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Love the Whales
Love the Whalers

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For most of my life I have been communing with whales, Grey whales off the California coast, and Humpbacks off the coast of Australia. I have also communed frequently with my dolphin friends, some in captivity and others in the wild. Our divine communion has been extremely intimate in nature, and I consider them all my dear friends, not just spiritually, but also physically. I have touched and been touched by whales and dolphins, physically and spiritually. I have no fear of them at all, and I know that none of them would ever hurt me in any way. I have practically shnuggled whales, and plan to get so close in the future that I will literally be hugging them. Every year my confidence in swimming with them has grown so that I know how to swim as close as I can and not get hit by their dorsal fin or tail fin.

Because of my intimate connection with whales, the current precarious situation that exists for my cetacean friends in many parts of the world, concerns me greatly, even though I know that everything is in divine order. Most people see the news and these reports are quite removed for them. However, the killing of my friends in the Antarctic and other places on the planet, hits directly in my heart and in my life. These friends of mine migrate by my coast every year to calve in the warm waters of the Great Barrier Reef. Everyone in Australia thoroughly enjoys their existence, physically, energetically and for some even financially. The whale watching industry here is big business. So these terrorists, who are still hell bent on murdering my friends, are directly affecting us all personally here in Australia and everyone on planet earth.

What a dualistic world we now live in. On one side of the world people are rescuing whales and along with the majority of the world completely support the life and protection of whales, dolphins and all animals on earth. On the other side and at the same time there are Japanese whalers, (and a few other countries: Iceland, Norway, Faroe Islands…), backed by multinational fishing corporations, (and subsidized by governments), who are killing our beautiful cetacean brothers and sisters, while the politicians and media turn a blind eye. As usual, the common perspective is “if it’s not in my face and directly affecting my life, then why should I be concerned about it”? We who care, desire to commune with and play with whales, rather than eat them, generally feel quite helpless to stop the slaughter, or do anything about the inhumanities that happen on this planet. Fortunately, we can do something that is more powerful than any act of resistance or protest and that is the power of Love.

Love is our true power. Our power lies in our ability to not only Love whales, but to Love those beings that wish to kill the whales and are doing so right now. To Love these humans, as much as we Love our cetacean friends even while the whales are being killed. Our whale friends still love those men, on those ships, harpooning and flaying their beautiful bodies. Our power, which is the same power of our whale friends, is why we Love them and want to protect them so much. It is their ability to Love, to Love unconditionally and wholeheartedly without any reservation or judgment. We have all been given the unconditionally loving choice to create whatever reality we like. What a great planet we have been granted permission to play upon, where we can play good guys or bad guys, or anything in between.

Even in the presence of unconditionally loving creatures, the Japanese and other whale killers resist Love and life; they choose fear and death instead. We can help them by loving them no matter what choices they make, by loving them no matter what acts of terror and murder they do. We must Love them because it is our true desire to help them get out of hell. To rescue them from the abyss by not keeping them imprisoned with our hate. Love shatters this illusion and reveals the truth. We must Love them because this is our natural state. Their natural state is also Love, which is hidden deep beneath their external projection of hate, control and greed.

Our power is knowing that all these beings who act so destructively to everyone, are acting this way because they are suffering from self judgment and self hatred. They are fighting to deny their suffering and push away these feelings with greed and malice. We must also realize that this is just the role that they have graciously decided to play, in the big play for All-That-Is, and be grateful that they have chosen that role, so that you don’t have to. They cannot even see an alternative to the destructive world they have created and fight to maintain. We must realize this and have compassion for these beings who suffer so greatly because how else could these beings act so despicably?

We must see the Love that these beings truly are, as a divine service to our brothers and sisters who are struggling with making the choice to awaken and let go of their self hate. This is everyone’s subconscious desire, to be loved, unconditionally. The sooner everyone realizes this fact and the fact that everyone is Love, the sooner we will have heaven on earth. So Love yourself first, then Love others, because by loving yourself, you will be able to Love others. If you judge anyone for any reason, you are judging yourself, or that aspect of yourself, or you’re Isness, of which you are a part and a whole of this Isness. If you cannot Love the whale killers, then you are really unable to Love yourself, or that part of you that has killed.

In order to stop judging others you must help those aspects of yourself that are being reflected back to you and learn to forgive and love yourself first, then others. If you Love yourself, it is easy to Love even the most wretched of creatures, no matter what they do. Then you can see beyond the illusion and projections, into their core essence of Love that is desperately waiting to be seen.

If you can Love the whale killers as much as you Love whales, then you already live in heaven. Even if they kill them all, which would be hell, you would still be in heaven. (I know it’s a paradox, but don’t try to figure it out or you’ll go crazy).

Altering reality on individual and planetary levels all begins in the same place, within our hearts. Nothing is created from any other space, certainly nothing real. Your divine power lies in your choice to choose Love over fear, in every moment, to choose prosperity over lack and honor and inclusion rather than rejection and exclusion… Your divine power is in your choice to Love even when you are surrounded by hate and destruction. Their world of fear and hate continues because people agree that fear and hate are real. Your love does not support this illusion and therefore does not continue to create fear in your life and on earth.

You cannot change the world with your actions. It may appear that you can make changes by your actions, and we are taught that that is the only way to do so. The changes are really taking place because of your creative power, because of your energy and intention. Nothing exists or is created in the world of form without first being envisioned from within. Therefore, our most potent creative power is our divine vision/intention/desire… - (Inner Alchemy)

The most affective way to change the world around you is to change the world within you. And the most affective way to influence your divine family who resist waking up and deny that they are Love, is to just be your true self - Love. Then you influence them just by being you, without control, without judgment… They are affected just by seeing you in joy, empowered without having to act any certain way, without manipulation or trying to convince them of anything…

To our beloved Japanese, Icelandic, Faroe Islanders and other whale and dolphin killers:

“I Love you all, no matter what you do! You are my brothers and sisters! I Love you no matter what! We are one heart! One Soul! One Family! One species! There is no difference between you and me! We are ONE! I Love you!”

“We are all ONE! I Love you all! We are all ONE! I Love you all! We are all ONE! I Love you all! We are all ONE!”

“I Love you all! I Love you all! I Love you all!”

“We wrap you all in our Golden Wings of Love and welcome you back into the Heart of Love. We Love you all unconditionally! Now and Forever! AND SO IT IS!”

Dolphin & Whale Love



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