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Light-Body 3

"We must be in bodies of light to be accepted into the kingdoms of light"




Becoming Whole Light Beings

The physicalness of our beingness is essentially becoming "whole light", the complete light spectrum. Previously we were partial light beings, we functioned with certain bands of the light spectrum. As light beings we will function within the complete light spectrum. All planetary bio-rhythms are being displaced by the new electromagnetic frequency of whole light.

A new light is upon us, we are learning that we do not need the solar magnetic field to survive and maintain biological rhythms; this new light is now reaching our solar system and interpenetrating Earth's magnetic field, altering the biological rhythms; forcing the specie to leave behind its old time-cell of perception on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. This is causing the magnetic fields of the brain cavity to be sufficiently raised to a higher mental frequency. Without new magnetic paradigms working with multiple arcs of color, the color radiation's of the sun's light will not be sufficient for survival of the species. We must work with this complete spectrum, especially the "warm white" color coding which will enable us to integrate with our original form sent from the higher Universe to this world.

We must understand that the geomagnetic reversals of the planet (its transmutation into light) and the changing of the electromagnetic density of our bodies (our transition into light) are necessary parts of the recycling of human biochemical processes, as humanity passes into a new body of light.

As a species we will survive by being a part of the father's plan of ongoing soul creation. So in regards to earth changes, the planet will go through what it must to create fertile ground for the return of the masters. The paradox of momentary planetary death will stand as a leveling force of the false powers of planetary control. And death on all levels including the moment before light body manifestation will be so fast that it will not be recognized. The rite of passage into the light will devour death.

Simply, the Ascension, the creation of the new species, is manifested by the combination of the human self with the Overself Body uniting as the Christ Body of eternal life, the Christed Species of Light. The Lords of Light are returning the consciousness of the Overself to our human consciousness, allowing us to break through the biochemical shells of the world surrounded by negative mass.

We as individual sparks of Divine Consciousness are becoming Whole Light Beings, modeled after the Lords of Light and the Ascended Masters. (Masters who have served several incarnations in the lower heavens teaching the Cosmic Law of the Universe and who have ascended back into the presence of the Father from whence they receive new assignments to teach a wide variety of worlds because of their greater love.)

This is Enochs definition of a "Whole Light Being" - a body made of quanta mechanistic corpuscles of light. Whole Light Beings could also be defined as fully activated light bodies, or original light bodies. When your light body is fully activated you will be a Whole Light Being. All Higher Evolution exists as Whole Light; otherwise purely spiritual as consciousness or existence.

Spiritual Evolution Progressed by the Whole Light Beings

Part of the process of manifesting Light Body is recoding the consciousness state of a human being from continual states of flux to states of equilibrium, by energizing magneto-gravitational fields around your body, to changing your molecular structure and reconstituting your body to another wavelength of light.

The Higher Evolution generally programs man to accept the realities of the higher universe by taking man's subjective consciousness body out of his physical body during a dream cycle for education through a visual light experience.

When man progresses in his spiritual education, during a meditative state, his electromagnetic body can be taken into other physical and consciousness worlds of Light. There he can receive education beyond his physical world of reference which enables him to synthesize multidimensional reality. He also gains a working knowledge of how his five vehicles of energy can prepare him for the actual wearing of the "Christ body."

When Man has fully matured in his spiritual evolution, his physical body and consciousness body can literally be taken off the planet through Merkaba, since the higher spiritual teaching cannot be entirely given on the earth plane due to the lower vibratory levels.

Man must learn to distinguish between the lower levels of subjective experience produced by phosphene geometries as opposed to the divine Light directly revealed through Merkaba. (Phosphene as in phosphorescent, light from the physical patterns of consciousness connected with the lower vibratory grids. We as humans typically base our reality on this light spectrum, an example is the suns physical light emanations; our next step is to live beyond this physical spectrum; live within and be the pure light - the divine light of All That Is.)

However, the existence of pulsating light geometries within the consciousness of man shows that he is already part of a divine circuit of information which flows from light body to Light body. The phosphene geometries are simply the internal read-out!

Accordingly the Brotherhood of Light uses some of the phosphene geometries to code man's consciousness into an inner language of Light. If Man would look at his inner space he would see how the Brotherhood can tap into his inner space to "code information" just as Man can tap into the mind space of the Masters.

5 Bodies of Light - (The Energy Vehicles of Incarnation)

There are "five bodies of illumination" connected to our physical body which are the keys to the mechanistic adaptation of the light fields that are necessary for the seeding process of divine Hokhmah ("wisdom") into the physical world.

In order for Man to truly use Hokhmah he must have all five bodies active so that they can work directly with the divine template, and the Councils of the Elohim on the higher levels of reality. It is through this collective that teaching is given and received. This mastery is based upon Man's ability to work simultaneously with information from many worlds of the lower heavens. He must master this stage before he can truly understand soul progression.

The five bodies are: the electromagnetic body, the epi-kinetic body, the eka body of many relativities, the inner body of Gematria, and the outer body of many Zohar. Unifying these 5 bodies allows the specie to go beyond its present soul program.

The Electromagnetic Body is a vehicle body that codes your physical body directly into other consciousness regions of the local universe through the whole array or family of electromagnetic waves. The E-M vehicle must work with its "Christ Overself Body" or a Master of Light if it is to work with the many electromagnetic spectrums. One must first illuminate the E-M vehicle with Light before one can cross the threshold of negative mass.

The Epi-Kinetic Body is the biological plasma used by the energy-vibratory vehicle for projection and teleportation within a singular dimension. The Epi-Kinetic Body is the consciousness-vibratory vehicle which can pass through the common kinetic paradigms of velocity and mass. Great energies of vibratory protection, inspiration, and the balancing of the creative consciousness levels with the unconscious and subconscious levels can take place through this vehicle of vibratory synthesis.

One of the five bodies can work directly with the template of the many worlds. This is the Eka Body "of consciousness" which enables you to leave behind the 3rd dimensional consciousness time frame and experience other time zones to see and work with the Masters of Light who protect and educate the eka body through an activated Light network.

Moreover, this network of Light is used to activate additional plus and minus bodies of consciousness light that are necessary to leave behind the bipolarity of the Koine (common) universe to experience the eka (multidimensional) universe.

Consequently, there is a complex network to serve these worlds of multiple relativity including the Masters who are capable of fusing their consciousness simultaneously in all worlds of multiple relativity. These Masters work in a trinitized form in our Son universe. Trinitization is given to all Ascended Masters who work directly with the consciousness minds of the illuminaries and have their Christ bodies united with the physical bodies of the Masters who are or have been on the earth plane.

In the education of the soul, the conscious activation of the many eka vehicles demonstrates to man how there is a multidimensional relationship between body vehicles that can be also interpenetrated by the multidimensional body vehicles of the Masters of Light.

The Gematrian Body prepares the human vehicle to be connected with the Christ Body Overself. This body is formed by the Shekinah's "life force," (the Creative Mother Spirit, Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Gods Life Force), which controls all the inner relationships of Light, and creates a synthesis with the Light vehicle (your Merkaba.)

The Gematrian Body is made up of "light geometries" used in consciousness creation, inspiration, healing, etc., which can mathematically arrange each of the energy meridians of the human system to make them available to guide and energize the body. The Gematrian Body with the shekinah, bears witness that we are 'active' people of God and actively dwelling in a body of Light' within the body of flesh. The Gematrian Body frees creative life from slavery to the physical body.

When you experience the Gematrian Body of Light Consciousness, then you will be able to experience the presence of the Holy Spirit within you and you will commune with the Lords of Light through Merkaba.

The Zohar Body is the body vehicle of the "outer light" that permits the body to go beyond the light cone of immediate relativity. This body places a bond of light around the four other energy vehicles of "Incarnation" so that the physical body can distinguish levels of light. It balances the seventy two areas of the mind so the microcosmos of the unconscious Man ascends to Sonship and to a place of dwelling within the Father's Throne. The Zohar body functions in trinity with its Overself Body and the "Anointed" Christ Overself Body which receives direct revelation from the Throne Worlds of YHWH.

At this time there are many souls who have completed their self-meta programs and yet choose to remain and become future leaders and teachers upon this planet. There are those who, while still living in the physical form, are already working with the quantum of Light from the Throne. (The center for YHWH's programs of creation, the seat of divine administration).

This is now taking place on a greater scale than in previous ages because, in previous ages, it was necessary that the operation of the eka bodies be limited from the higher correspondences of the Masters of Light so that the higher vehicles would not be contaminated until the masters had sufficiently incarnated into the human place to raise its vibration to work with the higher worlds of Light.

With the dawning of light on every level of physical creation, it is possible through the opening of "the Gates" of the Higher Evolution, to receive the full manifestation of the eka bodies which lead to the ascension of our Christ Body.

You are now invited to prepare for the "greater peace" of the Father who welcomes you with your brothers and sisters. Hold firm in devotion and give hope to others that they might attune their consciousness patterns in resonance with the eternal vibration of the Holy Spirit Shekinah!

(Mutating the physical body to Light Body, altering the consciousness to higher levels of awareness)

Metatron and the Councils of Light have made available a Light 'polorization process" known as "Ze" which mediates between the whole light beings and the physical body. Or in advanced stages mediate between the body of consciousness and its "divine double", the Ka, shaped according to the Adam Kadmon. "Ze" is light polorization composed of light that can transform the body, while maintaining the sensitive faculties of the mind, so that it can function on a multitude of levels.

This is an important aspect of the Merkaba, it keeps you from going crazy and losing your memory when translating between dimensions, realities etc., where magnetics do not exist that normally keep you sane. "Ze" enables you to see other dimensional realities and to make contact with the Lords of Light.

There are also "Ze'on" thought particles which are created by the energies of Ze. They align with your system and operate as a unit for higher consciousness awareness. These particles of light are necessary for transformation "into the light", because they work to enable the electrochemical processes have access to a higher field of energy. By use of these "Ze'on" thought particles", the body is subordinated to your thoughts. All preconditioned limited traditional systems and mental activity related to these systems and processes is changed through programming activities of Ze'on particles.

The brotherhoods of light couple with the energy vehicles of man so that conventional consciousness is overcome by quantum corpuscles of light in the selective process of life where one desires to see and participate actively with the "light". In other words, the Lords of Light use Light Body to transmute you into light body. In the likeness and appearance of "Whole Light Beings", man will understand how his body of physical form is a host to other bodies of light. These other bodies can manage and reorganize the grids of the consciousness - psyche and the emotional volitional network, further enabling light body. Which provides man the ability to make higher level consciousness transitions.


Part of the light body process and manifestation is the teaching of the MerKaBa brought to us from many sources but most known by Drunvalo Melchizedek. The MerKaBa is a field of energy that is 55 feet in diameter around the human body that is geometrical and crystalline in nature. Every living thing in the universe has a MerKaBa from an atom to a flower to planets. Planet Earth with its own MerKaBa is essentially one big ship. Even solar systems, galaxies and universes have a MerKaBa vehicle - or are giant spinning MerKaBas.

Cleansing and activating this vehicle of light is one of the processes of light body. The MerKaBa vehicle of light, in its stationary state, is geometric in shape and nature; it has the initial shape of two interlocking tetrahedrons (3 sided pyramids). When it is operational it takes on the shape of a galaxy or saucer shaped space ship.

Each whole star tetrahedron is composed of one male tetrahedron interlocked with one female tetrahedron. These two, the male and female tetrahedrons together, form the whole star tetrahedron. (The three dimensional Star of David). There are three whole star tetrahedrons super-imposed over each other. Each whole star tetrahedron is exactly the same size, and each whole star tetrahedron has a polarity of its own, male, female and neutral.

The first whole star tetrahedron is neutral in nature, is literally the body itself, and is locked in place at the base of the spine and never changes its orientation, except under certain conditions. It is placed around the body according to maleness or femaleness. The second whole star tetrahedron is male in nature, electrical, is literally the human mind, and rotates counter-clockwise relative to your body looking out. The third whole star tetrahedron is female in nature, is magnetic, is literally the human emotional body and rotates clockwise relative to your body looking out.

The Mer*Ka*Ba is the vehicle of Light mentioned in the Bible in the book of Ezekiel when he described the "wheels within wheels" which descends from the sky. "Mer" refers to a special kind of light., a "liquid" light, a flowing, changing, unknown, mysterious light. In ancient Egyptian, Mer was defined as Love.

"Ka” may be described as the electrical, light-body circuitry that exists identically and simultaneously in the third through sixth dimensions and that ultimately functions in all those dimensions to anchor and contain your Christed Presence in form. In other words, it is the interface between spirit, dimension, and form that affords us the opportunity as humans to become fully en-Christed in the body and to move from the third to the fourth dimension and beyond as we evolve and raise our vibrational frequency. The Ka body might also be described as the vehicle in which the Higher Self descends into matter and in which the Higher Self and the body together ascend into the upper dimensions. Through these processes the higher-dimensional translation of consciousness occurs." Pleiadian Workbook, Amorah Quan Yin.

Ka is referred to as the divine double. It was created at the moment of conception, it is the etheric double of the body and can leave the body behind to travel, either in dreams or astral projection.. The Ka prepares the physical body for the Overself Body; it preconditions the overself physical form. The Ka insures that the celestial image has the properly prepared chemical fabric to accept the physical embodiment of the Elohim and the orders of Light, when they require a physical body.

"Ba" means body, reality or soul, that which experiences and expresses. Generally it is referred to as the soul. In Egyptian it is translated as my spirit "Dove". It is a vehicle of spirit and sanctification. In the context of biblical literature, it is the sign of the Holy Spirit / Shekinah / Mother Spirit for "peace" and "promise" within the Programs of Jehovah God.

MerKaBa means the spirit/body surrounded by counter-rotating fields of light. It is part of you and can be used by you, but it is not you. It is literally a light vehicle or your personal light ship. The MerKaBa field is used for dimensional transition, a vehicle to transport spirit/body from one world into another. It is the vehicle of Ascension activated by the breathing of the spirit/body. It is designed to transition you to light body; to assist in your attainment of higher levels of conscious awareness; and to travel / transition between dimensions and realities, or more accurately to shift your consciousness to include other realities of existence as being part of every day reality - in other words making true reality real for you.

MerKaBa creates and controls time translation and is the hookup or overlap between dimensions of light. Through this hookup the various light thresholds which interlace the galaxies are connected, allowing vehicles to travel between the various dimensions of light.

MerKaBa also controls these thresholds to prevent lower intelligence's from coming in and interfering with the Father's plan. Nevertheless, zones can be created in the lower heaven (of which Earth is a part) that are periodically devoid of supervision. This allows aggressive intelligence from the lower orders of light to land upon this planet and display belligerent instincts toward man. In these cases we must have spiritual discernment lest we confuse the appearance of MerKaBa with the craft of "negative" intelligence forced to exist in the lower heavens.

Everything in the world of creation has geometry, but does not necessarily take the shape of geometry in its stationary state like the MerKaBa. Technically speaking a MerKaBa is a MerKaBa when it is activated. It is a vehicle of light but it is one of many vehicles of light that we have as beings. A light body is shaped like a body normally for our purposes of relating to each other, it can take any shape that we desire it to take.

This experience of the "wheel-within-the-wheel" can appear in a multiplicity of forms; it can be associated with the work of a Master, as well as the manifestation of extraterrestrial technology of Light e.g. space ships. It can be received in many different forms from that of: the spiritual Body of Light, a spiritual vehicle of Light (as a pure energy vehicle), or a space technology that has instant acceleration with power to travel at 2.9 times (or more) the speed of light. MerKaBa is a vehicle which can take on any membrane or color appearance to correspond with you and guide you into other experiences of creation. Synching them up makes it an ascension vehicle in all ways. First providing spiritual growth and greater awareness of self and by accelerating the physical to ascend the physical.

Everyone and everything has a MerKaBa for individual use and can be combined for group use, i.e. big light ships that carry beings of light within them. This is an example of how extraterrestrials that are of light, move about in space ships as well. They travel in light ships; they are beings with bodies of light that travel in light ships. In all actuality they do not need a big light ship to travel in, because they have their own personal one, but as groups it serves many purposes to travel, coordinate and work together within the one vehicle These beings are not traveling in a typical technologically oriented ship but a MerKaBa light ship, a big ship carrying other little ships. The beings within have combined their energies to create one big MerKaBa.

The Divine Light of All That Is is revealed through the MerKaBa; higher teaching is revealed by the Lords of Light through MerKaBa. At the final stage of ascension those who are not using the gifts of the Holy Spirit will have their mind "blanked" out after a MerKaBa experience. This is done lest the physical mind be overloaded by the consciousness transference of data from higher intelligence. If your MerKaBa is active then you will remember through the transition and be aware of the Lords of Light.

The word "MerKaBa" reveals the experience of the Body of Light which descends from higher realms and commands the life force of man to awaken to and be integrated with the universal intelligence. MerKaBa is a Divine light vehicle used by Masters to probe and reach the faithful in the many dimensions of the Divine Mind, it is used by them to accelerate consciousness, to evolve lower worlds. MerKaBa is an accelerator vehicle, it evolves life. Activating your MerKaBa evolves you spiritually, it downloads emotional baggage and accelerates your vibratory rate. Physically, it attunes a species genetically and chemically to a higher growth cycle. Energy can be projected from MerKaBa into someone’s system for education of the human self and or the repairing of the program.

The souls who have reached the greater levels of awareness and attunement with the Father are able to extend themselves through the many dimensions of light in service to the many realms of specie intelligence desiring to know the meaning and direction of Life. This extension throughout the various dimensional realms of intelligences is done by MerKaBa.

A hookup is taking place between the spiritual forces of MerKaBa and the physical thresholds of our immediate universe. Through this hookup, MerKaBa has the ability "To Speak." Therefore it not only has the ability to enter and leave various dimensions of light, but it has the ability to use them for communication.

It speaks to us through light consciousness forms by means of polarized energy. The message it brings speaks of the Great Infinite Way and our role in the many heavens of creation. MerKaBa allows one level of intelligence to directly connect with a series of other intelligences.

It has the ability to descend from the light fields of one heaven into the light fields of a lesser heaven and vice versa ascending from a lower to higher. Even penetration of black body or thermal radiation is incidental to the movement of the light energy vehicle of MerKaBa.

The power and direction of MerKaBa proceeds directly from the mind which is in conjunction with God. It is the mind of the master which literally operates, controls and stabilizes the MerKaBa at all times so that when the true MerKaBa passes through the heavens it heralds the message of the Father.

MerKaBa is a time translation vehicle, it is used by higher beings to work simultaneously with many linear chronologies of specie intelligence, past, present and future. It has the ability to take species directly out of their own chronologies of time into new homogenous worlds of creation. With this in mind you can imagine the implications personally for activating your MerKaBa.

MerKaBa is also the body of the Master (consciousness you) coordinating your Overself body with your human body. The Overself that you have does not exist in vacuous space waiting aeons for the Christ to appear, but is working continually in other dimensions of the greater living totality coordinating with the Masters of Light through the direct teaching of MerKaBa.

MerKaBa therefore allows the Overself body to dome with the physical body when you are ready to move into the next step function, to work with the next cycle of soul progression. MerKaBa is the radiation of Light which ties thought-form creations of Father universes to Son universes, and son universes to lower universes of living technology still evolving. MerKaBa is the manner by which consciousness ascends from one level to other levels of creation. And without MerKaBa no man could enter the Presence of the Father.

The vehicles of MerKaBa are capable of taking the human evolution into higher Life Systems. But before man can enter the MerKaBa vehicles and be taken to other star dimensions, he must be sufficiently prepared for the greater energies which emanate from the MerKaBa vehicles. Only when Man's consciousness is sufficiently prepared with the Love of the Father to understand the purpose of MerKaBa can the vehicle open its energy portal to project a blue-white light which creates an energy field around the body to protect it against changes as the body is taken into the vehicle.

Thus, those who believe in the Father's Will and desire to work with the Divine plan of All That Is, and the Brotherhood of Light including the Ascended Masters, Angels etc., for them, this shift in consciousness will be available and they will experience huge changes in their bodies, for they are being chemically respatialized to live in a more active light environment. The flesh and the spirit will be in one highly charged body of light. So you can see that MerKaBa prepares you for Light Body and Light Body prepares you for MerKaBa.

The consciousness evolution of the MerKaBa vehicles sole purpose is to turn all grief into great joy and liberation. The MerKaBa works with the Eternal Light; it works with the Shekinah, the Inner Universe working with the extended Presence of the Father. It also works with the Lords of Light and the Sons of Light who work collectively as the 144,000 Masters of the Christ who bring forth redemptive energy.

We are invited through the MerKaBa to enter into the presence of myriads of universes sharing the same divine presence of the Father. And you accept it by asking that Higher Intelligence working with YHWH, the Eternal Mind, come into you and use you as a Light unto your fellowman. You must empty yourself of the "confusions of the world" and ask the Father to pour His Light into your garment of flesh. Then you will actually feel the "Body of Light" consciousness come into you. When you have balanced your field and have removed yourself from all of the negative particles of the anti-universe which hold you locked in space, when you experience the Gematrian Body of Light consciousness, then you will be able to experience the presence of the Holy Spirit within you and you will commune with the Lords of Light through MerKaBa.

Soul (Nephesh)

An active instrument operating in all beings which generates a realization of the divine-Self. The 'uneducated soul' is the direct cause of the lower functions, instincts, and animal life, and corresponds to the 'Foundation' of the human life sphere.

Soul and spirit are not to be conceived of as one and the same. The soul is the natural consciousness of life without the higher realization of worlds that have preceded this world and worlds that are to come. The soul must go through many formations, transformations and rebirths before it can be intertwined with the divine consciousness of the Overself. Second, when one understands that the soul is not the same as spirit, one petitions the Godhead for the higher Counsel to achieve true knowledge and true wisdom. At that time, spirit as "the spirit" of higher reason is given by God for inspiration and the understanding of the multiple levels of the Divine Mind. Finally, when the spirit and the natural soul are synthesized, the higher aspirations of the union creates the sovereign soul of Light ("Neshamah") which is called into the Light to beget the fruits of divinity and anoint those called to the work of the Divine Mind as a vehicle of higher Love and Wisdom. The formation of the soul spirit unit necessary to work in the many Mansion Worlds requires the balance between the first and second triads of Sonship.

The Ain Soph

All Supreme personalities, Lords of Light, Angelic beings, etc., are light beings of this supreme light of All That Is the Ain Soph - that eternal light which creates the light spectrums.

The Creator Gods and the physical forms of creation all share a major manifestation of the Ain Soph Light radiations. These divine radiations set the actual boundaries of the consciousness time zones. Physical worlds created out of each consciousness time zone use the emanations of matter waves and time waves to form the visible and invisible spectrums. We must, literally, leave our consciousness time zone before we can see that its boundaries are not those of actual time or space but that of consciousness purification. Therefore you can see that dimensions, or higher levels of hierarchical being, greater divinity, is merely consciousness, awareness, and purity, or greater sense of self.

Overself Body of Light

The pre-existent higher body of light which exists for spiritual-physical beings prior to their incarnation (a.k.a. Higher Self). This body "domes" with realized physical humanity which has completed the synthesis of the five inner matter-energy vehicles. (In simpler terms, it makes itself available to those beings that have consciously said yes to divinity and have attained certain levels of awareness).

The Overself Body of Light is one of several Overself vehicles in the Shekinah universe of creation leading to new levels of growth within the activity of total Deity. The exact nature of the Overself relationship is open-ended; however, the immediate Overself hierarchy includes: Elohistic Lords, Paradise Sons, Orders of Sonship, Christ Overself (sons/daughters of Light), Overself (super metaprograms), Self Realization (synthesis of vehicles.)

The overself spiritual body, in conjunction with the B'nai Elohim through the Eye of Horus evolves the perceptual membrane of man. With this alignment, spiritual gifts are poured out upon the brotherhoods of man for they operate as the brother hoods of light in physical form. This is us, the light workers and ascended masters in physical form. This alignment can counter the effects of retrogressive evolution on the chemical body and thereby, increase the transduction of the chakras to receive new frequencies of light.

This evolution from the physical body of creation to the higher intelligence, involves a deeper understanding of life as multi-dimensional evolution where individuality does not count, only the continuity of the human species. To this end the physical body must be initiated into the Light before it can receive the Overself Body of Light which is the true I AM identity.

This means that all seven chakra centers must first be working in perfect harmony and completely aligned with the template of Light, the eighth chakra, the connecting link with the Overself working with the Christ Body of Light. Through this assimilation Man becomes cosmic Man who can freely participate in the other forms of cosmic creation.

The vehicle of Light as your Overself body has to descend and collect all of your vehicle embodiments of all your thought-forms during your life experience. And when all of your thought-forms are collected into your Gematrian Body of Light centered within you, you redeem your physical vehicles. Your physical vehicle is not one cell, but millions of cellular vehicles working with different energy forms derived from the surrounding kingdoms of experience. Your own body universe functions as part of the collective messiah through your Gematrian Body of Light - your inner body of Light that is continually being perfected by your Christ Overself. Through the many levels of purification you absorb and purify all of the surrounding human dimensions into the dimension of the Higher Light consciousness.

This is what is accomplished the more you realize who you are and acknowledge who is here directly working on this manifestation - the Ascended Masters and Lords of Light. Part of the manifestation and activation of your light body is your willingness to work with the "Whole Light Beings"; those masters, Lords of Light, here to ascend this creation.

Christed Overself and Christ Body

The new civilization of Light / Cosmic human / Light human / The mutation of the species / Preparing human for light body / The Language of Light

Man is now being repatterned to go beyond the evolutionary breakdown into a new arrangement of his chromosomal patterns in order that he may function as a multimammalian Light force.

This new race will be created in accord with the Elohim and the Lords of Light to give man the ability to participate in many energy bodies at the same time; Man will thus exist as a fleet being. The Elohim determine whether or not the Light force of evolution should be speeded up or slowed down by an additional language network.

New language of a whole Light vibratory structure is given to man as an outer garment in the same way he generates skin layers, each having cells which communicate, each having cells with memory sensitivity factors of the skin layers that have to be constantly kept alive for various stages of work. The controls of consciousness cells, in turn, control the layers of energy put around the body which allow for multiple bodies.

Man can, then function as a host to the Elohim when he embodies many different galactic vehicles rather than just one higher self; 'One' expanding Light Body will be centered within 'Many' incarnation channels.

At the present stage of evolution, man's physical body can occupy one consciousness time cell. However, man through his five bodies has the potential to evolve. This is achieved once the light energy of the five bodies has been aligned to the Overself Body by way of a Lay-oo-esh pillar of Light which, in turn, must be aligned with the coherent field of the Living Christ Body so that the Overself is free from the Solar Logos. When the Overself is attached to the higher Christ mantle of Light, the eighth and ninth chakra field of the Christ Light permits the Christed Overself to function in as many as nine dimensions in our local universe as a super-specie creation.

Your evolution / ascension / resurrection / judgment is based upon a higher light code structure. The Greater intelligence, by measuring the changing light emanations of the Overself body, knows whether you are prepared for growth. In other words, at the Day of "Graduation" (or Judgment) both the physical embodiment of the Overself and the Light Body Overself come together to receive coding for the next level of soul growth based upon the harmony of the Overself body within all of its molecular embodiments.

For those that do not have an Overself coordinating body of Light, there is a light grid within the body which registers all units of light radiation. Every molecule within the body continually projects light pulses which build up a light code structure which is beyond the physical relativity. This code structure is used to reshape the next program of consciousness evolution.

Our envelope of Light programs all of the light forces for the human DNA-RNA, and each envelope of Light is equipped with the energy necessary to progress into other cycles of creation. Our Light envelope is shaped by the world of negative mass and is a unique envelope for a given electromagnetic spectrum. We are formed out of thoughts which feel the weight of space and time into which "being" is cast. (These thoughts give you your own unique space and time in the drama of incarnation.)

There are three types of evolution that can be coded out of the activity of the "Living Light" during the transition of the physical form, (or different types of ascension and acquisition of higher frequency of body - a.k.a. light body). 1) Physical evolution via incarnation to a purer physical form (positive incarnation); in other words, evolving into light body by incarnating into a light body, because you attained a certain level of awareness in a previous incarnation to be able to handle the increased vibratory rate of the light body - your consciousness matches the vibratory rate.

2) Physical man possessing the light grid of an evolving soul which can be coded from the "Life of the Living" into a more advanced spiritual-physical embodiment within the lower heaven - such a being is a "light blueprint" of a given Creator God's image and similitude; (in other words, a being of high caliber in the spiritual hierarchy creates another being, a sibling if you will, and places this being within a body and/or a light body). (For additional details about this type of being see Light Body I).

3) Spiritual-physical human possessing a complete unity with the spiritual Shekinah which is capable of direct resurrection in the Adam Kadmon archetypal "Body of Light." He has by virtue of completing his spiritual assignment, the prerogative to participate in the higher heavens which work directly with the Father's Image and Similitude.

Those who have radiated love into the 'Light of the Living,' into the greater universe, will continue to live off the power of the 'Image of the Luminaries' because they have learned to share the pulsations of Love within continuity and change. Those who deny the Light will return to their consciousness beginning in the form of flesh (or even lower forms of meta-matter) for the flesh is not able to be transformed into the 'Light of the Living.'

In other words, at the end of an evolutionary program, if the genetic code of an individual soul is not deemed worthy for the next step function of specie regeneration "into the Light," the soul is placed one or several biological step functions back, where it must learn through its negative karma how to harmonize with Light and Love.

In essence, you exist in "consciousness death" until you are aware of the power of Love which opens up the visual pathway of ascension into indescribable levels of Light essence. Every action in life is part of the matter energy centrifuge which builds up the consciousness energy units to be sufficiently strong enough to resurrect the dust of life into new wave factors of light.

A denial of this energy centrifuge means it lacks spiritual light coding, and the light of the unrealized self simply dissipates into particles of light charges which degenerate and become the basic energy combinations which are used to evolve new beginnings. This is the cosmic recycling program. The unused "light consciousness" is often given to a crippled person or a fatherless child in some other life frame who will use this energy wisely.

Drawing on consciousness light, you create your own Gematrian body of light to connect with the wave function of the Zohar Light which allows your outer garment to survive this life and death cycle of physical creation.

Adam Kadmon (The Light Body Blueprint)

The Adam Kadmon is a special light body, a light manifestation of Paradise Sons and Lords of Light who are beyond body form. A light body that has the ability to take on any form necessary to create and teach all manner of thinking creation, including super species creations that exist as energy entities. We are this species, this is the teaching and example Jesus showed us - light body - ascension. The new civilization, a civilization of light. The new species of human, light body human or "Universal Human"

Humans are under the organization and supervision of the "Higher Evolution". Through this plan of organization, man will behold and share with 'Universal Man' the Adam Kadmon - in the unfoldment and inter-rebirth of the Infinite Mind, the Infinite Way, and the Infinite Species. We are transmuting this material form to be consistent with the structural pattern of the "Living Light", the primary emanation of the Infinite Mind on every level of universal being.

Jesus came into a physical body, he then died, ascended, took on a new "human" light body, to encompass the worlds of the Adam Kadmon and to redeem their bodies so that they would pass into new bodies of light.

We are not only passing from one state or visibility to another; not only to the other side of the ultraviolet spectrum, but into the consciousness intelligence which has always existed, and from which the derivative garments of light have unfolded "many embodiments of intelligence" into the many electromagnetic spectrums.

The Ascension is aligning the Brotherhood of Man in fellowship with the greater "Brotherhood of Light", this takes place in the same way as a collective consciousness that the individual mind; or personality; or ego; or separate sense of self, and selves - can be gathered into its Overself consciousness, and its advanced "Christ Overself consciousness", once the mind transcends intellectual problem solving.

This is the gradual discovery of who you are, aligning to consciousness, that you are that consciousness and not the body or any program, thinking or knowing of the world.; the separate sense of self consciousness programmed into you from social dictates of the world of survival, and alignment of identity with the world of form. False sense of selves.

This separate sense of self education, experiment, and experience, was to create character for your consciousness to efficiently work through; a structure in the void for your consciousness to exist in and express through; being in the world of form and personality, but not of the world of form and personality.

It was also to create a form manifestation for your true personality, that which truly makes you unique in all the universes, All That Is, with your Divine Essence, function, key feeling tone, and Gift from All That Is. The revelation of the truth of our eternal beingness and Divine identity.

Our memories of the Higher Spiritual Evolution are hidden from our knowledge by a veil of light, and when we remove this veil, the other worlds of existence will be revealed to us by our Overself. However, the choice to serve the Light must be made in every embodiment, in every cycle, in every plan of creation.

Light Body

"And you, in your body of Light, will see the Light shoot forth many Light-rays. And the Light will manifest tremendous colors, from below upwards. And one ray will be more excellent than the others.

And you will shine most exceedingly, in an immeasurable Light. And there will be a likeness similar to the appearance of fire that will flow downwards from your shoulders that will be a flame within a flame, and from your hips upwards there will be something like the appearance of a shining electrum glow, so that a brilliant energy flow is several inches off your body.

And the glory of god will be with you. And in the morning of the New Age, the heavens will be opened and Jesus and the Lords of Light will descend, shining most exceedingly, for there will be no measure for the Light surrounding them.

And Jesus will shine more radiantly than at the hour when he ascended to the heavens, so that the Light will melt into a rainbow as Brother and Sister step forth "in a flash of Light" to be with the Lords already in the Light. And there will be no measure for the rays of this Light, for its rays will not be of one kind, but of diverse kinds, some rays and vibrations of color being more excellent than others.
And the whole Light will consist of a glory beyond all glories save the Throne of the Father. And the glory of the Trinity shall unfold about you in the name of Jeho-vah, Elo-henu, Jeho-vah, as you are taken from this creation to be with the Father." -1

With our Body of Light we will walk hand in hand with the Brotherhood of Light and with the Universal Father of All That Is.

Wake up from the dream of being with God and know that you are God!

Be Who You Truly Are!

Blessings on your journey light being.

ZaKaiRan - Arcturian Light Body Healer, Master Attuner.

(Major Reference: "The Keys of Enoch" - James J. Hurtak

I infinitely bless and thank James J. Hurtak, Archangel Metatron and others for providing us the most awesome book "The Keys of Enoch" of which a large majority of this article was written from. Other bits came from "The Flower of Life Workshop" by Drunvalo Melchizedek and my own knowledge, realizations and summations about Light Body.

Specific Page References: 1- Page 519 - "The Keys of Enoch", J.J. Hurtak

Other recommended books: "What is LightBody", Archangel Ariel and Tashira Tachi-ren; "Ascension Handbook" by Tony Stubbs; "The Ancient Secrets of the Flower of Life", Drunvalo Melchizedek - www.floweroflife.org; Joshua David Stone books; "The Pleiadian Workbook", Amorah Quan Yin.

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