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Manifestation and Fascination

What's Your Fascination?




Because the universe is unconditionally loving and will graciously give you more of whatever you are fascinated with, if you desire for something to be opened in you, or to manifest in your life - then you must be fascinated with the fact that it is wonderful that you have access to this thing or ability. Then the Universe will see that you are fascinated with this and give you more of it. If you are more fascinated with the lack of that thing or experience in your life, then the Universe will give you more of this. If you put most of your attention on your disappointment and feeling about not having that thing - then you'll have more disappointment. The universe will graciously give you more of this.

So your attention must be on the fact that that thing exists, even if it appears otherwise. This is a test of faith and trust - in God, the Universe, your own Spirit, in the Divine Plan… It is a test of reality creation, to see if you know universal principals, to see if you know your Divine Alchemy, and how if you are fascinated with anything strong enough - it will manifest - good or bad. These are the initiations we must pass, because as we get closer to heaven on earth, the closer we are to instant manifestation, where every thought, every fascination… manifests instantly. This is our true power. Our True Nature. Luckily we do not currently hold that power as a species, otherwise things would be worse off then they already are, because generally humanity is still more fascinated with the lack in their lives, then what they already have, or what is really possible.

Gratefulness is a key ingredient here. Being grateful for the existence and action of certain things and abilities, being fascinated that you have access to them. And you have faith and trust that if it serves your divine mission of co-creating heaven on earth, then they will certainly manifest tangibly, and you will get more and more of it, the more your attention is on this gratefulness.

Need a car, money, house? Be grateful that we/you have beautiful houses and cars and money to exchange for the graceful and easy exchange of goods that we need. Be grateful that the car companies make these wonderful machines to propel you around at fast freedom speeds. Be grateful that tradespeople build houses for us to live in. Be grateful that God-Goddess provides money for you to pay for these things and be open to things manifesting freely without any exchange of money.

All things come from God-Goddess-All-That-Is. Nothing is not this Isness. Nothing actually comes from people and social systems, it only appears that way. When anyone gives you money for any reason, such as a pay-check, or direct exchange for services, or social welfare, or a gift…, this is the universe giving you your Universal pay-check for your Divine services and just for being you, based on wherever you are in your consciousness in regards to receiving. The people, the banks, the businesses, governments…, they are merely part of the universal prosperity delivery system. So be grateful to this delivery system, but do not be fooled in to giving your power away to these "gods", as if they are the source of wealth and resources.

Need a new ability such as channeling or clairvoyance? Then be fascinated by how wonderful it is that we have access to awesome channeled entities and ascended Masters, and Angels… And how awesome it is that you have access to channeling and guidance from your own Spirit and other “Whole Light Beings” in your life. Be fascinated and grateful that we all have the ability to see interdimensionally (clairvoyance). And feel energies, and know truth, and divine possibilities (clairsentience). And hear, know and feel guidance, truth and divine energies (clairaudience).

How awesome that we all have these abilities so that we can stay connected to our divine family and communicate with them through these dense veils. How awesome that we can tangibly feel, hear, see, and know divine truth, divine knowledge, divine guidance… That we have direct access to the wonders of the workings of the Universe, even if it appears otherwise.

Read about other people's awesome abilities, and journeys of initiations of awakening. Release your envy and realize you have these abilities right now. Watch movies and TV programs about psychic phenomena and Super Heroes, and know that you have these abilities right now. Go to channeled entities and watch videos, so you can feel the energy and know what it feels like to channel.

Read all of my articles on “Prosperity” and “Reality Manifestation” on my website. Open up to Magic being in your Life. Open up to Magic being your life. Imagine! Create with your Imagination!

You are the Divine Alchemist! You are the Magician! You are the Shaman! You are a Creator God - Elohim! Call upon Grace Elohim to remind you of your true essence and to remember how reality and illusion is created. Call upon Grace Elohim to assist in all your manifestations, and to act through every aspect of your life.

Be fascinated with Heaven and you will have nothing but heaven in your life!

Co-Create Heaven on Earth!

In Divine Fascination with the “Wonders of the Workings of the Universe”,

I AM ZaKaiRan


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