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Ego Terrorism




The world we live in on planet earth, is a world that is currently dominated by fear and not love. It is a false male, ego dominated civilization which negates the true male aspects of our beingness, and the true female aspects of our beingness. Maleness in its natural state does not dominate, it provides direction focus, passion… It is one half of creation, and without the feminine it does not create, only synthesizes or exploits.

This world that we commonly live in, is a dimensional reality accessing primarily only three dimensions. Typical 3rd dimensional reality negates the feminine aspects (4th dimension) almost completely. And it certainly negates all other dimensional possibilities as being totally ridiculous and science fiction. Higher, more physical, male dimensions (5th, 7th…), and higher, less physical, female dimensions (6th, 8th…).

Without the feminine aspects of faith, surrender, trust, compassion…all you have left is fear, suspicion, competition, control, power…ego, no completion of divine identity. Current reality is based on these illusions and relies upon them to maintain it. The false male dominated world we “live” in, relies upon fear to keep it running. Any use of fear to control people to satisfy your desires or to assuage your fears – is terrorism.

The ego is a politically oriented identity created for physical, emotional, and mental survival. This was its intended job, but it has been given additional jobs because of our desire to deny our divinity. We have given it the job of maintaining this denial at all costs. It is now time to give the ego a new job.

This world of ego, is dominated by false identities which negate divinity and any true connection to Divine Self. It is an empire maintained by terribly insecure separate identities that feel completely worthless and powerless. In order to deny these feelings, (which would be the key to their awakening) each ego must band together in ego clubs who feel the same way and who also want to deny these feelings. In order to accomplish this task, these inflated egos will use anything in the book to control and manipulate to sustain their empire. I call this ego terrorism.

Ego terrorism has many faces: from the highest levels of political, corporate and religious terrorism, to basic human terrorism in all relationships where individuals do not understand and have not embodied unconditional love. Where people feel they need to steal and own energy and love, not understanding that love is freely available to be given and received, and of course, that we are love. People manipulate, oppress and terrorize each other daily on psychic, physical, mental and emotional levels because of their thoughts and feelings of separation and unworthiness, because of their separate oriented perception of self and reality.

Conditional love is all most people know, and their relationships are always formed by a list of conditions in the form of vows, agreements, contracts, compromises etc., that say: I won’t do this, you won’t do that, we’ll always do this… to ensure to each other that you are always “loved”, taken care of and not abandoned. This is how most relationships are on planet earth: from basic intimate ones, to marriages, friendships, siblings, parents. To relationships with business, money, government, country…. In all of these relationships, energy and “love” is given away, but only based on the agreement, which usually takes the form of mandatory reciprocation and exclusivity. Any deviation from the agreement and love, energy and support (psychic and monetary) is withdrawn.

In day to day life everyone manipulates themselves to do things they don’t want to do, like going to jobs and meetings they hate; relating to people they don’t like and acting in certain ways because it is politically correct to do so. Doing them all because of some ego/survival oriented agreement with themselves, with society, family, partners, colleagues, businesses, governments, countries, cultures, races, beliefs, religions…. To ensure their physical and emotional survival in some way, maintaining status quo and maintaining “peace”.

A state of conditional peace exists while everyone is upholding their side of the bargain until someone breaks an agreement, which is inevitable, and then the terrorism begins. It starts because the agreement was designed for individuals or groups to get what they want. If people or groups aren’t getting what they want, they then do whatever it takes to get what they want. First, negotiation with some form of compromise, which egos hate doing. Then if no agreement or compromise can be made, a cold war instills. If egos cannot repress their desires of control and anger any longer, and fall into the pattern of victimhood, they will inevitably fight each other to not feel like victims any more. To do this they must become perpetrators, or the strongest and most "powerful" and get a bigger share of the carcass.

They will use whatever nasty thing they can think of to get what they want. They will terrorize, oppress, lie, steal, deceive, declare war, use shame, guilt… And most people accept these forms of terrorism as being a normal part of life and their patriotic duty to support. (And of course they do because they are committing acts of oppression, repression and terrorism in their day to day lives with other people).

The ego/political self, relies upon deals and agreements, promises and contracts, opinions and prejudice for its terrorist organization to continue in power. The world of ego does not live in the world of cooperation, its empire relies upon competition and conflict for its survival. Without this friction, the separate orientation of this ego does not exist, only the Divine. The fight must continue to support its identity and reality – its world. Without this fight, this matrix does not exist. It is revealed to be an illusion.

These acts of oppression are part of the political orientation of the world. And everyone’s support of these systems of control is the fuel for its fire. In the world, this ego terrorism takes many forms, here are a few examples: Corporate/business terrorism, (feudalistic economics with profit orientation over all other concerns), including: privatized banking, usury, sweat-shop labor (exploiting economically depressed third world countries), disregard for human health and safety, disregard for the environment, arms and oil manufacture and trade for warring nation, and war financing (usually both sides) and financing political insurrection serving profit and world bank interests…

Government terrorism, including: Forced income taxation (which is essentially slave labor). Drug wars, (suppression of civil rights and free will) as well as oppression of other countries. Imposed sanctions for political non-compliance. Political manipulation within respected boundaries and other countries – disrespecting other political views contrary to capitalist viewpoints. Extravagant military spending at the expense of social welfare.

Eco-terrorism, including: Oil drilling and pollution in sensitive natural and indigenous areas, nuclear energy, deforestation (for farming, grazing and even wood production, especially for wood chips, all completely unnecessary because of ample already cleared land, already established plantations, and superior renewable alternatives for making wood and paper with farmed products such as hemp). River dams, over fishing, whaling, pesticide use, excessive use of river waters for irrigation, (destroying the normal flow of rivers, depleting wetlands), mining, suppression of alternative technologies, products and energy sources…

Medical terrorism (with a profit orientation of medicine and pharmaceuticals over real healing and preventative wholistic medicine), including: The suppression of alternative medicine. Using fear tactics to manipulate people into accepting allopathic medicine as the only legitimate medicine. Allopathic medical training with an orientation towards pharmaceutical dispensation and treatment of symptoms over the real cause of disease…..The list goes on and on.

The U.S. Government

The original forefathers of the United states of America, had a vision of a utopian society based on the tenet of freedom and liberty. The U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights (which should be adopted by other countries) are brilliant documents which uphold these principles. Since then, politicians have done their best to undermine these principles of truth and justice, to once again put the power of government in the hands of the aristocracy, rather than the people, as was intended. Since then the government has gone from “for the people, by the people,” to “for the corporations, by the corporations”.

Everything is now privately owned. All public services which should be owned by and should be serving “the people”, are instead exploiting them. In the U.S., all taxation goes directly to the Federal Reserve Bank, other countries have similar banking systems, which are not owned by the government but are privately owned and manipulated to suit profit, once again, over all other concerns.

Additionally, all taxation goes towards paying interest rates on the debt owed by the governments to the private banking system. The government is their puppet, and we are the slaves in debt to a usury system that extorts our hard earned money from us. The government has given these extortionists permission to collect their interest payments from us in the form of forced taxation. And if you don't pay this money that is technically voluntary, you will be thrown in to debtors prison and have your property taken from you just like in medieval times.

Liberty and freedom at all costs has been replaced by wealth at all costs. In order to maintain this capitalist tenet, the U.S. government, and most governments who also support this belief, have been terrorizing the world with a promise of democracy with the adoption of money as the new road to freedom. All political maneuvering is to ensure economic profit, which is secondary to all other concerns including humanitarian ones. In a sense, the government of the U.S. and all who support it and its fascist ideals, is reaping what it has sown.

Now, even though it appears I am bitching and moaning, and possibly anti-American, you are sadly mistaken and missing the point. I am really just revealing the truth, I just do it with passion. From a macro perspective, all of this greed has been totally perfect in regards to the full and complete densification of this planet, which thankfully is reaching its completion and is now heading in the other direction of expansion. It has been totally perfect for us all to be able to experience separation to the fullest, and greed is a great thing to use if you want to avoid your divinity.

Now, to continue. The timing for this attack is highly significant, especially since they did it on my birthday, while I was sailing blissfully with the whales in Hervey Bay, completely unaware of the insanity. Noting the paradox of reality on planet earth. You can have heaven or hell here, your choice. As my friend said to me in my birthday card, “what, you couldn’t just have a cake like everyone else, you had to have the birth of a whole new world”, "well, of course", I said. (What big candles I had on my cake!).

The use of planes is significant, because planes carry us to other countries to commune with other cultures and see other countries, they create unity. The chosen targets for the plane crashes are also highly significant. One being the World Trade Center: signifying an obvious need for a restructuring of the fascist monetary and trading system on planet earth, which obviously functions at the expense of the poor masses. This was the biggest crash, therefor this system is in need of the greatest change. It has all been part of the divine plan and part of gentle earth changes (even though it wasn’t very gentle, it was still localized, and subsequent "world war" is still very localized).

The Pentagon crash took less damage because it was a harder target and possibly because the military has more integrity than the world of business (behind it all, most military people and police are really guardian angels, they just don't know it yet). It is also apparent to me that the economic system is more easily toppled and in a greater need of toppling than the military one. (The military is still needed, especially in the capacity as planetary police, to keep the kids from being too unruly). Regardless, they are both signs that it is time for drastic change within these corrupt political systems, and they are toppling.

Of course, the United States government is not the only country that supports this economic terrorism of humanity and planet earth, but it is certainly the biggest, thus the attack falls upon it - because “big brother” is supposed to know better. It is obviously time for greater accountability and responsibility. Time for the world military and economic complex to start helping their brothers and sisters rather than exploiting them. It is time for the military to take an even greater stance towards humanitarian defense against militant oppressive regimes.

These acts of terrorism are wake up calls, designed to force us to look at our own actions and motives in life. To feel something. To shift consciousness towards unity - even though it is a separatist act, it creates unity. If you are in denial, if you are only interested in money, then you will only see crazy religious zealots. If you are interested in truth, then you will question what the governments are doing and what you are doing to terrorize your fellow humans with your prejudiced political and religious views and lack of compassion.

Luckily there are no victims in the universe, because we are all under the direction of our Spirits, and all work, plan and play together on higher levels. And victim/perpetrator only exists in the world of ego. Everyone who participated with these and all terrorist attacks including war etc., all volunteered on higher levels. A great sacrifice for the good of all humanity. A Clarion Call to Wake Up! And feel! And breathe! And feel alive!

This is an example of how we as Higher Self will use anything to wake us up from the slumber of apathy and numbness, even if we have to resort to drastic measures. We ask for volunteers for these missions, and surprisingly enough, there is never a lack of volunteers. (Noting the level of courage, compassion and love that souls have for their brothers and sisters, (including plant, animal, Devic… brothers/sisters) . Even suicide missions are no problem, because of course as souls we are immortal and it is just experience. Of course, the most courageous and loving step forward for these kamikaze missions.

The latest big terrorist attack, and all acts of terror, are spiritual tests. They are examples of how we as Higher Self use the "dark forces" to test us, to see how we will react. Will we retaliate, as powerless victims, or with "powerful" pride. Or will we say, we don’t want to play that boring old game any more. Will we have compassion for the perpetrators as well as the victims, knowing that they are suffering greatly to commit such terrible acts of powerlessness. Of course the egos will want to jump right onto the battle field and continue playing the game, to see who is right, who is better, who is more just, who is good and who is bad. The game of proving who is more worthy of god's grace.

The Islamic fundamentalists are doing the same thing that every religion has done, especially the Catholic religion. They believe that their religion and their god is the only god and either you adopt it and this god or you are a heathen, or an infidel, and must be converted, suppressed or destroyed.

The new god of the western civilization is money. And the governmental and corporate financial systems, including their puppets the news media, have become the new missionaries of this religion, seducing the masses with promises of wealth, abundance, sex, “freedom” and “democracy” as their spiritual creed.

The Islamic fundamentalists resist this capitalist expression of “freedom” from a religious standpoint, but not out of any real spiritual principle, only moralistic dogma based on their suffering of unworthiness. And in order to not have to deal with their own emotional experience in relation to these faces of human suffering, their feelings of victimhood, they act it out in this and other aggressive manners.

Regardless of how the government acts, (politically, economically…) America is a land of freedom, cooperation and tolerance. It is where these bigoted dense structures of separation consciousness have been played out and are being released. (Of course it is happening everywhere else as well, but the US is a big playing field). Every culture in the world is represented in the United States. Other countries are similar as they have accepted immigrants and refugees into their borders. They are also becoming melting pots, Australia being one of them, and many European countries as well. We are becoming one big happy family.

In all of these freedom loving countries, many forms of expression are obviously still repressed by individuals, governments, police and corporations, (because of their limited perceptions of reality, lack of awareness, and feelings of shame and unworthiness) in order to keep true freedom and their divinity from creeping in. But still at their core, at their soul level, is the desire for true freedom and liberty.

The same unconscious desire exists in the middle east, but the egos in this region have a strangle hold on expression. This area is one of the last battle grounds for the ego wars. The last place to experience massive limitation on planet earth.


Most religions preach emotional, sensual and sexual repression because they do not feel they are worthy of God’s love unless they do something for it. Each one has a deal with God that God did not make. These religions and their followers believe that they can earn their way to heaven, or God’s graces on earth, by repression rather than expression, because they do not believe that anything they could do or express in a natural way could possibly be divine (if it feels good, then it must be a sin). This is why holy wars have been created. Holy wars have been raged for centuries and they still rage to this day. They are always about one god or another including money, land, beliefs, race, culture….

The current war being raged between the “Americans” and the Islamic Jihad (and all the other wars happening on planet earth) is the war of the many gods: the great god power, who has the right to own this god. The great god land, who has the right to own this god. The great god money, who has the right to own this god. It is about religion, who has the right to own this god. It is about who is better, who is more righteous, who is more more more, better better better… – once again, unworthiness at play, who is the best kid on the playground. Currently, luckily, expression is getting more support than repression on planet earth. One day it will be the only reality.

Ultimately this battle and all battles, are between the forces of condensation and expansion. We could use the terminology of dark and light, or good and evil, because the forces of condensation use darkness or evil as their tool, but this does not mean they are actually dark or evil. Evil does not really exist, it is merely a perception and an expression of separation. And darkness is only ignorance of the light, and either you must fight to maintain your ignorance, your empire of the ego, or you must venture forward beyond the darkness to the realization that you are the light. And even that isn’t really accurate. You are really just Love, and so is every one, they just don’t know it yet.

People are beginning to agree that cooperation rather than competition is preferable (and even profitable). Everyone is tired of fighting for their survival. They are tired of fighting for love. People are starting to realize that change is happening regardless of their desire for change or not. It seems that things are changing on planet earth on a massive scale and you are either a part of this transformation or you are part of its resistance. This is the war of the ego, although it is really not a war at all because only egos fight each other.

The new civilization of light does not necessarily build on the old or wait for change to happen within the old civilization for the new to manifest. But change within this old reality is a natural consequence of a transition of grace and ease to higher reality. The old world has been synthesized, not created. Only nature is natural. It is a creation, this is why the matrix has sought to destroy it. Humans are created, but are illusions as well because their identities are illusions. The new civilization is being created from no-thing. This is true creation, starting from nothing in the void. This initiation we are currently engaged in is how we will now create, our choice: with grace and ease, with no reference to the past, or will we try to compromise and create agreements and treaties, and fight for freedom!

The “New Age” movement is a hint of this grace because it recognizes all faiths and all religions and all spiritual texts as having validity for individual and communal growth. It generally supports and recognizes growth as being the responsibility of the individual and their own personal search and realization, rather than through the adoption of specific teachings or religion, or from the “divine” dispensation of some cleric or church. It is (hopefully) propagating growth from the new rather than from the old.

Light Body

Why do egos do what they do, why can’t they just all get along? It is because the identity ego does not really exist, it is a creation of the separate sense of self. It only exists in the matrix. It was created to ensure the survival of the physical body in order for it to be embodied by your Spirit. In other words, because this is a very dense reality, and you as a spirit have to be able to embody a body, you must create amnesia to a large degree and forget who you really are as a divine spirit. And you must adopt a false identity as a human. This is so you can stay in your body and you won’t float away.

The body human, cannot handle the full descension of a spirit yet. This is what we are evolving to - light body. This is why the bodies of human are prepared with spiritual initiations of awakening to quicken them, to accelerate their vibrational frequency.

Most people on planet earth are still stuck in karma. Practically their entire consciousness is in multitudinous forms of separation that are in desperate need of reintegration. From a spirit’s perspective karma and ego do not exist. They only exist in the world of separation.

If you are earnest about allowing your emotional experience, welcoming the spiritual initiations of reintegrating all your “karma”, in surrendering all that you are not, you will live in a karma-less state of grace, light and love. You may ask for assistance for this from the karmic boards, the ascended masters, angels etc. In this karma-less state of spontaneous divine expression, there is nothing to do and nowhere to go, only experience, only Love, for spiritual and soulular growth, and the expansion and expression of you as GodSelf.

The wars of ego, the terrorism, the control, the games of power… all stem from unworthiness. This is the biggest illusion we have used to keep ourselves limited, so that we could embody this dense reality, this dimension of limitation, to experience separation, the experiment we are all here to experience. This experiment called separation is a wondrous excursion of divinity and the expansion of All That Is. We all volunteered for it. We are not being punished. We were not cast out of heaven as the egos would lead you to believe.

The egos play their games because they believe this to be true, and that they must earn or learn their way into heaven. Everyone is trying to get back into heaven in some way, even if it is just in their daily lives seeking pleasure (heaven), and avoiding pain (hell). What everyone will eventually realize, with our help and assistance, is that they are heaven. Everyone is trying to earn God’s grace, or trying to be like God, and hopefully soon, everyone will realize that they are God.

Until then the matrix must be maintained, agreed upon, fought for… - or it fails to exist. If everyone stops the fight within, the fight to keep away divinity, then surrender reveals the truth, and the fight without stops. If everyone stops the fight between separate selves, fighting for individuality, fighting for control, power, to have self worth, to prove their worth to God and others… - what is left is the God Self (hu-man). What is left is Oneness. What is left is heaven: in one's life, in one's family, in one's community, in one's state, in one's country. What is left is Heaven on Earth. What is left is Heaven in the Universe.

This is the final stand of the world of ego, the world of separation, denial, power, control… The last chance to play these games of limitation for spiritual growth. It is Armageddon time, the war between good and evil, between the light and the dark. But it is a one sided war, there is no war from the light, there is no war from love.

The light does not need to fight off the darkness, for it knows that darkness is an illusion. From the perspective of love, good and evil, light and dark, are all part of the world of ego, the world of darkness. The darkness is not evil and the light good, both polarities only “exist” in the world of fear/ego. So the war is only between egos.

The war only exists in the matrix, once you pull out of the matrix, once you step off of the battle field, then you watch the egos fight each other from a detached position of compassion, because you also played that game once. And the world of ego will test you and tempt you like the “devil” and try to get you back on to the battle field, back into the matrix. To play the games of synthesis, to play the games of being like god, rather than being God - but you just say no, and have compassion for their suffering - because you will have no other gods before you.

You have completed your spiritual growth through the experience of ego. You are done with fighting for your false identity, to maintain its empire. You now surrender to embodying more and more of your true self. You must make room for you as Spirit. To do this you must release all that you are not, and ego you are not.

In one sense this is just a natural thing for the world of ego to do, it unconsciously tests you to see how solid your perception of Divine Self is. It tests you to see if you will fall into the trap of victim and perpetrator and start fighting again for the rich or for the poor or to try to win for the light.

If you are done terrorizing yourself and others by trying to convince yourself and others that you are this illusion called ego, then disconnect from the matrix! Embody your Divinity! Stop playing the games of the political self. Stop fighting. You are a lover not a fighter.

At this point in our planetary evolution, many people have awoken and are beginning to realize they are stuck in a matrix, they want out. (Luckily my beloved Hollywood has provided a fabulous example for everyone to get the cosmic joke). Many people don’t quite know what to do, how to react? Fight, surrender, don’t play? What do you tell your government to do? Defend, fight, protect, surrender? How do I get out of the matrix? How do we, the forces of light, deal with these recalcitrant forces of denial that refuse to take responsibility for their own reality, for their own feelings of unworthiness?

Violence just begets more violence, which is what they want anyway. Egos love wars, especially religious ones, then they can feel justified for killing, because it is for god. If we give them a fight we support their illusion. Obviously more gentle persuasion is recommended, but even this is fighting, just gently. Ghandi fought gently, without violence, but it was still a fight.

We must gently and compassionately let these ignorant souls know that there is an alternative. That there is something better than fear, and that there is nothing to fear. Our perception of them, our compassion for them (and I am talking about all terrorists, including all governments; corporations, and everyone fighting to maintain the ego empire and each individual empire) assists them to awaken on their own, without our persuasion or oppression (even nice "spiritual" oppression is still oppression).

This is a free will universe. Anyone has the right to be idiots, to be in denial, to terrorize anyone and anything (to be Darth Vaders and travel the "dark" path). Nothing is judged by God Goddess All That Is as being condemnable, and certainly not un-redeemable. How could it, everyone and everything is an expression of All That Is, so how could God Goddess All That Is condemn its own actions.

We are all God/dess in individual packages, how could individual Gods not have free will to do whatever we want. If we did not have free will than we would not be Gods, we would be synthetic automatons, programmed to behave in certain ways for our master, and if we didn’t act according to the puppeteers wishes then we would be punished (which is exactly what the ego matrix promoters have tried to convince us).

So we cannot impose anything on anyone. You have no right to say to the Taliban that what they did was wrong. God Goddess All That Is would not/could not do so. You have no right to say to the governmental and corporate fascists and land rapers that what they do is bad. It is not bad, it just is. It is just energetically dense and limited, that is all. It is all an illusion and just part of the creation, densification and expansion of Divinity, so it does not really matter.

If you are going to be the God/dess that you are, you must be the Love that you are. You do not fight a war with the darkness, as some glorified warrior of the light, as some warrior of god, this is what the Islamic fundamentalists are doing. This is what the Catholic Church did. This is what the Jews have done, this is what most every religion has done. All ignorant forces of denial are just doing what they need to do for their personal and group soul growth and for the growth of All That Is. We are all One, remember, so what they do, you do as well, as them, as the One, as All That Is. (You are the Taliban, you are the government, you are the towers and the people in them, you are the corporate fascist, you are the check out girl, you are the tree, you are the earth, you are your neighbor’s left shoe…)

You must see things as an Ascended Master does, as an Angel does, as the Divine Plan does. You must allow your children to play, and even beat each other up and kill each other, so they can experience it. And like a good parent you do your best to guide them with love and sometimes sternness to Love, truth and righteousness. But you do not punish them if they do not follow your guidance, you just have compassion for them for they know not what they do - yet.

Your children are suffering, this is why they act the way they do. Your children are in pain, this is why they fight each other and oppress one another, because they are trying to deny their feelings of separation.

Everyone is really trying to get back to Oneness, even though it appears otherwise. All the different ego clubs including: countries, political/business/finance organizations, cultures, races, religions…. collaborate, fight, conquer, banish, reject… each other only because they really want to be ONE with each other once again, they just don’t know this yet. They want Oneness so bad, they will try to destroy anything that feels or looks separate to themselves, anything that is apparently opposite to them.

Underneath it all these Islamic separatists, and all separatists want Oneness. Underneath it all, the governments and corporations of greed, power and control want cooperation, and unity. The first world powers economically and politically try to control other countries so that we can all be One. The secret governments plan for one world government is a plea from their little child that is suffering, to be One once again. Everyone meddles in everyone else’s affairs because we are really all ONE, but feel otherwise, and want this unconscious feeling to become a reality, and the pain of separation to go away.

The fight between religions is a fight for oneness, a desire for unity under divinity, as the divinity we all are. All ego terrorism is an unconscious action to create unity. It is a denial of this desire, and to sustain this denial at all costs that the ego must fight to maintain its empire. It must always create enemies. It must project out. It must deny responsibility for its own emotional experience. It must be a victim and victimize others to deny that it feels powerless, helpless, unworthy, not good enough…

Remember! - Everyone is a divine spirit within a human body, even if they appear and act otherwise. Even if they are completely ignorant of this fact, and would fight you to the death to disprove you. And there are many great ET and Angelic masters that are in very deep cover to accomplish the Divine Plan of the release of all separations within the consciousness of humanity. Many are still awakening within the matrix, which will expand reality quantumly.

Remember! - We are spirits having a human experience, not humans having a spiritual experience! (Contrary to what the egoligions want you to believe). No act of any kind is un-redeemable. Not act of any kind is condemned by All That Is. Victimhood is an illusion!

Disconnect from the matrix! Wake up your beloved brothers and sisters from their slumber! Help them to know that they are loved and that they are Love. Be the Christ/Buddha/Allah/God/Goddess that you are! A living breathing physical example of Divinity to show them that they too are this Divinity. Be Heaven in a body! - So that everyone will know that heaven is here now, ready to be embodied. That it is freely available if they just say yes to it.

Embody your Divinity! Co-Create Heaven on Earth!

ZaKaiRan Christ


©ZaKaiRan AatKa'Nui SheeHan

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"Loving Delight"

In the holding of your heart, in the opening of your soul, in the delight of your Divinity, there is an expansion, an exaltation of your beinguess.

The Light fills you, surrounds you, and lifts you higher. It touches the very cells that which you know as your body and transforms it. You are no longer what you were and you are not yet what you will become, but the process goes on. Delight in your knowing that you are something much greater than you are currently demonstrating through manifestation.

Love, love, love each other and all things. Even those things that your personality does not like, love them nonetheless. Know that love is not a feeling. It is not an emotional state, and it is not an emotional response. It is a perception within which you see the Divine spark in everything.

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