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Karmic Healing & Karmic Absolution

through Divine Grace

with ZaKaiRan

As a divine dispensation from the Ascended Masters, the Karmic Board and the Family of Light, every single soul upon this earth, no matter what they have done, has been granted complete Karmic Absolution! All debts are forgiven; all karma is absolved!!!!!!!!! Time to start over!!!!!!!!!!

What is Karmic Absolution?

Karmic absolution is the healing, integration, balancing and release of all karma with another person, issue or experience. Every single thing that you and your soul extensions have ever done, good or bad, in this or any other lifetime, across space, time and dimension, is written in the karmic (Akashic) record library – this is your karma, and is completely related to your soul and spiritual evolution. In a basic sense, you must clear 51% of your karma to ascend, (not to put the pressure on you!)

What is Karma?

In a basic sense, Karma is just a record of your expression as a soul and as a spirit, from all of the times that you have lived, worked and played in unconditional love, (in the light), the times you have worked in the realms of lack, limitation, fear, anger, control, etc., (in the dark), and everything in between.

Karma is not a judgment or form of debt, there is no judging force that judges and condemns you for any actions you have ever done, regardless of how we may judge or have judged these actions to be, whether they be good or evil, etc.

Karma is more of a personal soul experience record, but because we are all connected and have experienced many lifetimes together, it is also our record of relating with others, which is why we can have “karma” with other people. In other words, we may have hurt others in some way in past lives and feel regret about this and may need to recieve forgiveness from those we have wronged or at the very least, forgive yourselves for the actions we judge to have been wrong, bad, evil, unloving, etc.

During this time as we head full speed into the New Civilization of Light, as this planet ascends into a star, and we ascend into our immortal bodies of light, we are now healing, integrating, balancing and releasing as much karma as possible from all of our past lives, so that we can be clear open channels and easily and gracefully embody our divine presences. Without healing and clearing their karma, the people upon this earth, will find it extremely difficult to “see the light” and will be unable to be the divine magnificent masters that they truly are, because their karma is blocking them, from embodying this divine light and divine presence. Or rather, they are blocking themselves, through their inability or unwillingness to forgive the past.

Karma is a Universal Law of Balance and healing that permeates all life experience and propels us to balance and heal all energies and all aspects of ourselves that are lost in the darkness, that are lost in regret, shame, guilt, judgment, etc., so that no one gets left behind and everyone is brought back home!

Karma itself is not a block, it does not hinder you in anyway, but your perceptions of your past life experiences, your regrets, shame, guilt, etc., is what blocks you from being the divine magnificence you truly are. The feelings, beliefs, vows, agreements, contracts, regrets, shame, guilt, anger, judgment, etc., is what blocks us from embodying our God-Goddess-Christ Presence.

By obtaining forgiveness, by forgiving ourselves, by helping our soul aspects to forgive themselves and others, and through invoking and receiving divine dispensations of divine grace, such as the Violet Flame, The Silver Ray of Grace, and other ascension tools, we can be free from our karma.

Also, the Karmic Board, a group Ascended Masters and other Masters of Light, who reside over our Akashic Records, have given us at this time, a divine gift of complete Absolution of all Karma, all that is needed by any soul on earth to receive this Karmic Absolution, is to ask for it! It is that simple, ask for it, receive it, and you are then free and clear from your karma.

Then the plork (play/work) begins, where you are able to then fully able to embody your magnificent master presence, where you have opened to receiving grace, to have a fresh start in this moment, without any reference to the past and you are able to be filled with the light of your God-Goddess Presence!

To receive Divine Grace in your life, and to receive the Divine Dispensation of Complete Karmic Absolution, join ZaKaiRan, the Lords and Ladies of Karma, and the Family of Light, in Divine Communion, for this profound Karmic Healing and Absolution Experience!

And receive support to be able to continue the journey of empowerment, by learning how to heal your karma in your day to day life, easily and gracefully, and assist others to heal theirs.


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Teleclass 9 - Karmic Healing & Absolution through Divine Grace

Nov 22/21

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