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How much do you love yourself?


How to Create Heaven in your Life


By ZaKaiRan

Your reality, and all reality for that matter, exists, is created, and is changed by what you are focused upon, how you act in life, what you think about, what you talk about and how you treat yourself. If it is your desire to create heaven in your life and heaven on earth, then you must empower yourself through the Principles of Creation Alchemy, you must become a master of reality creation, to create a beautiful reality. You must train yourself to be a conscious creator and co-creator of reality.

Every single experience in your life was created by some aspect of yourself; some thought-form; some idea; some belief; some vow or agreement, etc., that life and reality is that way, that was adopted, believed and is held by you, or some aspect of your soul, soul extensions or ancestors. So the first step of the 12 Step program of Illusion-aholics Anonymous (those people addicted to the illusion that they are lesser than God, unworthy of God’s Grace, unworthy of love, etc. And the illusions that they do not create their realities, that they are a victim to outside forces, circumstance and coincidence, and that this reality that we have created on this planet, is actually real), is to take responsibility for all that you have created in your life.

The 2nd Step is to let go of these illusions, and do what is necessary to heal these aspects of yourself that believe these illusions.

The 3rd step is to make the firm decree that you now wish to create a reality in your life, that is happy, fulfilling, healthy, prosperous, blissful, ecstatic, beautiful, etc., and full of divinity.

The 4th step is figuring out how to accomplish this by making a plan of action: how do I create this heavenly reality that I desire and deserve, in my life?

Here’s a few Reality Creation Tips

How do you live your life? Is it focused on living, breathing, being and acting happy; and living a healthy, prosperous, blissful and ecstatic life? Self Love is the key! Do you love yourself? Can you love yourself? How much do you love yourself? If you do love yourself, or would like to be able to love yourself, then, how do you do it, how do you show yourself that you love yourself? If you find it difficult to love yourself, then there are few more steps for you to take to complete the road to recovery.

One way to love yourself, is by acting like you love yourself, (whether you believe it or not). How do you treat yourself daily? Do you take the time you need for yourself to nurture yourself, to meditate and be with yourself and what you are experiencing in your life? Or do you rush rush, trying to keep your head above water, trying to keep up with the demands of the world, with very little time for yourself? Do you treat yourself regularly to lovely experiences, such as: going into nature; swimming in the ocean; hikes in the mountains; massages; epsom salt baths (with lovely essential oils), etc. Do you buy yourself the beautiful things you deserve and that will truly nurture your health, rather than just satisfy some urge or craving that will hopefully take the pain away? What do you do that will actually create true prosperity and abundance in your life, and for everyone else on planet earth, and not just pay the bills and keep the debt collectors off your back?

You must learn how to care for yourself, how to love yourself - to create the beautiful, prosperous, fulfilling reality you want and deserve. You must start treating yourself like the God-Goddess that you truly are, like the queen/king you truly are. Even if you do not currently have the money that a queen/king deserves, you can treat yourself like a queen/king deserves to be treated and how a queen or king would treat themselves, by expecting and settling for nothing but the best. This means the best of the best that your kingdom can offer. This does not mean stomping on the peasants to get what you want, to satisfy your selfish desires, these are the actions of a tyrant not a loving, generous, caring, compassionate queen or king. A good queen or king knows that we are all equal, that we are all queens & kings, and the only difference between yourself and others, is you know that you are a queen/king, but they do not. They have forgotten that they are Gods & Goddesses. They have forgotten that they are masters of reality creation and that they create their own reality every single day of their lives!

So once again, how can you show yourself, others and the universe, that you truly love yourself? How can you create a reality of love for yourself? How can you manifest people who love themselves, and therefore, are able to truly love and honor you as you are, regardless of your personality, biases and quirks?

Again, you must act like you love yourself! This is a big game of make-believe, so reconnect to the divine child within, and make believe that you love yourself; act like you love yourself; act like other people love you, etc. And why shouldn’t you love yourself? Why shouldn’t other people love you? There is no reason that they should not, because you are a divine master of love and light, perfect in every way, regardless of your alleged faults.

So, since you are playing make believe to create a divine reality for yourself, one of the best things that you can do for yourself, if you are not doing it already, is looking at what you put in your mouth and on your body. Do drink or do you bathe in water that has been abused with toxic chemicals like chlorine and fluoride? Do you love and honor yourself by only drinking and bathing in water that has been treated like the divine nectar that water truly is? Do you bless, honor and are you thankful to water for nourishing your body?

Do you bless and love yourself by only eating food that has been honored, blessed, and treated in the respectful, loving, caring and honorable way that it deserves to be treated? Or do you eat food that was mass produced with no regard for the divine nature of plants, animals and mother earth, solely for the generation of profit? Are you still supporting the destruction and poisoning of the planet and wildlife and the poisoning of your body by eating “foods” that have been treated with pesticides, herbicides and chemicals?

Every single thing you put on your skin, goes directly into your blood stream, without being detoxified by your body. So, with this knowledge in mind, what products do you put on to your body? Are they inexpensive mass produced, products made from synthesized chemicals in a laboratory by a multinational corporation with absolutely no regard for your health, or the health of plants, animals and mother earth? Are you educated and conscious about the toxicity of chemicals in products that are “green-washed” through advertising, and touted as actually being healthy for you, or “organic”, when neither is true; or there is a micro spec of organic ingredients; or the ingredients are just derived from something natural and proposed as being “natural”, by companies that are only interested in profit and capitalizing on the health industry? Or do you treat yourself in the manner you deserve, by only putting on to your body, products that contain truly natural, certified organic, whole, food-grade ingredients, from a extremely reputable companies that you personally know are truly interested in your health and the health of mother earth?

Once again, it’s back to the original question, how much do you love yourself? If you do love yourself, then how do you show it? How do you show the universe and yourself that you love yourself, so that you can create love and prosperity and all things divine, in your life? Do you deserve the best? If the answer is yes, then how do you show yourself, others and the universe, that this is true?

Personally, I love myself very much, I have done a lot of plork (play/work) on myself, healing, clearing, nurturing, blessing…, myself, to get to the true essence of my being where I am not only truly in love with myself, but know that I AM Love! I am love and so are you, so really, it’s not about learning to love yourself, but more about remembering that YOU ARE LOVE! So, because I truly love myself; that I deserve the best of the best of the best, because I am God-Goddess/King ZaKaiRan - compassionate, caring and generous creator of the divine kingdom of ZaKaiRan; a care-taker of humanity, completely dedicated to the health of mother earth and the health of every single creature on planet earth, and knowing what I know about reality, reality creation and how to create a divine reality - I only eat certified organic fruits and vegetables, and use only plant based, whole, live, certified organic, food-grade, fair trade…, body and health care products on my beautiful divine God body!

So you must ask yourself, do I deserve the best of the best of the best? If the answer is yes, then start living your life this way! Step into a higher more empowered reality! If it is difficult for you to love yourself because you have aspects of yourself that do not believe themselves to be divine, or worthy of being treated lovingly, then you must especially play make-believe, and act like you love yourself. Fake it till you make it! Prove to yourself, others, mother earth and the universe, that you truly love yourself; that you love this beautiful planet that we are so blessed to be able to live upon and enjoy; and that you love others as the Gods-Goddesses they are - by creating a reality that is “shareable” and cooperative; a reality of true prosperity for all; a reality of abundance, health, love, joy and divinity! You are the way, the truth and the light, the guide through the Matrix of illusion! You are the master, the Christ, the Buddha! What will be your legacy?

Now my beloveds, with this intent in mind, to love yourself, to show yourself that you truly love yourself, and to create a reality for yourself that is nurturing and caring and full of love, I offer you an opportunity to put this into action, to love yourself, to honor and bless your beautiful body and soul, to treating yourself like the queen/king/God-Goddess that you truly are, by giving up the chemically laden body care products you are using and loving yourself through the application of truly natural, certified organic, whole, food-grade ingredients, from an extremely reputable company that I personally know is truly interested in your health and the health of mother earth, rather than just making money off of the organics industry? Products that contain ingredients that have come from mother earth, and not from a laboratory; that have been honored in the manner that God intended; that have not been treated with any nasty chemicals of any kind, including preservatives! Products with ingredients that will truly bless and honor you as the queen or king you truly are; a way that you can truly actively love yourself!

A company that I truly support, respect and trust, who I personally know all of the directors, (who are all divine angels). A company with no debt, that is not publicly traded on the stock market (therefore being required to maximize profits at all costs); a company that I know truly cares about me, my health and the health of the earth; that has blessed me and continues to bless me every day with their divine products. The company is MIESSENCE and they are having a birthday and for their birthday, they are giving you a gift. They are offering a gift to those people who desire to love honor and bless themselves, with the ability to purchase their certified organic body and health care products at wholesale prices by joining the company for only $7! (Of course, you can always buy the products retail, but as the divine Goddess Fran Fine stated, “never buy retail honey”!) A divine gift for you, so that you can bless yourself and your family with products that are completely beneficial to your divine health, products that are truly body food, skin food, hair food…! That’s loving yourself baby! Also, for the measly cost of $7, you also have the opportunity to manifest wealth for yourself, if you so desire, through a truly wholistic endeavor, in your own natural way, just by loving yourself, and helping others love themselves.

So beloved, what will you do now in your life to create the divine reality you desire and deserve to create in your life: How will you show yourself, others, mother earth and the universe that you love yourself? How will you show your family, friends and lovers that you love them? How will you show mother earth that you love her? Can you open up and use your imagination, the child-like nature of your being, to create a beautiful, ecstatic, joyful, fulfilling, healthy, loving, sensual, compassionate, blissful…, life for yourself? I know you can, and I know you are empowered to do so, because you are God-Goddess, and you are master creator of reality, you are heaven in a body! And your body is the temple of your Divine Presence, how will you treat this divine temple?

Infinite divine blessings of heavenly nurturance, bliss, joy and love to you beloved divine God/Goddess on your journey of Self Love!

I love you!




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