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The True Job Of The Ego




It is now time to give your ego a break, because it has been given a bad rap. With this experiment in separation we assigned a job to the ego that it was not designed to do. We assigned it the job of captain, co-pilot and navigator. Whatever it said was the way that it was, and we essentially made an agreement with ourselves that we would follow this direction to the t. We did this because we forgot who we truly were and determined that we were alone on this planet, separate from our fellow humans, and separate from God. We felt insecure, abandoned and vulnerable and did whatever we could do to survive. We felt helpless & powerless, and pleaded for help & direction. The ego said I'll do the job, and we jumped at the chance. We then gave the ego complete control because we felt so overwhelmed at the responsibility that had befallen us. We essentially gave the ego free reign to determine reality in this dimension; to decide what is real and what is not; what is good and what is bad. We did this because the ego's job is to keep us alive. Since we felt so vulnerable and helpless we decided that this was a good deal - keep me alive at all costs; keep me out of pain; keep me from starving; keep me from dying - please please please. Our egos complied wholeheartedly, because our egos ultimately love us, and are perfectly designed aspects of our beingness.

Our ego self (separate sense of self) is not the pilot, it is the navigator. Our personality (with all of its biases, predisposition’s, patterns and creativity) is the co-pilot and our body (physical, mental, emotional bodies) is the plane. Our Spirit (higher self, oversoul, who we truly are etc.), is the Pilot or Captain.

The navigators (egos) job is not to make decisions, but to take orders from the pilot, he does not make decisions of what to do or where to go, he only keeps the plane on course. The ego is designed to tell us where we are now, where we have been, and where we are going. If we are off course it is the navigators job to say, "hey captain it looks to me like we're off course, shall I make this course correction", then it is the egos job to listen and take direction from the captain (Spirit) to put us on course. The captain approves or disapproves of this course correction, then we put ourselves back on course based on this direction.

It is the Captains job (Our Spirit Self), to decide where the plane goes ("final destination"), and how it should get there (overall route and direction). It is the egos job to take direction from spirit and "our" job (co-pilot/commander) to listen, so we can make it to the "final" destination - Ascension Airport. This is the true job of the ego. To the degree that we are able to take direction from the Captain will determine how much turbulence we experience along the way and if we reach the destination quickly, efficiently, safely, on time, without going off course and without crashing.

The ego has been working over time doing everyone’s jobs. It is time to give it a break and assign it its true job. I'm sure your ego will be happy to finally be doing the job it was designed for, and get a smaller work load. Thank your ego for providing you with its past services, and give it a paycheck of love. Now I recommend at this point speaking directly to your ego and assigning it its new job, its true job: tell it it is now the navigator, it now takes direction from Spirit (Who You Truly Are). It's job is to follow all clues that might be Spirit talking and any and all orders from Spirit and report them to you. And to tell you if these orders are Spirits orders or orders from any of the other many elements in the forces at play in your reality.

The ego is a wonderful buffer, without it we could not remain here in the illusionary world of separation. It creates a buffer of denial for our consciousness, a denial of our true nature of Divinity. It creates the set and stage for us to act in this play. The ego does it's best to convince us that we are humans. We must be convinced to a large degree, that we are humans, otherwise it would be too difficult to stay here based on our true reality of oneness and love. It is like a veil of forgetfulness, a veil of our true nature so that we can play the part of struggling human. The ego keeps things down to earth / grounded (so to speak). It keeps us "real" by anchoring us in this reality of illusion. It maintains the illusion of separation, the illusion of separate selves, of individual identity. Enjoy the illusion; honor your ego, and your separate sense of self. Remember - you are acting a part in a grand drama. Know who you truly are; pure consciousness; a unique and awesome expression of All That Is.

The Co-creation Mission continues, Co-Create Heaven on Earth!


(Thanks to my very dear friend for the inspiration)



What is Ego?

Ego does not exist. You do not have an ego. You never had an ego. The word and definition of ego was created as a way of describing how life was when you did not know who you were. It was a way to describe the separate illusionary sense of self that we all experienced with our self imposed amnesia, an amnesia that we all adopted in order to not remember who we are. Ego is a self adopted identity, an identity that you borrowed from social consciousness and tribal reality.

Separate sense of self formed when we entered this dimensional reality and felt the experience of separation. We felt disconnected from the source of All That Is and forgot who we were. We experienced alienation and not belonging. We then began to experience life through the perception of humanness. In order to fit in and feel like we belonged, we began to form our identity from the world.

Ego, (illusionary sense of self), was created to experience separation. Ego is essentially separation in general; a personalized experience of separation; a personally adopted separate identity from who you really are. This was part of the plan of amnesia, make the illusion reality, form a separate identity for yourself, supported by the world, so you could play the game of human.

Through time and experience with the tribal world of survival, our separate sense of self identities developed to be ever more complex. You may have had many separate senses of self, as you tried to discover who you are within a world of ego, and primarily identified yourself as your body. They developed because we did not know who we were, and we needed to come up with something to describe how we were unconsciously operating based on our programming, our illusionary identity. Deep down we knew that we were not this separate sense of self, because we all know that we are one. We all know that we are this divine identity, but it is veiled by the illusions of the world, this is ego.

Ego is the world of illusion giving you your identity, rather then you knowing it yourself. The world of ego is based upon typical agreed upon reality. The world of ego is the world of social consciousness, left over tribal reality agreements, with its many social, moralistic, spiritual, rules and regulations. The world of ego is the world of duality, a world of unworthy and powerless, of shame and judgement, of control and manipulation. The world of ego is the world as we see it today, aside from the world that we light workers are creating amongst the turmoil. We are manifesting the new civilization of light right under the noses of those that would have otherwise.

We exist outside of the world of ego, outside of the world of separation. We exist within a world of great delight, within a world of hell. We are co-creating the new world of unconditional love, within a world of conditional love. Ego does not exist in our world because there is no separate sense of self, no separation, yes there is the appearance of separation, but we know that this is an illusion, that all is one and we are individual expressions of All That Is.

With this expression and experience of oneness, there is great sense of self, especially when you know who you are. This is when you have true sense of self, because you know what self is, you know your own divinity. When you know your own magnificence, when you know that you are an individual, unique, creative expression of All That Is, you have a Great Sense of Self, a truly Divine sense of self as part of the wholeness of All That Is.

Self Knows! Welcome to the New Civilization of Light!


All My Love,



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