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Do It Now!

Because Tomorrow Never Comes!

By ZaKaiRan SheeHan

Dedicated to Kevin Trudeau - A True Hero of the people!

Successful People Do It Now!

In regards to selling, business, success or anything else you wish to learn, achieve or improve in your life, it is entirely more powerful to start now!  To DO IT NOW!  Rather than waiting “until the time is right”.  Whatever it is, DO IT NOW!  Don’t wait!!!  Don’t wait until you have learned all about it or mastered whatever it is to do it - DO IT NOW! 

Start performing now!  Start promoting now!  Start selling now!  Start getting out of debt now!  Start saving money now!  Start getting wealthy now!  Start on the road to financial freedom now! 

Start jogging now!  Start Yoga now!  Start exercising and losing weight now!  Start sky diving now!  Start mountain climbing now!  Start speaking and learning that new language now! Start playing and learning that instrument now!  Start painting now!  Start dancing now!  Star singing now!  Start acrobatics now!  Start swimming now!  Start rodeo clowning now!...

To master new things, you must do them, you must practice them!  If you have stage fright, the only way to get over stage fright is to get your “proverbial ass” on to that stage, again and again, until getting on the stage is no longer new and terrifying, and instead, you are excited and can’t wait to get back on stage. 


Probably the biggest reason people are afraid to start new things is they are afraid of failure, and afraid of ridicule and rejection from their “friends” and family.  In order to succeed at anything, you must be willing to risk “failing” at it.  Or at least, you must learn to “fail” temporarily while you are learning how to do it.  And you must diligently practice over and over again to find out how “not to do” that thing.  And by risking failure, you get over your fear of failure, because then you understand that to succeed at anything, you must risk “failing” at it.  To learn something new you must “fail” over and over again until you succeed and successfully figure out how to do it and you have mastered this new thing. 

You did not instantly miraculously learn how to walk when you were a baby.  First you had to learn how to crawl.  And then you had to learn how to get up on to two legs with the help of someone’s leg as a crutch.  And then when you got up enough strength, courage and confidence to walk, you first had to “fail” walking many times.  You had to fall over and over again.  And you had to get back up again and fall again, etc., until you got strong and confident and learned how to balance your body without falling on your face.  So before you learned how to walk, you had to learn how to fall first.  You had to learn how to “fail” at walking before you learned how to succeed at walking. 

You did not instantly miraculously learn how to ride a bike and learn how to balance yourself upon it without falling and crashing a few times.  You had to fall and crash many times before you mastered the art of bike riding.  To learn how to do something, you have to risk falling and crashing. 

For every new thing that comes in to your life, you must be willing to fail, you must be willing to fall and crash.  And every time you fall and crash and you are lying in the “proverbial” dirt, you then have the choice to quit because it’s “too hard”, or to get up, dust yourself off, and keep trying until you get better.

Anything new is like this and anything new that we try to do or think about doing in life is stressful to us.  But the more new things you do, the less stress you will experience every time you do something new.  Then you will crave doing new things.  You will be excited to do new things, it will become your “norm”.

Do It Now!

A good plan, aggressively executed right now, is a thousand times better than the perfect plan acted on next week!  (This is a paraphrased quote from General George S. Patton, the greatest general of World War II).  The point is, “tomorrow never comes!”  Next week never comes!  Next month never comes!  Next year never comes! 

If you don’t act now, even if you have no idea how you are going to do this new and terrifying thing, the chances are pretty good that you will do nothing - and “that is why you fail!” 

Doing something, even if you fall and crash, is better than doing nothing, because doing nothing is when you really fail.  Trying something, even if you mess up, screw up and do it completely wrong, is a million times better than doing nothing!  Trying, messing up and completely doing it wrong, is actually succeeding – not “failing”!  Hesitating, procrastinating, not trying and doing nothing - is ultimate failure!

“He who hesitates is lost!”- 1

Next week never comes!!!  Because next week comes along and you have done nothing to help you succeed!  Life takes control of your life, you get busy, and you forget about this amazing thing that was offered to you that could help you get wealthy and ultimately help you experience more happiness, fulfillment, joy, adventure, etc.  But because you didn’t act right then and there, you forgot what it even was that was such a great thing to do. 

Excuses Excuses

I see it all the time with people, I offer them an amazing life-boat that will help them achieve financial freedom, and they say, “I’ll think about it”; “I’ll do it next week”; “maybe next week when I get paid”; “I’ll do it next month when this big deal comes through”, etc. etc. 

Next week or next month comes along and “the big check” or “the big deal” is delayed another week, and another month…  And before you know it, a year has gone by and they’re still waiting on that “big deal” to go through! 

And when s/he gets paid, there is always something else, that is “so much more important” to spend their money on.  Or the big deal comes in, and instead of investing the money on building their financial freedom, they spend it on a vacation or some other new shiny thing instead.  Something that is not going to help them build their fortune.  They spend their “seed corn”. 

What “I’ll think about it” really means is, “I won’t think about it!”  They will forget all about it until you call them a few days later.  Then they have to make up a list of excuses why they didn’t do it.  “I’ll think about it” means, they have closed the door in their minds and are now “unteachable”.  Even if it sounds great, they don’t believe they could do it because they don’t believe in themselves, so they will push it out of their minds and quickly move on with their busy life. 

They continue with their busy life that they believe is helping them achieve their dreams because they are so busy.  “I am so busy, I must be succeeding!”  Unfortunately, they are confusing activity with accomplishment!  They are confusing “busyiness” with business.  They may be very busy, but that does not mean they are accomplishing anything. 

In their untrained minds, they believe that if they are busy all of the time, they will eventually succeed at something.  They are using the “shotgun” method.  They believe that if they chuck enough projects at the wall, something is about to stick.  These are the people who are always doing a million projects and a million businesses.  They are the ones that start doing this network marketing business, and then a month later they switch to the next “newest latest greatest” business opportunity that comes along. 

They don’t understand that all successful people who built fortunes for themselves, all focused on only one business!  And they solely dedicate all of their attention and laser focus on that business to make it grow into a thriving “cash cow” that they can literally walk away from.  And the business continues to thrive and grow and they continue profiting from this business with little continued involvement from them.  Then and only then, do they move on to another business or project.  They absolutely do not, half way through one project, move on to another!  That is what unsuccessful people do! 

Delayed Gratification (Or Tantric Business)

All wealthy successful people understand delayed gratification!  They understand that any successful business, (especially a “cash cow” business, that is so successful that you can walk away from it), in order to profit from that business and make that business outrageously successful, you must be patient, because you may not see any profit for literally years on end.  And typically that you probably won’t see any profit for at least 5 years.  But most people have a fast-money, “hourly rate” worker/laborer mentality: “I work 40 hours, I get paid for such and such per hour for 40 hours of work.” 

But fortunes are not built on a weekly basis, they are built on a yearly basis, with intense focus, a huge amount of work and with an immense amount of patience or “delayed gratification”.  This means that initially, in the short-term, all of your countless hours of work, will produce little or no profit.  But with patience and passion, if you are persistent and consistent, and you continue to passionately and obsessively keep “plorking” (playing/working), every day, every week, every month and every year, after 2-5 years, it is basically guaranteed that you will succeed at that business. 

And a person can and will succeed and profit much quicker, if the business they get into, has all of the right elements of success associated with it.  Those elements are: the Industry, the Company, the Leadership, the Product, the System of Success and the Compensation plan, which all must be solid, growing, innovative, and access a huge share of the market, which the “Vemma” business has.  But any network marketed business provides an immense amount of leverage needed to build a fortune much quicker than a “typical” style of business.

(For more information on this subject, please see my article “the 7 Pillars of Belief & Business Success”)

Another favorite excuse of mine is, “I’m too busy.”  Excuse me, but if you’re too busy at your job (aka “Just Over Broke”), working yourself to exhaustion to help someone else build their fortune, while you are barely making ends meet.  And you are spending every waking hour doing a thousand “important” things that are not helping you build your fortune, then you desperately need to take time out of your “ludicrously busy” life and spend time building your fortune! 

Another favorite of mine is, “I’m too busy this month, talk to me next month.”  Well, next month comes along and not only are they not less busy, but they are even busier! 

Next month never comes!!!!!

Instead of waiting until you have mastered something or learned every detail about it to give you the confidence to take some action, don’t wait - DO IT NOW!  By doing it now, you will master doing it!  And if you are determined not to give up, every time you “fail”, you will become more and more motivated to keep practicing to get better.  You will be motivated to improve yourself and grow yourself into a master!  And you will know when you have started to become a master because you will not call your failures “failures”.  Instead, you will describe them this way, “I successfully found a hundred ways how not to do it.”   

If you want to be a champion seller you have to discover a hundred ways how not to sell.  Thomas Edison didn’t fail ten thousand times to discover the incandescent light bulb, he successfully discovered ten thousand ways how not to make a light bulb.

At the end of his 22 seasons as a baseball player, from 1914 to 1935, George Herman "Babe" Ruth, Jr., one of the most prolific hitters in baseball history, held the record for the most home runs hit by any baseball player of 714 home runs.  Many people are aware of this statistic, but they are probably unaware that Babe Ruth also held the record for the most strike outs of 1330 times!

So the question is, did Babe Ruth “fail” 1330 times?  Or did he risk “failing” 1330 times in order to succeed 714 times.  And his batting average was .342, which means he only got a hit 3 out of 10 times!  So did he fail 7 out of 10 times?  Or did he risk “failing” 7 out of 10 times to succeed 3 out of 10 times? 

You don’t have to succeed every time, you only have to succeed once!!!

In all actuality every time “Baby” Ruth went up to bat, he was risking “failing”.  Every time any baseball player steps up to the plate with the goal of hitting the ball, s/he risks “failure”, by striking out, or being caught out…  And in his 22 year career in baseball, “Babe” Ruth, would have gone up to bat literally thousands of times and every time he went up to bat he risked failure.  But without risking failure, he would never have succeeded 714 times to hit the home runs that he succeeded in hitting. 

So the point is, the people who are the most willing to risk failure, are the ones who succeed the most in life.  The people who risk “losing”, are the ones who win!  And the only real “losers” are the people who quit, procrastinate and do nothing!  And the ones who are not consistent and persistent! 

“Winners never quit and quitters never win!”- 2  

The crowd loves a courageous player or team who gives it their best, even if they “fail” or “lose”.  But the crowd hates a quitter!

You may lose many battles, but if you never quit, never give up, never surrender and never admit defeat, then you will always win - because you decide when the game is over!  And the game isn’t over until you win!  And a winner, a champion, makes the rules in their life!  They make the rules in their game (of business and life).  Which means, as a winner, as a champion, the game is not over until I win!

“You don’t have to win every time, you only have to win once!”

After it has all been said and done, no one remembers the “failures” of a champion!  No one remembers how many times Babe Ruth struck out.  No one remembers how many times Ty Cobb, one of the greatest base stealers in baseball, got thrown out trying to steal bases.  They only remember how many times he successful stole bases! 

No one remembers how many goals the legendary Ice Hockey player, Wayne Gretzky missed, they only remember how many times he succeeded in making a goal!  No one remembers how many times Michael Jordan missed shooting for a basket!  No one remembers Muhammad Ali’s lost fights!  No one remembers the bad movies that the Academy Award winning actors starred in, they only remember the ones that they won Academy Awards for! Etc. etc. etc. 

And when you have achieved your goals in life, and everyone wants to bask in your immense glory and success.  And it is undeniable that you are a total champion and a winner, no one, including yourself, will remember your “failures”.  You won’t remember the thousands of times you offered that million dollar opportunity to all of those people who claimed that they wanted financial freedom - but who said NO.  

You will forget all of those people who had no courage and who sabotaged their success.  You will forget all of the people who you worked hard to help and get into your business.  The people who acted excited and who promised they would really go for it, but who ultimately did nothing and eventually quit. 

You will forget all of the people who cried to God to help them, to save them from their financial misery and poverty.  And you answered that call and came to their rescue.  You offered them the life-boat, but they rejected your help and said “NO, I don’t need your help, God will save me”…  And the “flood waters” of life kept on rising and they “drowned”.

You will forget all of the people who you loaned money to, to help them out.  But of course, they broke their agreements to pay you back and you never heard from them again.  You will forget all of the people who broke agreements with you and who took no responsibility for breaking those agreements, and whose lives went into a downward spiral because of it.  And you will forget all of the business partners who stole your money and never took responsibility for their actions. 

You will forget all of the people whose lives could have been massively improved by working and playing (“plorking”) with you in a group master-mind, and supporting each other to succeed.  You will forget all of these “failures”.  You will forget of all the times you swung that bat and struck out.

Now, after all of the smoke has cleared and after everything has all been said and done, all that you will remember are the home runs, because the home runs will be the people that are still in your life.  The people who were loyal and stuck by you all of those years.  They will be the people who 5 years ago, were in the same place you were.  But you all kept fighting and kept trying… And every time you got knocked down, you got back up again.  And your friends helped you get up.  And you stuck together, through thick and thin!  And now you can marvel in each other’s immense success.  And go to exotic opulent places together, and sit on the beach sipping Piña Coladas, talking about how amazing the journey has been together and how amazing your lives will continue to be. 

And you will remember when you first heard the amazing words taught to you by the amazing master, Kevin Trudeau, “10 years from now, your income will be the average of your 5 best friends.”  And now, your income is the average of your 5 best friends, because you supported each other to succeed and to achieve financial freedom together.  

And occasionally, as you are strolling around town in your nice designer clothes, driving your Mercedes Benz.  Or you are being chauffeured in your Bentley by Jeeves, you will run into a person from your past.  Someone that you offered the opportunity to achieve financial freedom with you, and they said NO. 

Or you run into a person who said yes, but then they did nothing, or they quit and basically wasted your time and effort to help them.  And it is pretty much guaranteed, that they look exactly the same as they did ten years ago.  They’re still struggling financially, they dress like a hobo, they still have a junky car, they still have unhappy relationships, and most importantly, they still have not made any of their dreams come true! 

They are still playing the “poor-me victim game” and the “blame game”.  And they are still blaming this person and that person, or the government, or the corporations etc., for their great “misfortune”.  But of course, they still do not take responsibility for creating their own circumstances.  They still do not understand how the “Law of Attraction” works.

And they will see you and say, “How are you?”  And it will be obvious how awesome you are!  And you will honestly say, “I am totally fantastic!  I have never been better and my life improves every moment of every day!”  Or they will avoid you and you will go past each other like 2 ships in the night without a word.  But either way, there will be regret in their minds as they look back on their life and remember when you offered them the life-boat that could have literally saved their lives!

Now, let me give you a little bit of advice.  When you see people you know or haven’t seen for a while, people that are probably not success oriented and who do not know the success mastery tip of always talking in a positive manner - don’t ask them how they are doing!  If you do, they will start telling you their sad story of woe.  The same story that they have been telling over and over again their entire life.  The same story that keeps recreating itself in their lives because they keep talking about it over and over again.  And they will start talking about their struggles and pains…  Instead of asking them how they are, just say “It’s great to see you!”  

Now they will always ask you how you are, which is great, because now the conversation can be about something wonderful, rather than their boring life.  And maybe after seeing you all happy and hearing your tales of adventure, and seeing you all successful, just maybe, it will be enough to spark the flame inside of them to want to change their life.  Maybe they will think to themselves, “I wish I would have gotten into that company s/he introduced me to years ago.”  Or, “I sure wish I would have stuck with it all those years, maybe I would be as successful as s/he is now… 

And maybe, just maybe, they’ll finally ask if they can get in that life-boat and change their lives for the better.  Maybe they will swallow their pride and say, “I am sick and tired of being sick and tired and I need help to change my life.  And I want what you’ve got!  So will you show me how you did it?”

But they probably won’t, because their pride will stop them.  They probably won’t admit that they “totally and completely screwed up”!  They won’t admit it, because the reason they failed in the first place is because they lacked Depth of Vision and the ability to guide themselves.  They lacked the courage necessary to risk “failure”.  They lacked the courage to DO IT NOW, regardless of what fears came up in them.  They lacked the courage to DO IT NOW, regardless of what belief or excuse started ringing in their heads because of their negative self-sabotage programs.  They lacked the courage to DO IT NOW, regardless of what the “dreams stealers”, “authorities”, “nay sayers”, “negative nellies” and “well-meaning” friends and family said, that “It’s a scam”, “it’s a pyramid scheme”, “don’t waste your money”, “get a job”, “who do you think you are, Donald Trump?”…

So instead of risking failure, ridicule and rejection, they decided to do nothing.  Instead of making a decision to do it now, they made a decision to procrastinate and “think about it”, and “wait until next week, and next month…”  They were afraid to fail, and afraid of being ridiculed and rejected by their “friends” - so they did nothing.  

Or they “try” the business for a month or two, and then quit the business.  And they justify quitting by making the statement that, “the network marketing business doesn’t work!”  Or, “this product doesn’t work”, etc.  “It doesn’t work, I tried it!”  

“DO or DO NOT, there is no TRY!”- 3

Success is a Decision Away!  Plans change, but decisions do not!

When you finally make a decision to pursue your dreams, and to achieve a “Chief Aim” - that decision never changes!  The plan or the way that dream or goal is achieved can and probably will change many times.  But your decision to succeed never changes.  Your decision to achieve financial freedom never changes! 

Your decision is, “I’m doing this, that’s it period!”  And all that matters is achieving your goal!  How you achieve that goal does not matter!  And most people fail to act, and make a decision to “DO IT NOW”, because they can’t imagine “HOW” they are possibly going to do it.  What they don’t understand is, “the how doesn’t matter when your attitude is right!”  All you need to do is focus on the positive!  Focus on your “Chief Aim” and you will achieve it, it is guaranteed!  But if you think about how you are going to do it, you will fail to act, or your confidence will waiver, and you will struggle to achieve your goals.  That is also guaranteed!

Why do people do nothing, procrastinate and sabotage themselves?

People sabotage themselves by procrastinating, doing nothing or quitting, because most people are programmed to fail.  They believe they will fail, so “there is no point in even trying when I’m going to fail anyway.”  People are programmed to be fearful, and to always take the safe route.  They were programmed to not believe in themselves, to not believe that they can do it, by all of the “authorities” who acted like they knew what they were talking about, but in fact, were ignorant unteachable fools.  And people listen to these “authorities” and ask them for advice in order to make the “right” decision, rather than empowering themselves to make their own decisions.  In other words, they listen to the wrong people! 

And because people are so desperately afraid of “failing”.  And afraid of making the “wrong decision”.  And afraid of being ridiculed and rejected by their “friends”.  And being rejected by people in general, they imagine, in their negatively programmed brains, that if they do nothing, if they just “wait and see what happens”, “then maybe, when it’s safe, then I’ll decide to do something”.  But of course, you know the drill - tomorrow never comes!  And the only decision they make is to do nothing.

They imagine that if they do nothing, then “at least I didn’t fail.”  “At least I didn’t lose any money.”  “At least I didn’t get rejected or ridiculed by anyone”, etc.  They make up this excuse and that excuse to justify their in-action.  And they blame you, or the products, or the business, or the industry, or their lack of time, or their lack of money, or their dog, etc., to justify their lack of commitment and to justify their decision to do nothing and essentially fail.  

Again, the point is, in order to succeed, you have to risk “failing”.  You have to risk getting “rejected” and ridiculed by your “friends”…  You have to risk “failing” many times until you no longer look at “unsuccessful missions” as being “failures”.  Instead, every time you get up to bat and try to hit a home-run, even if you strike out miserably, it was a grand success!  It was a grand success because you completed a cycle.  Because you know that statistically, the person who gets the most NO’s, is the one who gets the most YES’s.  The person who swings the bat the most, gets the most hits and the most home-runs!  And to succeed at your business, you have to risk getting a whole lot of NO’s to get any YES’s.

Practically every single wealthy business person has had many “failures” before getting that “big break” and their business sky rockets.  Many business people have been bankrupt many times.  And many deals go sour.  That is just how it is in the game of finance and fortune.  If you want to build a fortune, you are going to have to again, risk “failure” in order to achieve your goal of financial freedom.

Know the Score!

One of the success mastery tips that I have learned from Kevin Trudeau, is that all successful people “know the score” of their business.  They know how many times they have to swing the bat, or how many attempts, or how many NO’s they have to get, before they will get a YES. 

You probably don’t know what your ratio of NO’s to YES’s is.  You probably have not tallied up how many NO’s you have actually gotten.  But I can tell you, regardless of your business, in order for you to succeed, in order for you to get YES’s, in order for you to make sales - you have to get a whole lot of NO’s! 

As an example, if your business is an internet product based business, and if you had the ability to track all of the visitors who come to your website and product pages, you would be able to quantify the statistics that show you that you probably only “succeed” at making around 10-20 sales per 100 hundred visitors.  And if you owned a “brick and mortar” store, and you counted all of the people who come in the door and compare them to the number of people who actually buy something, you would find that a great percentage of people come into your shop, just look around and dream of buying something, but don’t actually buy anything. 

The basic fact of the matter is, that in the world of sales and business, the person with the most NO’s wins!  Because without those NO’s, there would be no YES’s!  There would be no sales!  There would be no sign ups, etc.  Because the more attempts you make, the more times you “swing that bat” and risk striking out, the better your percentage of getting YES’s will be.  The more you “swing that bat”, the more times you’ll hit that ball and the more times you’ll hit a home-run! 

And the more you “swing that bat”, your ratio of YES’s to NO’s increases.  Because you get better at inviting, and you get better at presenting, and you get better at following through, and you get better at making the sale... 

And your confidence improves because you get better at believing in yourself and believing that you can do it!  And the more confident you get, the better you get at sales, and at customer service.  And your credibility increases!  And people develop trust in you as an honest, caring person that is looking out for their best interests - not just your own.  “People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care!”  People don’t care how great the products are, or how amazing the business is that you are offering to them, unless they know and feel, how much you care about them.  Because life and business are all about relationships, especially the network marketing business.

And then your YES ratio improves even more, and the YES’s start coming easier and easier, and faster and faster…  And then you don’t even think about the NO’s because again, you know that the more NO’s you get, the closer you are to a YES!  And you know that every NO is a ‘success’!  Because every YES and every NO means you gave it a go!  You swung that bat!

And the YES’s and even the NO’s, have a compound affect because: “Success builds Confidence.  And Confidence creates Activity.  And Activity creates Habits.  And Habits create Results.  And Results create more Success… This is the Success or Momentum cycle.  

So, when you ACT NOW, rather than waiting for the “right moment”.  When you DO IT NOW, rather than waiting for your planets to be in the right astrological configuration.  And waiting for the right amount of money, and waiting for the right weather, etc. etc. etc.  When you act now, instead of procrastinating, and delaying, and ultimately sabotaging yourself, if you ACT NOW, if you make a decision NOW, you will ultimately succeed because you will successfully discover what does not work.  Then you will discover what does work.  And you will do the right activity persistently and consistently and this becomes your automatic “Success Habit”.  You habitually, persistently and consistently, keep swinging that bat, which creates results, which creates Successes…  

The point is, if you do the right things long enough consistently, it is absolutely guaranteed that you will succeed at whatever you want to be, do or have in your life.

So every Success you have, builds your Confidence.  And this Confidence motivates you to do Activity.  It creates drive in you to achieve more.  And this Activity becomes a Habit.  And after a while, you don’t have to think about what to do any more, you JUST DO IT!  Then these success Habits create more Results, and of course these Results become more Successes…  And the Cycle of Success continues.

You start getting YES’s.  You start getting Successes - and these Successes build Confidence - which motivates you even more to ACT NOW - to do more activity.  And this motivation to ACT NOW becomes a success habit - which creates more results - which create more success - and the “Success Cycle” continues. 

But without building Confidence, and building your belief in Yourself, and building your belief in the Company, and building your belief in the Products, and building your belief in the Industry, and building your belief in the System of Support and the Compensation Plan…  Without building your Confidence about these “Key Elements of a Successful Business”, and without building your Confidence in yourself through “Success Mastery Training”, that you can do it and you deserve to make your dreams come true.  Without getting your thinking positively focused by listening to audios and watching videos.  And without going to events and building relationships with like-minded success oriented fellow team members.  Without plugging in to the business training on a daily basis and programming yourself for success on a daily basis - you will not have the confidence to DO IT NOW, and so the “success wheel” cannot turn, the “Momentum Cycle” has no momentum! 

You absolutely must build your Confidence in Yourself by plugging into the System of Success!  You need to be programming yourself for success!  Then this confidence motivates you to act which gets the success cycle rolling.  The success wheel starts rolling down that hill and your activity produces success habits which creates positive results - which creates more successes - which build more confidence - which creates even more activity and more successful habits - which creates more results and successes...  And you can’t stop that success wheel from rolling!

Then you become a leader!  Then you become a master!  A champion!  A winner!  An over comer!

DO IT NOW!!!   Success is a decision away!!!!

DO IT NOW!!!   You can make your dreams come true!!!!
DO IT NOW!!!   Your Wish Is Your Command!!!

DO IT NOW!!!   You can be, do and have whatever you want in your life! 

YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!! 



Infinite Blessings of Immense Abundance!



This article is dedicated to an amazing and extremely generous Success/Law of Attraction teacher and master, and total champion of health rights and free speech - Mr. Kevin Trudeau!

Thank you Kevin for all that you have done and are doing for our freedom!  For our health freedom, our freedom of speech, and our rights to choose our own destinies! 

You are a total legend!!!  You are a HERO!  You are a WINNER!!!  You are a SuperStar!!!

And I Love You!!!!

Copyright 2014 ZaKaiRan SheeHan – www.ZaKaiRan.com


Quotes and acknowledgements:

1) - HE WHO HESITATES IS LOST - "Swift and resolute action leads to success; self-doubt is a prelude to disaster. The proverb goes back to 'Cato' (1713) by English essayist and poet Joseph Addison.

2) - "Winners never quit and quitters never win!" – Quote from American Football Coach, Vince Lombardi. (Green Bay Packers, 5 NFL Championships).

3) - “Do or Do Not, there is no try!”- quote from Jedi Master Yoda

Many or most of the success mastery tips contained in this article are quotes from and were inspired by the great Jedi Master Kevin Trudeau, taken from the Success Mastery training he has made available to us for our empowerment via the Global Information Network


The Master Keys of Success & Freedom

If you are like most people, you were not trained in the keys of success to achieve financial freedom.  You were not trained how to run your own business and be an entrepreneur.  You were not trained to succeed financially at something that not only brings you joy, but also provides you the biggest gift of all - time freedom.

If you are like most people, you were not supported by your parents, friends, family and society to pursue your own dreams, you were taught to settle for what society has determined is “safe” and “secure”, which meant going to school and then working for other people to help them achieve their dreams.

You were taught to forget your dreams because they were “unreasonable”, “unachievable pipe dreams”,
and a waste of your time and money.  

97% of the population on planet earth choose the societally approved lifestyle choices of: school, college, job, marriage, children, mortgage and retirement.  While 3% of the population, pursue more entrepreneurial endeavors and pursue “lofty” dreams, to achieve the gifts of financial freedom and time freedom!  These “dreamers” understand and live their lives based upon the keys of success, and these keys to freedom are available to you, if you know where to look and how to apply them.

The Purpose of Life is JOY!  And the Basis of Life is FREEDOM

and your life can be charmed, magical, prosperous and fulfilling,

if you decide now, to accept your birth right of Joy and Freedom! 

If you want more out of life than working for 40-50 years of your life, for 40+ hours a week,
only to retire on 40% less pay than what you received while working… 

If your dream is to create a life of Fun, Freedom & Fulfilment, where every day is a holiday and you have the time and money to do what you want and when you want, and all you do is pursue your dreams…

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