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What is a Friend?

True Friendship – Darkness and Light



We are all friends. We must recognize this fact. Everyone on planet earth is your friend, recognize and acknowledge this fact. You are their friend as well, but they do not know it yet. Even your friends may not know that you are their friend because they do not know how to truly be friends yet.

Good friends, real true honest and integrated friends, are not easily come by, similar to a primary relationship. You may encounter people that become your friend, then because of your interaction with them and something they experience because of your presence, you become adversaries. Especially as you assist them with their growth, they may experience resistance, they may hold a grudge about something, something that they are not clear about, something they do not realize was for their highest good.

If you dislike them in any way for some reason, you must become at peace with why and own your own shit about it, you are not a victim. You must become at peace and understanding about your experience and their actions so that you can be friends. If you do not deal with this situation and avoid this because you want things to be nice and smooth, and how could you dislike your friends anyway when you love them so much, in some part of your consciousness they are your enemy. And in consciousness you think they are scum and will treat them this way psychically.

This is the fall, if you do not deal with everything in your consciousness and heal your relationships, you will have many enemies. Even your closest friends, lovers, and family members will become your enemy. Now this is dealing with things on multi-dimensional levels, something that the seasoned planetary transitioners are used to dealing with, while for others it is new.

You must realize that you exist, live and operate on many many levels. If you do not deal with certain levels of your consciousness that exist on these levels, you will be a slave to them – case in point: what I have already spoken of. So you must be impeccably honest with yourself. You cannot be ignorant about any part of yourself. If you ignore anything, then it becomes the master and you become the slave, and you will unconsciously live under the control of that master. And because that master does not live in the light, you will not as well. This part of your beingness will be operating in darkness, unaware of itself, this is the fall.

Being aware of self, true self, all of self, is enlightenment, it is self realization, it is living in the light. If you do not deal with those parts that are hiding in the dark, in enemy consciousness, they will consume you, but the tricky part is they will consume you very subtly, you will still remain your usual self, but the delusion will take you over slowly and surely, so slowly that you won’t see it coming and it will manipulate you to believe certain things, to be true, and act from these beliefs.

If you get to this point then you are lost and will have to be rescued or left alone in your darkness to be further manipulated by others also living in darkness. You will band together with other fallen masters that are ignorant of their light. Many of these fallen masters will appear as light workers, but make no mistake by being fooled by the “appearance” of light. Taken to this extreme this describes in a simplified version, how dark masters are created. Darth Vader is our example, little Anikan Skywalker, a boy of the light, becomes a master of darkness, but of course there is no mastery of darkness, you do not master darkness, it masters you. I hope you understand, I hope I am explaining clearly how important it is for you to be honest with yourself, I hope my example hits home, and helps you realize the truth of light and dark.

Many beings have had experience dealing with dark force entities, (fallen masters – like Darth Vader) negative ETs and disembodied spirits (ghosts), working for darkness, unaware that they are light. We see people (in bodies) living in darkness because they so drastically believe that they are no good, that they are unworthy evil bastards, (this is of course unconscious because if they admitted their frailties, they could surpass them). But not many people have experienced and had to deal with fallen masters in bodies. Beings that attained a certain level of awareness and perhaps earned a certain position on a cosmic scale and then decided to resist and deny love, to follow their fears rather then the light which looked even scarier.

They went through an initiation that was too difficult because they didn’t want to let go of something, some person or some identity that gave them security. Perhaps the possibility of their greatness was too much for their ego to handle, they couldn’t let go of the illusion of their unworthiness.

They decided (usually on an unconscious level) that the responsibility of being completely aware was too great, the task seemed insurmountable, they lost faith. This is the path of fear, the “reality” that everyone lives, where conditional support is given to provide a co-dependent security. A surrogate divine support. A faith and trust in an illusion to make up for the loss of faith in Divinity.

Co-dependence is the surrogate faith. A consolation for not making it through the initiation. An agreement that the old reality is better, easier, safer and real. What was on the other side was fantasy. People live their lives helping each other stay in denial. This is “friendship” in the old civilization of darkness. In the new civilization of light, friends help each other wake up not stay asleep.

Never lose your faith in God, it is your only saving grace, if you take the “easy” route, status quo, the path of normalcy, the path of ignorance where you are comfortably numb in your existence, then the devil owns your soul, the world of illusion has you by the balls (or ovaries). Is this world your master, or are you its master? Do you even dare to be a master of reality? Do you even dare to be a master of truth, existence and consciousness? Do you dare to be a master of all the elements in the forces at play in this reality? Do you dare to realize that you are the co-creator of Heaven on Earth?

You are its manifestor, you are responsible for its manifestation. I know that this is a big responsibility, but you are up to the task, you have had enough experience in mastering illusion to transmute this to reality. You have the blue prints for heaven on earth within your consciousness. You are its blue print. The task is not greater then you, for it is you, you literally are Heaven on Earth. You are heavens representative, the manifestor of the Divine Plan! You are God incarnate in human form. As you awaken to your magnificence you will realize this. I repeat – you are Heaven on Earth! You are God/dess in a body! You are the Divine Plan in action! You are the manifestor of the Divine Plan! You are the Divine Plan!

Feel the fear and accept your job with faith that God has it all under control. God is with you always, you are never alone. Since this is true you don’t have to worry about things getting too hard, God will give you strength, I guarantee it. All it takes is allowance.

Trust in the divine plan, you have no other ‘real’ choice. You either trust in the Divine Plan or you live by your own agenda. If you live by your own egoic agenda, you will suffer the consequences. Oh you may feel powerful and strong because you are living your “own” life, on your “own” terms, (which is probably really based on old world programming, and not really your own thoughts) as if you are God, but this illusion will eventually fade away and you will be left alone in your darkness. Find true strength through faith in God, I know I sound churchy, but it is not any simpler then that. See, the Christians didn’t have it all wrong, at the core of every religion is the truth.

Firstly, trust in God, always, don’t be an idiot. Secondly, trust in yourself, in your Spirit, Higher Self, (which is the same thing). Trust that you always serve God, that everything you do is of the highest service to All That Is. That you are good, divine, honest and true. Trust that with the help of God, and “his” helpers, you will always know what to do and say. And that everything you say and do is for the greater good of everyone, even if it appears otherwise.

Know that you are light, and reveal those aspects of yourself that do not know they are light. Take care of yourself on all levels: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Be very discerning as to who you will interact with, and recognize where they are in their consciousness, you have this ability. We each have the ability to judge others truthfully, to recognize and classify where they are in terms of awareness of self and truth.

Always remember who you are, a child of God, I AM that I AM. If you get into trouble and are forgetting who you are because the world of illusion has taken you over, and your life has become dramatic, stop, be silent, center yourself, and repeat the words I AM that I AM. This is all you need to do.

You do not need to go meditate and be away from other people to be yourself. Be yourself always, especially amongst the confusion and drama – this is true mastery. Be yourself in a mass of people that do not know themselves. Their confusion can be overwhelming, but this confusion is nothing when compared to the clarity of your magnificence, your awesome light which vanquishes all ignorance and darkness.

Know who you are especially in dramatic situations, for this enlightens those illusions, your presence is enough to dispel all darkness and illusion. But you must take care of yourself and be discerning as to when it is time to get the hell out of the fallout zone. If you do not, and stick around trying to be social or a goody goody, you will get your butt kicked, their world of illusion will overwhelm your world of truth. So you must be strong especially in the emotional realm. You must be open enough to feel everything, absolutely everything, yet being detached from any expectations, judgements, outcomes… Do not run from any emotion, any feeling, if you do, then that emotion or feeling becomes your master.

You must feel everything and know that none of those feelings are you. This is true detachment. This is the gift of feeling, to go beyond it, behind it, to see who’s who in the zoo, who’s feeling what. To know who you are even amongst the turmoil. Stand naked in your truth, centered in the middle of thought and emotion, which are lateral, to the side, you are vertical, centered in source.

The Recognition

Ok, so we are all friends, in truth. Some people know this, some do not. You must know the truth of friendship, what is true friendship. A friend is someone who recognizes your mastery and divinity, they are able to do this because they recognize their own.

A friend honors your mastery and respects it no matter what level of awareness they or yourself are on. A friend is realistic about their awareness. A friend recognizes when you have gifts for them and their spiritual growth, and recognizes when they have things to learn from you that will further illuminate their awareness to true self.

A true friend is utterly compassionate and forgiving. A true friend does not blame you for anything, so that they can manipulate you by being a victim and be elevated in status because you are a “perpetrator”. A true friend recognizes when they fuck up and they admit it.

A friend is someone who you can say anything about yourself to and they will not repeat it and especially will not use it against you. Never say anything about anyone to anyone, that if they had over heard it you would not be embarrassed and ashamed that you said it. In other words, if you can’t say it to their face, with courage that it is the truth, then you shouldn’t say it all.

A friend is someone who holds nothing against you. If there is some conflict because of some interaction together, some misunderstanding, if they are a friend, they will deal with their stuff about it, realizing they are not a victim, and become at peace with it, getting to the core of truth so that there is no rift between you.

A true friend is someone you can reveal who you really are, and they will not reveal this to anyone, even in consciousness. Unless of course they know someone who is also a true friend that all can be revealed to.

You see, not all of who we are can we reveal to everyone, they would not handle it and would use it against us. Even those who are awakening and are living in the light, most could not handle it, it is too much of a stretch for their ego to handle.

Revealing yourself is tricky business because you must be very secure within your beingness, very secure in your realization of who you are to withstand the psychic, emotional and mental projections of others. Others that do not recognize their magnificence, in order to not feel their feelings of separation, to not feel lesser then and separate from you, will try to undermine your reality, (so that they can feel superior). If they see a hole in your beingness, a hole in your confidence, a place where you are unsure of yourself, perhaps a place where you do not like yourself or are insecure about yourself, they will capitalize on it and accentuate it to hopefully bring you down to their level.

You can be strengthened by these interactions with ignorant people, or victimized by them, your choice. In a sense they are doing you a service, revealing the lie, this is how the ignorant serve us, by making us aware of places that we are ignoring. This is the gift of relationship in general, it reveals all the lies. All denial is eventually revealed by someone, if you put yourself on the line for scrutiny. (This is why relationship can be so difficult and dramatic).

Sure you can sit in a cave and meditate and discover your true nature, but this must be incorporated into humanness, you must be able to live this true nature within humanity, amongst all the ignorance. If you cannot do it in society, then you do not yet know self, you have seen a glimpse of true self perhaps, but it is not real yet, not in this world, not embodied. Sure it is real in the world of non-form, but you are in a form. You are here to experience humanness, true self through humanness, beyond the world of ego.

So recognize your true friends, honor them for this trueness, encourage it, thank them for it, and nail their asses to the proverbial wall (with compassion and forgiveness of course) if they are acting with less than integrity and less than respect, that is if they are open to being nailed, to being sprung, to being caught with their hand in the cookie jar. If not then don’t waste your time, leave them and have compassion for their suffering, denial and ignorance, and know that they are your friend, but they cannot be your friend, because they do not know how to be your friend.

Everyone on planet earth is your friend. Everyone in the whole universe of All That Is is your friend. See this, feel this, know this. We are all one. Emanate this truth to everyone. Make it sink into the consciousness of everyone you meet. Be this truth and everyone will melt in your presence. Emanate this truth and the darkest force in the universe will bow down before you. Know this truth and your life will be heaven. When everyone knows this fact, Heaven on Earth will be here.

Your Divine Friend,


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