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The Flower of Life

(Creation Mandala)


The Flower of Life

(Creation Mandala)




The Flower of Life is also referred to as the “Creation Mandala” because it represents creation itself. It is the blueprint for all creation.

The Flower of Life is the most significant of all the symbols in Sacred Geometry. Sacred Geometry is a universal language which allows us to access ancient knowledge contained in our cellular memory. It is the key to understanding the nature and value of color, sound, light, love, creation... Sacred Geometry provides complete understanding and experience to consciously Co-Create a new world of Divine Expression and accelerate the Ascension process. Sacred Geometry rekindles our cellular memory of knowledge lost during the old civilization’s prime directive of “mastery of limitation”.

The Flower of Life is the pathway of creation in the void, or the creation of something from nothing. It is also the pathway of creation of form; of density; life. It is also the pathway back to Oneness; the pathway home, to source, Ascension/Inscension.

Every circle in the Flower of Life represents a sphere, or cell. These spheres are the female aspects, or center points of the intersection points of all of the platonic solids. Even though they are not drawn and you can’t see them, they are in there within this image, or more accurately within its completion which is the Fruit of Life, which forms and contains Metatron’s Cube.

All life begins with the imploding-splitting-combining-creation of new cells, (spheres), through a specific sacred geometrical sequence called the Fibonnaci Sequence, whereby each number adds to itself the last number to create the next number in the sequence: (0 1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21...). All life begins and creates itself in this manner and through the representation of the “Seed of Life”, “the Tree of Life”, the “Flower of Life”, and the “Fruit of Life” (which is the completion of outer ring of circles of the flower of life).

I highly recommend drawing the Flower of Life to evoke the remembrance of its meaning and sacred geometry. To draw a Creation Mandala: get a good quality compass and good drawing paper. Make a circle in the middle of the page. Now pick a point on the circle you have drawn and draw another one that crosses through the center of the first one. Where that one crosses make the next one; and the next…, till you have completed the Egg (Seed) of Life. Then every point where two circles cross, use this point to draw the next round of circles. Then where these three circles cross, use this point to draw the next round of circles. You have now essentially drawn the flower of life, made up of 19 circles.

You will notice that there are many incomplete circles, and the outer circles don’t have petals, so you will need to fill those in. To do this you will need to complete the outer ring of circles in pencil, to be erased later. Use similar crossing points to fill in the petals of these extra circles. After you have filled in the extra petals, you also need to draw two complete concentric circles around the 19 circles.

The extra circles you have drawn in pencil to fill in the petals, actually completes the Flower of Life and make it into a “Fruit of Life”. You can of course go ahead and do these circles in ink if you like, making a Fruit of Life, but you will notice that even this doesn’t really complete anything; it completes the next rotation, but the evolution goes on forever.

The Flower of Life is seen everywhere around the world in ancient architecture and art. It is encoded with the Creation Codes of life. This is why this version exists everywhere, because the ancient masters wanted to help us remember without revealing too much of the power of sacred geometry and creation. When you have completed the extra 24 circles, (33 total), you have now revealed the holiest pattern of all of 13 circles, which is the Fruit of Life, the sweet stuff. 13 is the number of Christ Consciousness. With these 13 female circles, you can now superimpose within these spheres, 13 different male (linear) geometries.

So from these 13 spheres, along with the Egg of Life and the Torus, you can create everything in existence. This is the magic of Metatron’s Cube, one of the most important informational systems in the universe, and one of the basic, yet extremely powerful, creation patterns of existence. If you look with multi-vision, you will see all of the platonic solids, in fact a big one and a small one of each. 2 cubes (hexagons), two star tetrahedrons, two octahedrons, two icosahedrons, and two (pentagonal) dodecahedrons. (You can see them individually on my website and on pages 161-164 on Drunvalo’s book). Every single line in Metatron’s Cube is in a Golden Mean ratio. And naturally, there are Golden Mean rectangles all over it as well.

Creation Mandala Manifesting

You may use this sacred symbol of transformation as an alchemical creation tool, to access the ancient knowledge contained in your cellular memory of your true essence as a Creator God. It will help you remember how all things are created and the fact that you are creating reality right now with everything you are and do.

The Flower of Life/Creation Mandala, contains all the geometry’s of creation and form. These geometries are how everything is created. Utilizing this Sacred Geometrical symbol, aligns whatever you are using it for, to it’s original blueprint and highest potential. Any other technology will typically synthesize, taking resources, energy…, from an external source rather than creating from divine principle.

Use the Creation Mandala as a tool of transformation and divine alchemy. Create with, meditate with, and align everything in your entire physical and energetic body system using the Flower of Life.

Imagine or use an actual picture of the Creation Mandala to imbibe the creation energy (divine alignment/perfect balance), into anything you are working with or doing. Energize your projects, visions…, or anything you are desiring to manifest, by passing the Flower of Life through them, especially to create the highest potential of this vision. And use it to re-energize things, returning them to their original blueprint, intent and vibration, such as: water, food… (Don’t forget, the circles are really spheres).

Happy Creation,


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(“Creation Mandala” phrase courtesy of Juliet and Jiva)


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