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Love and Money

A State of the Planet Address



Greetings beloved Masters of Divine Creation

As you can see by the current state of money on planet earth that there is serious changes happening. The current financial system that humanity generally agrees upon, is based on competition and lack, profit at all costs, at the cost of the environment and their own empowerment, is now rapidly transforming to it’s higher dimensional state of cooperation and true prosperity, prosperity for mother earth and all creatures upon her.

The old system is based upon the lie of unworthiness and separation, that we are separate from each other, separate from God, and based upon the illusion that some people and some things are better than others. These are the primary illusions that everyone on earth suffers from, and who live their lives trying to not feel this suffering by amassing wealth, prestige, fame, sex, relationships, children...

The thought-forms of unworthiness exist in humanities unconsciousness, as: “I’m not good enough”, “I’m powerless”, “I’m lesser than others or God”, “I must earn my worth, divinity etc.”, “I do not deserve love, or I must earn the love of God and my fellow humans”... All illusions, all fantasies, conjured up by our suffering of separation. All games we are playing to experience expansion from temporarily limiting ourselves.

The lie of unworthiness created the illusions of lack and competition; that there is not enough; that I must survive at all costs, and get more of the carcass than the next guy, so that at least my family and I can survive, regardless of whether anyone else does or not. Of course, this is basic animal instinct, or cave-man consciousness, based in the first three chakras: maintain my physical and emotional survival through obtaining and controlling territory, power and sexuality through tribal connections, relationships and children.

And the lie of separation has led everyone to believe that love and energy is outside of them, and that I must get this love and energy from outside sources. And I must get as much love and energy as I can to survive, physically and emotionally. So humanity makes contracts, agreements and deals for this love and energy; or they beg, borrow, or steal energy from each other, from animals, trees, plants and the earth. And behind this, is the lie/illusion that we are mortal. That we are humans having a spiritual experience, rather than the truth, that we are spirits having a human experience.

The cave-man financial system of ‘haves and have nots’; boom and bust; lack, competition…, that was created out of this mentality, is rapidly dying due to it’s own instability, and more importantly, because it is built upon a lie, and illusion that there is not enough, and survival and profit is the only motive for living.

Unfortunately, most people on planet earth are still operating from this cave-man/woman (to be politically correct) mentality. But this is rapidly changing, as humanity wakes up from it’s slumber and denial, and the light players step into their divinity and power.

So where are we heading?

Whatever is the most divine vision that you can imagine manifesting on planet earth -that is what we are creating! A planet of complete cooperation and unconditional love, where we all want everyone to succeed, fed, clothed, housed…, and to be happy, healthy and prosperous. A world where profit is not only no longer a primary motive of the financial system, but no longer anyone’s motive at all, only abundance for everyone. Where what is most important, is making sure that my brothers and sisters on planet earth, my divine family, are all taken care of on all levels! This will be the most important motive and focus for everyone on planet earth.

So how do we get there?

By living that way right now! RIGHT NOW! That means even if you are still conducting business to generate profit for yourself, your vision, and your ultimate motive for creating money - is to help humanity!!!! This is how you will create true prosperity for you and all of humanity, through your generosity and divine service. This is how you will make powerful changes to the financial system on this planet, by truly empowering yourself on all levels, including financially, and truly empowering others on all levels, including financially.

Stop listening to the news and what the greedy competition oriented tribal system of hoarding is doing, and how they are manipulating the system to try to get back to the status quo. You do what you need to do to create heaven in your life! You conduct your life in prosperity consciousness, right now, regardless of what the governments, financiers and corporate controllers are doing with the money on the planet. Money is an illusion anyway, a creation, and we can re-create it how we see fit, because we are the creators of our own realities! We are not victims to the financial system on the planet! We are the caretakers of this planet, and the caretakers of phi-nance for our divine society, mother earth and the divine plan for worldwide prosperity!

What is Prosperity Consciousness?

Well, first off, we know what it is not, based on the current irresponsible management of finance on the planet. True prosperity consciousness is the complete inner knowing that there is more than enough to go around, and we not only can, but absolutely should, take care of the survival, or rather “thrival”, of every animal on planet earth, that includes the humanimals. And this happens naturally, not out of guilt, but because we truly, in our hearts, want to help everyone!

Prosperity consciousness is a state of inner being, where you recognize the divinity within all living things, and completely respect that divinity. No one, no matter what despicable thing they have done, is condemned and judged by you. You see the divinity within them, and you have compassion for their suffering, which is why they did what they did, so that they could repress their suffering. This is the best gift you can give anyone: seeing their divinity, no matter what they have done to you, or others, or to the planet, or to the animals… This is how you can radically make change on this planet, not by fighting the system, or fighting the bad guys, but by seeing the “bad guys” as divine, as the divinity they truly are! This will really take the wind out of their sails, because within their un-consciousness, they do not believe themselves to be divine, but to be bad, unworthy, powerless…, how else could they do what they do. And to really make change, you don’t try to change a dying corrupt system that so many people are fighting for to maintain their empires - you create a new system, based on the divine blueprint of true prosperity!

We must see all beings as divine, wonderful, beautiful Gods and Goddesses! We must see every living creature and plant as divine!!!!!!!! This is the truth anyway, so we might as well live the truth. All creation was created by God, therefore is God, and God don’t make no junk!

How else can I make a difference?

Start living like you will be living in the future right now! For instance, in the future, you won’t have investments in, or support in any way, companies that do anything remotely destructive to the environment or to other humans, or who operates in the old lack oriented boom and bust profit oriented system. So sell all of your destructive stocks, you have already seen what that’s going to get you. You won’t eat anything that has not been blessed, honored and treated respectfully that is certified organic. So start eating only certified organic food, and only put certified organic products on and in your body!) (In the future there will be no need for organic certification, because everyone will naturally grow food organically. Farmers and gardeners won’t even dream of spraying anything toxic on the plants or the earth, or kill insects or animals for any reason).

In the future, you will honor and love yourself so much, that you will want the best of the best for yourself, for your family, for humanity and for the whole planet! And you will create this “future” by living life that way, right now!! Stop waiting for the mother ships to arrive and the ETs to save you! Stop waiting for the wealth to be redistributed and start creating abundance and true prosperity in your life right now, regardless of the “financial state” on the planet; regardless of the environmental state of the planet; regardless of what anyone else is doing, or what they believe, or what they are destroying, or what they are blessing… You must live your life as if heaven already exists, right now. Create it right now, in your life!!!!!! And help others to create it in their lives by seeing them as prosperous and divine and loved…

Prosperity and Abundance are yours by divine right! You are the creator of your own reality, and we are the co-creators of planetary reality. And because we have been given free-will by God Presence, we can create whatever reality we choose. What reality do you choose!

“What do you think is going to happen on 2012”?

As you can imagine, I get asked this question all the time, my last response was, “well, I’m going to have one heaven of a party! The fact of the matter is, I don’t know what is going to happen. I don’t even think that ascended masters know what’s going to happen, probably nothing, at least not on a visible tangible scale. But everyone’s collective thoughts, all focused on heaven on earth, will certainly facilitate change on a quantum scale.

The calendar mark of 2012 is not important! Dates, times, expectations of mother ship arrivals… are all unimportant, and off the point. What is important is that we all empower ourselves, and get on with creating heaven in our lives, regardless of what anyone else or anything is doing. There is no time to wait for the financial system to change, or for everyone to have electric cars, or for all the farmers to go organic… We must do what we need to do to create heaven in our lives right now, then this will create the change that we are all dreaming of coming out of “2012”.

We must all create prosperity in our lives right now, and become quantumly empowered on all levels, including financially, so that we can share this wealth with our brothers and sisters who are still struggling. We must get over our old traumas from past lives and spiritual training that is causing us to shy away from money, because “money corrupts”, or “I might become corrupt and controlling if I become wealthy” etc. We must release our vows of poverty, such as: “it is more spiritual or more divine to be poor, than wealthy”… We must release all programs that might limit us such as: “I must not act divine or powerful, and embody my mastery and divinity, because others will then feel lesser than me, and be unable to empower themselves and feel divine, or they will hurt me or reject me”… We must let go of our programs of unworthiness, that might say: “I am not worthy of wealth”, or “health” or “divinity”... Or “I must not be wealthy because then others will have less”…

The fact is, the best thing that you can do for the poor, is to not be one of them! And become as wealthy as you possibly can, then you can help all those “poor” people generate wealth for them selves by becoming empowered in the knowing that they also create their own realities, and they are divine and magnificent beings who deserve health and prosperity! And they can and will create prosperous divine lives!

And you do this by empowering yourself first, by realizing that you are magnificently divine! That you are Divine Power! That you are Divine Prosperity! That you are a Master of Creation! Right now!!!!!!

Create Heaven in your Life! NOW!

Co-Create Heaven on Earth! NOW!


Prologue: It is now time to release the above programs!

""By Divine Decree!

With the Power, Essence, Love and Grace of God-Goddess, my own God-Goddess-Presence and the Universal Laws of Love, Grace, Divinity, Karma, Forgiveness, Creation, Oneness & Liberty

I now release all Vows, Agreements & Contracts… that I, or anyone else in this body, or any of my Souls, Soul Extensions, Soul Aspects, or any of my ancestors (any one in my genetic lineage), has ever made, in this or any other lifetime, across space, time and dimension…

that I or any part of me is unworthy in anyway! That I am unworthy of Love; unworthy of prosperity, unworthy of abundance, unworthy of riches, unworthy of divinity, unworthy of health, unworthy of grace…

I release all Vows, Agreements & Contracts…, that “I’m not good enough”, “I’m powerless”, “I’m lesser than others or God”, “I must earn my worth, divinity etc.”, “I do not deserve love, or I must earn the love of God and my fellow humans”...

I release all Vows, Agreements & Contracts…, of poverty! And related programs, such as: “it is more spiritual or more divine to be poor, than wealthy”… That “I must not be wealthy because then others will have less”; “money corrupts”; or “I might become corrupt and controlling if I become wealthy”. Or others will steal my money…

And I release all Vows, Agreements & Contracts…, that might limit me such as: “I must not act divine or powerful, and embody my mastery and divinity, because others will then feel lesser than me, and be unable to empower themselves and feel divine, or they will hurt me or reject me”, or think that I believe I am better than them”…

And insert whatever else comes up for you to release.

And I Release to the Light, any and all energies, entities, attachments, mechanisms, structures, implants, programs, codes, beliefs, thought-forms, curses, judgments, perceptions or pictures of reality… - that have supported or maintained these vows, agreements, contracts, beliefs, patterns, programs…

And I call upon Archangel Michael to disconnect all cords of attachment to them.

I call upon my Guardian Angels to assist me to open my Rainbow Bridge (Antakarana/column of light), above my head, so that all these limitations can easily and gracefully go to the Light.

See these things moving off to the light. Give them all up to God. See the Angels taking them away.

"I also ask for St. Germain and the Violet Flame Angels to flood my column with the Violet Flame to clear out all limiting structures and I invoke the Silver Ray of Grace to create a completely new vibration and fresh start in this now moment, without any reference to the past."

"And I call upon the Karmic Board and all the Lords and Ladies of Karma, and I ask for complete Karmic Absolution with anyone and anything related to these vows and agreements... I ask for all karmic records to be healed, released, taken to God so that I may see the truth of all past experiences, all past lives and all reality.

I also ask that all of my Souls, Soul extensions and aspects related to these vows and agreements, be placed in Healing Chambers and Love Cocoons, to be healed and released from their own patterns of resistance and denial, so that they may return to their hearts, centered in love and their divinity.

I now ask my I-AM-God-Goddess-Presence for New Pictures of Realities, Divine Insights, Awarenesses and Divine Structures, to replace these Vows and Agreements…

And I ask for massive Grace and Ease in the release and integration of all of this.

I now close any and all 3rd and 4th dimensional doorways associated with these vows, agreements, contracts…

And So It Is! And So It Is! And So It Is!

I AM Divine Love! I AM Divine Love! I AM Divine Love!

I AM Divine Power! I AM Divine Power! I AM Divine Power!

I AM Divine Prosperity! I AM Divine Prosperity! I AM Divine Prosperity!

I AM a Master of Creation! I AM a Master of Creation! I AM a Master of Creation!

Right now!!!!!!


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