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Healing your Financial Karma

By ZaKaiRan

The majority of the Ascending Masters (that’s you), that have come here to ascend this planet, have experienced countless lifetimes on this earth and other planets playing with the illusion of worth, which includes playing with money and business. These lifetimes have provided countless experiences of playing with the illusion that we are all unworthy, powerless, helpless and not good enough, and the illusion/lie that we are sinful evil souls, cast out from heaven and must prove our worth to God so that we can get back in to heaven and during these lifetimes, money and trade has been used to manipulate and control people and resources to acquire power and security, just as it is today.

During these countless lifetimes as students and masters of divinity, spirituality, enlightenment and religion, we have lived and studied for not only decades but entire lifetimes in ashrams, monasteries, nunneries, religions and other spiritual traditions, where the teaching/rule has often been that money, wealth and the acquisition of goods, is wrong, bad, not spiritual and even “evil”. And we have dedicated lifetimes to vows of poverty (and celibacy), so as to be able to focus upon spiritual upliftment and the raising of our vibrations above the “typical” traps and illusions of the world that naturally included money and wealth.

But those days of self-denial are luckily over and no longer serve our soul growth and mission, even though it may have been necessary at the time and served our spiritual and soul growth in those lifetimes to make and live those vows of poverty, these vows and this perception that poverty and lack is good and abundance is evil are not only not true, but they are sabotaging our personal and collective missions.

It no longer serves the planet for all of the spiritual masters to live in monasteries, but instead, it serves the awakening of humanity better for us to live “normal” lives in the world with the awakening souls. But to do so, we must be supported financially and energetically, just as we have supported our teachers, reverends, priests, rabbis and lamas in the past, so that they could concentrate solely on spirituality.

And since we are these reverends, priests, rabbis and lamas, and live in the “normal” world, we must do what is necessary so that we can carry out our mission in powerful ways, which means, we must be able generate as much support, wealth and resources as we can so that we are able to help as many souls as possible to wake up to their divinity and step into their divine power. We need beautiful homes that exist in beautiful surroundings, so that we can nurture and care for ourselves and build our energies in tune with nature; and we need to be able to effortlessly be able to pay for these homes that support us and our mission of co-creating heaven on earth; and we need to be able to easily and gracefully be able to transport our bodies around the planet to commune with our awakening broStars and siStars that desperately need our guidance!

So we need everything that everyone else needs, or believes they need, for their health, well-being and comfort, not so that we can amass wealth and objects so that others will admire us and envy us, and not so that we can feel good about ourselves because “we have succeeded”, instead, we need money and resources such as cars and homes, because they support our mission and as Buffy the Vampire Slayer knows so well, “the mission is the most important thing!”

If you do not regularly and effortless manifest at least $5,000 per week, without killing yourself for it and without having to sell your soul to receive it, then you are in poverty consciousness, that’s right, even if you are doing well financially, if you are not a millionaire philanthropist and able to help others achieve financial abundance, then you are in poverty consciousness, or at least lack consciousness! (Or to be more accurate, you have aspects of your soul that are living in lack consciousness that need healing to bring them back to the truth of their divine worth, abundance and prosperity).

The financial system on earth and the reality that humans live by is not built upon prosperity consciousness, it is built upon lack and unworthiness, the illusion that they are less than God, that they are sinful beings who must prove their worth to God and to humanity. And humanity suffers from feeling powerless, helpless, I’m not good enough, etc., and that there is not enough resources, money, love or energy for everyone on earth, so I must fight and kill for a larger share of the carcass than my other planetary mates.

The fact is, there is more than enough money, food, resources, love and energy for everyone and anything else that we truly need for our health, wealth and fulfilment! This is a prosperous and abundant planet, solar system, galaxy and universe, but our lack and unworthy consciousness has gotten us in trouble, which of course is destroying our beloved planet that wishes so much to give us everything that we could possibly want. If everyone could plork (play/work) together for the general health and wealth of every human, plant and animal on earth, we would truly be living and creating heaven on earth. But we must let go of the illusions of lack and unworthiness to do so. Unfortunately, there are forces of greed, “power” and control, who have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo, because they profit from lack and unworthy consciousness, they profit off from the ignorance and denial of humanity, from their belief that we are all unworthy, powerless, helpless and not good enough. But the days of profiting from the ignorance and oppression of others are numbered! The days of sucking the energy and power off of humanity like vampires is over! It is time now to wake up to your divine magnificence and claim your birthright of total and complete abundance! It is time to release your beliefs, programs, implants, vows and agreements in the lie of unworthiness, lack and poverty. It is time to heal all of your soul aspects, soul extensions and ancestral programs that believe that they are unworthy of love and prosperity or that wealth is wrong or evil. It is time now to realize your true worth and realize that money is not evil, it is just a thing, things are not evil, only the abuse of things like money makes them “evil”, things are not evil, only ways of being and acting are “evil”. But the truth is there is no such thing as evil, only denial, denial of the light and denial of divinity.

* So, what is your relationship with money?

* Can you bless and honor money?

* Is money your friend, or is the lack of money your enemy?

* Can you bless and honor the banks, corporations and governments who have a stranglehold on the financial system of earth?

* It is now time to generate wealth and power for your self regardless of what big brother does!

* It is now time to heal your adversarial relationship with money!

* It is now time to re-create an entirely new system of finance on earth and the creation of this financial system begins with you and your own perceptions of your own self worth and your own perception of life on earth and your ability to open up to receiving, experiencing and creating miraculous possibilities!

Infinite blessings of Divine Prosperity!


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