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Happy Birthday Christ Children

At this time of year, we celebrate the birth of a Christ child, a man that that embodied all that is good and divine. But those amazing divine traits of unconditional love, healing, respect for all life, divine guidance, miracles, etc., are all miraculous divine traits that we all naturally possess, we have just been taught otherwise.

Every child that is born on Earth is a Christ child! Every one of us begins life completely perfect and miraculous, and the complete embodiment of divinity and unconditional love. Only through life’s contrast and the lack and fear oriented beliefs that others teach us, and that we adopt as beliefs, turn us into something less than the Divine Masters that we truly are.

But those limitations that we adopted are merely affects, they are just illusions that mask the truth underneath, which is that we are all Christed Masters! We are all Source beings! We are all perfect! We are just playing a game that we are anything less than total divine perfection!

The radically faulty premises that are typically taught by society, are that: “life is difficult” and full of pain, lack, disease and struggle. And that we are all somehow faulty, sinful beings that are here to prove our worth to God and others. But those ludicrous premises could not be farther away from the truth!

The real truth is that we are all perfect and completely immortal Source beings of unconditional love! And even though, we as humans, can appear to be faulty, with doubts and fears, and we may act in what may appear to be less than divine manners, nonetheless, each one of us has and is an eternal Source Self that is always perfectly unconditionally loving!

Our Source Self never judges us or anyone or anything, for any reason! Our Source Self remains a Christ being always and forever, and loves us unconditionally, regardless of what we think, say or do, and never ever focuses on anything negative! 

And because of that, we can never get it wrong, because we are always expanding and growing.  And we never get it done, because we are immortal beings who are always eager to experience life on the leading edge because of the joy and expansion that is gained.

Every time we experience anything less than desirable, whether it is a lack of money, lack of freedom, lack of love, lack of respect, etc., we launch a rocket a desire for an improvement in our lives. And just as we were taught in Sunday school…, “every prayer is answered”. Every single positive desire we have, is instantly created in vibrational reality, in our vortex of creation, by our source selves. And it is our mission, should we choose to accept it, to get into vibrational alignment with those desires, and you do that by getting into vibrational alignment with your Source Self!

This is the classic example of the enlightened masters such as Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Quan Yin, St. Germain, etc., who we emulate so much, who were able to live lives primarily in alignment with their Source Selves, in alignment with “God”.

But we did not come into these bodies to try to become more divine, because we are already divine! We did not come into these bodies to become enlightened, because we are already enlightened! We came into these bodies and into this reality to experience contrast, to embrace conflict and drama and competition etc., because of the gifts these contrasting experiences provide for us, which is adventure and expansion.

“The purpose of life is joy!  And the basis of life is freedom!  The result is never ending expansion!” - Abraham

But we did not come here with the intention of expansion, expansion and growth are a given, they are just a natural consequence of life and expression. We came here for the joy of it, because we are free to experience whatever reality we choose as the divine actors we truly are.  We are so free we can even choose imprisonment.

And the Christ story of the life of Jesus, is certainly one of the greatest passion plays in history, and Jesus played his part in the divine drama well to show us we are all on the same stage, to show us that we are all playing similar roles, in the same game and it is your choice how big of a part you wish to play in this divine comedy.

So Christed Source Master that you truly are, will you follow the lead of one of the greatest divine actors in history? Will you accept your perfection, your immortality?  Will you accept the fact that you are Source, that you are God-Goddess in a human body, playing a part, playing a game of illusion that you are less than perfection?  Playing the game that you are less than and separate from Source?

Will you accept the fact that you are the Christ child and you are here to save yourself? Will you accept the fact that you do not need to be saved, because there is nothing wrong with you?

Or will give deny your magnificence, your perfection and your divinity, out of misguided humility and feelings of unworthiness? 

Even if you deny your awesome magnificence, even this denial provides immense expansion because it helps you to launch massive rockets of desire to realize and embody your divinity!

You can never get it wrong!  And you never get it done, because you are immortal and you are always expanding and growing! 

So go out there Christ child mix it up!  Enjoy the roller coaster ride of life!  And happy birthday Christ child!  And Merry Christmas! 




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