost or stuck in time and dimension, like "boogies").

Even though all dimensions are here now, these other dimensions are not anything like this reality, but absolutely completely different. On every overtone of every dimension, reality is perceived completely different. In other words, everyone in that dimension essentially agrees on a certain group consciousness perception in order to experience what life is like from that reality, and they all vibrate at the same wavelength.

The New Age community of today, has essentially decided on a group consciousness way to perceive life differently to how the false male dominant perspective civilization tells us we are supposed to perceive reality. This is of course why we have all decided to include higher dimensional ways of perceiving reality as part of our everyday way of experiencing life. Hence the huge numbers of people acting as psychic readers, healers, channels... We are including the 4th and 5th, and even higher dimensions in our everyday realities. We are embodying them for the Co-Creation of Heaven on Earth, the descension of the 5th dimension into this dimension - enlightening this illusion to higher truth.

The Lie of Unworthy

Another integral part of the third, and lower overtones of the 4th dimension - is the lie of unworthy. The lie of unworthy is the main delusion which maintains these dimensions and the polarities of them. All survival patterns, manipulation, control and power related delusions are based on this lie, that some beings, things and creatures have worth and others do not. This is the creation of lack consciousness: the haves and have nots, classes, national pride, racism, sexual discrimination, environmental degradation, the mass slaughter of animals for food and habitat destruction for greed. This lie is a delusion that we all decided to experience to create extreme separation, because with this delusion we could separate ourselves from each other, and we could separate ourselves from our Spirits, and God-Goddess-All-That-Is. We accomplished this by believing that we are unworthy of God's favor and are being punished for being such wretched creatures. (the "fallen" angels, "cast" out of heaven), but we did not really fall, (more like we jumped), nor were we cast out, we volunteered for this experiment in separation wholeheartedly - for fun, for our soul growth, for All-That-Is to experience itself in infinite ways. The religious perspectives of sin, judgement, penance, punishment and distorted teachings of karma, are results of the human suffering from this "separation".

This limited perception that we adopted, (and that has been projected at us by "dark" forces and our own lost aspects that feel unworthy), "that we are sinful creatures" - was a perfect design to keep us limited. With guilt, shame and unworthiness, we were able to efficiently explore the illusions of separation. And perhaps the biggest dark force ploy that we adopted to keep ourselves limited was to be convinced that the light was dark and the dark was light - i.e.: the suppression of truth, knowledge, magical arts, reality altering substances, witch burning, indigenous spiritual suppression, and the general suppression of free expression by fearful religious zealots and political fear mongering. And the illusion that there is actually separation between these two "opposing" forces. But all "competition" between the forces of dark and light is merely perceptual. Without the balance of the dark and light, this dimension, this reality, could not exist. If too much light comes in too fast, this reality would transition dimensionally too quickly, essentially imploding. So from a higher perspective we all work for the same Divine Plan, and are all working to maintain different levels of balance.

There are roughly 4 forces in the Universe, the "light forces", the "dark forces", the "neutral forces" and the "twilight forces". The Light forces are ascension team experts. Their job is too bring in as much light as possible to transition planets to higher dimensions. The dark forces explore separation, denial of oneness, and everything that goes with it to its fullest degree, to create dense physical form and to balance the light force. On planet earth these beings could be referred to as the "position team members". The position team members set up structure, and transition team members tear it down by enlightening these old dense forms to higher potentials by quickening the vibration. The neutral forces just witness what is happening, while the twilight forces serve the forces of light and dark. They are the double agents. They are often extremely tricky (and ultimately confused), even though they may act extremely passionate and sure of themselves. Often these beings have attained a certain level of awareness, but go no further, (having hit a wall in their consciousness), due to some past suffering, and lack of healing (forgiveness) of lost aspects. They often lack considerably in compassion. They are often prone to spiritual ego, glamour and the use of 4th dimensional "magical" arts. Often these are false gurus, who use subtle psychic manipulation to obtain energy from fearful adoring followers. They can often try to undermine light workers, and often attack them in sneaky underhanded ways, using spiritual justification for their attacks. This is when they are in their "dark side". In general, twilight workers have not Christed their 4th dimensional self. Even if their 3rd dimensional self is fairly enlightened, their 4th dimensional self is in general control of their lives and personal gain is of utmost importance, (even if they project an image that is one of "light" and "love"). All in all it is a perfectly balanced system.

(Additionally, see my article " The Position Teams & Transition Teams - The Reality Creators & Dismantlers, on my website: www.ZaKaiRan.com.

The Tunnel of Light

As a 3rd dimensional planet and species, we are ascending through the higher (Christ Consciousness) overtones of the 4th dimension, essentially bypassing the lower overtones, (astral and reincarnational planes) (which we have already been playing with and have experienced for thousands of lifetimes), winding up in the 5th dimension, (with access to higher dimensions). When people have had near death experiences and have traveled down a tunnel and there is a brilliant white light on the other side - this is a similar scenario. The tunnel is a (rainbow) bridge through the 4th dimension to the 5th where the light (heaven) is. (Additional info, see my article "Death and Reincarnation" on my website.)

In the 4th dimension there is less density than the 3rd, so manifestation is quicker - if you have a thought it will manifest instantly. In the 3rd D, (as you most likely know), manifestation is very slow, and is affected by many factors. This is why we are all undergoing spiritual cleansing for our ascension to the higher dimensional realms - because when we are completely operating at high 4th the 5th dimensional awareness, we don’t need any old world fear, survival, control, competition oriented "hell" thoughts manifesting instantly in our heaven reality. We are inscending our 5th dimensional selves into our 3rd/4th dimensional selves, (a dimensional convergence), ascension into our higher selves, creating the "Christ Body" of Light. We are the Christ Children! The Sons-Daughters of God-Goddess. The Union of Heaven and Earth (Heaven and "Hell"). (This is the example of the Christ Child - we are all Christ Children, this is the true message that Jesus came to give us). (This is also why the Bible says, "he descended into hell, then ascended into heaven".

Many beings may be aware of the "Flower of Life Workshop"-1, integral in this workshop is the MerKaBa meditation, designed to allow a space where you can become a conscious breather, that is where you realize your intimate connection with all life with every breath. This is how dolphins and whales breathe. You cannot know this oneness, (Christ Consciousness) without an intimate connection to your emotional body. In order to transition to the 5th dimension you must do it with love. You cannot pass through the stargates-void-dimensional-veils without love. And you cannot exist in a higher dimension without love, (and in a dense physical body). The 5th dimension is a Light dimension, so you must be light as well to live here. So we are shifting our perceptual awareness and breathing from a survival orientation (solar plexus chakra) of the 3rd dimension, to a Christ Consciousness orientation (heart-love chakra) of the 4th, and opening to higher chakric levels (5th D reality) of God/Goddess Consciousness. (See also my articles on "Light Body" and "Pranic Breathing")

According to Mayan cosmology, the 3rd dimension has 20 different overall consciousness. The 4th dimension has 13; the 5th dimension has 5; the 6th dimension has 4… As you ascend there is more soul group connection, more synergy, more soul mergence. So you can see why people are afraid of the number thirteen, because 13 represents Christ Consciousness; it represents ascension; the annihilation of the ego from the "darkness" of the feminine, (paganism, wicca, nature magic…) - from the Christ. This is why Jesus had 12 disciples, (and 12 disciplets), he being the 13th - creating Christ /Christess Consciousness.

The Grays

The many Gray-Zeta-ET-genetic-abduction experiments, have been for the soul purpose of their survival. Their species was doomed because of their disconnection with love, the complete loss of their emotional bodies, and being completely technologically and mentally oriented. They lost their abilities of inner technology in favor of external technology, (this is the Lucifer rebellion, trying to separate yourself from God, something we have been trying to do as well). They have known that they could not transition to the 5th dimension because of this lack of love and emotion. They intellectually knew that we could ascend because, even though we are totally screwed up in many ways, we still have not lost our ability to love. They have been trying to mentally understand this whole scenario with the study of humans. They also lost their ability to reproduce with direct physical contact. Opting for cloning (external technology), rather than sexuality, (internal technology) with love and emotional sensual connection.

These ETs and others in the past, have also tried to bust there way into this dimension and take over our existence by altering space-time with external MerKaBa vortex technology. The big one by the Martians, that created the downfall of Atlantis, created the Bermuda Triangle and has created massive discord on this planet.-2 Then the Philadelphia experiment, in the 1940's, conducted by the Grays/Zeta/secret government alliance (even though most government officials did not know the ET plan, most thought they were just making a ship invisible to radar, little did they know). And the Montauk experiment in the 1980's (which the secret government uses to travel through worm holes to the Moon and Mars). But these plans were unsuccessful and were ultimately futile, due to our massive acceleration and assistance from the Ascended Masters, and because it really never would have worked - (you cannot travel dimensionally with technology, you must go in, not through). (This is why it is called the "inner planes"). You must go in "naked" and alone, with no karma. With just your consciousness, your divine essence and your love. No illusions can exist in the void.

The Grays and Zetas have been using our DNA to create a hybrid race of part human part ET that has an emotional body. They wanted to somehow maintain there essence via this creation and they do succeed. The channeled entity Bashar is proof of this as he projects from one future race called the "Essasani". The Gray/Zeta races started dying out as soon as one woman from Peru reached Christ Consciousness and had the thought that, "the gray race is dying of an incurable disease"-2. But they were doomed anyway because the force of evolution is upon us all and you go with love or you don't go at all. We all volunteered to be abducted and donate our DNA for these experiments and the creation of the Essasani and other Human/ET hybrid races. These experiments have been assisted by the Pleiadians and other Christed ET races of the Ashtar Command and Galactic Federation. Most Grays and Zetas are now living on Pleiadian ships, as their technological ships could not make the higher dimensional transition. There will be little or no more Gray-Zeta-ET involvement on planet Earth. The only involvement that they are currently interested in is acquainting the hybrid Essasanis they have created with our emotional experience and responses.

Light Ships - Christ Consciousness

External-MerKaBa-UFO activity is archaic technology. All external technology is becoming obsolete. Internal love-based-technology and living, will be, and is the only way. Generally, ships that we can see are physical-luciferian-external-technology-mentally-based ships, and roughly 50% of them are not of extraterrestrial origin, but are U.S. and Russian secret government/military ships, created from ET technology. Light ships operate on love. Internal MerKaBa technology, based on love, creates for yourself your own "space" ship. Light "ships" can be a "ship" of one person or many persons linked together to move as one, (group MerKaBa's). Light ships are inter-dimensional light vehicles shaped similar to UFOs (flying saucers) but without external technological form. All space ships have the shape of the flying saucer because when the counter rotating fields of the MerKaBa are spinning the sides elongate and stretch similar to a galaxy. Light "ships" are 5th dimensional because the 5th dimension is a dimension of light, and we are all light. We are manifesting light to planet earth - or Heaven on Earth - Light Ship Gaia. (See my light body articles including #3 & MerKaBa.

Planet Earth is now in the 4th dimension. The Ascended Masters have completed the activation of the Christ Consciousness grid surrounding the entire planet, allowing Christ Consciousness to be available for all of humanity. This etheric crystalline grid was de-activated when the Martians invaded Atlantis. If it had not been reactivated, we would not have made it and this planet would have become a waste land as many prophecies prior to 1978 predicted.-3

Additionally, with the help of the Ascended Masters, many light workers have attained Christ Consciousness. We are becoming a Christ Consciousness Planet, as part of the Galactic Federation of Christ Consciousness Planets and Races. We are surrounded by a 3rd dimensional holographic bubble to make the transition very gentle for those that are not awake yet. We are also in accelerated time because of this. Time in the 4th dimension is instantaneous, therefore you will experience time as being completely mutable, especially as you become attuned to the cosmos, in tune with the pulse of life in the moment. One day can be like 4, one year is like 10, time can literally "fly by," as time becomes your friend rather than your enemy. As we progress as a planet and species, and you progress as an individual with the ability to be receptive, your manifestation powers will increase. Or more accurately, they will get quicker as you realize that everything in your existence already is your instantaneous manifestation, as you realize your intimate connection to your spirit and all life, and realize that time is relative to your perception and vibration.

Unless you have specific work to do with the "astral" realm, (which really doesn't exist any more), influences from entities should be less of a problem, (especially since planet earth is essentially beyond this overtone, and your consciousness matches the vibration of the planet). You may be asked to take these beings off to the light when they make themselves known to you. This is a generous and gracious service that we offer to these brothers and sisters lost in darkness. And they will be more obvious as your gifts are awakened and you are more easily aware of their presence and that they are ready to go to the light. And because of the current available energies of the Christ vibration, all insecure codependent energies are no longer supported by survival oriented mass consciousness grids. We are now left only with our own consciousness, karmic patterns and hidden "dark" aspects, so there are no longer any excuses to not take responsibility for your own consciousness, unconsciousness, and your conscious and unconscious manifestations.

What your Spirit has lined up for you is totally perfect. You are not broken, so you do not need to be fixed! You are designed perfectly with mass-consciousness planetary-separation delusions, to transition all of this to a higher dimensional perspective. Your personality and apparent limitations, are totally perfectly designed for your growth and awareness.

Everything that you thought was wrong with you, is exactly what is right with you! This is a come as you are party and everyone is invited! It is an Unconditional planetary Ascension, and if you're on the planet then you're coming. In the words of Drunvalo, "this party will make the Victory day party of World War II look like a tea party".

Ascension/Enlightenment - Transition to Higher Dimensions -
the Embodiment of our Higher Selves - Happens only with Love!

Grace is Here! Time for a Fresh Start in this Now Moment!

The Force of Evolution is Upon Us!

Wake Up! The Time Is Now !

Time to Co-Create Heaven On Earth !

All of my Love, across space time and dimension,


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1- Flower of Life Workshop: Books, Videos, Facilitators…www.floweroflife.org
2- Flower of Life Video Workshop
3- Chapter 4, "The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life" by Drunvalo Melchizedek


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